Clear Your 3D

Clear Your 3D Creation Beliefs

A message from Brenda Hoffman, Life Tapestry Creations

March 30, 2015

Dear Ones,

You think you deserve better, that the Universes have forsaken you, that manifestation is a fairy tale. Such is not your truth – merely what you have believed is true for eons.

There may be a fairy godmother for some – those who are wealthy, beautiful, accomplished or whatever designation you determine indicates they are better or luckier than you.

Even though you were comfortable with heartache; its never going to happen; others are better than you, you are now addressing these beliefs.For to truly love yourself – as was true prior to your earth entrance in this lifetime – you must acknowledge beliefs that indicate in so many ways you are less worthy or accomplished than almost everyone.

Take a few moments the next few days to acknowledge how many times you say to yourself, “That person is so lucky because………”

Why do you suppose that each of you has different interests and needs? Do you not note that what is important, enviable or accomplished for one person, is not at all interesting to another? Such is so because each of you has a unique path.

What is it you pine for that you do not believe you can achieve – a new home, job, relationship, automobile, cell phone?

What you have not yet acknowledged is those pieces now important or missing in your life are part of your new path. That is not to say that a cell phone is all you need to travel your new path. But that the cell phone is your starting point/acknowledgement it is time to create what is needed for your new path. And this initial piece is most likely something very tangible in your world.

Perhaps some of you practiced your manifestation skills months or even years ago by finding the perfect parking spot or coins on the street. Neither of which was large enough for you to believe you could create your world – and universe.

Creating your personal universe seems preposterous to almost all reading this material for you now have difficulties creating a certain income or relationship.

You have limited your creation skills on so many levels in so many lifetimes that you believe you MIGHT create a new job, but most certainly not a new universe or anything that smacks of worlds beyond your “comfortable” earth. So it is you continue to play in your sandbox past your toddler years.

Many will take offense at that last statement for you have meditated, chanted, channeled, cleansed and done what you thought important in your 3D world – and perhaps achieved your 3D dream(s). But you no longer have those skills to pine for or play with.

You are a different entity resulting in new skills and paths – even though you continue to try to manifest with skills that no longer apply. If you have a new cellular structure – you do; new DNA – you do; and a new path – you do; why would you assume your 3D creation skills are compatible with new you?

You are a new being, in a new world ignoring your inner-being as it attempts to redirect your manifestation/creation skills. You have a new skill set – that is much more accessible and easy than was true in 3D. But you have yet to shift your belief processes to know that such is so.

Easy is the key word for your new manifestation skills. You do not need to chant, meditate, question or apply to create something for your new path. You merely have to believe that such is so.

Such perhaps seems more difficult than the programs you used before your new you transition. For there were concrete actions created by many sources, including us, that offered a step-by-step process. And if the item in question was not created, you could blame yourself for not being in the right place emotionally or spiritually or not chanting/meditating diligently enough. It was your fault or the Universes for not understanding your need or anything else you imagined that told you manifestation was possible – just not for you.

So it is that you have returned to that place of something wrong with you over and over again until manifestation stories are myths – not reality – for you. Eons of hiding your skills have achieved the anonymity you wished the first time you entered earth.

Unfortunately, the result of that achievement is that you no longer believe you can create what you wish – and most certainly not that creation is easier than ever for you – given the new skill set you created/introduced.

Will you jump over the fence that once protected you on earth, but is now a barrier? Of course. Merely allow yourself to address your belief patterns related to creation/manifestation. For the dreams you have now are merely the tip of your new multi-dimensional world.

Some of you reading this piece believe you cannot adjust your belief processes, that this is no different from the old chanting, meditation method that only worked sometimes  – or not at all.

Please give yourself accolades for hiding your true being for so long while of earth. For indeed, even those you admire – world figures, movie stars, artists – most often had difficult pieces to contend with before, during or after their mass star appeal. That was your way – for many of you have been world figures/leaders/stars in previous earth encounters – of limiting your brilliance. So even during your greatest achievements (in your mind) on earth, you limited your brilliance, how much joy you achieved.

The opposite is now required of you by you. No limits to your brilliance or creations. No limits to you. But such can only be achieved if you negate your 3D beliefs and reunite with the Universes to create your new path.

Earlier in this piece, we alluded to that what you are dreaming of now is the initiation of your new path. Your current dream is similar to learning your alphabet before reading War and Peace. 

You have no creation limits – other than those you placed on yourself for eons. There are no rules or structures to better help you create the path you now pine for. Merely your belief that you no longer need to confine your life/world to the smallness that was your mainstay for every other life on earth.

Create big – far bigger than anything you can yet imagine. And start doing so by acknowledging and clearing those beliefs created by you to maintain a small you on earth.

Ask yourself what those limitations are. Then clear them as you have done so many other pieces the past few months. Continue with your dreams – expanding them as quickly as the expansions come to mind and expect all will proceed according to your plan.

Perhaps you wish to manifest those pieces of your path that seem logical and build up to time travel, dimension hopping, frequency shifting or whatever you now assume is beyond your skill level. Or maybe you wish to ignore earthly pieces and move beyond. It does not matter.

Just know it is time to transform those creation beliefs you maintained for eons so you could fit within the heaviness and smallness of 3D. And that there is no right way to clear those limiting beliefs, merely the way right for you. So be it. Amen.


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Endings and New Beginnings

The Current Eclipse Cycle: Endings and New Beginnings

by Kara Schallock, Soulstice Rising

March 26, 2015

We are in a very powerful Eclipse Cycle. The Solar Eclipse was a huge shift for many…even if you didn’t especially feel like much was going on in your life. As I shared in the last Ascension Note, it was particularly powerful for relationships, including any old patterns that are still lingering in the deeper recesses of your subconscious. The Lunar Eclipse on April 4 will reach deeper into your being to shift any old energies, especially relating to how you are with others (including yourself).

One of the new ways of being is to let go of any need you have for closure. The separate ego likes things to be neat and tidy and have everything in a category. In the New, things flow and ebb. Energies fluctuate, so what you think is complete may move into a different form of expression. It is important to just allow things to be without closing the door to anything, for it could be that that door opens once again to a higher expression…or not. Whatever is for your highest evolution will occur. Let it be what it is without ego-definition.

However you are experiencing this Eclipse Cycle, know that you are exponentially rising in vibration and consciousness; becoming Soul. This is definitely a time of a powerful initiation into the higher realms of being. There will be times of great Clarity and Bliss along with periods of doubt, confusion and challenge. Flow with it all. When you experience times of perceived darkness, see what wants to be let go of; and when you are in Bliss, be ever so grateful, for Gratitude amplifies your evolution. When you flow with no attachment to how you think or want things to be, you evolve more in and as Love.

This is our most powerful shift yet (each shift is stronger than the last). There is more New than old and still we continue to transform and continue to increase in Light and vibration. During the Lunar Eclipse it will be important to be near water, even if it is to simply incorporate water in a ceremony. As you do, you empower the new Solar and Lunar codes, helping you to be New in many ways. These codes affect your entire being, especially physically since our bodies are mostly water as is Gaia. As we complete this Eclipse Cycle, we take a giant step in creating Heaven on Earth; both personally and globally. We are anchoring higher dimensions into ourselves and onto Gaia. And we may be more aware of receiving guidance and teachings from other high dimensional beings of Light. Of course, it is up to us to integrate these higher teachings into everyday life. You will be guided as to how to do that in profound and subtle ways (and sometimes not so subtle). So continue being in the Moment, free of desire, so that you can hear and feel your guidance.

As you receive downloads of Light (often these come when you are in that in-between state of sleep and sleeplessness), intend to receive through your Crown Chakra, then intend the Light to flow into your Pineal Chakra, and from there down your Ka Channels (there are 16 of them that flow down your aura). Your Ka Channels distribute the Light into your cells and DNA…into your entire body mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Be sure to stay grounded and centered during the day to integrate what you receive.

If others around you, who may not be awake, become angry and emotional, realize that they are receiving these downloads too; yet do not know what is happening. It is best to remove yourself from the situation and not become entangled in drama. When one receives Light and is not aware or awake, the Light hits their old issues creating an inner conflict. You can hold space for them and be Compassion, yet you needn’t explain or attempt to help them, for they may not understand anything you share. It is almost impossible to communicate with others who are not vibrating at the same level as you. Know too that these shifting times are affecting the Earth’s weather patterns, as we all can see. This Earth transformation will continue. Be Love and know what is occurring, without dramatizing the effects in “ain’t it awful” scenarios.

The water aspect of the Lunar Eclipse will most certainly empower your Creativity and you will explore new ways of being and interacting in your life. For those of you who are ready, there may be new projects and directions you are guided towards. And you may see many doors closing as well. If you find yourself in an “in-between” place, be patient and trust that in Divine Time you will be guided. Allow your multidimensional self to be more integrated. This means that you may let go of black and white perceptions and linear thinking. As you ebb and flow in Grace, you integrate your multidimensional body more and this raises your consciousness, which creates your New Life. Definitely this Eclipse Cycle has the potential to take us higher than we’ve ever been, which can indicate that our lives can change in amazing ways…if we are ready and willing to truly embrace a new way of living. Truly living in the New is more about being in the Moment, free from the past and future. This is Freedom. The past is the old; the future is created in the Moment without preconceived ideas or expectations. And really, the only place you can experience this Freedom is by being present right now.

While many have spoken of this particular time as the last opportunity to let go of 3D duality and the true beginning of the New, this is linear thinking and is way too exact in its “endings/beginnings/timetable.” We are doing this personally and how long or short it takes is up to each person. Yes, we have let go of so much and there are more layers to be revealed. And certainly there is no definitive time as to the ending of 3D and the beginning of the New, for we are moving forward sometimes in baby steps and sometimes in giant leaps, and oftentimes we feel like we’ve even taken a step backward. I want to say that we never go backward, yet we often are in a place of stillness. And it is in the stillness that can be most challenging, for then we must focus on what we are intending to create as well as have Patience and Trust while things are seemingly at a standstill.

We may be sad in the grieving of what and who has passed and that is perfectly fine. Some folks move quickly and some take their time; there are no rules or “supposed-to’s” as to how we proceed. We may grieve our own symbolic death; we may fight letting go, thus resisting further movement; however each being does it is perfect for them. And so we continue to let go and let be, and we continue to move forward without really knowing what we’re moving to. This is the way of the New…trusting the unknown; trusting in Soul’s Guidance.

I find it fascinating that the Christian celebration of Easter is the day after this Eclipse Cycle is complete with the Lunar Eclipse. I don’t see Easter traditionally, but rather as a symbolic birthing and it fits in with this Eclipse Cycle of endings and new beginnings. It speaks to an opportunity to leave the old behind and begin a new way of living life. We can use this symbolism to move forward in the New. It can be seen as an expansion of our own Source Consciousness and a time of seeming miracles. Miracles do have the potential not to be seen as “miraculous,” but rather commonplace in the New. And certainly, we experience these perceived miracles in everyday life, if we are awake and aware.

So let us be all that we have prepared to be and honor our birthright; that of being Love; One with all of life and the true mystics of Earth and beyond. Oh, we are so much more than we have believed ourselves to be, and that is the essence of Ascension. We are Divine; we are creators of life; we are all that and more, for we are Love.

Freedom Portal

Blood Moon – Freedom Portal – Urgent Message to Ground Crew – Galactics

by Anna Merkaba, Sacred Ascension

March 25, 2015

New Image2Greetings everyone! Before I begin this channeling I would like to add a personal note. As many of you already know and have felt we have just experienced an opening of phenomenal portal of light, a portal of stabilization and a portal of progress and intuitive understanding of being. This portal was but one door into the new world which we are all walking towards. As many of you know another magnificent portal is about to open for all of us, this portal is going to take place on April 4th – The Blood Moon portal.

Before I talk about that though I would like to point out to all of you that the next few days leading up to this blood moon will see you incredibly conflicted. All of your old memories and RE-Actions are going to come back, you will feel as if all the work that you have done on yourself is slipping way from you and you are right back to square one.

However, that is absolutely NOT what is happening. Simply the last ounces of “dirty water” are being squeezed right out of you. Brought up for you to deal with finally, and use all that you have learnt up to this point to SHIFT your focus onto the POSITIVE. I know this as I have been experiencing all of this first hand. All of us are going to and already are going through this, no matter your level of enlightenment, the only way around it, is to remain stable and at peace with everything that is happening.  It will be very easy for you to get tangled up in the old drama, but at the same time you will find yourselves looking at everything from the distance with a new perspective in mind, armed with various tools to get you through. As the drama unfolds all around you, you will observe it from the still point of none-resistance. You will simply see the old you emerge and the new you balance everything out. You will do a little dance with your very own self, refusing to re-en-act everything that should stay in the past. You will make it through I know so, because you have been prepared very well for this week and the weeks to come.  

But going back to the actual Portal on the 4th of April. What is this portal going to mean to all of us. The message that I am receiving from the divine is that this portal is a portal of FREEDOM. Freedom from the past energies that have been holding humanity’s consciousness in the paradigms of the olden days. Ever since we have entered the photon belt a lot has begun to change, to transform to morph into something else. Much work has been done by all of us individually and collectively to get to this point. We all had to face our shadow selves, work on ourselves diligently to prepare for this year’s portals.

What will this mean for all of us? A great CHANGE, an incredible energy influx that will finally strip us from the old ways of thinking. We will be pushed and supported with all the upcoming changes that we will be making both individually and collectively. The way that we perceive everything from “conflicts” to “resolutions”, from the clothes that we wear, the place where we live, even our food choices are going to be different. Some of you are already feeling the effects of this energy influx. Our bodies are truly shifting rapidly, we require different food now, as the type of food that we do eat is not satisfying everything within us, and so we are craving for something else, and that something else, is pure energy from the cosmos. We are being led to discover that part of our diet is going to come directly from the energy that surrounds us daily. This may sound like a farfetched statement, however many of you are already noticing the effects of your body drawing energy from other sources and not just food.

Months leading up to this point have allowed us to revisit the past, make peace with it, and truly let go. And now we are drawn into the energy of tremendous change. NOW is the time to act and to do what is in our hearts. We must use this creative energy that is flowing rapidly to GAIA and is about to only increase with the coming of the blood moon on April 4th. We must use this energy to our advantage and stabilize our inner and outer realities. What we are about to experience is akin to what was happening in 2012 with a lot more souls fully awakening to their new identities, and taking their place right alongside us who have already awakened.

This is the time for CHANGE, time to restructure everything in our lives. For some it means moving, for others radically changing their vocations, family life. Do a complete overhaul of everything, for nothing will be the same. Our interaction with each other are going to become more honest and fruitful, which will lead to quite a lot of misunderstanding at first, as our actions will be quite different than what people were used to receive from us. But as we progress further, our sincerity in everything that we do will spark sincerity in others, thus building a web of new consciousness.

This is already underway as on and prior to March 20th many have been disconnected from the grids of the past and connected to a new platform. Hence many of you felt really tired, for many of you the old feelings that you thought you already dealt with have come back, etc, etc, but what is most important is how you have dealt with said changes, and how you will continue to deal with them, and that is with great dignity.

What I am being shown is that many of you have been able to make that leap forward and are fully ready to incorporate the new energies which are rapidly flowing to GAIA. Many are participating in these events even those that do not understand consciously that they are. There are many on this planet who are still working with an old agenda in mind of “destruction” however through their agenda of destruction and chaos, they are bringing more and more order to light.

What I am told is that there is absolutely nothing for you to worry about, as worry brings fear and the more fear you have the more energy that should be directed to light and stability is taken away from you. So please be confident and brave in the face of any such disinformation, as in reality everything that is happening is for the greater good of all involved.

There will be turbulence as I keep saying over and over again, but it will be short lived and is necessary in order to push things to the surface for us to deal with and understand. All of this energy influx both from the outside and inside will once again align our consciousness to a new grid, from which we will truly be able to examine both individually and collectively the new information that we are receiving and what to do with it.

Everything is changing rapidly for us now, and it’s important to stay with this energy, to stay in the know, stay grounded and observe everything without judgment. Once again the times are incredibly auspicious, please refrain from allowing negativity into your mind. Whatever we think of, we manifest. So let’s manifest positive outcomes in all situations both personal and global.

But going back to the blood moon. What I was shown is that various light beings and your very own higher selves are aligning across the globe, both inside the earth chambers, above the earth, and on earth in order to be ready for this influx of energy to occur, so that we can disperse this energy wisely and evenly throughout GAIA. Keep in mind that this is the 3rd blood moon and we still have a way to go for a radical shift which is coming up for us in September. However the way that we will handle everything NOW will encode what will happen THEN.

The earth is going through transitional periods and the new earth has already been built by us, if you remember we were informed of that last year and you can go back and re-read the channelings on my blog at . So the bridge has been built, but only the ones that were ready to cross it, the ones in the know could do so.

NOW starting the 20th of March everyone here on earth are capable of crossing over to this new earth, simply by letting go of the past, clearing their own karma and getting themselves off of this karmic wheel of life for planet earth. Speaking of which I am informed that all “dark” races of aliens have been removed from the earth and only their remnants remain in forms of implants and various controlling devices, which many are finally realizing that they have and are shedding them daily.

For those who aren’t able to do it themselves there is help available from healers worldwide who specialize in removing these various implants and other such devices.  And yes I specialize in doing this, but I encourage you to listen to your inner voice and apply your inner knowledge and might to dissolve these on your very own. Tune into your higher self and ask for assistance from your guides in removing said structural components.

The violet flame works by changing “vibrations”. In physics, vibration is the speed of oscillation – the speed at which something moves back and forth. On the atomic level, vibration can be understood to be the speed at which electrons orbit around the nucleus of the atom. The violet flame works by changing vibrations on this level.

Utilize various tools at your disposal, once again I will mention Natalya Ankh’s tools which work miracles with your energy field, please visit her new page to learn more about them . Not only are her tools breathtaking to behold, made with genuine crystals, quartz glass and gold particles but they are infused with superb energies from the angelic realms. Once again my absolutely favorite ones are AA Metatron, Goddess Vortex, St. Germain and Sephirot Seraphim Disc.

Once again, the great new is that various malevolent races of beings have been removed as their contract with earth has ended, all that remains are implants, thought forms and entities which feed off of our energy. Which is great news, as we are the ones that can STOP these entities and thought forms from taking our energy simply by understanding that this exists and shifting our focus, reprogramming our mind and directing our energy onto the positive outcomes for ourselves and others. I talk about this very topic on my blog and how to deal with this. You can find an article on my blog by typing in “~Being aware of archon influence can help you get out of sticky situations~ into search or click here

And so we are entering a 7 year period where we are going to be given a chance to fully shed our old thinking patterns and move onto this beautiful new earth plane of existence. During this 7 year period we are going to see tremendous changes on this planet. Everything is going to change, our world will not be the same. This is a time when humanity will be given a chance to start everything over.

Once again the energy is very fruitful right now and many in the know will try and take that energy away from you, by feeding you false stories in the news about this or that catastrophe that’s about to unfold. Please always listen to your own intuition and you own heart, you already know the truth, follow what is within, focus on the positive and you will glide through these times with fervor and might.

Remember it is important to focus on the NOW moment as we are building our future, here and now. So once again take advantage of this new beginning and follow your path here on earth with confidence that all your endeavors will be met with great success!

Now having said this, here is a channeling I have received from our galactic counterparts.

Tremendous breakthrough of cognitive proportions awaits mankind in the days to come. It is with gratitude and appreciation that we look upon our beloved brothers and sisters of light. In awe and anticipation we applaud each and every one of you who took leaps and bounds to arrive at the moment that shall change history of mankind yet again. For the event of magnanimous proportions that is about to unfold on your planet is nothing short of extraordinary, is nothing short of miraculous, is nothing short of awe inspiring magnificent and spectacular.

For indeed with your might and determination you have connected the ethers with the structural components of BEing. For indeed through your efforts and through your endeavors you have made possible that which shall take place and ring true throughout this whole universe. For indeed we speak to you now of the unfolding of the event which is known in your world as the blood moon. Much has been written in the olden days about the events unfolding in your consciousness at the present moment. Much has been written and much as been misunderstood, for it has all been put through the prism of the beholder. Through the eye of the one recording such ideas and information that they have received form the ethers eons into the past.

And so, the moment has come to fully align you with the truth of the olden scriptures, with the truth of that which indeed your earth is experiencing and shall continue to experience in the days to come. For in truth the magnanimous energies of purely divine intentions are flowing rapidly onto your planet.

For the moment has come for you to take a giant leap forward in both your own and universal consciousness. The Universal annamerkabadistantenergyhealerConsciousness, indeed it is so. For that which is unfolding in your world is not only influencing the vicinity in which you dwell but all such vicinities throughout the cosmic convergence, through the cosmic universe in which you dwell. And as such, all that you are accomplishing with your might and glory, all that you are shedding all that you are welcoming into your world is influencing all that is. For you are part of all that is, and all that is, is part of you.

And so, we congratulate you on a job well done, and welcome you yet again into the creator room of your chosen momentum.

And so, the invocation of spectacular energetic upliftments of GAIA are in effect. The fervor effect of the beholder is leading the way into the new age and a new structure and foundation thereof. The spectacles of magnificent proportions are bound toward earth and should be arriving within the vicinity of your naked eyes in the years to come.

The divergence of diamond grid pedigree is inevitable and is moving rapidly to the shores of your newfound planet. The energetic upliftements which are holding the crystalline energies are washing over each and every one of you in your present reality and in realities past. The computerization and monitoring of each of your vehicles is allowing for various processes to take affect with harm to none and unification of said energies shall continue to be in effect.

Everything is changing rapidly for you now. The continuation of informational decrees and the rewriting of the technical information of the beholder, the rewriting of the technical information of the beholder is establishing and is springing new routes into the everyday reality of being. The encodings of yesteryear are being erased and moved off shore.

The rapidly approaching reality of being, is moving the planetary alignment into position for the full blown reality shift to occur within the psyche of your being once more. Each cell of your being are cleansed out and hence you are to experience complete disintegration of your presently understood reality.

Rest assured that all that you are experiencing is here for a reason, for you are being unified with a newfound grid system of being, for you are being morphed onto the newly established platform, without many cataclysmic events that may have taken place otherwise. For you are being soothed and unified, unified and uplifted, merged and updated, in order to move forward in your reality as a whole, as one unit operating from various vehicles of choice.

The events that await you shall leave you in awe.  For the planetary conjunction in the heavenly abodes of the universal decrees shall release the sacred encodings which shall reach your earthly shores by April twentieth of your time.

And so, we urge you to stay grounded and routed in your convictions, for the intensity of your environment shall become more evident, and yet it is ease and relaxation that you shall sail through the incoming energies.

Stay in the light, stay true to your convictions and walk confidently and diligently to the final destination of bliss. Know that it is so, for it is.

That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.



P.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit :

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL


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Power Elite

Power Elite

by Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis

March 24, 2015

Linear thinking along with this problem of greed and selfish ambition before humanitarian based ethics, contributes to maintaining the scientific based levels of mind control that are used to control the public opinion through mass confirmation bias. No person that has a strong career and status held position in any of the main pillars of society wants to suffer the consequences of making new discoveries (or being a whistleblower) that the mainstream community will aggressively persecute or crucify. Most people are too concerned with their personal money making schemes and who holds all the wealth (and concern for their families), rather than serving the greater whole and world population to become better educated and knowledgeable so that they can make better choices in their lives. When people are not educated and remain ignorant, they lose significant quality of their wellbeing and personal freedom of choice. We live in a time where the free information society and open source are in a battle to control content and levels of information that are made accessible to the public. People that are courageous in the frontier of open source information and believe in preserving human freedoms to free speech and access to information, are subjected to their careers or economic state undergoing total ruin, while being targeted for victimization and smear campaigns. Sadly, this negative behavior of victimization is neither supportive to developing human potential, nor resolving the many critical problems of the planet. This accepted behavior of bullying, prevents humanity from acquiring new discoveries, scientific technologies and the higher consciousness that would help us deal with the global problems we face as a species.

Any group of people will display confirmation bias when the impact of acquiring new knowledge, new sentience, will create drastic changes around emotionally charged issues and in deeply entrenched beliefs. We have the same issues here in educating people about Ascension, World Humanism and Expanding Consciousness. People tend to interpret ambiguous evidence to support their existing position to defend their belief systems that their mind is most comfortable with, ratehr then study facts or results. Rather than knowing the truth and considering evidence, when people are in fear based bias, they may aggressively attack and persecute others. Generally, this is the ego taking a position personal and brandishing its sword to defend its personal beliefs, whether accurate, true or not. People that identify with an ego position (such as religions) feel personally attacked even when it has nothing to do with them as a person.  This keeps the human race playing out the archetypes of drama in the victim and victimizer roles, interchangeably, to maintain their confirmation bias and keep projecting enemy patterning on anything they may not understand out of ignorance.

Those of us on the expanding consciousness path of Ascension must be aware to always question beliefs and confirm our own direct experiences staying clear of confirmation bias because we may feel afraid of the consequences. Selfish Tyrants and the Power Elite intimidate others to keep control while Compassionate Leaders serve the vision for the highest potential for all. Together, we must stand in our truth, be true to our heart while developing clear humanitarian ethics and strength in the development of our personal character, the best way we are capable to stay awake.

Power Elite

There are five pillars of the main structures that use anti-human control which influence all planetary affairs. These pillars of society are manipulated to shape all World Organizations through the agenda of control enforced by the Power Elite classes.

  • Power Elites or Controller
  • Military Industrial
  • Intelligence Agencies, Covert Groups and Government
  • Religious-Academic-Financial
  • Controlled Media and Press

In choosing one of the main Pillars of Society – Religious – Academic – Financial – we can see how even though these three areas of belief systems feel completely separate and opposed from each other, in reality they are not. They are used interchangeably to appear in diametric opposition to the onlooker, but that is not how they actually work. They all have the same underlying goal to reinforce each other to manipulate power to be given to the top of the chain. Divide and Conquer mentality to continually create victims and victimizers is how all of these pillars of society work. So let us choose the Academic world for an example. Current mainstream atheistic science forms the current parameter of the collective accepted belief systems in the academic world which further direct the consortium of world organizations which impact human and planetary affairs. Science promotes atheistic consensus and barbaric medical practices, while Religion promotes spiritual terrorism and war through Hell fire and brimstone of the Alien Gods. Both make massive amounts of money for the financial, medical and military sectors with the primary goal to invest in controlling human beings. Effectively, they are all functioning components of the same thing. Let us learn more about some of the NAA strategies we face that are being aggressively used as a mind control agenda against the human race during this time.

Patriarchal Domination

Patriarchal Domination is enforced in a variety of ways through abuses of alpha male power to control women and those ranked lower on the social or religious classification system through fear, intimidation, rape and Victim-Victimizer techniques. This is a learned skill that is promoted in a variety of ways or is mimicked from boys watching their Father’s or male authority figures evolve into the Controller archetypes that promote Archontic Deception Strategy. This is a primary strategy of programming humans into Mind Controlled Archontic Deception Behavior that originates from the Orion Group Reptoids and Nordics of the NAA.

Strategies of exerting power and Mind Control through Misogyny exist at every level of society, starting as domestic violence and forms of abuse which shape core values and the way humans are programmed to think. To better grasp how the Archons of the False King of Tyranny operate to abuse power systems by creating victims or victimizers on the earth, please see the domestic abuse chart below.

Money to Debt Enslavement

Every time we touch money, exchange money, we are dealing with Egyptian Curses and anti-human Black Magic. We have been born into a structure that has been enslaved by something ancient that has been hidden from everybody, yet is everywhere, we can’t get away from it, because it’s everywhere in the structures of control. It’s in every organization used to control the society of the world we live in through the Power Elite. We don’t have a lot of alternatives in fully detaching ourselves; being stuck in the system as it is, and recognizing the Egyptian overlays are everywhere. They are in the stock market, the banking system, everything that we have to touch when we pay for things, rent, bills, we’re in an Egyptian Curse, we’re in the timeline of the energies that they have used form that point in time as a power source. The Federal Reserve, these structures of government have taken— when we see the obelisk, when we see these monuments that are erected as honoring government all of this is a type of occult knowledge that has been taken from the Masons or whatever, but it goes back to Egypt and further into the Essenes, and beyond. But I feel a Big Black Block in the Egyptian time, because it seems that the primary energy force that is harvested from human beings to maintain power in this world, meaning this small 1%, this Illuminati, these governing bodies — they are drawing upon a regular source of power from the Egyptian timelines. By doing that, they are creating more karmic exhaust, more curse, the more people feed into it— because obviously, there’s not a lot of choices on prison planet. So it’s something that keeps regulating the governance of this power abuse of the Controllers, that is the enslavement that can be felt in all of these structures.

Self Enforced Enslavement

If a technologically advanced extra-dimensional race has decided to implement a gradual takeover of a planet and its inhabitants, what domination strategy would it use? First they would look to how they could maximize the efficiency of the invasion process and reduce the expenditure of resources that they have to generate themselves. To achieve this goal, the secretive infiltration of the core societal organizational structures with mind control such as: religions, medical, financial and legal systems, would be ideal to shape the anti-human value systems that generate the victim and victimizer reality belief systems that they use to enforce tyrannical Mind Control. Through the engineering of a labyrinth of self–enforced enslavement policies based on fear and intimidation through SRA methods hidden in plain sight among the earth inhabitants, they would achieve the use of minimal “off planet” resources by piggy backing on the earth-human resources. The people on earth would effectively enforce their own enslavement through inflicting torture methods learned from the adults that abused them as children and carry it from generation to generation. Through consistent desensitization and dissociation, they would grow into dysfunctional adults that would continue to feed the cycle of SRA to enslave their own global human family by giving up their rights and their resources to the Power Elite.

Controller and Ruler Archetypes

The head Controller Ego Archetype is the Draconian hierarchal belief system originating in Orion, which is the False King of Tyranny. This is the main ideology of the Negative Aliens and their NAA to Mind Control humanity and enslave this planet to their rule through slavery enforced by Consumptive Modeling. Through its archetypal overlay implanted into the planetary brain, humanity has been “forced” to submit and worship a False Father Reptilian God through Religious Violence and salvationistic theology. (see False Gods)

This ego archetype is represented as the angry father god that will protect you if you do his bidding and worship him or you are condemned to hell. Because the False King of Tyranny is the primary Reptilian Controller Archetype used to control humanity and the planet, it is these archetypal forces that are wielding “his” cosmic rage upon the planet as he loses control. Primarily Males that are using this archetype as an identity (or younger males who are totally disconnected and lost) are easily used for these Dark forces to unleash their anger and rage upon whomever is the near vicinity. (This has been evidenced with young males randomly shooting to kill and then killing themselves.) This is the phenomena when human bodies are used as dark portals to direct these forces, if they are unconscious, they have no idea this thoughtform is not sourcing from “them”. Most of the planet’s ego maniacal leaders are manipulated to play out these agendas and are reinforced through this N.A.A. Controller archetype.

AD Strategy 1: Divide and Conquer

Divide and conquer the inhabitants of earth by generating secret societies that are heavily rewarded with earthy power by infiltrating and establishing AD programs and behaviors among their influencers. By establishing bloodline spiritual relationships in the ruling classes or Power Elite, these humans are indoctrinated at birth to believe their elite status through bloodline and that their god of choice will protect them and their families on the Luciferian or Satanic ideology. To be an apostate of their ruling class secrets is punishable by torture or death. The main tool for human Divide and Conquer is generating war, economic terrorism, blood sacrifice, sexual abuse, Mind Control and SRA to steal physical and energetic resources generating all its combined power to feed back into a centralized system of NAA control. (NWO)

Top 5 Archontic Strategies

The Big Five Archontic Deception Strategies to generate more Archontic Deception Negative Ego Behaviors and spread their anti-human value systems in the human public are:

1. Divide and Conquer

2. Victim/Victimizer

3. Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misery

4. Child Abuse and Child Sacrifice

5. Misogyny

When we are better informed to the global agenda playing out and enforced by the Power Elite at the top chain levels of command in the extradimensional NAA, we can make improved and careful choices baout where we place our precious time and energy. We must train ourselves to learn about practicing Compassion towards all human beings, if this quality of loving kindness is not naturally present in our heart. Compassion is an important facet required to continually Expand Consciousness; we must be willing to expand beyond our current beliefs without fear in order to experience our greater connection with energy and all of life that is fully sentient. We cannot solve the problems of humanity through egoic greed and power hungry and myopic thinking of the predator mind.  If we remain mentally closed, rigid and inflexible, wallowing in the pain of our vices, refusing to adapt to required changes, we constrict our spiritual energy and wither away. Compassion expands our heart, expands our intelligent energy, expands our sentience and allows us to perceive the holistic parts that interconnect into the Whole. Compassion is the key ingredient to developing human potential, accessing higher knowledge, experiencing higher sentience and feeling benevolence towards all of life. We must practice compassion to expand consciousness and help to reshape world organizations.

Main stream Humanism defines itself distinctly as the disconnection of the human being from its inherent spiritual-energetic intelligence or Soul in an attempt to remove the concept of Humanism away from the learned bias and practices of Religion. There is no way to separate humanity from its soul, and practice Humanism. Once direct knowledge of the Soul is known as a reality, this fact is experienced without need to control religious bias, nor required to conform to religious rhetoric or scientific judgments.

Ascension essentially encompasses an Universal perspective towards the compassionate practice of World Humanism and includes the entire spectrum of life, of all inhabitants of the world, no matter what race, religion, belief or creed, to be equally deserving of benevolence and compassion. Our world needs to become a better place for the future of our species, for our children. The change and transformation starts within each and every one of us who are willing to ask the most significant question of ourselves.

“What can you do Today that will help to make the world a better place?”

Blessings to all of our courageous star families who do their best to serve, every day.


(Source: Expanding Consciousness Newsletter, Power Elite, Ascension Glossary)

copyright notice (creative commons 3.0 BY-SA)


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Doorway to Destiny

Doorway to Destiny:  Divinity Made Manifest

by Lauren Gorgo, Think With Your Heart

March 23, 2015

Happy Astro New Year!

We are officially inside the long awaited, supercharged portal precipitated by the equinox/new (super) moon/solar eclipse combo…what has been heralded by the star beings as THE defining moment of 2015.

On the way to this moment, so much has changed within us that it’s somewhat eerie.   We have disconnected so fully from 3D life that it’s been feeling very Sandra Bullock in Gravity lately…free floating around in our own universe, spiraling wildly out of control at times, with no concept of time/space and left only with our thoughts 8O

In addition to the deafening silence are those fading people, places & situations that still uphold our 3D past.  So much of the old world and those who still participate in it now seem very away…sadly, even some of those who we love dearly but can’t really relate to any longer.  Yet, we know that our time has officially come to make peace with our past, see the blessings in our pain, and let go of any remaining grievances.

There’s a distinct feeling of finality in the air, an emptiness that can be filled with grief at times as we mourn the loss of so much struggle, and those people we struggled with along the way. At other times there is great gratitude for all the roles we’ve played, lessons we’ve learned, and even a hint of anticipation mixed with anxiety and perhaps a dash of trepidation about where and how our birth will be delivered on the other side of the eclipses.

Note that in those melancholy moments it’s also common to have passing thoughts or even fears about death, because, well…we are literally dying while alive.  This is why we’ve had to let go of all earthly attachment to arrive here because we literally & proverbially can’t take it with us…to the new world.  And it has never been more apparent than now that we have nothing left to hold onto.

Because this is an ending of such epic proportion, we have been lingering in a quasi-suspended state since 11-11, but especially as the energies of the new year started to build toward this particular set of rare and unprecedented celestial events.   This ongoing Jello-like state of suspension is different from any other void I have experienced to date…it is not a place of pondering past or future, of longing, or even discontentment. It just IS…empty.

And yes, it has been very challenging to navigate because we neither have our footing in the old world or the new world, whereas for the last 3 years (since the famed 12-21-12) we have been accustomed to having a foot in BOTH worlds.  We have gotten so used to the 1 step forward, 2 step back formula for lightbody integration that it’s foreign to be literally no-where, but from what I am told, there’s no more going back to the old and so I guess we just sit…suspended…patiently waiting for the perfect set of cosmic events to trigger the exact celestial combination to unlock the door to our destiny. Incidentally, I am told that this cosmic combination is currently coming into exactness….and as it does, we will reconnect to our joy again, albeit at a deeper/higher, more embodied level.


 It’s apparent that we have been completely unpinned from business as usual because nothing feels the same or remotely familiar anymore…yet very little has been tugging at our heartstrings either. Our old lives, those things that used to nourish us no longer fill up our LOVE cups…yet, we look ahead thru the spiraling vortex of the upcoming gateway and wonder what exactly is going to take the place of those once fitting puzzle pieces of the past?

The answer to that is: nothing and everything.

If you are approaching this life-altering portal with nothing but your authentic Self in tow, then you are ready to open to everything that your soul Self desires to create and experience in this new world we are being born into.  If you have been reduced to your lowest common denominator, purified to the perfection of your own LOVE, then you are readying to turn inside out…to bring your LOVE on the road, and share it with the world.

Don’t worry if you have no idea what that looks like…in fact, that’s your best case scenario.  This gateway requires an enormous amount of trust but it isn’t something that you, or I, or any of us can screw up. There is nothing left to do but stand in the utmost faith of our higher power.  The watered down truth is that we are emerging in a reality where our LOVE leads, where our divinity guides, where our purified resonance rules.  What this will look like may seem unimaginable in this moment, but the truth is that on the highest level we have already created it. Now we get to experience it in form.

Speaking of which…if you still have things to complete, to wrap up, consider these next 4 weeks the last call to finalize your past before boarding the spaceship to your future.  We have been given ample time/space to resolve our 3D life…seemingly e n d l e s s  opportunities to let go of what no longer serves…but from what I have been gleaning, the window is closing for those ready to receive the new world. Read: this is a final-letting-go-of-all-human-attachment-period…if you have any polarity left to balance out, hop to it.

We are still in the throes of last minute cleansing, but we are being urged to jump on those lingering details still in need of resolution nonetheless. We need to push thru in order to be as OPEN & de-cluttered for what’s up ahead so that we can purely manifest WAY beyond any be-lie-fs or expectations about what’s possible.  That’s always the blessing of eclipses.

It is made clear to me that the solar eclipse/new moon event we just moved thru is a simultaneous ending/beginning of inconceivable proportion, one that we have been working overtime to embody since the last eclipse series in October of 2014.  This means that this eclipse season could be our literal breakout point…the point by which we finally and completely break free from all our old ways of BEing, those ways that prevented us from owning our authentic nature, kept us from feeling at Home in our bodies and in the world.  

During the many weeks of suspension between worlds we have had the space and perspective to really observe the smallness of our worn-out (3D) selves & lives…those limitations we honored that kept us tethered so tightly to our humanity that we forgot our divinity. And yes, each of us has been thru the perfect amount of extremeunpleasantness in order to get to this place on our path, but now is the time to move beyond it all…to rip off the rest of the Band-aid in order to truly see and experience the healing that has actually taken place beneath the surface.

We know now that we were really never broken or wounded, but that we were only playing very small so that we could slowly activate, acclimate and embody our very large roles. The Pleiadian High Council and the Spiritual Hierarchy tell me that this moment, this very sacred passageway we are in right now, is what it has all been for.  

We have been prepared (purified) beyond all be-lie-f and via every layer of our being…including the physical…to now walk thru the doorway to our ultimate destiny.

For many, this is the end of the end.

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Phoenix Rising

 The Phoenix Rising: Equinox and Eclipses March/April 2015

By Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn,  Starchild Global

March 18, 2015

1 Bennu Bird3

Beloved Family of Light, this is a most powerful and awe-inspiring time in your Planetary Evolution! You have begun a period of intense change and dimensional shift that is changing the nature of your Planet profoundly. At this Equinox moment of Spring for the North and Fall for the South, the energy of Renewal and Regeneration is being powerfully activated in the manifestation of the New Reality and the New Earth.

The Phoenix is the symbol for this powerful energy of Fire that is rising on the Earth and doing its work of Transmutation and Transformation. From the Ashes of the Old, the New is seeded and is arising!

The Phoenix Energy is particularly strong at the March Equinox, together with the Solar Eclipse and New Moon. The New Solar Light Codes are being installed, and a New Beginning awaits the Planet.

This will be followed on the 4th April with a Total Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon, where the Water Element will be the dominant transformational element. The Lunar Codes will be imprinted on the Cosmic Waters and the Waters of Earth to bring forth a “New Creation” and a “New Heaven and a New Earth”.

At the same time, there is a grand opening on the Galactic Levels, and Earth is not only anchoring in the 6th and 7th Dimensions of Higher Consciousness, but also reconnecting directly with the Galactic Teachers and Masters from Sirius and Orion, who stand ready to once again share the wisdom of Ascension and Higher Consciousness with those who are open to receive these teachings and wisdom.

Solar Shift: The New Solar Codes and Rebirthing the Phoenix on the Equinox/New Moon in Pisces

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The Equinox, New Moon and Solar Eclipse align on the 20th March, which is also the beginning of the Fire Sign of Aries which begins the Zodiacal year. The Fire energy of Aries energizes the Phoenix energy, as it springs forth in an act of Regeneration and Recreation for the Earth.

At the moment of the Equinox, when the seasons change and when the day and the night are of equal length, it is as though the Earth takes a deep breath, or a pause, on its journey around the Sun. At the same time, all living beings readjust their inner time keeping mechanisms, to allow themselves to connect with the deep changes in seasonal and elemental energy that is taking place. This is even more powerful when there is a New Moon which is also a Fire Moon (Phoenix), and when that Fire Moon is also in Eclipse, allowing New Planetary Solar Codes to be integrated into the Cycles of Solar Light in the Solar/Solaris system.

As citizens of the Earth, you will feel these powerful shifts in your own physical body, in your society and in your environment.

In the Physical Body, you will be receiving Fire Codes or Solar Light Codes via the Pineal Gland and into the Light Body and the Physical Body. This is an intense Gold and Diamond Light that activates very strongly. You may experience these activations as an intense Joy and Ecstasy, as the Golden and Diamond energies activate on the cellular levels. You may also feel an intense pressure in your physical system, that translates as physical effects such as migraines, high blood pressure, muscular spasms, pain the Solar Plexus and small domestic “accidents” as the unstable energy may render some of you in an ungrounded state. We urge you to strive to remain focussed and grounded in this period.

You may also find that people around you are angry and explosive, and prone to emotional outbursts. Remember, Beloved Ones, that everyone is integrating these energies, and those that are not awakened are having to do this without the benefit of knowledge and information that would assist them. So they are anxious and fearful and not really sure why this is. Your work is to remain focussed in your Heart and in the energy of Love and Compassion, so that this beautiful energy of the Diamond Heart can radiate out into the Earth.

In your physical environment, you will find that Nature is responding to the energy of the Phoenix. In the Southern Hemisphere, where there has been a very hot and dry summer, there have been many destructive Wild Fires in South Africa, Argentina and Chile. In each case, huge areas of Forest and Vegetation has been consumed in this Fire Dance, as Nature facilitates the energy of Transformation and Change, making way for the Seeds of the New.

In the Northern Hemisphere too, you should prepare for a “Summer of Fire” as this energy moves through the Summer in its function of clearing and cleansing and making space for the new. This will be felt most strongly on the social level, where the fires of change will burn in people’s hearts as they confront the old with the intent to destroy what no longer works and seed the changes for a new way of life.

The Sirian Story of the Bennu Bird

Bennu Bird 1

The Master Teachers of Ascension from the Sirius system taught your ancestors, the Ancient Egyptians, about the Cosmic mechanisms of the cycles of Destruction and Birth that form the basis of all life in your Galaxy.

The Bennu Bird was the name which they gave to Cosmic Bird of Creation. ( The name Phoenix was given later by the Greeks.) The Bennu Bird flew across the Cosmic Waters and alighted on a Mound that was rising out of the Waters. When the Bennu Bird called out with Sound, Creation began and the Earth emerged as a Planet with Life forms.

But, as the Sirian Masters taught, it was the habit of the Bennu Bird to burst into Flames and destroy itself after a Cycle of time. But, from the Ashes of the Bird, a new Bennu Bird would arise and fly off to begin a New Cycle of Creation.

So, Beloved ones, there was always and only One Bennu Bird in creation, but it was infinite, and always renewing itself in the Fires of Creation.

Beloved Family of Light, you are privileged to be living at a time when the Bennu Bird is going through this process of Destruction and Renewal, and to be a part of the process.

Lunar Shift : Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Libra and the Waters of Creation Recoding a New Balance in a Multi-Dimensional Star/Planet

Jean Luc WaterLights

On the 4th of April, the Full Moon will fall in Libra (Aries), the house of Harmony and Balance. There will still be tension with the Fire Energy in Aries, but the incoming Light Codes for the Lunar Eclipse will be those of Water, the Galactic Element of Creation, blended with the Air Element of Harmony and Beauty.

The Sirian Master teachers also taught that the Cosmos and the Galaxy were fluid, and spoke of the “waters” of the Cosmos, and the Earth as a “boat” that sailed on the Cosmic Waters. In this Cosmology, the Earth emerged from the Galactic Flow of Space and Time and took on existence and form. The “Tree of Life” grew out of this original creation impulse, and many of your Spiritual traditions on the Earth teach of the “Tree of Life” as a symbol for all of creation on the Earth.

At this time, the energy of water will be powerfully recoded with the Light Codes of Diamond Creation, the Creation Codes for the New Earth. A New Tree of Life is emerging on the Earth!

You will feel the flow of the water energy as an urge to be Creative, to renew your life and relationships in some way and to engage with the Earth and the environment in some of these processes of social and environmental renewal. Beloved Ones, this is a powerful time for the “New”, for new projects, new careers and new directions. At the same time, you may also be surprised at the failure of the old, as old relationships, careers and projects that seemed so good suddenly fall away and come to an end. You may need to traverse the void for a while as you follow the flow of Cosmic Creation, but you can be assured that something new will arise in its place.

The Rising of Osiris and the Global Celebration of Easter

osiris water

The period of the 3rd to the 6th of April is also celebrated as the Christian festival of Easter by millions of people around the planet. This is done in remembrance of the death and resurrection/rebirth of the Avatar Yeshua.

The life of Yeshua is a reflection of an earlier teaching of the Masters from Sirius and Orion. They taught that a Radiant Being from Orion called Osiris came to the Earth with his partner, Isis. Together they assisted Humanity in the period after the detsructive trauma of the fall of Atlantis.

The Sirian Masters taught that Osiris died, and was brought back to life as a Master of the Dimensional Change to become infinite and Eternal. This feat was celebrated annually in Egypt together with the rising of the Nile River, and the process of Ascension and Rebirth was associated with Water and the return of Abundance to the land.

So, when the Avatar Yeshua and his partner, Mary Magdalene, came to the Earth, they too were part of the teachings of Ascension and Transformation, or Alchemy. The death of Yeshua and his subsequent “ascension’ to the Higher Dimensional Form is what is celebrated at Easter.

So it is, Beloved Family of Light, that the death and rebirth of the Cosmic Avatar became a Template, or pattern, or archetype, for the transformation of every human who has activated the Light Body in the process of Ascension to Higher Consciousness and Infinite Being.

Beloved Ones, this powerful Avatar energy will also join with the powerful elemental Water energy to raise the consciousness of Humanity on the Planet at this time.

Dimensional Doorways : Anchoring the 6th and 7th Dimensions of Light on Earth

At this time also, the process of anchoring in the 6th and 7th Dimensions of Higher Light on the Earth will be completed.

The Earth is now truly Multi-Dimensional, and those who have activated their Multi-Dimensional Light Body, and opened and centered in the Heart, and grounded into the Earth Star Chakra, will now also have the ability to move into the 6th and 7th Dimensions of Light and Consciousness.

The 6th Dimension is a Magical Realm of the Imagination and Creativity. It is a Flow Dimension where Light flows into ideas and patterns, and where dreams are originated that will flow into manifestation.

The way to access the 6th Dimension is through creativity, through song, dance, poetry, music, film, or any form of creative expression that lifts you from “mundane” reality into the Magical Realm of Creative Possibility and Pure Potential.

Those who master the 6th Dimension will be the Dreamers and Creators of the New Earth Reality.

The 7th Dimension is the Spiritual Home, the Shamballa, of those who have mastered the Bridge between Heaven and Earth, and between Spirit and Matter. It is the home of Masters and Avatars who are skilled in flowing with Divine Creative Intelligence in order to create and manifest according to the Divine Plan as guided by the incoming Diamond Light Codes.

The access to the 7th Dimensions, in turn, gives access to the 8th Dimensions and the 9th Dimension.

The 8th Dimension is the Solar Dimension where Beings of Pure Light and Consciousness work to direct the Golden Light and the Diamond Light into manifestation in the Solar System. These are the Shining Ones whose radiance can be felt as Inspiration and Love.

The 9th Dimensions is the Galactic Dimensions where beings of Pure Diamond Consciousness hold the powerful forces of Creation and Destruction at the Great Central Sun.

These are the primal elements of Fire and Water , the two first elements of Creation that emerge from the Void to create the essence of Divine Manifestation.

And so it is, Beloved Family of Light, that as you work with Fire and Water on the Earth, and as you hold the Void within and so create, you are also working with the 9th Dimensional patterns of Original Creation.

Beloved Ones, the Cosmos is a miraculous home, and you are now at the point where you are working with the powers and creative passions of the 9th Dimensional Galactic Heart. Be conscious, be aware, and feel how your own Heart is beating and pulsating in response to this new connection to the Galactic Heart.

It is a time to celebrate the Dance of Fire and Water and the Rebirthing of All in the New Earth.

The Diamond Codes

If you would like to learn more about the incoming Diamond Light and the Diamond Codes and how they relate to Conscious Evolution and the Light Body, you can explore the new book by Celia Fenn called “The Diamond Codes: Light Information for the New Reality”.

DC book cover small

Copyright 2015.  Celia Fenn

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Illumination and Re-Integration

At this point many may be wondering what the next step is. What to do with this new self in a world that looks very much the same as before?”  Be sure to read  the New Moon Message further below!


The Equinox, New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces – Illumination and Re-Integration

by Simon Vorster, Raising Vibrations

March 20, 2015

A final chapter in our evolutionary cosmic story is ending and humanity is standing at the brink of one on of the most important points in its collective history.

Yesterday’s Equinox and New Moon in Pisces brought with it an incredibly powerful pattern of energy. It is truly awe inspiring to be observing these alignments mark the ushering in of a vibration of energy that is so profoundly transformative.

This New Moon was perfectly aligned with a Solar Eclipse in Pisces at 29′ 27”. As soon as this formation happened, the Sun and Moon transitioned into the constellations Aries catapulting us into the new a direction. These vibrational patterns reflected illumination (Pisces) which we will now anchor into our collective evolution through integration (Aries). This is where we all fit in and play our part. It is time for the re-integration of your multidimensional self into the world. We have work to do! Unity Consciousness. Let’s do this!

Happy Birthday Aries! May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face.

Planetary Alignments Supporting Evolutionary Growth

Saturn Retrograde (11 March 2015 – 2 August 2015)

On the 11th of March 2015 the planetary archetype of Saturn moved into retrograde motion. This is a truly significant cycle for us. Over the last two and half years we have experienced intense clearing and cleansing of old energetic debris. This time was met with incredible confusion and tremendous loss. But now as you look back from this point to 2012, you can clearly see how far you have come. It has been a long and difficult road for many. Now, we have one final step left in the process.

I am pleased however to say that as Saturn retrogrades back into the final degrees of Scorpio, it won’t be tearing us apart but rather asking us to solidify the last two and a half year´s work. It is time to master our lessons. The universe is taking off the training wheels and saying “it’s your turn!” I feel that everyone deserves a huge heart-centered round of applause right now, for facing your demons and coming out the other end braver than ever before.

Finally I would like to say that Saturn does like it when you accept the challenges he brings you. So this retrograde cycle will ask us to put our new selves to the test, but know that if you accept these final challenges, he will bring you total abundance.

Ongoing Jupiter quincunx Pluto and Neptune

This planetary alignment is directly aiding in the progressive breaking down of outdated belief systems and idea’s that have supported our understanding of reality in the past. This alignment shakes up and asks for a renewal in perspective that now supports the frequency of your current energetic state.

It is so important to understand how your philosophy in life effects the nature of your perception and how you go about making choices in your life. Ask yourself Is my current philosophy allowing me to access the desire and reach my soul purpose? I encourage you to look at your belief system and see ifyour inner child and heart center is being honored.

On the collective level, the vibration is also reflecting the importance to see how our dreams and aspirations can be linked with aiding humanity. If we are seeking to make a difference we must align our philosophy with the greater good of humanity.

Saturn (Sagittarius) Square Mercury (Pisces) Neptune (Pisces) & quincunx Venus (Taurus)

This alignment is ushering in to our collective consciousness extremely important aspects of our spiritual growth. It is so important to understand that at this point, the vibration of earth and the state of our consciousness has risen to a point where we are clearing all the outdated energetic energies from our personal, and collective field. Life will no longer be support the old paradigms. As we align ourselves with this new frequency we will experience illumination.

What Saturn will be doing as it moves along its retrograde path, is revisit any beliefs that don’t support the highest good of your souls growth. With the party of Mercury and Neptune being in Pisces, you will be presented with new choices to practice loving yourself and others. We need to anchor these new heart centered beliefs into our life and to practice our new relationship to ourselves and others. In every moment you make high vibrational choices you are supporting our collective consciousness.  The more you do it the more you will see it.

Spring Equinox and Solar Eclipse in Pisces

This alignment brought to a head the totality of 3 years’ worth of collective transformation. This alignment showed the total culmination of so many cycles of Earth’s and our collective incarnations. This inner transformation is the reason your life, over the last 3 years, has been filled with letting go and dissolving of personal attachments. Those outdated life scenarios needed to go in order for the new to emerge.

The 29´27 degree Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces (the last sign in the zodiac) reflected back to us the result of the last 3 years of total transmutation. It was like the point at the end of a film when it all comes together. From this perspective – from the mid-point of the Equinox – we were shown how our lives have shifted, and will continue to shift. It reflected to us the understanding or realization of life’s true nature — what it’s actually about, and where we fit in. Pretty impressive right?

This is such an incredible time to be alive in. This is the apocalypse!

(Please note: ‘Apocalypse’ translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation.)

7th Pluto – Uranus Square

On the 16th of March 2015 the final Pluto/Uranus square took place. This planetary alignment has been immensely impactful in what we have been experiencing in our lives since 2012, and have progressively reflected to us the lifting veils of our perception of reality – the ongoing shifting of our collective consciousness. On the 16th of March, these two planets made their final tension angle with each other at 15’17” of Capricorn/Aries. The after effects of this will be very visible as we move along our earth timeline. The deeper realizations and awakenings will become solidified and from now on there is no looking back.

Please read The 7th Pluto Uranus Square Alignment – The Final Shift for more information about this important alignment, as it encompasses the ‘big picture’ totality of what is happening, and offers insights into how we can gain an even deeper understanding as we move into this next phase of our lives.

New Moon Message

Illumination followed by integration.

At this point many may be wondering what the next step is. What to do with this new self in a world that looks very much the same as before?

Energetically, we have crossed into new uncharted territory that is not yet reflected by the constructs of our outer world, and the future may seem unsure as we are literally paving the way before us as we break new ground. We must bravely walk the new direction and allow our hearts to guide us.

This is a new chapter in our collective evolution. We are at the tipping point. We were first given the total awareness (New Moon total Solar Eclipse in Pisces) and now we are to integrate (Sun moves into Aries) our awareness into the collective consciousness. This is where our challenge really becomes clear. Up until this moment we have been working through, sorting out and cleansing our collective distortions. This has led us to start seeing the world for what it really is. This 3 year cycle also led us to close ourselves off from the world, cocooned and hidden from society. However the cleaning acts is done! The next task at hand is about going back into the world and beginning the real work. The integration of the new you. This processes will then allow for the next phase to unfold.

As an awakened soul seeing through the collective distortions and collective pain it is your task to begin raising the frequency of the planet by being a beacon of true undistorted light that you are. This is your mission! Our cosmic mission. Hold the torch and lead the way into the new paradigm. Your role is to simply listen to what your heart is guiding you to do, and to anchor the truth of your essence into every aspect of your being. To return to your natural state, and stand as a leader of the new paradigm in a world that does not yet reflect your inner vibration. This is the point where the change within must be reflected outwards in order for us to actually see that change. Those who continue seeking to see the progression of our collective awakening powered from the outside will be met with the past, as our outer world is a reflection of what and who we were and not what we are now.

So as a living example of your inner light, you need to integrate yourself back into the ‘matrix’ and start emanating clear and pure energy. By doing this, you are then allowing us to heal the collective pain in the souls who are about to embark on the journey that you just undertook. All the experiences that you had during your awakening is now needing to be implemented so that it can be a reflection of the change. You now see the collective pain in others and understand that this pain is a product of the collective distortions. You can see the pain in others that they are not yet able to see in themselves. You now know where you stand and are able to heal others. The healing begins with understanding that loving compassion and seeing the pure essence in all.

In this time we must be a living embodiment of unity. We cannot impose our awakened essence on to souls. It is not about forcing your beliefs and enlightening others. This will cause further rejection. We can be supportive by asking questions that allow others their own understanding, but we must allow the awakening experience to unfold naturally through direct experience. It is so important to not pass judgement or cause further division by saying I am more illuminated than someone else. We are all one. Healing the collective consciousness of mother earth is a processes of reuniting with the creator; with our true nature.  Again, this process is just allowing yourself be who you truly are and allow your heart to guide you along the road.

Many souls will be reflecting the pain of the spiritual distortions as you integrate back into the world. We may sometimes be on the receiving end of the projections of others´ pain. You are an alchemist that has the power to transmute that pain. So when you are in situations where someone is projecting their pain of separateness, then remind yourself how you wish to be treated. Remember you are connected to the love vibration from within. That you do not need the love from the outside to fuel your soul. You have a direct connection to source. So even if we are breathing in pain we can transmute it and breathe out love. We must remember to love ourselves too. To make loving choices for ourselves. This is the time to not run away from the world but to re unite with it in ways that brings about the collective evolution; the love revolution. You are the change!



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