Creating a Wave

Weekly Lightblast:  Creating a Wave

by Jayme Price, Crystalline Soul Healing

August 27, 2015

Creating a Wave

Blessed Creative Being, you live in a world of waves, of vibration. Your science has told you for many years that the solid table is a mass of vibrating molecules, densified by a bond that creates a sensory effect of solidity. Yet at its core it vibrates, willing to release the bond with the proper force. For a table, that force may be impact, fire or a chemical compound that severs the vibrational attraction, changing the behavior of the particles at the subatomic level. Your science has also discovered the ability to track light at a level so small that mere awareness changes the behavior from waveform to particle form.

Your awareness, then, is a catalyst that causes the behavioral change in a wave. It is not the only catalyst, and at this point in time, you are reconciling the time factor in form as you build form from awareness, choice and action. These are the building blocks of your world. The natural world around you shows you clues, the technical world around you now also shows you clues; but you must find your internal path of knowing that you create your world.

Much of your awareness resides in your unconscious mind, your subconscious awareness. Begin utilizing your intuitive senses, your choice and your actions toward clarity of feelings, thoughts and expression. This brings the vast subconscious into conscious awareness. As you focus your awareness, you begin creating impact in the subtle realm of waveform rather than the physical realm of table form. Your impact is your feelings, thoughts and expression. It is not visible like the results from the table, yet it begins the reworking of form.

You Create a Wave with your awareness; your feelings, thoughts and expression that manipulates the malleable vibration of life around you. Observe how your choice of kindness shifts the behavior around you. Observe how anger, suppression and shame shift the behaviors around you.Choose your impact, for you are influencing the form of your world. That form is not typically visible or palpable in the moment. Yet the vibrational behavior is changing and compelling new bonds before your eyes are able to see it. Choose your impact.

As we sit to Blast Creating a Wave, we are boldly choosing the positive potentials that seem impossible in the current bonding of humanity. We are influencing the future with the force of Love that compels rather than complies. We are learning our power to stand strong in the winds of change, creating a new future rather than lamenting the challenges that formed such strength. We are relentless in our expression of Love, allowing the impact of a yes or a no to be drenched in the creation of a new foundation of Love. We are unwilling to see no hope, for though it is invisible, it is within and calling for our wave of Love to bring it to the surface. When another ebbs, we flow; for humanity is remembering that Life is supportive in invisible, yet compelling ways. Blast on!


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Observer is Neutrality

by Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis

August 25, 2015

The Controllers have zero power over you, your thoughts and emotional state, when you are outside of their frequency reach by maintaining neutral balance or the Observer Point. When you can access neutrality and observer, you are refusing to engage with them and play their game of control. If you stay out of mental and emotional polarity (inferior and superior thought forms) and connect every day with your inner spirit, it is very hard for them to manipulate or control you. The Controllers have no access to control the Now Moment Consciousness and do not understand the self-organization of the Spirit of God Force in Action as the Compassionate Witness. When you are capable to maintain and then embody energetic balance to hold the neutral point (through observer with no attachment to outcome) the Spirit of God can access your being and bring resolution, reconciliation and peace to the most despairing of circumstances. Essentially, the act of pure observation through compassionate witnessing has the consciousness power that collapses wave form potentiality that makes a situation, event or object become physical, or it can shift the timeline event. When we observe events, the wave-forms are capable to be changed in how they translate into the physical environment. That is the power inherent in a human being’s intention when it is directed by the higher consciousness and spirit.  Remember fear closes the door to accessing the Inner spirit, while holding inner energetic balance opens it.

In the state of Monadic integration, when we have deeply opened the heart complex, the consciousness experience allows for the ability to hold the perpetual state of the Observer Point. When we are connected to the Inner Christos Spirit consciousness as one’s authority and we are developing our virtues to communicate with the Spirits of Christ, this results in a perpetual state of Compassionate Witnessing. The Law of Compassion may only be accessed through the deep practice of Compassion such as within the Law of One, which is the direct teaching of the Christos or Krystal Star. Without the practice of Loving Compassion in every day existence, one’s consciousness descends to partial awakening. The partial awakening is through means limited to the higher mind ability that can only reach the height of the Spirits of Luciferian consciousness.

The next stage of development beyond the Observer Point, is the development of loving kindness and heart based feelings that are naturally present within the Compassionate Witness. At this stage of achieving the Observer Point, one will progress in expanding consciousness to be a vessel of which transmits the Law of Compassion, or will remain stunted at the Observer Point consciousness. This stage of the Observer Point when it remains static and undeveloped further, defines the Luciferian Abyss. This is the aspect of higher mind which accesses a threshold of consciousness that is devoid of deep heart based Compassion and true empathy. It hangs on to the edge of the consciousness abyss until it can fully let go and surrender, dissolving into the oceanic field of loving compassion in the heart of God. Jumping over the Luciferian Abyss is the final point of surrender where we may feel fear that we will be swallowed into the black hole of nothingness. At this point of our spiritual development, we stand at the edge of the abyss over the massive void. We must surrender to the heart of God to make the leap of faith and jump over to the other side into the arms of our Mother. This is why after achieving the Observer Point, if feelings of Compassion and Loving Kindness do not naturally follow through an open heart, intentional effort to open the heart and commune with the Holy Mother and heal the inner child will be required. When we heal our fears and resolve any lack of trust we may have in our inner spirit, we can access more deeply the higher heart principle. Practicing the Law of One with the intent to open one’s higher heart to Compassion and Loving Kindness, is the process which expands consciousness to the levels which can access accurate Higher Sensory Perception. Our developed heart qualities and virtues are that which increase our sensory and feeling abilities.

When we find ourselves uncomfortable with the actions of others, we can relieve ourselves by remembering to cultivate the right attitude towards self and to keep focused on our right relationship to God Spirit and/or the Universe. We must focus on ourselves doing what we can to learn how to communicate better with our inner spirit,  and not focusing on the actions of others. The Law of One is the Universal Truth that All Is One and all are subjected to the Universal Laws. Thus, one who practices this understanding of the Law of One acts and makes decisions based upon his or her awareness that every action has a consequence to the self and to others. If a person chooses to harm others for selfish motivations, they will become stuck in a timeline of which they cannot evolve further until they bring energetic balance and amends to that experience. Many times they will relive that experience over and over in their memories, until they can choose something else, and learn from their experiences in order to move to the next octave of frequency.

This happens within the spirit of each person that will be required to restore energetic balance to the consequences of events that they have taken part of in their life experiences. Furthermore, one who exemplifies the Law of One understands that when one person suffers, all people suffer, whether they realize it or not. When we adjust our thinking and perceptions to listen to the higher truths that govern our existence in the Universe,  we can evolve, be supported and protected by the power of our Inner Spirit in any circumstance. As One Self-God Self, to be “Compassion in Action” towards others is to be in harmony with the Universe and cultivate the right relationship to the God Self.

The basic principles of Service to Others include:

• Individuals perceive the connection of love in all things and give unconditional love and compassion towards others,

• Individuals are dedicated to their spiritual Consciousness growth and to help others with their spiritual development,

• Individuals are dedicated to transforming Negative Ego thoughts through developing GSF Behavior modeling,

• Individuals share information and knowledge with others as open source in unified cooperation,

• Individuals have a complete lack of concern for satisfying their materialistic ego needs or satisfying drives of the houses of ego,

• Individuals acknowledge that every person is a spiritual being on their own personal path of spiritual growth and discovery,

• Individuals are committed to experiencing a shared positive reality of World Humanism with others on the Earth.

Practicing Meditation and developing the observer point is the critical skill which can be learned, trained and developed to discipline an unruly ego mind. With an unruly and undisciplined mind, a person cannot reach higher consciousness nor access clear and accurate higher sensory perception. The spiritual process is one of self-observation and gaining increased self-awareness through the monitoring of ones deeds, thoughts, actions and behaviors. Through dedicated self-observation and self-inquiry,  gradually discerning between these functioning aspects of the mind, one can attain the direct experience of the true consciousness and spirit they are. The still point of which this consciousness connects to in the parts of our mind is that which forms all of our thoughts, emotions, and experiences that direct us through our life.

To begin this process one must observe the functions of the mind and discern them in action and intend to return that part of that mind function, or thought back into the internal still point or neutral. As we observe the thought, action or behavior in ourselves externally, we source this as an aspect of our mind that is connected to the internal whole and return that thought to the still point of consciousness inside our heart. Through this basic method of observation, we can ask our Inner Spirt to show us what we need to heal in our body and consciousness in order to move past blockages, pain or personality patterns.

In the earlier stages this is the intention and goal of specific meditation to become aware of inner stillness without the mind interfering. Later, it develops into a walking meditation in which every single thought, behavior and activity is witnessed by the Observer Point in the day to day activity. As this skill is developed this becomes possible with little to no effort to remain in the Observer Point and then, Compassionate Witness. It is at this point in spiritual growth, massive leaps in higher consciousness through the self-realization of the inner being is experienced.

To allow the deeper comprehension of the self to discern the functions of mind one will need to discern the functioning of each part of the mind and accept its nature without judgment of its content. This means to train the mind one must learn to observe, discern the part of the mind and accept its nature. Through observation, discernment and acceptance one can train the mind to be disciplined back to neutral, which allows access to still point of higher consciousness. An everyday quick tool to train the mind:

  • Observe
  • Discern
  • Accept
  • Neutral

The importance of clearing the Walls of Separation and Houses of Ego cannot be underestimated, as together they are the key that unlocks the pathway to spiritual development and freedom. Spiritual development is building the relationship to oneself and building one’s relationship to God. Time, energy and commitment to build these two most important relationships in one’s life are required. Daily meditation and quieting the mind while asking the self and God these questions will begin to reveal clarity and gain results.

(Source: Ascension Glossary -Observer Point, ES Newsletter – Internal Structures of Ego)


(creative commons 3.0 BY-SA)

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Co-opting Consciousness

Co-Opting Consciousness at Awakening’s Door

by Zen Gardner

August 20, 2015

The concept of deliberately controlled opposition eludes public awareness to an amazing degree. It’s similar to the brazen reality of false flag operations, the epitome of carefully planned societal manipulation by unseen forces who have no regard for the human condition other than to control it – those who are more than willing to attack their own to provoke a desired response.

This is so very similar to the slogan of the nefarious Mossad: “By way of deception, thou shalt do war.” The Jesuits are no better and on the same page. Nor is the CIA and a plethora of other deliberately obscured agencies.

Agencies as in clusters of agents, all subhuman tools in the war for the subjugation, exploitation and control of humanity.

Controlling the opposition is a practice of misdirection and deception disguised as genuine questioning and resistance to the party line in order to accomplish certain goals, a game of ruthless deception that is endemic to the fabric of the entire matrix of control. It’s not anything really startling in the grand scheme of things once you’ve woken up to the big picture, but for those still under the spell of the official narrative it’s an extremely powerful weapon of mass manipulation that they are very cleverly subdued by.

And it has many forms.

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” –Vladimir Lenin


Useful Idiots and the Puppeteers

The obvious NATO/US backed insurgencies such as the bogus clearly outside-funded and supplied ISIS charade leading up to these military supplied pogroms on Syria, and the entire middle eastern region for that matter, are perfect examples of controlled opposition on the geopolitical stage.

As awful as that reality is, the problem is way deeper than that.

We’ve all been useful idiots at one time or another. No one’s been fully conscious or completely independent of these influences all of their lives. We all have had to compromise in some manner just to survive in the matrix. In that state we unwittingly contribute to the official narrative by our silence and willful ignorance which is handily garnered as humanity’s imprimatur of acceptance and even approval.

This social landscape is an engineered one, and we help build and maintain it at varying degrees of conscious unawareness until we fully wake up and disengage. Some aspects become more obvious than others to different people. The clearly manipulated banking system for example has been getting hammered by the awakening. The full extent of its control is known by very few, but people are getting the idea to a massive degree. And it leads to more questions, as well as fundamental doubts about the world around them.

That’s how it works. It only takes one vector into the heart of true reality to wake people up. The issues of health and food freedom, geoengineering, clearly destructive fracking and GMO and vaccine issues all eventually lead to the heart of this deceptive matrix of attempted full spectrum control.

Arriving At Awakening’s Door

Many people come to the awakening via the health crisis we’re facing, with contaminated and mutated foods and vaccines being forced into the marketplace without the slightest compunction from our ever-so-caring crypto-fascist central State. Just going to natural food or natural or alternative medicine sites is another way to get into the wardrobe and enter a land of the Narnia of Truth they had no idea existed.

For those looking to help others awaken this is a great way to approach someone still under the spell to get them started looking around. GMO awareness and the invasive fracking issue have also jerked people up and are great entry points. Just like the bankster revolving door with government, the similarly favored and government promoted Monsanto/Big Pharma, big oil, and other infesting so-called “interest” agencies will make their heads spin if they’re willing to see it.

Geoengineering and Fukushima are other portals to the awakening. The surreal potential extinction level event (ELE) nature of these assaults is seriously disrupting many entrained minds to where the dots are beginning to connect. They’d better. These are extremely serious times.

Finding out the extent of our own involvement is a trip in itself, and will lead to many wonderful, sometimes disturbing discoveries. Even more so is realizing the source of information we were trusting was tainted, twisted, distorted and infiltrated with specific purposes beginning in the socially engineered education system and reinforced by corporate media, and in almost every case completely infiltrated with fabricated lies, propped up by the energy of those that believed them.

This effectively makes humanity unwitting battery pods powering the controlled collective.


What Really Matters

Religion, politics, education and the economic meme are of course the most predominant factors in the mainstream mind. But important things like where we came from, why we’re even here and where we’re going are barely addressed. If they are, it’s all scientific or pseudo-philosophical gobbledygook designed to confuse and stifle the human spirit, or worse yet freeze it into a debilitating religious paradigm where we wait for the cavalry to save us and are told “the powers that be are ordained by God”.

This is the true controlled opposition, although we’ll get to the modern oracles of this insidious ploy soon enough.

We have to see this for what it is. Anything short is not going to cut it. Just about every aspect of the opposing paradigms we’ve been handed as the absolute truth are designed. And even outside protesting elements who seem to know what’s going on are often generated by, or soon channeled by, these same overlords.

Therein lies the power of controlled opposition on the world stage. A very powerful tool in the hands of psychopathic liars. It’s essential people catch on to this reality, as they play skillfully on the heartstrings of sincere citizens and in their newly awakened state they are quite vulnerable to a seemingly “sympathetic” vibe. Dastardly clever.

How They Cultivate Credibility

This is where and how the manipulation kicks in. Just like the controlled State media propaganda, there have to be enough apparent facts to cultivate credibility. Just enough. They won’t overdo it unless it’s some innocuous subject. Many of those “facts” will be wrapped in fear and violence, designed to cauterize your sensitivity while heightening your fear. That or smug mockery.

Religions have effectively done this for eons. Tapping into our inner knowledge of the spiritual and mixing in a few truths, they have no problem steering us straight into a numbed state of docile subservience to some strange hierarchy of spiritual and physical abuse. In the name of God of course.

Name dropping, anyone? Oh, and in the name of that Guy they can send you and your kids off to fight their wars, build and support oppressive exploitative corporations, hate an unseen enemy due to their religion, or be a professional gladiator and gain fame and fortune pounding other contestants into the ground to the roar of the frenzied, flag waving mob.

Nice paradigm. Competition, parasitic capitalism and war built into the fabric

It’s Rarely Black and White – Deliberately

Layered into the imposed matrix are many overlapping memes and projected illusions, rendering fundamental empowering truths either hidden altogether, and/or disguised and distorted. In a loving, uncontrolled conscious world there would be no need to hide anything. Instead, this mutant matrix system is built on deceit and compartmentalization in order to spiritually disconnect and disempower those subjects they wish to exploit.

Think of the mega volumes of information and in-place technology being withheld from public knowledge under the guise of “national security”. How about “classified” or “closed door meetings” or “need to know basis” or the vast labyrinth of secret ops operating in their occult network built on compartmentalization in the name of science or military confidentiality.

Now slide over to the Vatican sitting on brutally gained secret history accounts for centuries. Take another step into the City of London and its secrets.

Does this make any sense to you?

Why do they keep all of this withheld or partially available information in separate categories? Because if we connect them they form a picture, a very clear one. Our entire manipulated society is completely staged, controlled and with vastly sinister intent.

They don’t want YOU or me to wake up!


(Fareed Zakaria is a confirmed CFR member)

Who’s Controlling Whom? Examine the Opposition

I try to be very careful about what I read and certainly what I “take on board” in my mind and heart. I’ll look at just about anything, even mainstream drivel occasionally, to keep an eye on stuff and get the pulse of what’s going on.

But I’m very careful. I know I get misled sometimes like anyone, but I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong. In fact it’s a joy every time that happens. Hey, I got another damn velcro hook off my spiritual body!

And media outlets and information sources are something to look at very closely and carefully. And keep watching. It’s never, or should I say rarely, totally clear cut as to who is who. Someone can be piping out a high percentage of true information, but then throw in some massive monkey wrench that few see coming.

Sometimes it’s the tone. I’m skeptical of crass self-promoters who are caught up in their image. If there’s that much ego there’s that much less conscious awareness, and the love starts running thin. If people can’t forget themselves and see past all the evil in this world to the wondrous beauty of the Universe and the amazing unlimited potential of the human spirit, I wonder about their information, or at least how it’s used.

But no one’s perfect, so we need to see and process the good and the Truth, and chuck the husks in the trash. It can take time and things clearly morph, so it’s all part of the process.

Snowden, Wikileaks and Other Corruptible Things

Keep a close eye out on these supposed whistleblowers. While we need real ones to come forward desperately, those that attain public acclamation by way of major media attention are always suspect. This is because the corporate media is completely controlled so when they give someone headlines there’s a reason. They may let out some truth, but it’s always to inoculate usagainst the full truth. There is no more responsible mainstream media today.

These 6 big corporations running everything media are a fascist cabal.

I’ve written much about Snowden and my suspicions, as have many others. When the Wikileaks phenomenon appeared, I and many others were again very skeptical. It was playing right into the globalists’ plan, not the least of which is to smokescreen real events and give reason to muzzle the internet while conducting a cleverly controlled release valve of information for tracking and other purposes.

Why do you think these supposed whistleblowers withhold the explosive information they supposedly have and let it out in carefully planned stages? Would you do that if you were sitting on a gold mine of exposing information in such a crucial time in history? You can conjecture all you want as to the “why” but ultimately it tells the same old tale.

Humanity is being played from both sides.

Like most disinfo outlets, it conveniently sidestepped, minimized or dodged many of the really important issues. Assange was groomed deep in the Oligarchs’ machine for years. While that doesn’t mean he can’t wake up out of it as Snowden says he did, when Assange came out and said 9/11 was NOT an inside that cemented the deal. Just like NPR – at least no balls or conviction, and with that come self preservation and ultimately massive compromise of some sort. Some of the information appears to be bonafide, but just watch where it leads you. Don’t get corralled into a certain limited or infected mindset.


Channeling people into political expression is just another ploy, as is rage and violence. All very controllable expressions they can condemn and contain which is why they push those buttons.

It’s very similar to how these “partial” whistleblowers never mention Israel nor the Zionist influence and their massive programs of outright genocide. Notice the black out on the Ukraine and Yemen genocides as well. Always a very serious warning signal. Co-opted right out of the gate.

Control the opposition and you control the populace on every side.  Always give this and any stuff that comes at you the sniff test. And trust your heart. It’s an elaborate game they play so it’s completely healthy to be extremely skeptical and judge things from a fully conscious perspective.

The influence of these embedded social engineers is vast. We have no idea how many inroads have been made and how the military industrial government complex has infiltrated and controlled all we see and hear at this point, even within our alternative community.

It’s staggering, but it doesn’t frighten me. It’s expected once you begin to understand how they work and how elaborate their scheming is.

Follow your heart. You’ll know. And it becomes laughable!

So Will the Wake Up Be In Time?

Clearly we’re up against massively orchestrated activities, outlets and manufactured disinformation, and there’s much controversy on this subject. It’s a huge part of their agenda. Don’t let it bother you too much but be aware of it. It’s just the matrix at work. Rise above it.

But will humanity “get it” in time?

It’s always in time…individually and collectively. Once you’ve popped into Now awareness and even begin to grasp the fact that all this is a sham and a fabricated facade, you’re virtually home free. Your participation in propping up this fake social landscape will fall off like over-sized pants and your new role as a node of empowering information and healing vibration are instantaneous.

It just happens.

Enjoy it, but be responsive to where it takes you. We’ve all got to do our parts in making a difference which we naturally do as we truly awaken. That’s where the real revolution of conscious awareness and activation lies.

Respond. Consciously. And in love. Take it to new levels. You are a unique expression that needs to be released to its full potential.

Much love and all the best, Zen


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Return of Sophia

Return of Sophia, Mother of the Universe

by Nancy Oakes, Sacred Lifestyle Wellness Center

July, 2013


Are you feeling a change in the spiritual energy on our little blue planet? Humankind has gone from ordinary people to super enlightened beings, creating books, movies, and lecturing on many of the hot spot topics that we have dared not to address in the past. Topics like women’s rights, sex trafficking of children, and the possible destruction of our planet.

Most important, people are beginning to question the creation story that has been past down for centuries, by the patriarchal religions. At the base of this mystery of creation is Sophia, “Mother of the Universe” and why she has been purposely annihilated from the creation story?

Sophia, Wisdom, has been known for eons by many cultures, and by many names. She has been called, Breath and Light, Love and Light, Great Goddess, Mother of all Creation, Pure Light, Holy Sacred Sophia, Life-creating Sophia, Mother of all Gods, and Wisdom of God.

The Gnostics (pre-Christian) called her the feminine aspect of God, the syzgy of Jesus Christ. Jesus called her The Holy Spirit of the Trinity, Expression of the Emanation of the Light of God, Holy Sophia, Creator, Ruler of both Heaven above and Earthly realms below. Sophia was recorded in ancient documents as being embodied in Mary, Mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene.

Why do most people know little about her, and what part she played in the creation plan? Sophia recorded by many great ancient civilizations, and spoken of in love and honor by Jesus Christ, but given no appropriate position, why?


The Jews called Sophia the Wise Bride of Solomon. Early Christians called her Holy Spirit of Wisdom; she was Chokmah in Spanish, and Sapientia, in Latin. The Catholic Church called her Wisdom Incarnated, The Goddess of all those who are wise. She has been called Lilith, Isis, Ishtar, and Hathor, Hecate (Mother of the Angels) many more names by other religions and cultures.

Sophia was a powerful woman, one that all women would be proud to align with. Unlike Eve, who was depicted with no power, however we may never know the truth of who Eve really was. The patriarchal religions represent Eve as the one who caused the destruction of mankind. Did you know that Adam had a wife before Eve? Her name was Lilith, I have imagined her as another powerful woman, and again we may never know who she really was. So much of their actual identity has been distorted and destroyed. For centuries powerful women have been ignored, defrocked, or just dismissed as myth, written off-gone. How can this be, and why has humanity allowed it to happen for so long?

This deception and oppression of women from the most Holy Sophia, to Isis, to Eve, to Mary Magdalene has continued for centuries by very powerful patriarchal religious organizations in control of our minds. Have you ever wondered about the “Old Testament” in the Christian Bible that speaks of all the Kings having concubines? What happened to the sacred role of the feminine? Was she reduced to just property for wealthy Kings? The only way to accomplish the plan of enslaving the female was to create a story that they, women, were not a holy, sacred creation equal to man, but a human being that must be dominated, left not to her own Will.

The early account of woman depicts “her” as Evil somehow. Yet the female possessed a womb, life-giver, capable of CO-creation. No wonder women are confused about their birthright. Men have also been misleading for centuries by a well-orchestrated plan to suppress the feminine energy. That too has changed! Humanity, has awakened, and seeking their birthright, and the many gifts associated with that birthright. Freedom, Will and Bliss, all feminine gifts given to humanity from the Supreme Creators, alive within us, but overshadowed from our reality.

There is no feminine energy in WAR!

She is the “Supreme Creator”, most famous Goddess in Heaven and Earth, but yet so many of us do not know her by her name, Sophia. How can we continue to ignore her part in the creation of humankind, and her position in the Godhead? Why has it been so important for established patriarchal religions to wipe her out of the creation story, to reduce her to nothing more than a myth? Without her “Love and Light” mankind has created a continual WAR on our planet. If Sophia never existed, was Jesus mistaken about her identity, as he made mention of her sacredness. Jesus also spoke clearly about her part in creation. Was Saint Hildegard of Bingin, The Great Christian mystic-1098-1179, mislead about Sophia’s role in Creation. Saint Hildegard wrote books, and poems honoring Holy Sophia and Mary Magdalene, based on her spiritual visions and encounters with both of them. Constantine, the first Christian Roman Emperor, dedicated Hagia Sophia in her honor. Hagia Sophia was the largest cathedral in the world, for over a thousand years. The Cathedral in 360 was the Eastern Orthodox seat of patriarchate of Constantinople. In 1204-1261 it was converted to a Roman Catholic cathedral, called by the church, “The Shrine of the Holy Wisdom of God.” Now this monument to Sophia stands as a museum re-opened in February 1935. Cathedrals, monuments, statues, etchings on walls, and pottery of her existence are all over Europe, Egypt, and Greece. So why don’t we give her an official position? Why don’t we call her by her name, Sophia, Mother of the Universe? If the major Christian religions knew who she was, why did they choose to keep her identity hidden from the people? It is time we understood why?”

If Earth dies, humanity will not survive.

Sophia, Mother of the Universe has returned, beckoned by humanity, for the healing of communities, and our planet. Only a Mother’s love can save us now, for truly we are living in a dangerous world. However, our world is changing, as the feminine energy ushers in nurturing and healing for our planet, and its inhabitants. Mother Earth, and human creation are connected, dependent on each other for survival.

How to recognize a real man in the New World?

The new (actually, ancient) understanding is that the sacred masculine and feminine energy must realign, and reconnect within the heart of humankind. Men are not left out, but they also are willing to embrace the change. Men will begin to recognize, and accept the new feminine energy, embodied within them. A new respect, and sharing of talents will replace the unbalanced dogma of dominance. 

What changes now, everything?


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The Nine Underworlds Of Creation


The Nine Underworlds of Creation and the Nine Dimensions from the Pleiadians

Channeled by Barbara Hand Clow

July 12, 2015

We detect a shattering in Earth’s reality base caused by the Nine Underworlds of Creation functioning simultaneously in order to clear negative patterns on Earth. As the result of the completion of seven Uranus/Pluto squares in March 2015, the evolutionary records in the Nine Underworlds are wide open. The old order of your systems are breaking down, thus you all are suffering with nearly intolerable information overload. We have returned to inform you about this wave opening, which is very difficult for us because the elite frequency jamming is very high. Meanwhile, in synchronicity and resonance with ra’s end date of the evolutionary Mayan Calendar—October 28, 2011—we Pleiadians announced at that time through Barbara Clow that nine dimensions—advanced human perceptual abilities designed to take you beyond limitation—were fully available to human consciousness. Think of it as a lovely Oriental fan that is slowly opening to show its beautiful birds and flowers. To summarize the nine dimensions: More of you can read the intelligence in the Earth’s core; detect tectonic changes; be totally grounded in linear space and time; analyze the dark and light forces easily; live with an open heart; align with ideal geometrical form; listen to the music of the spheres; communicate with the divine intelligence; and attain galactic citizenship. The tenth dimension is the vertical access that carries you into the Universe to garner your galactic citizenship papers. We await you.

During the seven Uranus/Pluto squares, a critical mass of individuals attained nine dimensional perceptual skills. Those who have are experiencing evolutionary genius, mastery of the records in the Nine Underworlds of Creation. If you’ve done your homework on this wisdom of the ages, you are basking in wonder contemplating the great climb from the creation of the first cell to complex spiritual human. If you have not yet studied the Nine Underworlds of Creation, you have work to do because we all must work together to clear the negative residue of each Underworld so that we can collectively select positive creations. Why and how? Once Earthlings have selected enough positive evolutionary traits by filtering out negative patterns not allowed in the multiverse, you will have unity consciousness. The multiverse, as discussed by Alfred Webre, is short for the universe populated by multidimensional intelligence, that is now awaiting Earth’s biological data to be used as a matrix for the next stage of creation in many worlds. You are slated to be elected to co-create new worlds in the multiverse as Avatars. Some are already doing this work: for example, Barbara is teaching the esoteric value of authentic architecture on Alcyone in the Pleiades. However, many of you are very confused during July 2015 because the dissonance coming from the clearance of these negative evolutionary patterns is so intense.

Therefore, we’ve decided to identify pertinent positive and negative aspects of the Nine Underworlds that currently function in your reality. We offer this information because negative behavior on the part of people in power confuses you while bizarre and barbaric human acts shock you. Listen carefully: If you can identify the positive and negative aspects that developed during the nine evolutionary phases that completed in 2011, you will see that the people in power are often unconscious “carriers” of negative evolutionary patterns. Essentially, by adopting a power role they sacrifice themselves because their collective role tends to overwhelm their personal integrity. You should appreciate them for this because otherwise you would have few ways to identify these dysfunctional patterns to excoriate them from your consciousness. When you cut these patterns out of your minds, you allow leaders to stop carrying them, which could get poor Jesus off his cross! Meanwhile, some leaders and individuals consciously carry positive patterns that weave timelines that form “ropes” between human hearts and the beings in the universe. For example, the San people of South Africa actually see these ropes. Individuals who take on a power mantle are highly complex and usually unfairly judged. As you observe your leaders attempting to rule during the current chaos, we will give you a little tip: Anybody who dons a power mantle is immediately told their choices and actions are monitored by extraterrestrial intelligence. Watch them carefully; you will see it. These are times that make ordinary men into saints or devils or both.

As some of you know, the Nine Underworlds of Creation and the opening of human multidimensional awareness describe the cyclic unfolding of evolution in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Nine Underworlds of Creation as defined by Calleman/Clow are very complex. They must be diligently studied and mastered by as many of you as possible because comprehending this gift from the Coba Maya enables you to be self-reflective about creation itself; this enables you to find your place in the grand scheme of things. As you do this, beings in the fifth through ninth dimensions have special badges, robes, and hats waiting for you when you identify your own role! What could possibly be more important, since you are poised on the edge of annihilation as you become conscious of your place in the multiverse? As we see it, you are going to do it because the negative patterns of the dark forces are burning up in the sunlight; the king, queen, and the pope have no clothes. The mayor too! Everything in human behavior is now visible, so let’s look at it through the nine lenses of the Underworlds.

Going back 16.4 billion years, the Cellular Underworld began its evolution through 7 Days and Six Nights of Creation, each 1.26 billion years in length. We lack evidence here on Earth for patterns before 4 billion years ago when your solar system congealed. We will not analyze the period before the solar system formed, since cosmologists are exploring that story. Regarding the Sixth Day, Sixth Night, and Seventh Day after the formation of your solar system, you are clearing negative forces in the chemistry of the solar system. This process is very complex, and these evolutionary advances are very positive for you. This process is mainly visible in your desire to attain health. Negative residue is the belief anyone else but you keeps you healthy. The positive potential is realizing you have the ability to heal whatever ails you. You do! Now that nine dimensions are open and fully available, when you clear your emotions, your heart is open. So you know you are healthy; you have full access to ideal body geometry; you can hear guidance for maintaining health; which means you can stay on Earth or go whenever you please.

Going back 820 million years ago (mya) to the Mammalian Underworld, we have much more information about the negative and positive aspects that were developed during its Days and Nights. Describing this would require a whole book, so we offer examples that are pertinent to what’s going on right now. We encourage you pursue this form of analysis by studying this rich period, because you will can learn how your body formed. Each Day and Night of the Mammalian is 63.1 million years when highly significant stages of evolution progressed. Fishes appeared during Day Four 441.7 mya, and its negative residue is the potential destruction of the oceans, lakes, swamps, bogs, and streams—fish habitat. Many humans are horrified by this evil pattern and are using their consciousness and resources to save this species. If you want to participate in the regeneration of habitats, you must use your consciousness and resources for this intention. Reptiles appeared During Day Five 315.5 mya. Negative traits are visible in leaders who use reptilian power to control the world by divide and conquer. This is obscene because reptiles were and are fine and noble creatures! Once they did control Earth quite successfully, however now using their cold- blooded power is a negative evolutionary trait. Positive reptilian power is the ability to totally immerse yourself in your habitat to discover your sexual links in the multiverse. This is a lot of fun, while exercising power over anyone pollutes you with bloodlust. Skipping to Day Seven 63.1 mya, placental animals appeared to develop nurturance. The negative trait is ridiculous neediness and feeling like the world owes you a living; you see this in women who have children to feel good, but they can’t care for them. The positive potential is love and caring for each animal, plant, and human that you encounter.

Going back 41 mya to the Familial Underworld, apes and chimpanzees evolved to prepare for the appearance humans around 9 mya. Each Day and Night was 3.15 million years long, and then finally during Day Six (9 mya), human lineages split from apes/chimpanzees. This was a stupendous leap! What an incredibly powerful moment that must have been. Negative patterns from this shift are tendencies to judge ape and chimpanzee behavior. When somebody acts like a thug, they are not an ape, they are a human that carries this archaic strain or just a person with a lousy education. Just let them do it while you go to the zoo to study the cousins we split off from. You will see they are wonderful nurturing and socially complex beings that hate the zoo as much as you hate prisons. Positive familial traits are the ability to be totally grounded using ecological intelligence to understand your habitat. Consider this: During the last few hundred years Sasquatch was probably exterminated by men because they feared the ape within.

Going back 2 mya to the Tribal Underworld, humans became social, so this phase needs to be deeply studied, since human society is failing at this time. Its negative traits are very poorly understood and dangerous for current human society. Each Day and Night was 158,000 years long, and the fully developed biological human appears when Day Seven opened, since our bodies have not changed a lot since 158,000 years ago. Currently, the socialization of humans is very charged with positive and negative traits because the Tribal Underworld was dualistic, which intensified the dark and the light during socialization. And it is close to us in time. In your current world, a significant number of humans unconsciously carry negative Tribal traits—rape, murder, mayhem, war, and greed. While observing negative Tribal residue in human behavior, such as the Sandy Hook massacre of children, you are horrified because it exposes your buried murderousness. You must face your own hidden Tribal lust and killing by ending war if you want to consciously switch to positive Tribal traits. Also, we strongly suggest you eschew pornography because it ignites Tribal lust by treating human bodies like raw meat. Positive Tribal traits are protection of home and habitat, and you admire those who do this without using negative Tribal residue, for example, keeping a loaded gun by the door. You are learning a lot about this right now because this drama is playing itself out very visibly in black/white racial tension in the US and wars in the Middle East. We see that undue interference in the lives of others, such as the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, spawns angry humans who get totally possessed by negative Tribal traits, for example ISIS. We suggest you stop interfering in the lives of others and dedicate your time to clearing your own atavistic tendencies. We offer this advice to Barack Obama who exhibits hideous Tribal behavior when he sends drones to kill and assassins to murder terrorists. Taking care of your own community is a positive Tribal trait, one that is sorely deficient in the United States.

Going back 102,000 years to the Regional Underworld, this Underworld is of critical importance because it is very recent and its positive traits could be your salvation. Salvation? As you will see in a moment, the greatest current need is to end negative behavioral residue from the National and Planetary Underworlds during the last 5,125 years. You can do this by reactivating the positive traits of the Regional Underworld that were suppressed 5,125 years ago. As beautifully portrayed in the James Cameron film “Avatar,” you are meant to live in the Garden of Eden like we do on the Pleiades. 102,000 years ago, you became conscious of the divine mind, which helped you realize you are a soul. Neanderthals discovered this divine link 102,000 years ago, so they developed large-scale red ochre mines in South Africa to extract the red-pigment, the blood of the mother, Earth. They painted their relatives’ bodies with red ochre to link the divine mind with Earth, the first use of a symbol, a critical leap into abstraction that accesses unseen realms. When you die, you go back into divine consciousness moving beyond being in a body, which they understood. Then they went on to express their kinship with all species by creating sacred caves, art, and great animal clans such as the Bear and Owl. Eventually there were thousands of years of mating between Neanderthals and early modern humans, and then Neanderthal went extinct during Night Four and Night Five. They were very sensitive beings for 100,000 years, and we humans carry profound negative residue from this extinction and the cataclysms during the Regional; this residue is epigenetic. There is a critical need to recover positive traits because the Regional Underworld was unitary, a consciousness that is badly needed now. The new paradigm writers, such as Graham Hancock, Andrew Collins, Barbara Hand Clow, and many anthropologists are uncovering evidence for previously advanced early humans including Neanderthals. Night Six (13,800 BC-5900 BC) cataclysms caused our species to suffer a regression. Then during Day Seven (5900 BC-2011) we began recovering, and now we need Regional intelligence to save our habitat. Positive Regional traits are the ability to fuse ones consciousness totally with the intelligence of Earth, which then opens access to the divine mind and nine dimensions making it impossible to destroy ecosystems. Negative Regional residue is guilt from early modern human’s extinction of the Neanderthal that makes you want to dominate other species and humans. This residue severs your link to the divine mind because you still are a multi-traumatized species that clings to the survival of only yourself.

Suddenly 5,125 years ago at the beginning of the National Underworld, cities and organized civilizations ruled by priest/king cultures sprung up all over the planet. You are processing extremely negative and positive traits from this Underworld because it was dualized like the Tribal. The development of civilization favored male power, thus men were dominant and tended to be destructive or constructive. You are all too familiar with the negative traits—war, male control, economic aggression—and also enjoy the positive traits—cities, art, and complex cultures. Early on in this article, I mentioned that people are “carriers” of various traits that enable us to see negative residue from hundreds, thousands, even millions of years ago. I noted that negative traits carried unconsciously cause all kinds of bizarre behavior, such as when Bush/Cheney decided America should run the world. Avatars who function as teachers, guides, saints, channels, as well as some people in power carry positive traits. When you clear out negative residue, your will activates, which you can see by watching the great increase of Avatars at this time. During the National Underworld, priests and kings appeared to lead the people, but they’d lost their heritage—records of the Days and nights of the Regional Underworld that were destroyed during the cataclysms 12,000 years ago. Tribal traits are exceedingly unconscious, thus dark Tribal forces tainted the behavior of many priests and kings while they strode to accomplish positive things. Fortunately, psychoanalysis has exposed elements of these dark forces in the human mind. The National Underworld is a large and recent file that atavistically consumes priests and kings, such as Cardinal Ratzinger who became Pope Benedict, a man who actually looks like a demon. Others carry a mixture of positive and negative traits, such as Barack Obama and Pope Francis. It is fascinating to observe the people in power as society clears away negative traits, which expands their choices. As we play the game better, we get peeks at the cards in the hands of the Avatars.

The Planetary Underworld—1755-2011 AD—developed industry to create comfort for all. Oil was discovered near the peak of this Underworld, and its positive and negative attributes are self-evident. Over 250 years, privileges that were reserved for the elite during the National Underworld gradually spread out to the people. Since 1755, you’ve wanted to be safe and comfortable, but this came at great cost because it brought your planetary resources to the brink of collapse because too many of you are pigs; for example Donald Trump. Your planet cannot sustain this destruction, so nature reacts to clean up dying bioregions. Fire, flood, earthquakes, and volcanoes cleanse the land and refresh the upper mantle and the crust. Regional people knew that their minds and feelings affected the weather. Weather reflects your thought processes in your bioregion as well as within planetary recirculation. The sooner you figure this out the better because as your nine-dimensional minds open, weathers events mirror your inner chaos and genius. The Avatars are helping you take the power back from the elites because they are mostly trapped in negative Tribal, National, and Planetary Underworld residue. By the way, what you think about as you watch the elite reveals your own unconscious negative residue! Do not judge leaders or systems too much by past behavior because we are all mutating now; grace them by observing closely what they are doing. The two popes in residence in the Vatican are great examples of how this works. The pope’s mantle during the last two thousand years is one of the most potent any human ever carries because Constantine fused National Underworld politics and religions. If you are Catholic, the man who wears the dolphin hat mirrors your desire for divine touch. Cardinal Ratzinger was a profoundly evil pope, yet Pope Francis is not acting this way so far. This suggests the papacy is mutating to equalize the hierarchy, which could survive as an egalitarian religion during the Age of Aquarius.

The Galactic Underworld began in 1999 as a wave of technology lasting only 13 short years. This acceleration created the positive and negative attributes of global linkage that are very apparent to all, which suggests the masses are becoming much more conscious of unity and duality than ever before. We know some of the Underworld Avatars; however, it is best to say little about them to avoid fluffing up their egos. We will suggest that individuals like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg consider taking on this role. Or perhaps the author of Fifty Shades of Grey has preempted the techies by redeeming Mr. Grey from Tribal pornography and National Underworld dominance?

The Universal Underworld accelerated time from March through October 2011. The negative traits are the suppression of the voluminous information about extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI). The positive traits are being brought forth by millions of people who are preparing to enter the multiverse now to attain unity consciousness.


Copyright © Handclow 2012

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Other Selves Memories

Other Selves Memories

by Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis

August 17, 2015

As multi-dimensional beings, aspects of our consciousness identities exist in other times and spaces in many different octaves of reality. These other selves influence our now selves emotions, belief patterns, thought forms and current perception of reality on planet earth. During the ascension process, we move through a series of Timelines integrating these other selves aspect of consciousness through the process of reconciliation of cellular memories that we have experienced. Everything we have been and experienced in the Cosmos is recorded in a section of our body, or another timeline, and this record holds clues to our consciousness memories and reclaiming our true spiritual selves.

When we realize that the consequences of our actions today were the result of unresolved pain and inauthentic decisions made in the past (when we were projecting a mask of deception through false ego identities), that moment of self-realization can be very hard and painful to witness. Every little event is connecting throughout the golden thread woven into the fabric of all time and space for us to eventually see. Some of us may play out these timeline memories or events that were recorded in the timelines,  consciously or unconsciously. At this time, we are being required to reconcile ancestral and other selves memories recorded in the timelines that have manifested energetic blockages that repel our true spiritual consciousness from embodying. This may manifest itself through interaction with other people or in life circumstances, it reveals to you deeper patterns, identity pieces or greater comprehension of life events and how that connects to your inner memories. As these memories surface it will present us with a task, action or some emotional or spiritual conflict to resolve. Many of us are reconciling the past or future timelines, as well as traumatic issues presented from the individual self, the ancestral self, the karmic shadow self, or the collective planetary self and so forth. We may have the “Come to Jesus” moment in our life and be forced to see the pain and harm we may have caused (or our ancestors or NAA caused) to ourselves and others through the histories that are recorded in the timelines.

We may have allowed another person or thing that we loved to have authority in our life direction and influence our timeline and we have recently learned they have misrepresented themselves. They are not who they said they are. This also relates to objects and organizations, whatever has been represented on the surface, this representation may have been half-truths entangled with deceptions.  No matter how this deception has occurred, if we have based our life on a foundation of self-deception (masking false ego identities) that deception is crumbling away beneath our feet, and this can feel scary and surreal. When we lose what we may have believed is the foundation of our identity, the lack of reinforcement to that identity may contribute to feeling a loss of clarity or loss of trust in life. It can create confusion about what the nature of reality is and how we may fit into whatever reality we are choosing now as our consciousness experience. Administering loving compassion, spiritual tools, while offering kind understanding to ourselves as well as others is greatly needed today.

Many of these previous emotional or spiritual conflicts and trauma have been carried for eons of time buried deep in our bodies as ancestral or other selves memories from other timelines. Because our memories are connected to what has happened to the earth as we are all connected to the collective consciousness, we can experience memories that are deeply buried about the cataclysms, explosions and genocidal histories such as the Galactic Wars, Atlantian Cataclysm and the Lemurian Holocaust. Every human being on earth has been directly affected by these traumatizing events whether they think so or not. When these memories of trauma remain unseen and unhealed, they turn into dead light which is black energy that is like frozen shards of glass stuck in static fields. This dead light creates energy blockages and disease distortions throughout the multidimensional nature of our bodies,  which is also called Miasma. To clear and dissolve miasma from our bodies and stop it from impacting and blocking our higher consciousness, we must undergo the process of reconciliation of ancestral and other selves memories. This dead light energy miasma is recorded in the planetary body as well as in our own individual bodies. When we clear miasma and their imprints from our individual body, we are helping to clear the larger macrocosm that helps to heal the collective human consciousness and planetary body.

When we understand a Timeline, a Timeline is a linear sequence. Here on this planet, when we’re dealing with time, we’re dealing with horizontal fields that control what we experience linearly as time and space. This is based in fundamental frequencies that are held in the overall energetic body, or aura itself. It’s very hard to comprehend that from the individual human level — but understand that we have Trigger Events that exist in a timeline that make a potential future outcome.

We move through the series of timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity, the other selves, while recoding and changing the artificial intelligence or false reality from interfering with our continued organic spiritual growth. Like a tri-athlete running and jumping over the hurdles, we connect with our lost aspects to merge with these other time fields, whereby reclaiming and collecting our spiritual bodies, to make it to the “planetary ascension” finish line. What is being accomplished during the spiritual ascension process, especially now with Guardian GSF Ascension Timeline, is that humanity has to move through all the Artificial Machinery, the inorganic time fields that were placed in the planet with negative alien sources of inorganic and artificial Holographic Inserts that program enslavement agendas to control the human race. Some of us will make it through this in the current identity to achieve spiritual freedom, while the majority will need more time and will need to incarnate again in lower densty worlds without alien mind control. As we clear false, artificial intelligence (AI) and inorganic architecture from suppressing and impairing our true heart based consciousness, we are extracting the alien enslavement programming. This includes removing assortments of Alien Implants and Mind Control ( all AI structures) in order to embody our true inner Christos spirit and return to the Zero Point Field, the heart of the God Gateway leading into the seven higher universes.

So, when you’re thinking of a Timeline, think of a Point A to a Point B. And through this timeline, there are Events, in that probable Future of time that trigger certain reactions or directions in history. Now, a part of ES, when we work with some of our meditations, we may be clearing ourselves; but some of us also work with planetary projects, so we can override these timelines. This is a major function of the Starseeds on the earth now.

Timelines have sequences of events that we call Trigger Events. And a lot of the time– -and those of us that are seasoned and that do session work, we know this well, there is a Trigger Event in a Timeline which creates a probable reality at a certain position of what’s known as a Time Vector. So it’s a certain location in time, an event, which is a trigger, which will create a domino effect of a direction historically; or a group of people will follow based upon the influence of that direction. A lot of the work to recode timelines to organic consciousness structures of the tri wave, is going back in time. This may be challenging to recognize as part of the limited information we’ve been given on this planet, but human beings are actually Time Travelers. Once humans develop their meditation skills and their mental concentration and focus, they can actually influence time through accessing higher consciousness. We go back in the Timeline and we clear certain events, identities, we may transit beings that are stuck at that particular position in time, as again a service to God-Force, a service to the Christ-Force.

And when that event is removed, when that false identity or AI is erased, it changes the future potentials.
So this is the strange game that’s being played on planet earth with the Negative Alien Agenda of controllers pushing an Armageddon Software, which includes cataclysm, terrorism, sickness and pestilence; because that’s a part of keeping the planet oppressed and disconnected from their own spiritual source-light. It’s a means of controlling the masses. So a lot of the information we have in Energetic Synthesis is learning how to empower yourself by making the choice to participate with your own spirit, and with the subtle energy forces, the World of Forces, around us. And then, once you feel more confident with that understanding, knowing that is who you are, through connecting with your higher consciousness, you are completely able to make influential changes for the highest good: for yourself, for others, and as you learn how to balance that power within yourself, you’re given more power. So it’s very clear, that’s the direct process of Spiritual Initiation. Once we go through processes of Initiation, we develop levels of self-mastery, we earn certain morals and ethics spiritually, which become integrated as a part the spiritual power within us. And these virtues or spiritual powers become inseparable in the way we direct our consciousness energies to be of service to God or Service to Others. So sometimes we may get to a certain stage in which we need to learn a lesson to develop a higher ethic, to develop a higher skill-set, in order for us to continue on the spiritual path. Many of us are at this level right now, and it has been a very hard time for those people. Bless your heart.

So what are Reversal Networks?

In our planet today, we have levels of geometric architecture– for example in ES, you might hear about the “Vesica Pisces”, “VP Network” or dodecahedron and pentagonal controls over carbon matter. These alien structures are AI systems that build Binary Bi-wave Geometric Systems that have been installed in the planetary brain to create a certain low level frequency field, movement directing energy in the field, in terms of how energetic current is projected throughout the planet in ley lines and meridian systems. So these geometries actually are a part of the program that is the governance of where these energies are directed and what they’re used for. This is the game with the Negative Alien Agenda NAA of course, with the artificial architecture which collects energy, harvests it, and sends it to off-planet sources, or to their preferred people, namely the Milab, Secret Societies and the New World Order that are carrying out the controller agenda.  So those energies are collected and basically given, with preference, to beings who serve whatever their Control based agenda is.

So a Reversal Network is also collecting life force, and impacting the planet by directing life force or other types of current like ELF or scalar waves, in reversal patterns. So we call that an “Anti-Life” pattern and we could also call that an “anti-Christ” pattern. When we understand and consider Christ as a part of the eternal God-Force, these reversal forces are anti-God. Meaning the life force is digressing and moving in the Reversal pattern, which disconnects itself from the natural flow of the organic supply of life force, that architecture which allows the eternal flow of source energy to be present on the Earth. That source energy is being collected and harvested for certain preferred groups by the Reversal networks of the NAA. There are many types of these AI run reversal networks, one such AI system is called the NRG (Nephilim Reversal Grid) grid. That’s a harvesting station in the center of the United Kingdom. And there are many Black Heart Systems run by AI networks to run low frequency mind control technology scattered in cities, generally the bigger metropolis cities on the planet, throughout the Earth. During this cycle, a lot is being revealed to us to face the depths of the underbelly, the deepest levels of depravity that is behind this control systems. Stay strong and take care of your heart, do everything you can to keep your heart focused on loving kindness and just observe.

The Timeline Override Sequence Technique (TOS) The quick process of the Timeline Override Sequence for the Starseed or Energy Session is:

  • Observe the Experience.
  • Hold Neutral as the Compassionate Witness of God.
  • Synthesize the Opposing Polarities by opening your heart and Loving them Equally.
  • Internally Unify inside your Body ( I am Unity) through Applied Acceptance, Love and Forgiveness.
  • If Asked, Release the Mental Bondage Memory and AI (Soul Retrieval, RRO)
  • Cellular Embodiment of the Unified Experience takes place.
  • In the spirit of Gratitude, Peace and Balance is Restored.

Tip: A Starseed (or any being) must perceive the Infinite to be within the Oneness, a state of consciousness which opens the doorway to Unconditional love present in the Law of One. So in many cases the Starseed will be exposed to negative polarity systems and “perceived” negative experiences in order to override the timeline of destruction, false AI timelines, as well as source the causation in the timeline where the destructive event has applicable relationship to current outcomes. This process returns to the Oneness to override the destruction created in polarity and through false timelines of artificial intelligent (AI) machinery.

(Source: Ascension Glossary, Timelines)


Massive Energy Shifts

Important Information Regarding the Current Massive Shifts in Energies and the Human Body

by Judith Kusel

August 8, 2015

unnamed (1)

Intricate portals move into activation in the next few years, as the planet is being revamped and revitalized.  Therefore there are massive fractures in earth crust and with it the inner stirring of mass liquid mass, which will bring about volcanic activity, even in those volcanoes which have been dormant for some time and with the eruptions in the inner earth, as liquid mass explodes this will cause earth eruptions, earth quakes and in some cases the sea will start boiling.

It is therefore imperative for mankind to understand that as the earth is reinventing herself, so human beings are being reinvented as they too are being re-formed, reinvented and even their physical bodies will now be more crystalline in nature and therefore contain higher frequency bands.

Most human beings are not aware of the energy centers in their own bodies, nor are they aware that a lot of changes are happening in the way the chakras and the spinal cord energies now move into higher octaves of being.

A lot of discomfort in the body is not caused so much by what we human being term “DIS-EASE” but rather by blocked particles of energies within these centers and therefore now are being worked on galactically to prepare mankind for the massive shifts with the portals opening up.

It is known to the Intergalactic Federation of Light, that the human body will have to be readjusted immensely, as the portal energies open up, as the normal human is not consciously aware enough to know about energies and energy centers and are not consciously seeking to activate these, do not work on the daily cleansing and clearing process, the healing of the emotional body, and more than this the healing of the mental body as well.

BOTH the emotional and mental bodies need to be healed and in balance with each other, as the last 26 000 year cycle has separated the heart (emotion/feeling) from the mind (rational, dissecting, fixing, creating/inventing without love or feeling).

Most people concentrate on the balance between the masculine and feminine WITHIN, but fail to understand the importance of the balance of heart and mind.  One cannot step into full co-creatorship without there being balance between the heart and mind, between the feelings and rational, for if the heart is not fully opened up and the vital energy flow of Love is not in balance with the mind, one is imbalanced and it was imbalance which caused mass trauma since the fall of Atlantis.

When the heart energies and mind energies, are in balance with each other, a state of balance reigns within and without: –  One starts then creating within the Universal Laws, as one applies them in HARMONY with the balance reigning elsewhere in the cosmos.

There are higher energy centers which work on the higher 36 chakras which were shut down after the fall of Atlantis, because human beings went out of control when the mind ruled and created the chaos that sunk Atlantis.  It was done as the 3rddimensional form of the lower DENSER physical form, could not hold the immensely high vibrational frequency which the opening up of 48 chakras would entail.

In the previous civilizations before Atlantis 72 chakras were fully opened up which meant that they lived in a much higher frequency band and therefore their physical forms where of much higher light body form.  In Atlantis this was shrunk to 43 (12 + 36) and after Atlantis this further shrunk to 7 only.  There are 330 chakras in all, and the more one activated the higher chakras the more one evolves by octaves of Being.

It speaks for itself then how far mankind has sunk into the sea of density and forgetfulness.

However the chakras are not the only energy centers held within the body!  The nadis and meridians play a huge role, and these are not just held within the physical body, but also within the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  To only treat the physical body, is the lowest form of healing there is.  When one starts treating ALL the bodies, disease cannot sustain life within the bodily form.

Take this one step further, and it was known that together with the chakras, the nadis and meridians, the 33 Vortex energy centers held within the spinal column had to be fully cleansed, healed and activated.  It was known that each vertebrae, held soul memory banks and only in releasing these soul memory banks could such a center be fully activated.  Each vertebrae acts like a mini computer chip, and records all that is held in the emotional and mental bodies.

Unless each vertebrae is treated like living entity in its own right and higher Adam Kadmon body cannot function nor can it be fully activated.  There is more to the spinal column here, than I will divulge now, but to confuse this energy with the Kundalini energy is to play down the importance of these energy centers.

The Kundalini rises yes, through center energy channels in the spinal column, however it is but one single energy force, and not the whole.  It is but cog in the Universal wheel – not the be-all and end-all as some would have it be.  Again, forgetfulness and the wrong interpretation of ancient scripts and the handing down orally of teachings, has left immense gaps in human knowledge and understanding of vital truths.

As mankind sunk into forgetfulness a lot of the teachers, could not understand the greater whole, and therefore started sharing only what they knew and could understand.  What went beyond their own understanding they could not teach.  They might have handed down certain texts, or what was recorded in such, but the earliest civilizations recorded such not in the form of writing, but in the form of ENERGY.

As the human body is this massive and very sensitive energy field, in combination with the emotional, mental, spiritual and all twelve lightbodies, so is the earth.  Every single aspect of the human body reflects within the body of the earth.  She is as much a living, breathing entity as we are – it is just that we tend to forget that.

To me the earth changes and the opening up of the portals brings in a higher understanding of just how linked our physical forms are to planet earth.  But not only our physical forms and the rest of our bodies are linked – OUR CONSCIOUSNESS LEVELS ARE ALSO LINKED THE PLANET’S!

Consciousness and awareness levels are not only linked to the earth’s but also to that of the 12 Central SUNS and the 12 Central Galaxies.


What is exists in the macrocosm exists in the microcosm and vice versa.

The portals opening up, come from the energy beamed down from the Centrals Suns, into the consciousness energy center of the planet earth.  The Central Suns are one vast energy center of highest Consciousness and the Highest Mind/Heart pulsation.

As human beings our whole energy systems are geared to PICK up the cosmic and earth’s frequency bands and the more consciously aware we become, the more we have the ability to TUNE into the cosmic and earth energy fields and systems!

If the upper transmitting energy channels are blocked, we cannot receive the cosmic energy transmissions.  If the earth energy channels are blocked, we cannot receive the earth energy transmissions.  BOTH have to be equally activated and opened up, before we can truly step into the 5thdimensional state, and this is even truer stepping into the 6th – 12thdimensional states.

Most people are not even aware of the earth’s energies, let alone the cosmic ones: -The walking, living, sleeping dead.  They will not be able to hold the higher frequency bands as the earth moves more and more into higher activation and with it shifts into higher cosmic frequency gear.

It is not only human beings who will not be able to hold their physical forms anymore as this happens, the same applies to animal and plant life – indeed any living organism.

It is the dying of the Old Adam and Eve and the birth of the new human race.

It is the dying of the Old planet Earth and the birth of the New EARTH.

It is the dying of some parts of the Milky Way Galaxy and the birthing of a new galaxy now being born.

We are in the process of a massive COSMIC rebirthing, revamping process and therefore should not fear the changes, but rather embrace them!  Whether these are earth changes or bodily changes or a total clean-up of our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies – and all the rest.

One only fears what one is not consciously aware and part of.

The more consciously aware one becomes, the more COSMICALLY aware becomes. 

Our souls are intricately linked to the Central Suns and to the Divine. 

Our SOULS are immortal, eternal, and therefore KNOW all of this.

There is truly nothing new under the Great Central Suns!

Photo credit  Visionary Artist Jean-Luc Bozzoli




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