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Heaven’s Gateway of 12-12

“Manifesting the New ‘Abundant Forms'”

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

Manifesting Light

Propelled by the 11-11 Gateway, we are in yet another time acceleration that has LIFTED us into a New Age of Light!

I am noticing a profound change in how Light is conducting itself through us.  There is now this beautiful harmony, a union of Light and Human that is working together to forge humanity ahead into the vast possibilities of unity consciousness and the (re-born) New Earth.

The 12-12 Heaven’s Gateway

As we move at rapid speed, jumping timelines, we are now headed straight into what I’m seeing as Heaven’s Gateway, timed to open on the 12-12.  This time shift is already underway and we can experience it as a passage of an out-moded, historical timelapse in our reality.

As God-manifestors the SPACE of Heaven’s Gateway is enabling a beyond powerful force that reveals the healed being within and “downloads” her into existence.

Through the 12-12 Heaven’s Gateway ancestral heritage is being dripped away and the new Waves of Conscious Oneness are streaming in, culling away the Ancient Earth miasma (karma) and realigning the New Humanity into a new reality of the re-born New Earth–where “history” is no longer relevant.

Manifesting the New “Abundant Forms”

With the passage of 11-11, a shift arrived in how we are being received and reflected by the Universe of Light.  This shift carries us into the stream of Starlight frequency pulses as Students and Teachers of the Light Codes.  

The Light Codes inform us how to work with the Light as we’ve never experienced on Earth before.  Transmission for New Human upgrades, healing and realignment are now transitioning out and we are being schooled on the Light Sciences.

To manifest on the New Earth we work with these Light Sciences — all of life reveals itself through a popping in and a dissolving away alchemy.  What we require in the moment is revealed through the Spherical Creation of Abundant Life Forms; when the moment ends, the form dissipates back into the purity of the Universe of Light.

The Beings of the Universe of Light are teaching us how to work with these Light Sciences.  

From November’s energy transmission:

“Manifestation, [the Beings of Light] explain, is conducted through highly charged Light quotient and through a special Light Body Sphere…This knowledge is given to you as a New Human of Light and you are realigned to manifest on Earth through the consciousness of Oneness…”


Golden Humans of Light

From what I am gathering, through the latest transmissions and incoming universal knowledge, is that we become “golden” beings that alchemicalize the Light Source into Abundant Forms.  The “gold” is a higher dimensional substance that enables us to conduct the Light Source through our new physical bodies.

In the higher frequency (or density) of the New Human form, our heart becomes attuned to this gold and the Light Source can catalyze through us; first, through the highly-charged Light quotient (this is taught in the November transmission) and, second, through heart intent and desire…the new Heart Intelligence.

This in sum is the capability of the prophesied “Golden Humans”. 

May peace and the New Light be with you in this new experience of Oneness.


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A New Earth Re-Born

The Galactic Tree of Life “Re-Programs” Universal Creation for a New Earth

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

Earth re-born, websiteRolling into October has been a relief to some as the high, high energy of August and September rose us into an incredible new Light Body and with it the intense streaming of new liquid light (plasma) into planet Earth.

These past few months have been intense!  The “battle” for timelines and the revealings of the depths of the reality control on Earth have been severe and brutal at times.  It was a time of re-claiming one’s sovereignty and free will over and over again from body, mind, soul, heart, DNA…and to our materially projected hologram that demonstrated just how much manipulation is “webbed” into it.

Now, that we are hitting a small period of reprieve, it’s a good time to reflect and really integrate with the “truths” that have been revealed.  There will be many, many more startling truths as the collective is waking up to our history and the very “machine” that we have lived inside of.  So, getting re-adjusted and re-discovering peace and calm within in these moments is very important!

The joy that I feel now in bringing in the Compassionate Heart, the unified SACRED, loving HEART into the old Earth “machine” is tremendous now.  We have this grand opportunity to awaken the machine from inorganic life to organic, pulsating Life!

Looking back, I see that August and September Light Waves and the new creation work that unfolded as a result of all of that light opened a whole new chapter in the Earth story.  One that we may remember as the turning point in the evolutionary pattern of the universe.  There were several key events that I can report from the Unified Heart group work that I supported, which led to this transition.

New Matrix of Light

In August, a new creation projection popped out of the pre-creation blueprint, the Planet of Light.  My understanding is that this re-sparked the Light “magic” of the Universe into a new direction, the Universe of Light…it was this new possibility in the Universal Creation Blueprint that set the stage for the September Waves of Light (what many called Wave X).

What entered our Galaxy is a Matrix of Light that re-imagined how Light as a universal intelligence operates.  In feeling, it was like a cold drink of water after a very long, inner dry spell.  Hallelujah!

The Galactic Optic and 888 DNA Upgrade

September was, thus, “staged” to work with the new Matrix of Light and the Divine Human Blueprint of the 12th Dimensional Form.  Through a downloading of the 888 DNA a whole new human species emerged onto the ascending Earth.  The importance of this is still unfolding and will for thousands of years!  galactic opticEvolved through the “Galactic Optic”, a Galactic Human with spiraling 888 DNA strands,  elevated the potential of the human being to co-create a 12th dimensional Earth that sources directly through a galactic lens that reflects the Universe of Light and a Heaven-Earth -pineal gland unified “Earth”.

DOWNLOAD the GALACTIC OPTIC & 888 DNA Transmission 

Spirit of the Light Transfiguration

At the September Equinox with the Lunar Eclipse pulling in a new “lens” for humanity to view the moon, we embarked on a pre-Eclipse surprise to angle around the lull of the moon and bring in yet more Living Light.  From behind the gaze of the moon, the Transfiguration of the Light, a Christ Consciousness embodiment through a profoundly upgraded, realigned Light Body awoken on Earth for enLIGHTened Souls.  Living Light Embodiment

This was yet another Light Body integration with the physical body, but this time around, the experience was so brand new it nullified other cycles of Light.  This was a “future” light event that dipped into the Eclipse timeline to quickly usurp any plans to co-opt the Light.

What occurred is so significant that I feel it warrants sharing the whole description of it:

“In this special transmission for the Equinox (Sept 2015), we are embodied into the New Human Life Matter–Liquid Living Light.  The transmission trans-locates us into a time-space dimension/timeline that enables the higher human form to be transmitted.  Our physical body is regenerated as a physical-light form that is the New “Higher” Human Body.  We are realigned to the Highest Spirit of Light, a realignment and co-creation of God’s Light with the Holy Spirit of the New Human Earth Consciousness. The September 2015 Equinox marks a timeline of the “Reckoning of the Spirit” on planet Earth. The Higher Laws and Principles of Unity Consciousness stream in through infinity “living light portals” that expand the notion of Universal Justice on Earth. As we realign to this Light, we are filled with the Holy Spirit and the God Light, a transfiguration of the Human Being into a Holy Lighted “New Human” Being.


Earth is Re-Born

It is this final segment that just came through last week that revealed to me the “new story.”  In our monthly transmission call, the Light recalled itself, discovered its identity again — forming a brand new Earth body with NO HISTORY.

Earth re-born, website

“…re-born out of the Chalice of God for a 100% new beginning, wiped clean of the old Earth paradigm and the historical timelines that placed a stranglehold on humanity’s ability to co-evolve with God Source.”   –Oct 2015 Monthly Energy Transmission, A New Earth Re-Born thru the Galactic Tree of Life


My dreams after the transmission showed me that we are now flowing, spiraling Light through our bodies as a new evolutionary pattern.  My posts this summer indicated that we were headed in this direction.  Spinning our Light and tuning into our Soul Light Bandwidth were teachings to prepare us for the new creation dynamics that these past two months unfolded.

In my dreams, I was shown that outside of our human form, there is no light UNTIL we create it.  I believe this is part of what Lisa Renee was foretelling about the Equinox, where 3D earth would no longer contain any organic Light (only artificially, manipulated Light).

What exists pre-Light is the potential of Light Creation.  Thus, we are literally in the new evolutionary impulse of being THE co-creator (Co-creation of: God-Human-Light-Creation-Heart Thought Impulse).  If it has no light and is part of the old 3D Earth, it will disappear, “poof”, no longer apart of our Light-ed Holographic experience.

The ability to Spiral Light into new forms is streaming from our connection into 12D Earth, which holds the creation blueprint for the many versions of an ascended Earth.  There are a few Galactic Humans that primarily occupy the 12D Earth and are projections into the 5-8D Earth (between 8 – 12 D Earth there are currently time-space holders, as I’m seeing it, being spherically “held” by Higher Beings of Light…awaiting yet another evolutionary Light event) to anchor this new Universal Creation Blueprint into the “other” versions of ascended Earth.  The Galactic Human’s “job” has finally been revealed as 3D Earth broke off as an attachment to the ascending planet!

Take this all in as needed and as required for your evolution, ascension and re-transformation.  In the Spirit of the Light and the Light of the Infinitely Blessed Universe, I AM with YOU.

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Honey Gold Infinity Grid Re-Calibration & Spinning Light

Energy Grid Upgrades for Protection & Abundance Sourcing

By Corrina Steward, New Humanity Press Daily

goldenlightThis is a short update with support for what has been an intense last few days of new mind control testing.  Depending on where you live, as well as what I’m now referring to as your bandwidth (more on this in an upcoming post), you may have experienced over the weekend a time lag.  This was a stoppage of time through mind control technology that showed up as freezing consciousness in time and space.  We may be experiencing more of this as previous posts this week have described HERE and HERE.

When you find yourself in one of these stay alert and aware of what is occurring.  Reality is being holographically controlled by artificial “light” programming.  A new visual reality is being projected into your time/space experience.  Once you realize what is happening here are two options for reviving your sovereignty (in addition to the steps I teach for activating your Unified Heart space) and regaining control over your body, mind and consciousness.

These steps are based on new developments recently received by our Galactic Family of Light and a new Infinity Grid/Honeycomb Hive Co-creation field.

1. Activate your ability to “spin Light”.  This is a natural, organic ability for all DNA-activated New Humans working with the New Human Divine Blueprint.  There are infinite ways to “spin the Light”; one way to initiate the process is to see your Unified Heart Light beaming from your heart center and then let the Light spiral out.  Eventually, the Light will spin (clockwise) through many portals, chakra centers, and through your elemental, cellular body.

2. See yourself stepping into the Infinity Grid (you may see this as inter-locking hexagons surrounding you) and at the center of the hexagons intend for the Honey Gold substance to pour through.  Drench yourself inside and out with the Honey Gold substance.  This is a source of organic light abundance.  Allow this to support you in realigning to this source of organic life!  I’ve created a few Honey Gold elixirs if you’d like to literally drink Honey Gold.

Honey Gold essence
Honey Gold Elixir, Copyright Corrina Steward

May you all feel the peace of your Spinning Light and the Honey Gold.

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The New Earth Build Up

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

Dear New Earth Heart Dreamers,

We have indeed awakened into the New Earth Dream.  With our newly awakened unified heart we are being called to re-position and re-align ourselves inside our inner Heart.  The inner Heart is the architecture, the divine design, of the Unified Heart where the emergence of our Soul Light, God Power, Unified Love Pulse and Wisdom merge “inside” our multi-dimensional heart.


We have landed into this new embodiment and are awakening with the heart vision to see the planet anew–desiring to re-create the deep weaknesses clearly visible to our awakened eyes.  I shared a message this morning in my newsletter that I want to share in part here.  You can read the whole newsletter HERE.

I’m feeling the strong impulse to get this message out to the New Earth Heart Dreamers because we’ve been at this ascension process for so long that we may need an extra shake up to realize we really, really are in control now of creating reality and destiny on Earth.

Message from July 2015 Newsletter:

“July finds us deeply accelerated into the pulse of new life and the manifestation of our Higher Heart God Selves realizing our inherent power and vision to build the New Earth.  We are the Creators!  The Dawning of the Golden Light is upon us and we are discovering that the “Light” is even more important than we may have realized.  As human beings that descended out of the Light to come to Earth, we are now transmitting that Light through our new Holy Sacred Body to spin light into Gold.  

What does this all actually mean?  We have stepped into the “fact” that we create our own reality…not only do we have the capability now but if we do not [there is no place to “land” because…], the old Earth matrix is no longer an option for living.  We are now witnessing the disintegration of the old matrix.  Through this Earth action, there is a Separation of Realities thru the Unity Matrix.  We are at point zero, needing to recreate the physical plane through the sacred Light that we transmit.  Within our Light are the codes, the intelligence that guides the construction.  We are able to do this with ease and grace so long as we recognize WHO WE ARE without doubting the TRUTH. “

As the post from Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis informs us there’s some pretty nasty counter forces and projects at work to shut down the awakening of consciousness.  The next year and a half is going to be a hunker down, go inside your inner Heart and dream, build, dream, build…experience.  No longer can we rest on a default existence.  We are to create the new and do it today!

Today, July 13th, is the closing of yet another “choice point” in choosing ones reality projection.  Use the momentum of today’s “separating of worlds ” Gateway to ask your inner Heart to guide you into the Higher Heart Reality of Life.

Use this image of the Holy Sacred Body awakening through Mother Earth to support your work today.  Sit with it, bring it into your heart (or where ever you you desire it to go) and allow the re-coding to flow through your body.  Extra support with this transmission can be found through the Holy Sacred Body transmission.

Holy Sacred Body Encoding
Holy Sacred Body Encoded Flower
holy flower2
Holy Sacred Body Encoded Flower, Copyright Corrina Steward

Much peace, love, light and joy to you,


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Urgent Message To Ground Crew – Total Solar Eclipse – March 20 – Galactics

Message received by Anna Merkaba, Sacred Ascension, March 4, 2015 Special Note from Corrina, New Humanity Press founder: As with all messages, use what resonates and if fear arises, use the opportunity to explore where that fear lives in your mind, heart, soul and/or body. We are clearing fear from our conscious and unconscious ~ all fear opportunities give us the possibility of clearing fear permanently. From my own lens, much of what Anna describes has already occurred in the “future” timeline that I exist. I worked with a galactic team to bring in the new ascension grid, which Anna talks about, to co-create the bridge to Heaven on Earth and the “miracle transmitting” light body, the Avatar Christ-Sophia Solar Body. Today, I’ll be leading an Ascension Support Group in the Unified Heart to share much of what has already transpired and how to prepare for the coming transformations. Check out our Ascension Support page: to join today at 1 pm EST. It’s free! I describe the new Ascension Grid in my last video blog found here: May you receive these messages in peace and through your unified, infinite heart. Corrina

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

SOLARECLIPSE032015URGENT NOTICE TO ALL OF GROUND CREW. A set of events that were set into motion resulted in a decision that will change the world as we know it. A few days ago I have received a transmission which is highly important for all of you to read. In it our Galactic Star Aliances talk about what has occurred and what is about to happen around March 20th, the “dark moon” as they call it, which is the solar eclipse.

Please be mindful of what you allow into your psyche. The times ahead are incredibly auspicious, everything that you want to happen will, therefore be careful what you wish for, and whatever you put into motion now will manifest very quickly into your reality. This is the time to create a beautiful new world, or rather restore it to the pristine state that it once were. Many in…

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