Equinox Transmissions to Join: Krystal Palace Activation & Heaven on Earth Transmission

Sun CodesIn this energetically important week leading up to the March 20th Equinox, New Humanity Press Daily (NHPD) will be doing two special transmissions to support the emergence of new Heaven on Earth frequencies into the planet.

Krystal Palace Activation

The first will take place tomorrow, Wed, March 18th at 1 pm EST and is part of our Ascension Support in the Unified Heart Field series.  In this special online and on-location gathering, we will be receiving a Krystal Palace Activation of the Pineal Gland.  Corrina Steward of NHPD has been called to activate the Earth’s Pineal Gland via the ancient pyramid network around the planet.  In this activation, the inner Krystal Palace will awaken for Mother Earth and restore the Higher Heaven Frequency Transmission functionality of the world’s ancient (and some new) pyramids such as the Great Pyramid in Giza.  The activation will be conducted at the Tibetan Plaza in Deerfield, MA where there a Tibetan Buddhist Stupa sits on a Higher Heaven portal.

More on the Krystal Palace HERE.

Join the free Krystal Palace Activation, March 18th, Wed, 1 pm EST online HERE.

Equinox Bridging Heaven on Earth Transmission

The Krystal Palace activation is in preparation for the Equinox Bridging Heaven and Earth Transmission, which will take place March 20th, 9 pm EST.  The Equinox transmission realigns you to the Heaven on Earth frequencies through the High Heart and the new Diamond Sun Portal. The Equinox portal will enable the Rainbow Bridge of Higher Heaven Frequencies to download into you, activating a new Diamond Heart tone and re-connecting you to Universal Laws of Manifestation through the Dream Heart. The transmission signifies the New Human embodiment of the Christos-Sophia Diamond Sun Light Body and opens the soul pathway for your embodiment of the Christos-Sophia.  The transmission will be live and recorded so you can do it whenever it’s easiest for you.

This transmission requires registration.  Register for the Equinox Bridging Heaven and Earth Transmission HERE. 

More on the Christos-Sophia Diamond Sun Light Body.

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