A Confluence of Star Worlds


A Confluence of Star Worlds: Star Fire Earth Activation

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

October 16, 2016

Many are feeling that something is “up”!  Huge downloads of new plasmic light waves are coming in directly from the Galactic Sun Center.  This is deeply re-orienting Earth in the universe and the primary “source” for this re-orientation is coming through the New Human that is working on embodying the Avatar Double Diamond Light Body. 

I felt called to write today because of Celia Fenn’s recent post Diamond Star Fire that re-affirms what began coming in on the March Equinox this year.

Here are two posts I wrote earlier this year on the Double Diamond Light Body, which will help you to further understand what is manifesting now.

New Ascension Pulses: The Confluence of Star Fire

Downloading the Double Diamond Light Body

(The transmissions in these posts are no longer individually available but are all included in the Avatar Embodiment Transmission Set.)

This is WHY I feel particularly called to connect with you today: There is a re-unification of star worlds in effect that will have a vast impact on the human consciousness. 

To become more AWAKE and AWARE at this time is paramount.  Open your awareness to the reality that YOU are the spiritual technology that can download the “re-union” of these star worlds! 

The New Human embodiment is channeling the Star Fire Earth activation.  This gives rise to ascension experiences with old and new Earth timelines weaving through one’s life.  Staying in your compassionate heart and in neutral awareness will greatly help all of us to bring in the new earth star world with ease.

Now is the time to take full responsibility for your self-awareness and detach from the old, false matrix reality that is no longer operating on Earth.

There may be surprising events, but take heart, and release the emotional aspects of these and BE in the re-unification of star worlds.  This is what we came here for!

My infinite, unified heart is with you all,



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