Polarity Integration

Polarity Integration: neutralizing opposing realities

by Lauren C. Gorgo, Think With Your Heart

November 23, 2015


Where to begin, where to begin…there is so much taking place at the moment, on so many levels of our being, and and yet so little in comparison is comprehensible as yet.

I will do my best to translate what I have a context for, but know that the information that I can currently put words to is only the very tip of a mammoth iceberg becoming visible for the first time.  Aka, we are just beginning to peel back the veils to reveal this whole new world (from within) that we, as unified BEings, get to explore and create simultaneously.

The analogy is so played-out but the anticipation of what we are becoming feels a little like Christmas, only we don’t want to tear into all our presents at once…we want to savor in each glistening moment, handle each gift with measured restraint, with the attention and care it deserves, as we feel ready to open (to) it.  And of course, “ready” is relative to our own process and how much greatness we are prepared to embrace within.

Speaking of prepared…not that any of us expected it, but it certainly hasn’t been the easiest time since the 11:11 gateway. Depending on where we still hold resistance to our full divine Self and new life experience (read: what wants to be), the pressure has been enormous for the purpose of forcing us to break any chains that still bind us, hold us back from goodness, from our greatness, and/or disempower us.

The last 30 days under the scorpio sun really upped the ante in this regard, adding the extra alchemizing element of (core level) transmutation and relentless resolve to decalcify those stuck places within.  With scorpio’s unforgiving archetype (Pluto) lending his always-enjoyable transformational intensity to the already intense resurrection process, there is only one real guarantee: discomfort.

Luckily, we are wizards at finding comfort in discomfort by now. 😳

Now that the quick, but condensed revisit to our shadowland is over…save for the full moon this week…hopefully you are finding your formerly-fragmented self back in one piece and can see more clearly what was hidden and/or still waiting to be transmuted/transcended prior to that soul jaunt to the netherworld.

All things considered, and since the final blood moon and eclipse series in September, moving out of this year is proving to be both exhilarating and daunting, like climbing up a massive roller coaster in preparation for the inevitable free fall that is right on the other side. And yet, with the absence of separation between what is and what will be, we are living the free fall and the climb at the same time!

Tho we are still anchoring in this new consciousness, one thing is clear…our training wheels are officially off and it feels as if we are speeding into 2016 face-first, gliding thru time and space as tho we hit a wicked patch of black ice. At times, all we can do is pray that we don’t spin-out of control and land in a ditch…at other times we are able to handle our new multidimensional Selves with aplomb, with the poise of a master even.

The last three months of every year is a bit much to manage because we are both reaping our harvest from the three seasons prior as our conceptualizations and creations are made manifest in our physical lives, while simultaneously opening to the upcoming year’s energies and planting the seeds required for germination in the spring.

This always gives the effect of walking between worlds, a time of split-focus and extended busyness…of endings and new beginings…of letting go of the old and opening to the new.  But this year, as many complete the integration of our higher Self in form, the changes that we are navigating are off the chart type changes…we’re talking endings of epic proportion, not just for us personally, but for an entire earth age of human existence. It’s impossible to grasp at this point, but here we are.

We are so deeply submerged in multidimensionality now that “simultaneous” is taking on a brand new meaning as we learn how to handle multiple focuses at once. For example, at the moment creation is wildly accelerating and we are being called to contend with a myriad of life situations at once, and yet we are also needing to keep a grounded pace and give much needed attention and nurturing to the resurrection phase that is also demanding our focus. Both are vital at this time, and yet we find that if we try to separate or compartmentalize those clearly simultaneous happenings, we can’t.

This can be quite challenging to navigate with any measure of grace, but it’s on purpose.  We are learning (experientially) how to work with the universal (cyclical) creation model and our old habits of linearity…of wanting to focus on one thing at a time and bring said thing to completion before we begin the next thing…are being sorely tested.

The deeper we move into the merge of our higher and lower selves…the more we realize that our divinity acts as a governing overlay to our humanity and that this thing called life is a separate-but-equal endeavor, one that we oversee with christ consciousness. On a good day this can amount to the ability to “do it all”…we can tend to our humanity and all that entails, while also acquiescing to our divine directives and all THAT entails.  On days of distortion this can amount to internal conflict…to not knowing which “self” to follow or how, and so disharmony ensues.

The key is in tempering a balance between selves, finding common ground that creates harmony and accord. This balancing act of unifying form & formless/seen & unseen will persist in demanding our focus as we continue to move our physical selves and lives into unity.

Meet everything with non-resistance.

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Only Flow

No Sledgehammers – Only Flow

by Vivek Chaturvedi

November 19, 2015


IF one is to take on a system, any system…especially a system that is as old as “thinking” and “being”man itself, then one does not use sledgehammers.

This is a very difficult perspective for the masculine view-point. Especially the masculine view-point as we have taught to understand it. Wars, those most useless and self-defeating of human end-evers are an extreme example of that view.

So the soft feminine approach then? Well, the MIGHTY Colorado river did carve the grand canyon.

And the wind, the wind…the softest before ether….look at what it has wrought….


Funny, all my sledge-hammering instincts are wanting to fly through my fingers as I am typing this….tear it down, tear it down…all this wind and water stuff, too slow, too slow…

But that is how it is. :-)

All great things, good or bad, take time and softness to build and to tear down.

And we, so deluded have we been of our own greatness, cannot even imagine that far greater things, of immensely greater grandeur and power and force are with-in us.

And those are what we have to shape, with our own wind and water. Which flow and flow, incessantly…

Lub-dub, lub-dub….change…

Breathe in…breathe out…breathe in….breathe out…change…

Weathering away at our own, inner magnificence.

Where and how then to direct these magnificent Ganges and Colorados’ and Niles’ that flow with-in us?

And the Coriolis winds that spiral through our nostrils and our lungs, mixing with the river of blood to reach every living cell….every micro-second…change change….

This is not the playground of sledgehammers ….

This is the playground of subtlety…

Ponder that…..

The good thing is, like a Zen monk’s moment of Satori, first it happens slowly and then it happens all at once…




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Transmissions for Humanity #4

Transmissions for Humanity #4 ~ Preparing for the 12:12 Heaven’s Gateway

by Corrina Steward, NHPD

November 25, 2015

galactic optic

The 4th of several “Transmissions for Humanity” broadcast on my BlogTalkRadio channel to awaken humanity and accelerate the Angelic Earth timeline for the planet.  During the final weeks of 2015, there are several crucial “timeline” moments that are vital to the awakening of the planet.

The 4th transmission prepares us for the opening of the 12-12 Heaven’s Gateway (read my post on 12-12 to learn more about it).

These “Transmissions for Humanity” are part of a higher Earth agenda to awaken the masses through the Triad-Unified Heart, a living light intelligence that synergizes the Unified Human Heart with the Higher Earth Heart and the Cosmic Heart Center.  Please share these “Transmissions for Humanity” widely!


For additional transmissions, please visit the New Humanity Store.



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Gateway Acceleration

Gateway Acceleration: November 23 – 28

by Sandra Walter, Creative Evolution

November 21, 2015

sandra walter resurrection

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Gatekeepers opened for the incoming light yesterday. Our influx is November 23 – 28. My experience with the Shasta Gates is powerful right now; this feels like a strong acceleration. Your assistance is requested to call our Sacred Self-empowerment in and forth. The High-vibe tribe is busy balancing and calling in the acceleration.

We welcome everyone available to assist as the holiday season and dis-empowering agendas tend to scatter focus.

Full Moon synchronization would be complimentary, let us unite as One Heart in Service to the empowerment of Divine HUmanity embodying our Christed Consciousness. Note that the Resurrection phase is intensifying for many. The process itself is changing shape, morphing into a higher expression to serve the Christed Self.

Solar focus: Participation = Activation 

We are receiving/bridging with crystals in the ground (Gatekeepers use every crystal placed by a Lightworker), HUman Heart grid and Crystalline Grid. Hearts open and connecting specifically with Solaris (the SUN). We have a Solar focus right now as many merge with their Solar Cosmic Christed aspect. It serves your embodiment as well as supporting the Light Tribe creating the Christed HUman heart grid for Gaia. As above so below; connect with that Solar beingness. As always, our receptivity allows for amplification; stay focused as a few more layers of the veils are released.

Many of you are entering a new level of Self-realization; please step into your heightened gifts.Own them, and apply them to these Gateways with integrity, HUmility and Pure Intent to Serve.

Resurrection: Part Two

Most of the Part Two material has been transmitted through last week’s conversation with Lauren Galey. I encourage you to listen to my strongest transmission to date, now in video format, with footage from the magnetic shift up on Shasta. We discussed Ascension, Resurrection, Solar consciousness, quantum gravity, the dimensional Shift, what is ahead for 2016, the light pulses of 2017, the layered messages within the intel, Christed leadership, Solar consciousness, using the HUman heart grid, Corey Goode, Gatekeepers, serving in the New Light, and much, much more. Well worth the time and many questions were addressed. Perhaps you will notice the change in the frequency of my voice. Typically the videos do not get re-blogged; I thank you for sharing this transmission, if it resonates, with your friends and groups. Listen/watch the video at https://youtu.be/zT3An8qx1_4

While last week’s video could serve for a year, I hope to write more during the week. Yesterday’s Gateway opening brought in the purest, highest Light I have encountered – and another wave threaded its way into the Gates last night. It created a warping effect on the Gates (and my energy fields), like being torn away from all other options. A further de-construction of the quantum gravity which held 3D in place. That fluctuating pull between old and new realities felt by the collective, amplified by shifting magnetics. High-vibe Tribe holds stability, even through the lift of transcendence. Even though I called in support during the warp sensation, I was granted a further strengthening of my Christed level. We learn so much in allowing vulnerability; truly there is no battle here, simply the urgency of revelation. (Much more on that in the video replay, give it a listen.)

The Light is stimulating; recognize where your thoughts are directed, as the magnetic shifts affect how we interpret information. Vibration = vibration. My focus is on the incoming Light, as it greatly supports the Resurrection phase. We can use all the assistance available with this beautiful activity of Sacred union. Let us step into our Higher skills with ease and grace. All is incredibly well. I Love You, I Bless You, I Thank You.

In Love, Light and Service,


© 2015 Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution All Rights Reserved


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Heaven’s Gateway of 12-12

“Manifesting the New ‘Abundant Forms'”

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

Manifesting Light

Propelled by the 11-11 Gateway, we are in yet another time acceleration that has LIFTED us into a New Age of Light!

I am noticing a profound change in how Light is conducting itself through us.  There is now this beautiful harmony, a union of Light and Human that is working together to forge humanity ahead into the vast possibilities of unity consciousness and the (re-born) New Earth.

The 12-12 Heaven’s Gateway

As we move at rapid speed, jumping timelines, we are now headed straight into what I’m seeing as Heaven’s Gateway, timed to open on the 12-12.  This time shift is already underway and we can experience it as a passage of an out-moded, historical timelapse in our reality.

As God-manifestors the SPACE of Heaven’s Gateway is enabling a beyond powerful force that reveals the healed being within and “downloads” her into existence.

Through the 12-12 Heaven’s Gateway ancestral heritage is being dripped away and the new Waves of Conscious Oneness are streaming in, culling away the Ancient Earth miasma (karma) and realigning the New Humanity into a new reality of the re-born New Earth–where “history” is no longer relevant.

Manifesting the New “Abundant Forms”

With the passage of 11-11, a shift arrived in how we are being received and reflected by the Universe of Light.  This shift carries us into the stream of Starlight frequency pulses as Students and Teachers of the Light Codes.  

The Light Codes inform us how to work with the Light as we’ve never experienced on Earth before.  Transmission for New Human upgrades, healing and realignment are now transitioning out and we are being schooled on the Light Sciences.

To manifest on the New Earth we work with these Light Sciences — all of life reveals itself through a popping in and a dissolving away alchemy.  What we require in the moment is revealed through the Spherical Creation of Abundant Life Forms; when the moment ends, the form dissipates back into the purity of the Universe of Light.

The Beings of the Universe of Light are teaching us how to work with these Light Sciences.  

From November’s energy transmission:

“Manifestation, [the Beings of Light] explain, is conducted through highly charged Light quotient and through a special Light Body Sphere…This knowledge is given to you as a New Human of Light and you are realigned to manifest on Earth through the consciousness of Oneness…”


Golden Humans of Light

From what I am gathering, through the latest transmissions and incoming universal knowledge, is that we become “golden” beings that alchemicalize the Light Source into Abundant Forms.  The “gold” is a higher dimensional substance that enables us to conduct the Light Source through our new physical bodies.

In the higher frequency (or density) of the New Human form, our heart becomes attuned to this gold and the Light Source can catalyze through us; first, through the highly-charged Light quotient (this is taught in the November transmission) and, second, through heart intent and desire…the new Heart Intelligence.

This in sum is the capability of the prophesied “Golden Humans”. 

May peace and the New Light be with you in this new experience of Oneness.


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Timeless Truths

A Message from your Hostess of Light

by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan, Quantum Awakening

November 2015

The 1111 energies issued a time out, not for good behavior but for observation of the patterns of light. Like a spider’s web, within the new patterns of light are hidden messages, geometries and codes.  What is still held sacred seeks an outlet a place of safety. As we move past the previous markers of limitations, we begin to dimensionally float like an island in a gale force wind.  We are all a little nauseous like jet lag, moving ever so slightly with the changing dimensional tides.

We truly have become almost Island like, no longer attached to any outcomes. Everything tries to right itself like an upside down turtle. The winds of change are dominant and push us in a direction we would not choose to go on our own. Like a multi colored autumn leaf, we allow that ‘which is’, to buffer our shift.  Dimensional riff is not a place for sissies.

Learning to float is ‘a must’. The codes of light you asked for come forth as you walk gently with a big heart to the end of this year. The cells of your body and heart sound with glee as you bring love into your future via the word and walking your light. ‘This is the time of your life’ spend it well, with reference for all. Find the bounty in your hearts desires and do not let yourself be lead astray. Each hologram serves the truth of the matter. Shifting holograms is as easy as walking from the kitchen to the bathroom in your own home.

Like a carpenter bee you will learn to skate the highways and byways of dimensional conversion as all of Earth enters a new hologram in 2016.This ‘mother of all holograms’ will support the billions of smaller projections within her own body like a great fish before it gives birth to millions of eggs.

Just like trying on clothes you will see many different perspectives of your inner and outer self shadow and light. Imagine your life filled with open doorways and unlimited possibilities. Will you pick a vowel or will you stay a consonant. Will you fill in the blanks of your hearts desires or will you allow others to paint the pictures of your future.  Like one who misinterprets cave paintings It is the angles them selves that create shadow, it is in the shadows we meet our teachers.

Everyone will unwrap themselves before the holidays. It is at the time of the winter solstice that you will see the true diamond light that lives inside. Reflections of truth stand out as frankincense and myrrh, timeless with an eternal flame.  Your faces show the map of worry as lines are crossed and new roads reveal themselves after the dust settles.  We are all under construction. Sometimes a road once traveled ends; sometimes barriers are placed to move us in an entirely different direction.

As the year ends we all will be forced out of our cocoons of safety and protection. We will be asked to journey through places that we never thought we could fit. We will be asked to shine brighter and become more beautiful as a representative of all that is Holy and Good. We will be a mirror reflection for others to see that shift and change and an open heart are all places of safety in the harbor of light.

Timeless truths are exactly that! Petrified learning’s have shown their rusty caustic self to all who will look in their direction. Singing a sirens song they hypnotize those who talk too much to really listen. Everything serves the Light and one should have no regrets on any level. Words now have much more punch and you who have beckoned energies with your mutterings will see the results. We all walk forward with our hearts in our hands on bended knee with humble thoughts. We, who wear the Codes of Light, do so throughout time, never ceasing to trust what lives in our divine blueprint.  We have been cut from a blessed cloth and sewn into a holy vessel, that can sail the sea thru any storm, earthly or otherwise.


Copyright 2015. Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
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Choose Love

The Correct Answer is Always “C”  ~  Choose Love

by Linda Rain, The Golden Age of Aquarius

November 17, 2015

Hello, Brothers and Sisters!

This past weekend was an intense and challenging time for many people. Most of my time was spent cleaning, painting, and otherwise working around the house but I know that there was a lot of energy moving out there, on both lower and higher levels. I’ve had some wonderfully blissful transcendant times the past few days and I’ve pretty much been happy and moving through my activities effortlessly.

So, I am speaking from experience when I tell you that, no matter what appears to be happening around you (in the illusion), the way that you feel and what you do is entirely your choice. If you choose to stay grounded, centered, and balanced and if you choose to stay in 5D or Unity Consciousness, then that is what you will experience. On the other hand, if you choose to fall back into the old paradigm, then you can look forward to all the things that a dualistic existence brings: ups and downs including drama, fear, pain, and suffering. You can embrace judgment and everything that judgment brings with it: drama, fear, pain, suffering and all the lower vibrational emotions you love to hate.

We knew that November would be an exciting and interesting month. There is a lot going on energetically and there is a lot of movement on the Ascension Front. November, of course, is the time of Scorpio. Personally, I love November and yes, I am a Scorpio. Scorpio is represented by three animals ~ the scorpion, the eagle, and the phoenix. For more on where I am going with this, please check out Pam Younghans’ fabu post: Northpoint Astrology Journal ~ Your Guide to Planetary Energies for November 16 to 22, 2015.

Bottom line ~ in this Now, do you want to be the scorpion, the eagle, or the phoenix? It is your choice.

You are free to choose whatever you like. There is no right or wrong and everybody is on their own journey. My suggestion would be to choose consciously rather than reacting and heading down one road or another with no awareness of what you are doing.

I Love You, I respect your journey, I am honored by your Service, and I thank you for playing your Role.
And, as always, I will meet you on The Bridge!

~ Love, Rain

♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥





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