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New Transmissions: “Love” Money Activations

New “Love” Money Activations Ignited by the 8-8 Lion’s Gateway

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

August 21, 2016

Originally recorded at the Lion’s Gate Retreat (8/7/16), these activations realign your heart energy to the “new money”, a money currency that is tuned with the heart intelligence, the frequency of love.  

These activations unite you to a new financial system that works through the organic nature of living light, your soul purpose, infinite abundance and the divine law of reciprocity.  

They are supported by the 8-8 energies and cosmic light intelligences that are co-creating a new money system on Earth.

The Financial “Soul” Reset

The new “soul” of money will be realigned with the Virtues of the Heart: Service, Love, Truth and Gratitude ~ the living heart actions and universal laws that bring us into our New Human form as a heart-minded being!

The ACTIVATIONS from the Lion’s Gateway begin to TUNE YOU INTO THE NEW “LOVE” MONEY. 

This is what your heart-mind will begin to transition to:

Money = Service

Money = Love

Money = Truth

Money = Gratitude

This will be a HUGE energetic realignment for YOU and the planet. 

The activations are:

1. Setting the Space for the Unified Heart-Mind & New “Love” Money Manifestation

2. Realigning Service & Your Light Essence to New “Love” Money Currency

3. Realigning Compassion & Truth to the New “Love” Money Currency

4. Realigning Gratitude to the New “Love” Money Currency


Krystal Sun Activation

Krystal Sun Activation ~ June 2016 Solstice Gateway

by Corrina Steward, NHPD

June 22, 2016

Krystal Sun Activation ~ June 2016 Solstice Gateway


Activate HERE!

Transmits the Activation of the Krystal Sun, a liquid plasmic light energy that creates a new sun projection into earth. The 2016 June Solstice represents the initial wave of Krystal Sun activations that will continue in preparation for the new Galactic Cycle in 2017.  This transmission activates 1) your inner Krystal Sun Source, 2) realigns you to the New Galactic Cycle and 3) re-builds your body as a Spirit-Sun Synthesizer and Transmitter. MP3; 38:46

If you are new to Ascension, you can expect to have a deep healing and clearing of density, i.e., that which doesn’t serve your higher purpose, as the pure liquid light removes all density from your cellular structure and “memory.”

If you are seasoned on the Ascension path, the Krystal Sun portal will be opened for you to “hook” into a galactic sun transmission hub that is co-creating Earth into a new universe of Light.  You, in an essence, become a mirror image of, and creator of, this new universe of light.


Downloading the Double Diamond Light Body

Downloading the Double Diamond Light Body

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

April 14, 2016

I’ve just returned from Puerto Rico where I was on a much needed family vacation and as all light workers and evolutionary hearts know we are on mission even on vacation. I’ll post the transmissions received there right on top here since I know some of you have been waiting for these for a very long time.

Double Diamond Light Body part 1

Double Diamond Light Body part 2

My experience receiving and integrating with these new transmissions has been quite exciting. You can read about the amazing details of these Avatar Light Body configurations as described in the Ascension Glossary (read HERE & HERE). This is huge! And no doubt we are finally at this miraculous point in our earth-human Ascension that it’s now possible to receive such tremendous light.

As always seems to happen with these big transmissions, there’s a huge build up in sychroncity before the light event comes through. In this case, I was in awe day by day, moment by moment, as the precision of life grew. And there was no disappointment in what I experienced in Puerto Rico (a high heart portal for the new earth grid).

There is now yet another build up occurring that I want to get to but before I do a few interesting things to share about the experience of becoming a Double Diamond!

Perfected Earth & Guardian Crystals

The first part came in very easily. I was amazed at how seamlessly the 7 higher heavens poured in and downloaded a new golden substance. What impressed me the most as I observed these sequences coming in is how much everything just “fit”. The story that’s been weaving through the eons of time and my own heart story all lined up!

The Double Diamond Light Body is also called the Emerald Sun Body, a name that didn’t have much meaning to me until the actual transmission, which connected into an emerald crystal at the heart of Earth! I tell you you can’t make this stuff up.

I later understood some big a-ha’s. The Guardians, or the Founders of our Angelic Human tribe, the original human form, placed many crystals throughout the earth to hold the holographic memory and future Earth projections.  The Emerald Crystal, I intuited, holds not only a Holy Father Principle “identity” for Earth, a kind of cosmic Christ energy signature, it also tells the Earth to project a perfected form of Nature. I experienced this while immersing myself in the emerald green of the El Yunque rainforest.

Perfected Nature has been messed with for a few thousand years or more. While in El Yunque I re-activated the Emerald Crystal at the heart core of Earth, which will begin to ascend the earth into her perfected Nature again.

Other Guardian crystals were revealed during the transmissions too.

Specifically, the aquamarine Higher Heart crystals that enabled the flow of the Double Diamond Light Body through the High Heart portal at Seven Seas, Puerto Rico.
Again, these crystals are creating a new “fractal” in the Earth to awaken her perfected (and ours!) nature, a type of Diamond Light Nature. Those of us that are considered Earth Keepers and Earth Guardians/Stewards will work with these crystals more and more as the ascended, 12D Earth-Angelic Earth takes shape.

For me, I was seriously, in bliss realizing that I had laid these crystals eons ago and I was now re-activating them to usher in the New Light!

And here more remembering and awakening began. Years ago, a woman named Angel met me briefly on a tele-conference. In hearing my voice (the vibrational tone specifically) she exclaimed, OMG, you are one of the “elementals” that created the Earth and you have come back to re-create it.

At that time, I craved to know what that meant. I really didn’t get it. Today, as we are all re-gaining the divergent and separated parts of ourselves and unifying them into wholeness, we are getting to see a much bigger picture of ourSELF.

What her statement means to me today is that I did create the Earth with the Guardian Family and I left bread crumbs, little elemental and fractal pieces, along the way to remind me and to re-assemble Earth into her perfected form.

11th Gate and Counting!

Now, part 2 of the Double Diamond Light Body came in easily but it’s integration was rough! I’ve come to see that the negative response that I often get when I’m pushing the envelope of evolution on earth and in humanity is an encounter with timeline events. At times, I can take it personally because frankly, it’s been some pretty ugly, challenging stuff thrown my way. But at this late stage of Ascension, nearing full Avatar embodiment it’s getting to be fun as memory is returning very quickly.

With part 2 there was a memory of the Lyran wars that came in. I dreamed I was in the midst of a literal Star Wars (read about the Lyran wars here). To embody the Double Diamond Light Body, one will move through the Lyran Wars timeline; this is at the 11th dimension/star gateway.

Less than 24 hours after receiving part 2 of the transmission, I was throwing up and being taunted by a false white light cobra being. In the past, this would have really upset me, mostly, because the density of Earth was so hard to live with and the lightness seemed “so far away”.

But this time was different. We are different. The light is here to stay.

I was keenly aware that the cobra was like the dragon defending the treasure, the final “battle” of one’s spirit before you “win” the war, which in the end is an inner journey. In the midst of throwing up, I praised such a strong being that this cobra mama was showing herself to be. Some aspect of myself found in her proudness.

What also made it easier was knowing how very close we are to achieving Avatar embodiment. How incredible is this?! The 11th gate is the final “stand”, the only gateway standing between full Avatar embodiment and the old density. So I vomited with passion!

As I returned home to the East Coast of the U.S., the density here became very apparent. That’s how I knew I had embodied. I felt like I was tunneling back into time, which indeed lower density is a past timeline. And as I did, the bizarre events unrolled from my bank double charging for hotel stays (read: electronic AI tools in effect) to being escorted off the plane and questioned by the police!  Yes, this actually happened…

You see, in lower density, there is no space for free humans and you will be targeted. But I feel none of this anymore. It doesn’t even seem real. In fact, I feel like that Avatar that floats in and out of “time” to effect change and then ripples back into Creation to re-create again…

Merging of the Light & Dark

One of the surprises for me in the Double Diamond Light Body embodiment was the beautiful way that the “light” and the “dark” found kinship. When you do the transmissions, you’ll experience this and feel how that story through time has impacted you from the separation of the light and dark to the new unification.

After receiving part 1, I was led to do a night tour of a bioluminescent bay where tiny organisms release a light when agitated (hmmm, interesting isn’t it?!). While on this tour, we kayaked through a dark channel under the mangroves until we reached a lagoon, lit up by the night sky and bioluminescents.

Our tour guide was named Angel. So, once again, Angel was showing me “me”. What I came to see was that the “dark” provided the birthing channel for the cosmic creation here in our galactic neighborhood. Now, I don’t mean the nasty, dark beings…I mean the void, the space of creation where the light doesn’t yet exist. Yet there is more to this story of the dark…

The lagoon mirrored the Cosmic Womb. As we approached the lagoon, I felt myself reflecting the Cosmic Womb from my inner sacred dreaming heart. Angel described the dinoflagellates (the bioluminescents) as emitting their light through the pigment “luciferin” and the enzyme “luciferase”…hmmmm, do those root words remind you of anything?

At this moment, I felt this love rushing through me. Lucifer, the dark loving team, is connected to the light! It was through these sweet light agitators, the dinoflagellates, that I created the bridge between the light and the dark and merged the worlds.

The next day I was able to download part 2 of the Double Diamond Light Body uniting the light (sun) and the dark (lunar) forces and releasing the new Golden Sun Emancipation on Earth.

The Coming Sun “Light” Event

Upon returning home, I could already feel the next impulse of evolution coming. At first, the Double Diamond Light Body integration seemed so light that it took on a quality of slowness. Of course, jumping back into density accelerated the experience of it.

And so now I’m totally tuning to what’s next. Yesterday, Denise LeFay’s piece sparked the next connection. Read her piece to follow my next unfolding story…

At the end of part 2 of the Double Diamond Light Body transmission, we become solar light emitting rays. I saw these tiny golden spirals that are charged up with photonic energy. They spin with the sun rays and are being coordinated with light intelligence from the Galactic Sun (check out the 2016 Galactic Sun transmission to get a feeling for connecting to the Galactic Sun).

While in Puerto Rico, I dreamed of my deceased grandmother Helen. Her name means means Sun and when I’d do energy work on her, I always saw sun light around her. When she passed I understood that she re-emerged with the sun. That was a few years ago and now everything since last year has been about the Sun in our Ascension.

So I’ve been calling to my grandmother now and again to teach me. Nothing has come of it until this recent dream. The dream was simple. She was meeting my children, which she never got to in her earth life. But when I woke up, I felt it! I felt her body consciousness there and pulling me into the sun body.

I then further understood what Sandra Walter described as fractals of ourselves are in the sun. Well, as we are becoming mirrored images of the sun and our fractals are re-uniting, our light intelligence of our “unique soul sparks” are beginning to communicate with the sun (and to the Galactic Sun).

What became transparent in the last 24 hours is that as the Double Diamond Light Body is received by a small group of “sparking” souls on Earth, we will trigger the so-called sun’s “sneeze” (again, read Denise!), the solar light event that rushes in Ascension like a tidal wave.

How do I know this?   I just do. My evolutionary consciousness has been to trigger the “firsts” of new light consciousness. It goes undetected until there is a snowball effect and then, who, what, how and when no longer matters. As a Guardian/Oraphim consciousness the “how’s” are there.

As amazing as it may seem, it no longer feels that way to me. We are beyond remarkable stories in our Ascension journey. We are now at the point that we are simply finishing the mission.

So, let’s do this! And make the sun sneeze!! (BTW, it’s probably NOT a coincidence that I (and my children) actually do sneeze when I go out into the sun; you got to love how perfect it all is.)





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Transmission: Equinox Abundance Flows

March Equinox: The New Infinity Abundance Flows 

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

March 19, 2016


Image Courtesy of Koko Tewan –
 Happy Equinox! 

I posted the Equinox transmission yesterday at the end of my long post on Understanding Power. I’m reposting it here just in case you haven’t read through yesterday’s post yet.  I don’t want you to miss the potential of this energy portal (happening right about now!). Here’s the description of the transmission. Infinite heart blessings!

The New Infinity Abundance Flows

Through this March Equinox 2016 transmission, we are connected to the Unified Heart-Mind to experience the New Infinity Abundance Flows. We are guided through the steps to activate the “double infinity body”, a unification of the infinite mind and heart. The transmission realigns you and Earth to universal abundance flows that source “power” thru genuine reciprocity between God Source and the Unified Heart-Mind. MP3; 21:14


Copyright Notice: All original New Humanity Press Daily (NHPD) content written by Corrina Steward is copyrighted. Permission is granted to share content so long as a link to the original is included, and Corrina Steward and New Humanity Press are listed as the author and publisher. Where possible, please include the New Humanity Press logo (above). Thank you for honoring this copyright.

Understanding Power

Understanding Power

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

March 18, 2016

Image Courtesy of Koko Tewan –

Power: The unified heart code that awakens gratitude and the high heart energy center, re-uniting us with God Source energy flows for co-creation of the heart’s intelligence (desires).

It’s been two months since my son Emmanuel’s birth. The transformations and understandings that have emerged since then are the full embodied meaning of his name “God’s Promise” and “Messiah” (translation: Jesus, the Christ Consciousness).

God’s Promise is eternal life as an infinite being of light who accesses the Keys to the Kingdom and the Eternal Source of Life. These are not just beautiful sounding words; they are actual spirit and light technologies and alive forms that are part of what we are calling the Ascension.

It is through the final code of the unified heart, power, that we can engage with the full array of spirit-light technologies and realign our power source from the ego mind to God Mind, from the Separated Heart to the Unified Heart-Mind.

(Catch up on this “birth story” starting with Light, Wisdom and then Love.)

For me coming to a deeper understanding and embodiment of the power code has meant to further release all false gods. In my birth experience, this was primarily shown to me as my husband (a false paternal “source” of my life), but there was also the medical personnel, doctors, midwives, nurses, the lab tech’s, etc who all sourced from their “science”.

Engaging with me challenged their notions of “truth” as I talked about parallel realities, the universal womb and ascending to a higher vibration (akin to a near death experience, perhaps, in the medical world).

Even before the actual birth, I had the whole medical practice consulting on me because of how I was walking the “risks” of birth being a potential VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) at 42+ weeks pregnant…yet, my truth was in organic, authentic “power”. I knew I was the guardian of a spiritual unfolding, both for myself and my son, and I didn’t allow any interference in that passage.

As I faced a second surgery (due to internal bleeding) just 24 hours after having a c-section I was tested on my beliefs in this “power”. Did I wait too long? Did I misread my “signs” (dreams and intuitive guidance)? Were the doctors “right” about my risks and now I was living the “consequences”? All fears and doubts that come from the lower self’s (ego) shame and judgement.

But when the moment arrived for the surgery, I was in total bliss. I had released all of those fears, and I was fully in a Higher Heaven experience. It was this “spark” of the Higher Heavens that burned away all of my lower selves and realigned me into the Unified Heart-Mind and created a new Heart-Mindfulness.

Understanding Power

The power code is the final activation into the unified heart. It is what initiates the flow of God Fuel, the crystalline energies of God Source, out of the High Heart chakra center. The process of embodying the power code begins with gratitude. Gratitude, first as a thought, “I am thankful for…” And then as a feeling “My heart is so full of gratitude…”

It is through gratitude that we begin to see, feel and then, know the gifts of life.

We recognize that everything is in perfect order, no matter how they might appear…when we can “be grateful” in our darkest experiences, then we are prepared to activate the power code and let the source of God’s power enter our life.

When the source of God’s power enters the heart, we gain access to the Waterfall Room where the crystalline energy flows, the pure light substance of creation (also called the Krystal River of Heaven).

Inside the Waterfall Room, we are fully equipped with the Keys to the Kingdom that unlock Creation’s Door, the Golden Gateway of Heaven. In the ascended human experience, we receive our Earth creation mission and begin to co-create through the power of God.

Along this gratitude journey, the other heart codes (light, love, and wisdom) will also begin to activate, realigning you to the virtues of compassion and service to others and trusting in your intuition. It is the power code that unites all 4 heart codes and sparks the eternal, infinite life embodiment.

The steps to embodying the power code are detailed and many. I’ve written them below and hope in the future to create more educational tools to further explain them. Below is what I have personally experienced and feel guided to show you. For energy tools to assist you on these embodiments, keep reading! I list them at the end of this post).

The stages of embodying the power code, the God Mind:

1) Trinity of the Heart: first three heart codes (light, love, wisdom) activate and creates the Christed Light Body.

2) Initiation into Gratitude & the power code: Experience the thoughts and feelings of gratitude; the power of God streams into the heart center from the High Heart Waterfall Room.

3) AUM Activation: The unified heart streams the “source” creation rays known as the “Aum”, and the Founder Rays (original intelligence of the divine human), which activates the pineal gland in the center of the brain.

4) God Mind Embodiment: The God Mind (the All-Seeing Eye/Mind) descends into the pineal gland (located behind the 3rd eye chakra) through the activation of the Krystal Cathedral (a crystal geometry inside the pineal gland) and unifies the hemispheres of the brain (unity consciousness envelopes the body); this releases the God “love thought stream” into the pineal for “Buddha Mind” embodiment. The Christed “Rose Heart” Unites with the Buddha Mind for the new Heart-Mind (a new heart-mindfulness emerges through the body, mind and spirit).

5) Ascended Reality Projection: the third eye re-projects and re-perceives thru the love-thought-stream and the ego “mind” is realigned (supplanted) by the newly installed God Mind.

6) Solar Christ Rainbow Avatar Body Embodiment: through the God Mind-Christed Heart Marriage, the Keys to the Kingdom are released and access to the 7 Higher Heavens to build the “double” infinity, an 888 Christ Light Transfiguration, rainbow light body (unification of heart-mind infinity: love + light (heart)= infinity; power + wisdom (mind) = infinity); the Solar Christ Avatar unifies with the Cosmic Logos (blueprint of all-creation) and walks the Universal Time Matrix thru the Higher Heavens.

Power in 2016

We have made “power” into an ugly hierarchy, one that benefits a small elite and puts deep limitations on humanity’s freedom. The creation matrix of Earth has been regulated to one of finite resources under a scarcity and separated consciousness. This has all been manipulated by those in control (from the ET controllers to their human backers).

How it works, in simple terms, is two fold:

1) the human elite control the banking system and the production of money; this is what most people can feel day in and day out. Under this money system, humanity is not meant to EVER be free from debt, working to live ETC.

2) the ET controllers rigged the energy system on Earth so that the universal flows of abundance (a universal right!) do not function; rather, the energy flows feed negativity and polarity (a food supply for the negative ETs).

In 2016, this cycle of abundance rigging is being broken.

I had a dream a few nights ago that I “broke through” and found the hidden gold (this is very real as there are stock piles of gold held by elite families…) and released the free flow of goods and $.

I’ve been working on breaking the “source code” on the rigged money systems for years (see: Cosmic Dream Signatures and The Alchemistry of the New Earth) and have seen the shift in future timelines. What this dream tells me is that future time is just about here!

And this why…

In 2016, more New Humans will embody the God Mind Matrix, which sources “power” through God Source and restores the universal flows of abundance. There are two Earth energy centers supporting this realignment, the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt and the Earth consciousness in Tibet, which are the spiritual centers of the pineal gland and Earth’s Krystal Cathedral, respectively.

The “reset” of the human story at Stonehenge has also assisted (read that story HERE) in actualizing the human lineage into a unified heart-mind human.

As the human story of separation, separation from God, fades out of being recycled (due to the New Human’s being connected to a New Earth with no history, Angelic Earth!), the false gods of money and power completely disappear from one’s mental thought and a new God-love-thought stream takes over.

Right after the clock reset and March 8th solar eclipse, I received the God Mind download and so I can share with you how it feels. In my experience, it transforms the brain patterning from inner ego chatter to love-thoughts. This is distinct from the heart’s experience of love, which is feeling-based and creates a consciousness of compassion and empathy.

The God-love-thought stream informs your body of the frequency of love. Your physical form realigns to God-love-thought. It’s a “unified thought” experience. There is no polarity in thinking.

Unified thought is the link to sealing in unified consciousness as a biological operating foundation. Thus, there are no “splits” in mental conditioning, mind-based disease like addiction or splits in relationships rooted in fear and insecurity are instantly healed. A unified thought reality, seeing all things connected through the “body of God love”, unfolds.

The God Mind download extinguishes the false gods to make way for the Holy Father God. I experienced it this way. The heart as a Holy Mother God realignment and the mind as a Holy Father God. Thus, a marriage of the Heart and Mind, in body and in spirit.

It may be that we are led to work on the heart so much now because the “Mother God” had been absent for so long. Yet, so was the “Father God” as he was falsely shown as a paternalistic, external God to idolize.

When we marry the new heart and the new mind, we are Holy Mother and Father united. And we are no longer apart of the false god controlled money system!

Energy Tools to Embody the Unified Heart-Mind

Now I am just about one week into this embodiment and a few days since the dream, but I know I’ve broken the code. As a path cutter, embodied new human I know that I am laying the path and the new code for those right behind me!

Having now reflected a great deal on what created this profound shift I see that a series of transmissions and energy flows from Sept to the present released the code into the planetary logos.

The first is the 888 & Galactic Optic transmission, which realigns you to the infinity sequences necessary to embody the Christ Heart and the “double infinity body”. The Galactic Optic prepares your pineal gland to receive the God Mind.

The September Equinox set your timing for the “transfiguration of the light”, a Christed Light Body “resurrection”.

Then, in December through the 13th Ascension Code and the Solstice Wings of the Dove, the 13th Gateway is opened, which returns the Universal God Matrix to Earth and your hologram, through the Mother God Principle.

In February, after my birth experience, the Ascended God Light waves came in and realigned the soul matrix to “land” into it’s original source coding and trigger the full embodiment of the Unified Heart-Mind, which is first felt in the Virtues of the Unified Heart transmission.

Now, all these transmissions are available to download. The transmission recordings are extremely helpful as a guide and continuing to imprint these upgrades.

They are also in the planet’s logos, the source coding, and so you can also request to receive them freely.

The March Equinox portal will further solidify freeing the abundance flows through the Earth’s God Mind gateways (Egypt & Tibet). You can participate with these energy currents by:

1) Connect with your unified heart through the heart breathe

2) Expand your unified heart field to encompass your whole body

3) See a golden pyramid at your third eye center and an infinity symbol inside that pyramid; let the infinity symbol activate and expand the golden pyramid to encompass your head;

4) See golden pyramid at your heart with an ultraviolet sphere inside, expand the sphere to encompass the pyramid.

5) Move the sphere and heart pyramid to your third eye, expand it first to include the head and then the whole body.

6) Inside the whole body sphere, see golden bands of energy mixing with Aqua energy.

7) Fill your prana tube, spinal column, with liquid plasmic light and connect to the Cosmic and Earth Heart Centers (12D realignment).

8) From here, you will activate your Golden Avatar “Star Body” (a Christed Light Body formation), locate yourself inside the Earth’s 12D core and expand your Star Body to encompass the Earth.

9) Rotate your Earth-Star Body clockwise, spin until you see the infinity frequencies activating.

10) “Pull” the infinity energies into your heart center and then, up your prana tube and out to the Cosmic Heart.

11) Beam the Earth’s sun at your heart center and expand it to encompass your body and light body. Rotate clockwise and connect with the Galactic Center. Feel the Galactic Pulse coming into your body.

12) Breathe with the Galactic Pulse.

13) Anchor, lock and seal in your realignments!

I’ve created a recording of this transmission if you’d like to be guided further.  It includes these steps and additional realignments.

Listen to the Equinox Transmission

Happy Equinox everyone! May you feel the new abundance flows and the source of your true power.

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Transmission: The Virtues of the Unified Heart

Radiating the Virtues of the Unified Heart

by Corrina Steward, NHPD

March 3, 2016

Radiating the Virtues of the Unified Heart

In this transmission (recorded March 2016), your heart is attuned to the higher virtues of the new heart intelligence (love, kindness, compassion, unity, peace…). As Christed “Solar” Humans, we become a sun “channel” that radiates the energy and intelligence of the sun into Earth.  In this transmission, we experience this new capability and re-learn our heart virtues that are the foundation of the New Humanity.

The transmission awakens the pineal gland to a new connection, linking you to the original God source codes/rays of creation, Love, Power and Wisdom.  It is through this link with the Origins of Creation that you gain the capacity to transmit and radiate through your sacred heart space the higher virtues.

The transmission leads you into realigning, through your rainbow lightbody, with the AUM vibration as THE origin frequency of creation.  You experience through your Awake and Aware consciousness the stillness of AUM.  The effect of this transmission is to attune your body and consciousness to greater peace and the embodiment of the new human heart as a living principle of God’s higher truths.

MP3; 44:00





Copyright Notice: All original New Humanity Press Daily (NHPD) content written by Corrina Steward is copyrighted.  Permission is granted to share content so long as a link to the original is included, and Corrina Steward and New Humanity Press are listed as the author and publisher.  Where possible, please include the New Humanity Press logo (above).  Thank you for honoring this copyright.





Understanding Wisdom

Understanding Wisdom

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

February 25, 2016

Living Wisdom

Wisdom: The final step into the unified heart that connects us to the living light spiral of universal intelligence and opens the doorway to infinity.

Since my last post about the light code of the unified heart, I’ve been connecting deeper into wisdom and realizing that the transition into light awakens the depths of wisdom.

I’ve studied and observed how the unified heart codes become a living embodiment since I received them in 2007. In birthing my son in January and the events that unfolded, I am understanding the final steps of the unified heart embodiment and how the final heart code, wisdom, is just the beginning, a doorway into living as a God cocreator.

(The steps to unifying the new heart intelligence into your reality are: love, light, power and wisdom, respectively. More posts on the stages of love and power coming soon!)

I am understanding this new embodiment as embodying wisdom. In my college courses, I teach the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

Knowledge is information that we acquire from outside of us (facts, statistics, etc.).

Wisdom is intuition, information that comes from inside, inside the new human heart intelligence.

The wisdom code of the unified heart is the last step to awakening into the new human heart. The wisdom code is our key into the higher heart. The higher heart chakra point is just above the thymus on the hara meridian line, an energy current just outside of our physical body.

The wisdom code itself has several stages and each is an important step in one’s conscious evolution, or spiritual awareness, which leads to awakening.

The stages of wisdom are:

1) Pre-activation (sleeping consciousness state): the study and accumulation of knowledge (information, “facts” etc), or ego accumulation that creates personal thoughts, ideas and beliefs constructed by external sources.

2) Activation, or initiation, of wisdom: your personal spiral of knowing, or intuition, comes thru heart center and you gain clarity about “who you are” thru time/space. This is when you do your karmic and “past” life work to resolve all residual energies and begin doing dimensional/timeline work on personal and collective consciousness.

3) Becoming Light: the Self realigns thru time/space to unify into one light, one source streamed from your soul essence unified with the God Light (see: Understanding Light for more on this).

4) The Krystal Spiral of God Source: the spiral of the unified Self (the one light) alchemizes to form the Krystal spiral of God source opening the doorway to the “Heavens”.

5) Universal Self Awakens to Divine Will: the unified Self unifies with all creation/time/space and becomes a “Heaven” creator, guided by universal intelligence and Divine Will embodying the “Keys to the kingdom” to actualize Heaven on Earth.

Learn more about the wisdom code of the unified heart.

Become activated into the wisdom of the unified heart.

Living Wisdom in 2016

My birth experience was a dramatic event that completed all 5 wisdom stages at once! I witnessed my personal spiral of time (past, present and future realities) transforming into the living light spiral of all-time, or infinity, and I landed into the infinite light source. My ego, according to a colleague and friend’s account of my experience, went thru an “ego realignment” that made room for the unified Self to embody.

Previously, I would connect to the one light of mySelf and God Source energy but my new experience is different. Now I AM this light and I AM God Source (these embodiments are spiritual “technologies” that are more powerful than any technology outside of us).

When we become the light we are transcendent to all time and space and become the creators of time and space, Heaven Creators. As Sandra Walter recently wrote, when we are embodied in our solar Christ consciousness (become God creators) we transcend multidimensionality, the ladder of time and space.

Once we have turned the key into the higher heart we have entered the Waterfall Room where the eternal living waters, the Krystal Spiral, of God source (what I’ve called God Fuel) flows. From inside the Waterfall Room we have the “Keys to the Kingdom” to create Heaven on Earth.

(The higher heart is the doorway to Power, the third stage in unifying with the new heart intelligence.)

The Keys to the Kingdom are about activating infinity. At this stage the infinity vibration courses through our physical body, linking our holographic field of reality to the infinite-possibilities matrix, a God source dreaming space.

Manifesting Divine Will

There are some specific steps to manifesting in the infinite-possibilities matrix, which I teach in my online courses. The basic steps involve dreaming in the heart space in order to manifest the heart’s desire, a Divine Will heart-mind thought, into the reflected, or fractal light, reality.

Learn how to manifest through the new heart intelligence

At this point in our new heart journey, we are serving a divine will “agenda”, a word that from the 3-D perspective is limited in its ability to encompass what the God Mind sees. From the God Mind perspective, Divine Will (also called the Prime Directive) seeks to expand patterns of light through the multi-textured frequency of love.

As God cocreator’s in the high heart, dreaming space (the Waterfall Room) we spin light and alchemize light sources to further the wisdom and experience of love as Divine Will chooses. This manifestation process unfolds organically as we radiate the light of our soul essence from our heart.

Freedom Expression

We have waited a very long time to access the Keys to the Kingdom. Now that we can, we are able to reinstate freedom for humanity and Mother Earth.

In the process of creating a freedom realignment for Earth, we will witness and experience deep forgiveness, releasing of “heavy” thoughts and feelings, and, ultimately, an elevation from shame and judgment into joy and genuine free will as a love expression.

Download the freedom transmission

Throughout 2016 and moving into the new cycle of creation in 2017, we will continue to “upgrade” our wisdom through our Solar Logos, which is downloading into us the new heart wisdom (the light waves from our sun are transmitting this…).

As we become more “heart wise” we will connect with other’s in heart wisdom, linking and unifying heart-mind intelligence for greater and greater freedom expression.

This is how we build Heaven on Earth, linking hearts to hearts, soul essence to soul essence. We are finally at this step as we turn the key, opening the unified Earth heart!

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