Dance of the Dragonfly

The Dance of the Dragonfly:  Perspectives from New Shamanism

by Celia Fenn, StarChild Global

April 26, 2015

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The Dragonfly dances from place to place

With joyful and ineffable grace


Luminous wings and flashing hue

Remember that you are the Dancer too


Your dance of light creates all you see

Spinning, whirling, dancing and free


It has been a really powerful and intense journey through the Eclipse and Equinox gateways.  The shift has been immense and we are slowly having to acclimate to a new multi-dimensional reality.  As 9 Dimensional Galactic Humans, we are learning how to move gracefully between the dimensions of consciousness, or more importantly, to hold several different dimensions simultaneously like a musical chord.  This is what it means to be a Master of Light on Planet Earth.

The “Dance” of the Dragonfly seems to be such a good metaphor for the process of aligning with the new energies and dealing with the recalibrated flow of time in this new space.

The Dragonfly moves from place to place very rapidly on its transparent wings, sometimes hovering for a while, sometimes folding its wings over its head in perfect rest and stillness.  Our movement through time has become a little like that too.  We move rapidly from place to place, event to event, or gateway to gateway.  Then we need to “hover” or rest to allow our bodies to assimilate and integrate the powerful energies of our rapid dance in the cosmic light.  In this dance or flight we are bathed in Light Code energy which is woven into new forms of creation and experience on different dimensional levels.

Since February of 2014, our experience of time has changed dramatically as we open ourselves fully to the Fourth Dimension and learn how to be a Master of Time, or a skilled “Time Traveller”.  Time Travel 101 has left us all feeling a little disoriented as we get used to moving between “no time” at the “center” of our being in Divine Light, to the relative and changing sense of time in our multi-dimensional Time Spirals or Time Lines.

This Time Phase redistribution is going to increase as we move towards the Grand Gateway of 2015, the Lion’s Gate Portal at the 8/8/8 (8th August 2015).  What will help us to stay grounded, centered and in touch with ourselves is an understanding of what is happening, and the ability to use the “tools” of the Star Shaman to dance between the dimensions like a Dragonfly.

Dancing in the Light

Dancing in the Light

Day and Night

Flowing with Time

Into the Galaxy

Up to the Stars

Flowing with Time

Dancing in the Light

Day and Night

Dragonfly dreams

Dragonfly flight

Dancing in the Light

Day and Night


Understanding why so much of life is changing so rapidly gives us an edge on coping with these dramatic shifts and changes.

In December of 2011, the Planet shifted into the 5th Dimension, and by 2012 was firmly anchored in 5D.  The Third Dimension continued to exist, but the society and civilization based on duality and conflict was in the process of disintegrating so that Humanity could raise in consciousness and become a Fifth Dimensional civilization and align its frequency or resonance with that of the ascending Earth, or New Earth as it is known.

So it is that many of us are now living between the third and fifth dimensional versions of reality.  Often our sense of alienation, anxiety and disconnection is a result of the see-saw between dimensions and timelines as we learn to understand what is happening to us.

The Bright side of this is the opening up of the sixth dimension with its wonderful access to magical creativity.  As your consciousness rises, you will find yourself wanting to spend more time in this magical realm of archetypes and inspiration.

But, even as we celebrate our arrival into the fifth-dimensional web of interconnection and the sixth dimensional fields of magical co-creation, we are learning to master the fourth dimension, which is the realm of Time and Time/Space.  That is why our sense of time may be so disrupted, and we may find ourselves anxious and forgetful, or missing chunks of time.  No, you are not going crazy, you are just experiencing a Time/Space anomaly as you cruise through, and experiment with, the flow of time in your work to become a Master of Time on Earth.

So, with access all the way from the denser realms within the Earth, right up to the Galactic Center or Great Central Sun, we are certainly shifting and moving.  We are not what we used to be, and we have not yet fully arrived where we are going.  We are in process.  It may be confusing and erratic, but at least we can relax knowing that Soul, Spirit and Higher Self are navigating this phase of our journey on Earth with us.


Accessing Multi-Dimensional Flow


We begin in the Heart

Our dreams take flight

Moving through Spirals

Of Time and Light

Beauty is born

In works of Art

Reflecting the Beauty

Of a Compassionate Heart


At this time of intense shift and change, many of us do feel lost and anxious at times.  As the old falls away, many of the things that we relied on for a sense of security and happiness are no longer valid or hold truth for us.  Rather than becoming cynical and angry, we should look at how we have changed and how we can fully access the magical flows of energy and participate in the “Dragonfly Dance”.

What we have learnt from our work with the Ascension energies is that having an open and balanced heart center is the anchor and balance point in the New Reality.  A Balanced Heart Center means that we work with the four components of the “Sacred Heart”, the Divine Union of the Masculine and Feminine energies, and the Sacred Union of Heaven and Earth within us.  This connects us to All That Is and enables us to feel and share the sacred power of life in our Galaxy and on our Earth.

Once we have achieved the initiation of the Sacred Heart, we are able to move to the flow of Magic and the Dance of the Dragonfly.  This requires us to activate and enter the sixth and the fourth Dimensions of Consciousness.  The Sixth Dimension is the Realm of Magic, Art, Creativity and Playfulness.  It is here that we walk in the Dream World and bring back Visions and Magical Dreams to manifest into our Reality.

The key to the sixth dimension is Art and Creativity and the Imagination.  Many of those who achieve the Sacred Heart Balance suddenly find themselves drawn  into expressions of creativity that can include art, dance, music and poetry.  This is the way we access the Cosmic Dream or Cosmic Dance, by literally learning to dance and sing and play with the tools of creativity.  The flow of inspiration, dreams and ideas that we activate in these activities helps to lift us up into the Magical Dimensions of Archetypes and Dream Visions that underpin material reality.

At the same time, we activate our access to the Fourth Dimensions of Time.  A Master of Time creates on a Spiral or Time Line, and masters the perfect manifestation of their dream on a Spiral of Light.  As you advance in skill as a Time Traveller or Creator, you learn also how to co-create Dreams and Spirals as part of a Group, or a larger Community.

This is one of the reasons why so many of us have been feeling the stress of the time lapses, time line shifts and time jumps.  We are still learning how to “override” the mind ,which has learnt to provide the comforting illusion of “continuity”. We are now seeing the reality of different Time Lines and how “discontinuous” time is when we shift between time lines and time spirals.  As we learn to accept “discontinuity” and new beginnings, we become more at ease with the beginnings and endings of Time Spirals and their stories in our creative journey on Earth.

The Tools of the Galactic Shaman


I walk the Sacred Circle

Honor the Four Directions

Do Ceremony

On Earth


The Star Shaman

Rider of Galactic Spirals

Master of the Waves of Light

I walk the Earth

All is Sacred

Within the Circle of Life


How do we best access the potential of our fully activated Light Body and ground this in a meaningful way for the New Earth?  I have found that following the path of the Star Shaman provides a powerful set of tools that can be used to ground yourself and work as a creative agent in the New Earth.

The New Shamanism centers in the Heart and then makes use of the Fifth-dimensional power of connection and inter-connection of all things to access the essence of Nature and the Earth.  It also accesses the Sixth Dimension very powerfully, through acts of creativity, and in ceremony, through song, dance, drumming, sound journeys and other forms of sacred expression.

From this foundation, it is also possible to journey into the Solar System, into the Galaxy and beyond to other Cosmic systems of Light on the Cosmic Web of Consciousness.

As the Earth ascends, she is entering into a phase of Joy and Harmony.  If we wish to align with the rising Earth, we also need to be in that frequency of Joy and Harmony in a grounded way.  Working with the tools of New Shamanism is a perfect way to access the Dance of the Dragonfly and the Frequencies of the New Earth.

The Dance of the Dragonfly Activation

dragonfly 11


To prepare for this activation, find a quiet place to sit or lie.  Begin to breathe deeply focusing into your Heart Center – breathing in and breathing out.

Now focus energy from your heart through your feet and into the Earth, connecting with the crystalline Heart of the Earth.  Breathe deeply.  Bring the energy back to the Heart.  Breathe Deeply.  Now take the energy up through the Crown of your head and up the Cosmic Heart of God, connecting with the pulsations of Light and Love. Breathe deeply.  Now bring the energy back to the heart and blend together Heaven and Earth, breathing deeply again.

Now, seeing yourself as the center, project a circle of light around you and honor the four directions : East, South, West and North, and the Four Elements, Air, Water, Fire and Earth.  Now call in your Spirit Guides, Totem Animals, or any Angelic Guides that you wish to work with you.

Now call in the Spirit of Dragonfly.

Soon, you will feel a light and magical energy, and you will become aware of luminous wings of light hovering around you.  Enjoy the feelings and sensations.

Then, you will become aware of the dance of light and changing hues and tones as Dragonfly dances.  You may also hear sounds that remind you of the songs of angels.

Become aware that Dragonfly is asking you to dance and to dream in the Higher Levels of Consciousness!

You may feel the urge to get up and dance with Dragonfly, or you may simply just allow your imagination to dance in the Light!

As you dance, you are moving through Fields of Light and spinning your dreams, desires and visions into manifestation.  Focus on anything that you wish to manifest in your life and dance the feelings and the gratitude into manifestation with Joy!  Dance also the Joy and the Peace and the Harmony into manifestation on Earth!

Now Dragonfly alights, and it is time to fold your luminous wings of light and rest.

Breathe deeply and rest.

It is done!

Now, thank Dragonfly and return to your Heart Center.  Breathe deeply, and close the Sacred Circle, giving thanks and gratitude to all who worked with you, to the Elements and the Four Directions.

Focus into your Heart.  Breathe deeply.  Ground yourself once again and return to waking reality when you feel ready.

Know that your Dance and Dream will manifest at the right time and for the highest good of all.

Copyright 2015.  Celia Fenn

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Twin Flame Reunion

Twin Flame Reunion – Fuschia Fusion – The Hathors 

by Anna Merkaba, Sacred Ascension

April 29, 2015







Greetings Everyone, before I begin this channeling I would like to add a short personal note with a much longer one after you read the channeling as I am guided to do so. What I am being told is that at this moment in time all of you who are presently in twin flame unions are about to completely release all the blockages standing in your way before the final merger.

For those of you who have been in a relationship for a while and have been trying to conceive a child and were unable to do so, this may be your year! Those of you who are in business together as partners and are in a twin flame union, this is the year for incredible success!

Bottom line is this: everything that you wish to conceive of as a union should happen for you this year. Everything that you both wish to occur, as your energies will be deeply magnified and as long as you both remain on the same wavelength, and utilize these creative manifesting energies in line with a mutual goal and take action it should come to path.

For those of you who are still searching for that special someone, whom you feel in your heart is out there, rest assured that your time will come! And to help you attract your twin flame or soulmate into your life I have put together a special kit, with the assistance of my guides. I invite you to visit my new site at to learn more about this kit and how it can help you.

I will stop here and let you read to the message from the Hathors and continue with the insights I have received after the actual channeling…


The invocation of life principles and of the goddess principles have begun. The invocation of eternal flame of fuchsia, has indeed began to unfold rapidly throughout Gaia.

The goddess principle of feminine energies, and transcendence has indeed increased its energetic sphere of influence. The goddess energy of pure potential, unconditional love and benevolent creation, has been delivered onto the earthly shored.

The permeation of light principles and the recovery of the lost forces and vials and vital influences of the goddess have begun to activate in the hearts of those stationed on Gaia, and so, the unification of the masculine and feminine decrees are in effect. The unification principle of love unconditional and ever abundant, has activated the core structures of BEing, the core and universal understanding of that which is.

The union of masculine and feminine understanding of your spherical existence, have joined forces and are ready for phase three of the experiment in conjunction with phase two of the clearance and pure potential of being.

The goddess energies have indeed found their way into the masculine principles of BEing, and so and thus, those of you who have attained the other part of your soul, who have indeed participated in said rituals of reconnecting with that which is, known in your earthly planes of existence as the twin flame union, are ready to merge their energy fields and release the last bits of debris which has been lying dormant therein, in order to fully activate all gateways and assume your positions for the incoming of unified energy fields of light and love, which shall be release onto your plane in the months to come.

Use this time wisely, for much rests on the union of your souls, for much rests on the connectedness of said unions, for through the spark of your unions, shall you bring forth the balance and infinite potential for ALL of humanity.

Those of you who have embarked on said turbulent and brilliant experience of unifying your energy fields with the other part of your soul, are finding that your unions are intensifying, the energies are swirling before you, within you, around you, pulling you ever so closer to each other and yet further apart, allowing you to do a dance of perfection, a dance of unification, a dance of benevolence and peace through the duality and into unity.

For your unions have been preordained by the beholder, for you have agreed to united in said momentum of time and space, in order to bring the necessary energies of change, necessary energies of change, benevolence, unconditional understanding, and unconditional love for all.

And so, and thus you are indeed staging a seeding of energies magnitude of which this earth has not seen prior to the emergence of said polarities in the times of Lemuria. And so all who are presently occupying the human vessels of time and space, all who have come onto this planet at this very moment of time, all who have indeed met their other half of the soul are those who have been here at the times of Lemuria, you have seen the birth of said polarities and you are about to see the merging and rebirth of the whole unified energetic convergence of universal light, harmony, peace and abundance for all.

The violet flame works by changing “vibrations”. In physics, vibration is the speed of oscillation – the speed at which something moves back and forth. On the atomic level, vibration can be understood to be the speed at which electrons orbit around the nucleus of the atom. The violet flame works by changing vibrations on this level.

And so, the time has come to step confidently in the direction of your unified partner, and embrace them fully and completely, shedding all that you believe you are, and welcoming all that indeed you are! For the time has come to bring forth pieces of the puzzle and position said pairs across the globe in radiance, peace, harmony and love. And so, and thus, shall you feel said resonance within your heart of hearts, you are then to follow the guidance therein and embark on said journey and assume said positions by the coming of your final blood moon.

That is all that we have for you now. We Love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.”

Once again this is what I am being told, follow your own guidance and your own heart, if you resonate with this message then this is for you, if you do not then it is not for you.

For those of you who are already in relationships the last bits of blocks shall fall away, it may be a truly intense time, but is necessary for you to merge. You should be merging ethereally. For those of you who have been pushed apart, you may find yourselves being pulled back together. However, if they are not truly your twin, you may be pulled further away from them, desiring to end the union for good and be prompted to seek out a new relationship which may manifest itself in a rather peculiar and uncanny miraculous way.

So once again, for those of you who are already in a successful twin flame union, where you were able to work through all of your issues together, and finally achieve balance, you may feel an urge to do something together that will assist humanity. You will feel supported and will have a lot of leverage to proceed with your chosen vocation, project, anything and everything that you have come here to achieve as a unit.

By doing so, by merging your energies you will be assisting earth’s energies of masculine and feminine principles to merge as well. As the feminine energies are merging with the masculine energies as we speak in preparation for the portal that is coming our way in September.

I truly hope that this information has been useful to you, and once again for those who have not yet found your twin flame but are feeling it in your heart that they are out there, I have put together a kit to help you attract this person into your life, so please click here to learn more about how this kit can help you. 

I also wanted to take a moment and bring your attention to the fuchsia fusion, when I heard this as I was channeling, I could not convey the beauty of what I was experiencing as this information was transmitted through me, the energy that flowed through my consciousness could not translate in my mind into words to convey this to you. Until I looked up the meaning of fuchsia color, and that is what I wish to share with you. I also have noticed in the last few weeks that the sunset has a lot of fuchsia colors in it, at lease where I reside. So here is the meaning of fuchsia

According to

The color magenta is one of universal harmony and emotional balance. It is spiritual yet practical, encouraging common sense and a balanced outlook on life.

This is a color that helps to create harmony and balance in every aspect of life; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

A combination of red and violet, magenta contains the passion, power and energy of red, restrained by the introspection and quiet energy of violet.

Magenta influences our whole personal and spiritual development. It strengthens our intuition and psychic ability while assisting us to rise above the everyday dramas of our daily life to experience a greater level of awareness and knowledge.

This color is an instrument of change and transformation; it helps to release old emotional patterns that prevent personal and spiritual development and aids us in moving forward.

Magenta is uplifting to our spirits during times of unhappiness, anger or frustration.

In the meaning of colors, magenta represents universal love at its highest level. It promotes compassion, kindness and cooperation and encourages a sense of self respect and contentment in those who use it. Gentle and caring in its approach, it generates acceptance, tolerance, support and patience.

The color magenta is a color of cheerfulness, happiness, contentment and appreciation for what you have acquired and achieved. Most people feel more optimistic when in the company of magenta.

Magenta is the color of the non-conformist, the free spirit. It pushes you to take responsibility for creating your own path in life and increases dream activity while assisting you in turning your ambitions and desires into reality.

A strong and inspiring color, magenta can appear outrageous and shocking on one hand or innovative and imaginative on the other. It is creativity inspired by beauty.

Magenta is spontaneous and impulsive, yet resourceful and organized. It is invaluable in negotiating peace and calm in those who are at odds with one another.

As always I love you all! Thank you so much for BEing!


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Creation Template of the Universe

 Merkaba – The Creation Template of the Universe

by Meg Benedicte, New Earth Central

April 28, 2015

I just got back from traveling to San Francisco to present at the New Living Expo this past weekend. This was my first trip down the mountain since I moved to Mount Shasta in late 2012. I’ve spent the last few years responding to my Sirian Indigo mission to anchor and ground the new Lemurian energies to the crystalline global grid and the root chakra of Mount Shasta. This heralds the return of the divine feminine to her rightful place in balance and union with the divine masculine. As a society, we are moving away from living in divisive polarity and merging into unity consciousness.

The SF Expo was such an amazing experience to see so many awakened souls who are dedicated to their personal Ascension and the birthing of our New Earth paradigm. There were many questions from the audience about Ascension symptoms and ensuing discussion on practical steps that we can incorporate into our daily routine to support our human transfiguration with as much ease and grace as possible.

I enjoyed listening to the panel discussions and an inspiring presentation by David Wilcock that included information about the latest global Ascension events. David also shared with the audience the profound discovery by quantum physicists Nima Arkani-Hamed and Jaroslav Trnka, that the most fundamental particle interaction in nature may be consequences of geometry – in the multi-tetrahedron shape called the Amplituhedron.

Through intensive research they found that ‘patterns emerged in the scattering amplitudes of particle interactions’ as the coherent mathematical structure behind quantum field theory. Look closely…the Amplituhedron does fractally extend into the star tetrahedron Markaba, the universal template of Creation in our Ascension.
The two worlds are converging into a brilliant landscape of metaphysics/quantum particle physics synergy. As we work through our personal Ascension process we are becoming the ‘Bridge’ of energy forging the two worlds into ONE. There is more and more evidence that Earth’s geomagnetic field is losing polarity. Everywhere we anchor the divine Light frequency, we are actively transforming the old world and preparing the collective consciousness for the upcoming ‘quickening’.

Several Expo presenters confirmed the planetary Ascension timeline I’ve been seeing visions of…ramping up through 2015-2017. Since the completion of the 2012 Uranus-Pluto square astrology on March 17th, we are witnessing a powerful ‘amplitude’ of global events. While Uranus and Pluto were locked in the square it felt like a ‘push-pull’ dynamic between two super-powers. Now that the square is releasing, this opens the flow of energy to manifest in new patterns and possibilities. The old toxic sludge unlocks from the pressure valve, allowing the new consciousness to stream in.

For many the past few years have felt like being tossed and turned within a cosmic washer. All the shadow rose to the surface for cleaning and clearing! We may feel wracked by the tumble cycle, but we emerge from the depths brand-spankin-new – alive with our pure Soul Presence.

Now that the intense astro-transits are behind us, people are ready for some rest and integration time for all the energy upgrades. I’ve been getting a lot of sleep this past month, as my body heals and regenerates new life force. Many a night I’ve been startled awake as I release more trauma from my field. My Higher Self explained that during sleep I am roaming all levels of the mind and clearing mental trauma from past wounding. It is a gradual process of letting go of all the dark, dense mental and emotional anguish and suffering from my field. This requires some patience and understanding for our human psyche as we transition into living in the new consciousness.

Last week the Sun moved into earth sign, Taurus, one of the most earth-bound signs there is and represents the physical body in the zodiac. This is excellent astrology to support the physical integration of the Eclipse-Equinox upgrades. During the coming month in earthy Taurus, take advantage of getting into Nature and rooting to your Soul’s Ascension Path of Light, while grounding your desires into the physical field.

Pay close attention to the Crystalline Global Grid, for it is also upgrading. I’m starting to see the crystallization of the entire 12D Merkaba in Gaia’s global grid. As we anchor our energy body to the Crystalline grid, envision connecting to the evolving 12D grids. It will take a few years into 2017 for the full activation of the 12D Global Grid, but it is evolving since the Eclipse-Equinox to support our personal 12 pointed stellated dodecahedron Merkaba as our Soul’s light body on Gaia.

The Cosmic Ascension Plan is designed to ‘awaken’ our body/heart/mind to shift ‘in phase’ with the energy body and merge with the Soul Presence. Continue to spin in the Quantum Vortex daily if you can, so you are aligning the physical body with the energy body in a coherent field of Light. Without coherence, we will continue to live in a state of separation from Soul life force and the continual degradation of health and wellbeing. It is imperative that we direct some of our desire and focus into building more coherence in our body/heart/mind. We are really accelerating our personal Ascension this year, so do your best to make it a priority in your life goals.



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Divine Delineation

Divine Delineation and the SUNrise Within

by Sandra Walter, Creative Evolution

April 23, 2015









the animation of Stardust,
the Krysthl garden in bloom,
and the Divine wisdom interface.
And So Are You.

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

As odd as it may seem to experience separation on the way to Unity consciousness, we do have a large portion of the collective experiencing heightened states of Source consciousness which are brand new. It feels remarkable and requires great inner strength. Our Higher Teams ask that all Lightservers experiencing the new perception, Christ consciousness embodiment and multidimensional merge sequences connect in this Divine mission via the higher planes of consciousness. Unify in your Mastery, beloveds. Be a pure conduit and interface for the Higher Self and Higher realms to flow and thread the Crystalline consciousness into this realm. It does take a good deal of focus.

The incoming waves of light (entering April 23 – 27, flowing into the May Daze) might make you feel floaty, blissy, spacey, disconnected – even more so than before – and we humbly ask you to let it be. Crystalline structures experience reality in a very different way from lower density; that will be apparent to many right now. Old states of consciousness dissolve completely, if you are consciously granting permission for this to occur. It is a conscious choice, moment to moment, and alignment with the New Light is ever–present due to stronger Zero Point dynamics. For those embodying the Christ, your choice has been to let the Higher Selves take over. As the Higher levels take over, the lower self disappears. Simple enough, however the experience requires light-heartedness along the way.

Divine Delineation and the Mid-Christ Crisis

Now that we have encountered the great shattering of the old Self, complete with the kicking and screaming of the lower levels (mind, ego, emotions) over the last decades, we are experiencing the payoff: the Truth.

Whether you are embodying the Christ frequency, or sensing the collective around you who are embodying this, the Shifts in consciousness are powerful and direct in this Now moment. As always, the amplified frequencies bring doubts to the surface, and it is your responsibility to surrender them, process them, bind them out of this realm, clear them, or at least recognize them as aspects of your old Self which no longer resonate with your journey. In the absence of doubt, we are all Source.

Abandoning the old Self is a pure act of trust in the New Light and the New state of beingness. All of the lessons of the past: surrender, trusting the path, divine neutrality, detached compassion – all of these concepts and teachings are now fully embodied as higher states of beingness. These concepts become your beingness, and become purer in form – more direct – as the multidimensional merge rewrites your consciousness.

The inner work, the practices, the methods you utilize to surrender the old Self and activate the New, True multidimensional Self, are centered around the core principle of Self–Realization. You are Source dreaming of itself, and awakening to the New dream already taking place. When the tipping point of Self–as–Source realization occurs, your embodiment of the Christ accelerates. The reorganization of your consciousness in alignment with your higher levels, your multidimensional Self, will speed up – dramatically. This is where we are right now.

The waves of light coming to the planet may test your patience with yourself; both New and Old Self. it is a reflection of the sorting out of realities. As always, it does not serve to look to the external, or judge other journeys, when one is engaging with a path of Christ consciousness.

The current energies play with our belief systems in order to destroy them. Clinging to outdated beliefs, coping mechanisms or self-judgment triggers doubts, fears, and emotions because old platforms are diligently disappearing from your consciousness. Let them go, beloveds. Embrace your journey as it is, right here, right now. Feel it rather than letting the mind be startled by the changes. Drop the awareness elevator from the mind to the Heart. Open the doors at Heart-level and witness the Eden blooming before us.

Use the Higher 5D and beyond awareness to receive support. Gaze right through the 4D flotsam revealed by the veil-lifting and connect with the crystalline beingness. Recognize when you need assistance. Recognize the new creativity. Recognize when you need to disengage. Recognize that you are witness to your own experience, as well as the collective division of realities. Revelation includes the ability to embrace all that you are, even in the face of your own Self–judgment.

Psychological Fallout

For years we have recognized this is Self–judgment day, ultimately leading to Non-judgment, and the energies push that agenda to the forefront of your awareness. We learn to be our True Selves by observing what was and neutralizing it in the Divinity of Truth. As was foretold, the psychological fallout from the Shift is presenting in a strong way as the energetic Gateways for the first waves of embodiment unfold. That is not a future event; it is this passage, right now.

If you have chosen service to the New Light, it will be vital to deal with your own psychological fallout – the strangeness or struggles as the lower levels (ego, mind, emotions, physical) get the cosmic boot. Recognize you are not alone in this process, ever. Many in the collective are flowing with these embodiments, Wayshowing simply by breathing in the expansion and being okay with whatever presents; taking on these higher states of consciousness on behalf of the whole. We created a space for others to step into, whenever they are ready. It is a phase to be confronted with – and accept – the strangeness, the sensations, the interaction with the higher realms who are radically present as the veils disappear.

The Multidimensional Merge Sequences

For those who have been experiencing the multidimensional merge sequences over the last five months, the waves of light coming in will intensify your experience of the multidimensional Self. That is not a concept or belief, it is an experience. Clarity takes on a new meaning; you are now capable of surveying the landscape of the New Paradigm, the Solar Cosmic Christ perspective, and the choices available in the highest interests of all concerned.

In the beginning of these merge sequences, the amount of light intelligence, visions, messages, and details may have seemed overwhelming. Interaction with higher levels of your Divine Team – the higher orders of light serving the pure and true Ascension – became more accessible. We learned to be comfortable with the enormity of these encounters, so the concept of Mighty I AMreaches into the physical experience of this realm.

Integrating this new awareness continues to be the primary challenge, since we are currently walking between worlds. The silence, the stillness will be very enticing during this phase, and it is important to honor your experience. Understand that the experience – your personal lifestream experience – is valuable to the higher realms. This is brand new, and we have the eyes of the Galaxy upon us. This is why many of you are experiencing a new level of HUmility, devotion, or deeply spiritual sensations. We merge with that natural Creator State of beingness; unconditional LoveLight intelligence.

As you consciously merge with other dimensions more often, you will notice purer and truer experiences of Unity consciousness. It also rapidly opens the pineal-heart complex for communication. Let these telepathic interactions flow; the exchange of heart-based perception allows for the higher realms to adjust the energies and highest possibilities accordingly. The current embodiments of the Christ have opened an interface – a literal In this world but not of it – for the accelerations of 2015.

It may feel different from what was expected; there is an ease, a grace, a great disappearing of lower realities. The higher levels of light consistently collapse old torus fields which held timeline experiences in place. It frightens some people, and it is absolutely their right to experience fear. For those embracing the experience, this Now moment is absolutely fascinating. Honor it, share it with Source, share it with your Higher levels. Share it telepathically and energetically with the collective. Send these new experiences through the grid systems and through the grid of awakened HUman hearts. It will make the journey easier for others who follow this path.

Watch the SUN – and the SUN within

The Solar aspect rising within Divine HUman hearts lifted the ceiling for the collective experience. Yes, waves of photonic light engulf the planet, light filaments strike the planet, magnetic anomalies disturb the physical, energies and evolutionary frequencies will come, regardless of the collective level of consciousness. However, the collective highest level is rising exponentially.

We repeat this for your benefit: You are the open door beloveds. You allowed non-judgment and discernment to become your way of being. You unified with the planet, the grid systems and the Crystalline grid in order to serve in this way. You are the Stargate portals. You are the SUN-servers bringing forth the light into this realm through your Solar heart centers. We have thousands of Stargate HUmans all over this planet who are receiving the New Light and radiating it through the collective, the planet, the kingdoms and elementals. That was the plan, and now we experience the unfoldment of that plan right through the physical. Enjoy it, beloveds. enjoy the effortlessness of pure beingness.

The Ascension is now, the event is now, and the higher realities reflect that Truth. Attune your perception to the Divine vibration. Take refuge and rest in the vibration of Source within your Heart. This is an incredible passage, stay fascinated through the accelerations, beloveds. Don’t be intimidated by the intensity of your experience. Don’t look to the external for validation of your Truth. Learn and integrate quickly, because there is so. much. more. available to us, right here, right now.

In love, light and service,


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3D Dreams

Are Your Dreams of 3D?

by Brenda Hoffman, Life Tapestry Creations

April 20, 2015

Dear Ones,

You have transitioned far beyond Old Age you. Yet, you remain within the confines of many 3D actions and reactions. You work, pay bills and so many other pieces that have little to do with new you. At least how you now define new you.

Many of you expect to travel through dimensions, frequencies and time with little regard for daily 3D necessities such as jobs or paying bills. And that, earth and you will transition so rapidly your unpleasant activities will disappear overnight. While such is possible, your reality is that you are not of the heavens, you are of earth.

For some, that last statement seems harsh. You are tired of your day-to-day routine. You want some excitement, some extreme joy in your life. Such does not seem possible if you need to shop for groceries or interact with those who make you uncomfortable.

How do you combine heaven and earth as you desired before entering earth in this lifetime? Have you not proclaimed for eons that heaven on earth is your goal? Yet your daily tasks do not feel as if they are part of your heaven on earth. Where is your joy?

So it is you are beginning to define what YOU mean by heaven on earth. Perhaps you have laughed at the heaven image in which all are wearing white gowns and playing harps. Yet for some that image is joyous.

You create your reality – including your new you and new you environments.

Your current transition stage is processing what is possible for you. For each of you has a unique life on or of earth in mind. Perhaps such a thought seems chaotic, but it is right and true. For you cannot create the life of your dreams from what you have experienced on earth to date. Nor can you create that life from what you experienced in the ethers/heavens or whatever term you wish to use.

New you is your creation. New you is your dream.

You understand that some wish to live in a little beach hut, while others wish to live in a mansion. But you cannot yet comprehend that you are capable of creating something on or of earth that has not yet been defined or created.

Your current images of heaven on earth are no more logical than your biblical images of angels or the heavens. It is all conjecture. “If I do or feel this or gain that, then I will create the perfect environment for me.” Such may be true. The caveat is that you are trying to create a life of what you know – another 3D life.

It is time to free fall. And that is why not all of your segments are yet enamoured of new you. They are taking a wait and see attitude for they know that your current assumptions and creations – while greater than just days ago – remain limited to what you have experienced in 3D. Perhaps you are dreaming of a better job, a vacation or a new car. All wonderful, but limiting ideas.

Instead of trying to create a specific item that seems to match your current needs, create results based on your intent. Such will draw your hesitant segments to new you.

Again, your hesitant segments are waiting until you dream bigger than 3D – which for many will be frightening.

What is beyond a new home? What if you do not create something that seems of value now? What if that dream means you need to zoom to new dimensions when you wish to experience that home?

We cannot tell you what your dream intent will mean for you. Merely that replicating your life dreams in 3D terms will not create your heaven on earth.

To truly create a new you life, you must dare move beyond your 3D visions of what is possible or what will bring you joy. Such is new territory – exploratory territory. For you do not yet know what options you have available once you shift your dreams from what you know to what is possible. Will you be more joyful doing so? Of course. Will you be frightened doing so? Probably – because your new intent does not have a logical conclusion. You do not know what you are going to create for yourself, any more than we do. For we are of the heavens – as you term it – and you are of earth.

Creating dreams of 3D earth does not move your life or earth forward. Creating that which you do not yet understand, pushes you forward in ways that are not yet definable.

Perhaps it will help you understand if you think of your computer. Would you have believed your current dependence on your computer was possible 40 years ago? Yet someone who dared dream outside the expected did. So it is that once you allow yourself to move your dreams from a specific 3D comfort to the intent of “Even though anything is possible, this is what I wish to feel,” you will merge all your segments into new you.

Granted, there are 3D, 4D, 5D earth segments of you who will retain the bridge to new you, but mostly, your segments are no longer of earth in totality. Let us explain.

You are creating heaven on earth in this lifetime. Not a new 3D earth with a few more items. To do so, you must realize your unlimited potential – dreams beyond dreams – so your 3D/4D/5D earth segments eventually fall away as is true for the first phase of space rockets. The end product is you zooming here and there returning to earth with new thoughts, beliefs and intent.

Earth is recreating itself – with your help. And you are recreating yourself – with earth’s help. What is no longer appropriate is for either you or earth to merely coat your old life with a bit more glitter or expected activities. You are truly new and so is earth. So be it. Amen.


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Mars Records

Mars Records

by Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis

April 20, 2015

Since Friday, in preparation for the new annual cycle that began this weekend, it is evident that evictions are taking place with a whole new intensity in the earth grids that expand to off planet reptoid species that have made deals with the Power Elite to take over certain demographics or genetic groups on the earth. Most of these deals were to take humans after they were slaughtered in genocidal wars, off to other planets as workers. Currently, we are observing what is called “identity challenging” which is extending beyond Fallen Angelic consciousness, and into collective bodies that are stellar reproductions, clones and bloodlines of Reptilian Controller families that were told they were going to be given the planet, or nearby stars, or some territory for their factions to rule human slaves. Many of these groups are also being challenged by Krystal Star in this new cycle.

This is very telling, as what has begun is a phase of calling out to those off planet species and groups who bargained with the Controllers for taking humans as slaves ( via tracking tagging, abduction, mind control, etc.) , after the supposed Armageddon effect which is actually a genocidal plot of the Reptilian races and Illuminati  families to kill off a large part of the earth population. (i.e. Georgia Guidestones)

These recent evictions and actions at the South Argentina, Antarctica and South Pole locations inform these groups that what they thought was going to happen is not happening. This seems to be the beginning cycle where these groups that have been in ongoing denial about the earth Ascension Cycle and the results that are manifesting for them in their artificial reality. I would say for some, this is their time for “personal judgment”  which is an fair accounting for their recorded actions in the consciousness field. These groups believed that many people were going to be killed on earth in WW3, or that massive surface cataclysms were going to happen. These types of events are not going to happen, and many do not understand why. What has been promised to them in terms of demographic global control or certain resources is being taken away from their access or control. They do not know who it is that is doing that, in most cases, which is interesting to observe.

As we move into the first cycle of Aries constellation, it is ruled and directly related to the planet Mars. Many of the evictions and circumstances surfacing now are related to the Mars Colony and how these many secret consortiums had taken control over earth territories in a variety of ways. I am not sure how this impacts the financial markets, but it does, and so something strange may be on the horizon about hostile takeovers related to financial markets. This influence is sourcing from a variety of issues, however, there are conflicts with these guys left holding the bag, as they try to find a group to hold responsible to blame for war crimes and other abuses. It does feel that this is primarily impacting USA financial markets as epicenter, with ripple effects globally. I suppose we will see how these energies play out, but some of the Controller groups are very stressed out to say the least. There is nothing worse for a Controller mind than losing control and thus, losing power.

The energetic terrain on the planet is very chaotic for many, however, this recent event bodes extremely well for many of us on the Ascension path. We are increasing the fairness of the earth playing field, and when we can understand what is going on here, those of us that are honest, and sincerely working towards authenticity, transparency and humanitarian values (STO), will keep having greater ease moving forward. Previously, Starseeds have existed in a totally stacked deck against krystic values and ways of life supporting the Law of One. (LOO) We have continuously dealt with aggressive levels of psychic agression and psychotronic attacks. Reptilian hybrids do not seem to feel the effect of holographic inserts and mind control spray as many others with less of the reptilian genetic pool. This is positive to observe and see that we are making progress forward, and that many of us should be able to feel more supported living the path of Ascension.

Thank you to all of our Starseed family for your support, presence, hard work and dedication to continually expand consciousness. The road ahead is rough globally, but for many of us, there will be a sense of elevation above the madness and chaos of the desperation of the Controllers and those people who still believe in and worship the decrepit and dying system of tyranny.

In dedication to our many hard working, brave and courageous whistleblowers in regards to Mars Colonies which is surfacing heavily now, here is a brief summation from the Ascension Glossary which the Guardians mentioned in 2008, that the Mars records would be opening to the public in gradual sequences. Our love, prayers and blessings are with Laura Eisenhower, Captain Randy Kramer, and Corey and their families for their bravery, courage and caring to tell the truth in the best way they can to inform the public of their experiences. Bless you all. GSF!

Mars Colony

The Guardians mentioned the Mars Colony Records would start to be leaked more and more in the Masses. We are witnessing another layer revealed, as well as remembering the galactic dimensional gates that connect to Giza open to the planetary body of Mars. This clearly has reference to Giza and Astral Plane openings recently, and as this is the hotseat of planetary holographic inserts and Mind Control technology, this is the causal event of the Grey and Reptilian agenda to infiltrate the planet by giving the US government ( and world governments) alien technology ( See Secret Space Programs) to experiment with on and off planet. Some of us have been seeing Holographic Inserts related to these Timelines recently. This energy feels toxic in the fields and certainly make some feel particular sluggish in its density.[1]

Mars Records Open

In 2008 a Guardian planetary repair project was healing the distorted timelines and damage in the 4th dimensional planes and its related impact to the 4th strand of DNA within the divine human body template. (This was covered in many of the monthly articles about the Astral Reconfiguration throughout 2008.) The 4th layer of the human body Chakra system houses the first level of the divinity, the Soul matrix intelligence. The 4th layer of the human Lightbody is impacted by the 4th layer of the planetary lightbody also called the “Astral Plane.” The 4th Dimensional Planetary Stargate leads us into the Astral plane layers and is locationally positioned at Giza in Egypt. The 4th Gate, the Astral Plane, has had an incredibly long history and conflict over its control between both human and non human interests. For the last 25,000 years this Stargate, which controls the trajectory of movement between our planet and our Sun, has been under the dominion of the controller forces. (Factions of Annunaki Nibiruans and Zeta primarily) This is exactly why the pole shift agenda had been a probable timeline “rumor”, as long as they had control of this Stargate they used that as leverage. (Please note as stated previously: the timelines and related memory of “pole shift” and “invasion” as “rumored” – are no longer potential future realities.) An unnatural 4D Stargate, a reversal black hole system (the “Phantom Matrix”) was connected to these portal systems that exist within the 4D astral planes and its stargate interface. Disconnecting this Phantom Matrix, healing soul fragments in 4D and its artificial ascension realities was a part of the Astral Reconfiguration Guardian Project.

Now, that the 4th Stargate has opened at its Galactic Interface levels recently (both in frequency and in timelines) these link into the future timelines of the planet Mars. (Understand that the Planetary Stargate System are the Earths connection points into the Galactic and Universal Stargate Systems. Once sealed off and closed, these Stargates progressively open during the Ascension Cycle.)

Because the Mars Galactic timeline is opening through the 4th Stargate in Giza it brings information to the surface about its history that will become increasingly hard to suppress. This brings us to the Montauk Project and a history of colonization on Mars between factions of Orion Humans and Zeta hybrids. (The Grey’s). These were dimensional blending projects with Alien technologies that allowed time travel to the future. Most of the collaborations between humans and aliens were of a negative nature, genetic experiments, developing Mind Control programs and perfecting psychotronic warfare. I am counseled that the exacting details are irrelevant at this point to discuss as there is a lot of information available about the Philadelphia Experiment (1943), The Montauk Project (1983). What they are emphasizing to point out is that the hidden information over ET’s involvement with humans will happen through the 4D timelines and it is life on Mars that will be the first sequence level of information released about human and ET cooperation through Secret Space Programs. They say this is just the beginning.[2]

Nasa released an announcement on January 15, 2009 that the planet Mars Reveals that there is Life.[3][4]

Laura Eisenhower Mars Recruitment

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Ike’s great-grand daughter in a public statement, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, great-granddaughter of former President Dwight David Eisenhower (1890-1969), has exposed her attempted recruitment from April 2006 through January 2007 by a secret Mars colony project. Ms. Eisenhower’s account of her targeting by time travel surveillance and attempted manipulation by trained intelligence agents attached to a Mars colony project was revealed in an interview, and in an extensive written statement at Ms. Eisenhower’s website.

The alleged purpose of the secret Mars colony was to provide a survival civilization for the Earthling human race in the event of planned (such as HAARP or bio-weapon induced) or natural cataclysm (such as by solar flares) which would depopulate the Earth. Laura Eisenhower identify Dr. Harold E. (Hal) Puthoff, a former researcher at Stanford Research Institute, as a behind the scenes coordinator of the secret Mars colony project. In revealing these secret Mars colony plans, Ms. Eisenhower emerged to join a growing cadre of independent whistleblowers disclosing secret technologies and extraterrestrial-related covert operations of U.S. military-intelligence agencies and corporate entities.

The revelations of Ms. Eisenhower corroborate independent whistle blower revelations made by lawyer Andrew D. Basiago of covert U.S. government surveillance of political persons of interest using secret time travel technology. Their allegations are also consistent with disclosures made by Mr. Basiago that twice in 1981 he teleported from a CIA facility in El Segundo, CA to a secret U.S. base on Mars, first by himself, and then a second time in the company of CIA agent Courtney M. Hunt.[5]

Mars Colony Corporation (MCC)

“Mars Defense Force is a private military contractor that is contracted by Mars Colony Corporation. Mars Colony Corporation is the financial organizational arm and the Mars Defense Force is not directly owned or commanded by the MCC. They are contracted made up of several military contractors and agencies, such as Naval Space Programs, so it is managed as a private military contractor which means it is infused with a lot corporate management structure and hierarchies of soldiers and officers, that are sourced out of many military programs in order to run that private military organization. ” -Captain Randy Kramer, U.S. Marine Special Access (USAP), Secret Space Program on Mars [6][7]

(Source: Ascension Glossary – Mars Colony and Es Updates April 17, 2015)

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The Cartography of Maths

The Cartography of Maths

by Sandra Walter, Creative Evolution

April 20, 2015









Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The influx of last week’s amplification buffeted our magnetic fields, which in turn affects the physical. Many of you felt the incredible expansion and purity of this light. These consistent amplifications are a good gauge for your crystalline structures. It will feel a bit indescribable; deeply profound sensations of Divine Love continue to rise, grow, and rewrite our prepared consciousness. We were ready, we opened to the unknown, and now we receive the payoff for our labor of love.

It feels remarkable, different from the stereotypes of Christ consciousness or Unity consciousness, or the sensations of the past. The Pleiadians reminded us last December: You won’t even see it coming. They were correct, and the last Equinox-Eclipse passage brought personal revelations that – to be perfectly transparent – changed me, overwhelmed me a few times, and gave me a deep sense of empowerment, purity, and a new level of service.

A new space has presented in Shasta to support the (very) active, creative, expansive journey of the next six months. I plan on sharing my Gatekeeper journal notes from the last Gate, as many synchronicities and connections have presented already just by mentioning a few visions on the last Ascension Path connection call. Some of these missions are large and involve many of us, some are small yet powerful.

I had the pleasure of completing a mission last week up on Shasta with Aisha North, a fellow channel from Norway. Glorious work with two vibrant siSTARs (Aisha and her twin sister), which completed projects we had worked on for many incarnations. We were absolutely blessed by the reunion of our little trinity, representing thousands who are embodying the Christ right here, right now.

Shasta, Egypt, Peru and Beyond: The Cartography of Maths

There is a current project which I sense may resonate with some of you. The Brotherhoods of Light are working with the Divine Feminine, particularly those with Sirian/Pleiadian connections, on new template work which involves the symbol of maps, mapmaking, or blueprints. Even though it feels ancient as we remember what was set in place for right now, It is different from the past template work. It is lucid, conscious, direct, and somewhat technical (hence the Sirian Master Engineer-type influence). I will write up the Archimedes connection in another article, it is a fascinating synch.

As the Divine Feminine brings forth the Christ embodiment (the plan to break apart old belief systems about the Christ is probably apparent, so I won’t mention it again. Quietly, beloveds.), we hold a huge space for New Light to enter at key points on Gaia. And it does not matter if the Feminine is female in form, or in a male form who has learned, embraced, embodied enough feminine dynamic to be able to hold spacetime energetics without the interference of the ego-mind. It is quiet, deeply profound work with beings of incredible light. To you who are involved, I send you my love this moment. The presence of these beings and realization of what is occurring can be overwhelming, and the consistent exposure is changing my consciousness. What divine contracts we have at this level – and more to come.

Create, Create, Create

One of the (many) joys of crossing paths with Aisha was our conversation about creativity. It was wonderful to be present with siSTARs who comprehend and express the Creator State of beingness. So many projects are presenting – so many ideas, new expressions; the multidimensional creativity which was promised is now understood, embraced, sought after by the awakened collective.

Have you noticed the consistent increase in creative ideas as the energy rises? Ascension and creativity go heart-in-heart; this is not a stagnant old paradigm spirituality with set-in-dead-stone truths, it is a vibrant revitalization full of surprises, revelations, and new creations. Hence the ongoing destruction of old myths, beliefs and expectations of what is or is not spiritual, what is or is not the Christ. Expect the unexpected, beloveds. If you choose participation in the Ascension, intend deep core-busting change within yourself, and go direct.

As we move into a purer state of Unity Consciousness, understand that a creative inspiration may be for you, or it may be for someone else to implement. Ground them and send them forth through the collective. We are ONE huge new multidimensional operating system now, rapidly increasing in size and power as we zip through the uber-gateway of 2015. Limitless. Boundless. Purposeful as we move into heightened awareness of Source-as-Self. Creator Beingness.

Gratitude and Service

We have another wave coming in April 23 – 26.  I invite you to explore my redesigned website for tools, articles, inspiration, a week of private sessions coming up, and other opportunities to deepen your experience of Ascension. It is remarkable what we are accomplishing, beloveds. If you are feeling weary or run-over by the energy, know that thousands in the Light Tribe have created a huge space for your alignment with the New Light. That part of our work is in place; a platform for others to find and use. We move onward and upward.

In Love, Light and Service,

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