Solar Christ Grids

Solar Christ Grids: Migration of Reality

by Sandra Walter, Creative Evolution

January 31, 2016

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Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Goodness there is a lot to catch up on. I AM still in this gorgeous Resurrection phase, having absolutely bizarre experiences and attaining, integrating higher levels of Solar consciousness. It was strange to not communicate with you in the usual way (the articles) over the last few weeks, although I AM sure you feel me with you in the subtler realms. This Resurrection phase (merging with the Solar Christ consciousness) continues through Equinox. It is getting easier to balance being in many realities, especially when one knows they have already been tagged for Ascension, however the experience of being here, there and everywhere has a truly sacred, devout sensation since the grid migration. I AM an Equinox person, and I see March will be very bizarre, so I AM completing annual updates to Ascension Path and all kinds of busy-ness in February.

First and foremost is the good work, so this intel is about the newly activated Solar Christ grid migration, what it means, and an invitation to work with it.

The New Solar Christ Grids

We had shared that the false structures which held 3-D replication in place would be dissolving by the end of the tetrad project. In mid-December last year all of the lower realities were migrated to the new Solar Christed grid system. That means disharmony is going to get extremely uncomfortable, and disclosure can present with less damage, but most importantly Gaia and HUmanity can step into their Solar beingness more easily. Notice the difference already? Yes, it is bizarre at first, because the old reality was synthetically supported for more-o-the-same. That hasn’t been organic for a while, and as those programs dissolve HUmans are feeling what true 4D life is like, and 5D/6D initiates are zooming ahead. Personally, I have had major shifts in my activations, skills and consciousness since this occurred. Lower Self feels complete, Christed Self is at the forefront, my understanding deepens, my Galactic Self shifted to accommodate, and my service priorities changed again.

The Solar Christ grid system, a new gridwork which Lightworkers, Gridworkers, and Gatekeepers have been building for over a decade, is a system of 5D/6D Gates and lines similar to the classic ley line system, however it has a specific purpose; to assist Gaia and HUmanity in raising, expanding into the Solar or Christ consciousness. It works in tandem with the Crystalline Unity grid system which surrounds the planet. The Solar Christ grid fuses ancient codes and structures deep within Gaia, some of which is being exposed as the Shift accelerates, with the Crystalline Grid via Gateways and pillars of light. In order for Gaia to embody her destiny as a Spiritual Sun, she must expand. This happens during every great age of evolution, however during this shift to Solar Christ consciousness the expansion takes on a new dimensional level as well, in order to support a much higher state of vibration and a population of Solar Christed HUmans who are choosing to take on that challenge with her. It pulls the rug out from old dark agendas who didn’t think we could accomplish this. They thought we were working with what they could perceive – the 4D grids where their programs were anchored – and as you know, they cannot perceive octaves above that without resonating with the Christ, with the Heart. It sounds tricky, but all is fair in Love and Love.

The new grounded Solar Christ grid and the Crystalline grid expand the grounded torus of 4D Gaia outward to meet the 5D/6D torus of the New Earth conscousness, very similar to what we are doing with our own torus fields; expanding the lower Self torus out to merge with the Higher Self torus. In Gaia’s case, she has information and Solar codes deep within her core, crystal beds, and some very ancient technology which were dormant, waiting for best-case-scenario of our Ascension. Since we were able to achieve the higher trajectory of the Christed Ascension timelines, the past must align to compliment that trajectory.

Every time you change a future outcome, the past gets rewritten to accommodate the through-line of that story, the flow of that time-torus. The Solar Christ grid was a possibility; Gatekeepers remembered that scenario (with all of our higher guidance of course), Lightworkers got it up and running, the old grids which supported lesser outcomes (and the recreation of 3D) dropped in December, we migrated realities to the higher timelines, and now the ancient tech and codes which we placed hundreds of thousands of years ago can now be part of this new reality. We changed the future trajectory, so things that we stored in the past just-in-case can now step forth and compliment that outcome. The through-line is stabilized. The Christed timelines and outcomes can accelerate at a very rapid rate.

Anytime a major event like this occurs, the lag in the time continuum allows the collective to ease into the change. That lag feels shorter as our Solar system is bombarded with photonic light. This event felt very sudden for me – a dramatic shift in reality, level of consciousness, and an almost abusive amount of visions. When I checked in with other Gatekeepers, they had similar experiences. I AM sure many of you felt more cosmic as we completed the migration. It is not our intention to make it weird, but to activate the Solar acceleration of the planetary consciousness, merge the grounded grid with the HUman heart grid and Crsytalline grid – this year – in order to prepare her for the massive waves of light anticipated by 2017. That wave grows closer, it’s setting off Supernovas like the one last June, which just hit the news last month, which is so bright that they cannot even categorize it with the old measures. That’s the closest one to our neighborhood so far, just a galxay or two away (remember this is a Universal Shift). Feel into this from the higher perspective rather than a Sun-chart-watching 3D perspective. Do you see what is unfolding, and how the fields of possible outcomes are changing?

Kindwhile, our visions went into overdrive, and Gatekeepers – oh my beloved fellow Gatekeepers, bless us all – are seeing the division of realities again. It is our highest desire to open the Gates for everyone, but as this is the age of Mikael and Divine Will rules the day, it is a free will choice. That is to say, Divine Will rules the paradigm, individual free will is your experience. Ascension is happening regardless of the low-vibe activity, and for those doing the highest-outcome embodiment work, things shifted into a level of purity and truth which is not describable in words.

Turn and Face the Strange, Shasta Gatekeeper

During the migration I saw thousands of people leaving through the Gates. like a flip-book or deck of cards, one face after the other, going, going, going. Gatekeepers see HUmans and other beings come and go all the time, that comes with the job, however to have thousands of beloveds passing through my personal space on their way out through Shasta (Inter-Galactic Gate) was overwhelming. Three day’s worth of mass exodus visions, then it slowed down to normal level. This is largely pre-cog activity, so I expect many to be transitioning this year.

On the morning of January 17 – the final date for my Shasta work which the team gave me last November – a tall, slim, blonde-haired, light-eyed brother presented at the Gate. This is in the Higher Realms, the Interdimensional Solar Gateway. He was wearing blue and shining so bright I could not see his face clearly. We embraced for a while and I noticed his neck wrinkles; an older brother. The love was overwhelming in that moment. A true comraderie and mutual respect. We broke the embrace and had a short telepathic exchange of comfort; we will be separated for just a short while, then reunited. For some reason, I called him David and asked him to sing one more time. He smiled and then he burst into light through the gate. What a beautiful exchange, what a beautiful soul. The feeling of Divine love stayed with me all day, like being in love, I held David in my heart.

I got out of bed around 2am the next morning and was guided to get online to witness the news. There it was: David Bowie had died on Sunday morning. Our singing David, thank you for the confirmation. Oddly enough, another siSTAR in Shasta who also had no connection to David, also saw him at the exact same hour on Sunday morning going through the Shasta gate. That was at least 18 hours before they announced his passing to the public. Neither of us listened to his music, or knew he was ill, or follow pop culture, so it was one of those experiences which really touches the heart. Gatekeepers tend to see celebrities before they transition because their death will affect so many, however this one was unique and landed on my special date. The Sirian-Bowie synchs keep presenting, however that is not the point of this exchange.

Kindwhile, my old contract with Shasta has ended and I AM released to choose whether or not to be in Shasta in the physical any longer. As the energy rises here it is tempting to stray. I have dreams of comforting locals and telling them that it’s okay to leave now, that the energy is going to get too intense. (I still feel the volcanic eruption visions were energetic metaphors.) This is a Mastery-level decision connected to end game scenarios, so i won’t be hasty in my choice. At present, we’ll finish out the resurrection phase through Spring Equinox.

I feel Mikael and Melchizedek so strongly right now, I imagine they have plans for me as I embody this new level of Gatekeepership. Perhaps we will merge with Archi level, the pure MahaEl level in order to serve Source. Regardless of where I choose to place the body, the Gatekeeper function has merged across many layers of my Multidimensional Self and I feel that Solar beingness stronger than ever. It is a true blessing to serve in this role, and see what unfolds for Shasta as a Gateway for the new Solar Grid system.

Ancient artifacts, Codes, Solar grid

My journey to the Redwoods revealed some very ancient parts of myself as well as the Gaia. Watch for this, Beloveds. You’ll be getting back multidimensional aspects that will dissolve the lower Self and your lower experience quickly. Solar beingness has an absolute attunement to the natural world and all of her secrets. Biocommunication is key; the organic merge with the kingdoms, Gaia, SUN, Galaxy; this is a natural order which photonic light brings forth in your own existence.

This natural, elemental intuition will amplify as these Solar grids activate, because the elements in your (cleared, activated, crystalline) body will attune to it. Work with this; discover the new Gates, these physical and dimensional access points assist us in amplifying this new truly sacred geometry within Gaia. It works with the crystalline cities, temples and pyramids in the ethers above Gaia, as well as the structures which are deep within her. Unity, Solar Unity; united in the Christ light to bring forth the new consciousness. It is a natural, sacred, geometric flow.

Watch and listen for guidance on picking up ancient codes now emanating through this new Solar Christ grid. Call it forth, call forth these codes and activations to get this grid accelerating. This new level is pushing forward at the same time as disclosure, and we request balance on Gaia and the collective’s behalf. It is everything all at once this year; stay organized, centered, simplify and choose your intentions wisely.

Revelation through Service

Join the Masters for a Unified Meditation Monday, February 1: Pacific Rim Gatekeepers are unifying for some high-level work. Join us or hold space around 5pmPT, this will assist in activating the 144,000. If guided to participate, join in with peaceful intentions and Solar Christ grid/HUman Heart Grid Unity. Toning will be especially helpful. Open up those Ascension columns and Gateways, Beloveds. I Love You, I Bless You, I Thank You.

In Love, Light and Service,






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Mirrored Reflection Symmetry

by Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis

January 25, 2016

Currently, we are entering preparation for yet another new level of color frequency spectrums being projected as radiant light holograms into the planetary core manifestation architecture. A Krystal Kaleidoscope of plasmic light mirrored architecture is emerging into physical quantifications of color that project entirely new spirals of light, which include the Krystal frequency and time code.  These reflective bands of coded plasmic light are generated from the Krystal Kaleidoscope which forms the Krystal Spiral, and these spirals are woven into sequential circuits into certain powerful vortices and geographic areas of the planet. The Guardian host grid healing projects include building multiple access points in our earth that resonate with the reflectional symmetry that recode the planet grid when in contact with the Krystal code that emanates from the Krystal Spiral.

The Krystal Kaleidoscope is an architecture that operates similarly as when looking through a kaleidoscope. A Kaleidoscope operates on the principle of multiple reflections, where several mirrors are placed at an angle of degree to one another. Typically there are three rectangular mirrors set at 60° to each other so that they form an equilateral triangle. The 60° angle creates several duplicate images of the objects, five at 60°, and 2 at 90°. As the tube is rotated, the tumbling of the colored objects presents varying colors and configurations in a beautiful symmetrical pattern created by the reflections. The Krystal Spiral expands for every 45° or by two for every 90° of rotation made from the Krystal Kaleidoscope. This angle of rotation is derived from the height to width ratio of the original Diamond Sun body template, the living 12 Tree Grid. The number two access into the higher harmonic structure of doubling the Krystal code, is key to the anchoring of the Krystal Spiral into the earth grid. The Krystal Spiral forms a smooth exponential spiral that looks the same at every scale from the microcosmic levels to the macrocosmic levels. The Krystic architecture support an open living universe with full higher dimensional connections and direct connection through the center point into Source. They originate from the Krystal Code, which embodies original intention for creation as expressed through the 12 Tree Grid, the Krystal Spiral and its many trinity wave based structures.

The Krystal Kaleidoscope functions in the same way as the more recent architecture that has been placed on planet since the end of 2012, the Krystal Cathedral, Krystal Spires, and the City Four Square operate in the same mirrored reflection symmetry. If a being is capable to create a heart center willing to connect to the God Source within, and is capable to hold energetic integrity within itself, upon undergoing a reflection with the Krystal Kaleidoscope, this being has mirrored reflectional symmetry with the Krystal Spiral. The mirrored reflection symmetry present in the Krystal code adjusts and corrects the rotational axis formula to reflect the higher expression of the diamond sun body to activate into the core DNA instruction set of the being. This means if the “reflectional symmetry” exists through the developed heart center of that being, that part of the reflection will expand its symmetry pattern throughout its entire DNA, unwinding the Krystal code into any existing timelines in the holographic dimensions. This process is the reclamation of all Krystal Identities on earth to be returned for rehabilitation to the Aurora Host and Founder Dimensions in the Trans-time continuum. This does not mean necessarily, that we drop the body. What it means is we are connected to the Founder’s Krystal Consciousness identities through the Krystal Spiral, and this Krystal code in our diamond sun body is the instruction set to load out earth humans to the Aurora time continuum or alternative evolution on other planets in the future. This is the GSF Ascension timeline and Consciousness Corridors that are hosted by Krystal Star.

If there is no mirrored symmetry present in the reflection of that being or its body to reflect Aurora colors, they will not perceive the Krystal Kaleidoscope design, Krystal Spiral, Source field of actual identity or any of its creations. This means it is essentially invisible to them because it simply does not exist in their lower dimensional perception of reality. Many beings in this domain are completely controlled by ego thoughtforms and disconnected from the Source. This state of being will eventually present the choice between eviction with the Vandal-Fallen races of NAA groups, annihilation of their species memory or genetic rehabilitation monitored under Krystal Star host on another globe chain.

The Aurora Rays are plasma wave patterns building layers of kaleidoscopic color coded shields which geometrically intersect with the Aurora time continuum through Krystal algorithm’s. The Aurora time continuum is accessed within multiple time vectors located in the Trans-time fields, which are able to be seen through the Aqua Ray of the Cosmic Mothers body.

Time Vectors are time codes which relate to fire codes or fire letters which are directly a part of activating planetary and human DNA. Through the activation of fire codes in DNA one shifts timelines, one can bypass timelines, one can eliminate destructive timelines and one may remember or view cellular memories in other timelines. When one is observing cellular memories from another timeline, it allows participation with the choices made that had impacted the past, present or future, through changing or clearing those memories that were made in those timelines. This is referred to as “rehabilitation of the timeline” which is made through the repair of genetic damage that was caused by the time vector code that holds the historical record of those accumulated cellular memories.

To be permeated with the original blueprint being holographically projected from the Krystal Kaleidoscope intoKrystal spirals is to say that many of us are undergoing Krystal code and Krystal color correction to our Ray bodies. Also, the Ray attributes and aspects of color waves that have resulted from previous distortions in our manifested creations throughout timelines are in a process of color correction at the higher dimensions. The main seven Planetary Rays transmitted from the Galactic planes into Ursa Major, and into our Sun, are directed to the planetary body. The Galactic Logos is undergoing configurations that dissolve Metatronic energies into the Krystal Spiral at the 9th dimension, manifesting some recent aggression and desperate attacks from those Metatronic races inhabiting that level that are not willing to heal or transit.

Color correction and frequency saturation of the Krystal Spiral changes cellular memories and shifts timelines because it simultaneously shifts causal events that led into distortions or genetic damage made to our consciousness bodies. These are Ray attributes of our higher identity cellular memories which penetrate the subatomic layers of our energetic blueprint in this “now self” identity. Unstable forces and extreme polarities buried within our subatomic layers are surfacing now similar to the smelting process in metallurgy. Alchemical processes are applied sequentially to decompose the carbon slag and miasmatic debris layers to extract the purity of our true essence (gold) from the spiritual body. The tempering of our personal mettle extracts the pure elemental substances that forge the crystal diamond heart to birth within our golden body.

Of the seven metals known in antiquity only gold occurred regularly in native form in the natural environment. This is because our physical matter is made from the base chemical element of gold and so is our planet.

The current evolutionary theme is the process of spiritual integration of the reassembled parts the inner spirit has newly created in the energetic layers of the body consciousness. For many people this time has required polarity integration between the newly reassembled parts of these required patterns being synthesized into one’s consciousness. Although many people on earth cannot sense the physical perception of these new color frequency spectrums, these Krystal Spirals include code that deeply penetrate the cellular bodies and stimulate the cells. The deep cellular change to our subatomic layers has polarizing impacts to our sense of identity, which physically manifest into our earthly life experiences. This is a great inner purge occurring, all the hidden demons, devils, egos, aliens and their foreign substances and machinery in previous timelines are being ramped up to the surface. Most people in the masses are very confused by what they are looking at, and if it threatens their belief system, they tend to use an ego defense mechanism such as repression, suppression or projection in order to cope. (Learn more about common ego defense mechanisms here)

This can stimulate the person’s hidden distortions to explode outwardly, or it can stimulate the person’s purity from their inner spirit to congeal and deeply anchor within their body. One may feel inner peace and comfort, or feel explosive and tumultuous, or ride the roller coaster of both experiences until energetic synthesis of the mind, body, and spirit is complete. This is a part of the Magnum Opus of Spiritual Alchemy.

(Source: Es Newsletter: Krystal Kaleidoscope – June 2014)


Copyright Creative Commons  Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0

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New Human

The New Human:  5.0 Edition

by Lauren C. Gorgo, Think With Your Heart

January 24, 2016


Enter the new world consciousness.

Well, in actuality the “new world consciousness” officially entered in September when that insane wave of transformational energy hit the planet in the midst of an eclipse cycle, the equinox, AND the final blood moon in the highly prophesied tetrad.

The difference is that now we are moving into participation with it.

That gargantuan download of divine light was so far reaching it has literally taken months to sort thru the rubble from the explosions it set off in our DNA. Those explosions served to shake loose so much expired content from within our ancient human lineage for the purpose of transmuting/transcending our limited genetics in order to move fully into the sovereignty of our divinity, our star genetics.

The Pleiadians share that for many, this is now a reality (!) and as a result we are moving into what they call a brand new life program, one that is malleable and very responsive to the way that we, as conscious creators, participate with it.   This new life program is ALIVE with consciousness, and responds (favorably) to those with commensurate-level consciousness.

The coming weeks represent this first new chapter as new humans in the sense that we are now beginning to rewrite our scripts from a place of pure truth. This whole year in fact could be considered an entire rewrite program, one that will present us with opportunity after opportunity to move into new life experiences without our past hindrances attached…weighing us down…holding us back.

As always, that choice is continuously ours to make…in every moment now.

We are pivoting from 8 concentrated and intensive years of inner excavation and transformation to an entirely new life, as new humans, in a new world…this will obviously take some time-space to recreate ourselves and rebuild the rest of our continually transforming lives based on our new, true coordinates. Coming full circle this (universal 9) year, we will engage with new, unexplored aspects of ourSelves but we will also begin to return to/reconnect with those things we love, only from a place of cosmic expansion…of owning ourSelves and knowing our true worth.

In the last report, we were told that we would undergo a comprehensive recalibration (during Mercury’s retrograde cycle) that would lead to a more permanent reconnection to the higher (GOD) mind.  That upgrade is officially complete tho will be calibrating from this change for the entire year ahead, if not longer.

In a sense, we will still be required to clear..but, because of the recent and radical mental upgrade we just endured this will be on a whole new level, with a new level consciousness and brand new perspective.  Aka, the process will be unlike anything we have experienced to date.

The new human 5.0 has a new, unlimited capacity hard drive, new RAM, a new OS and new system applications that are no longer compatible with our old equipment and processor, so all year long we will be required to take pertinent steps to clean out any remaining past patterns by reprogramming/repaving new neural pathways with new choices and actions that align with new life experience…that of our deepest desires and most cherished, heartfelt dreams.(NOTE: in some cases this uplevel in consciousness may have resulted in a very literal need for a computer upgrade…ie, a hard drive crash, operating system failure.)

Our entire communication system…how we perceive, parlay and interact with the world hologram…is reassembling itself to reflect our new, higher consciousness and so a lot, if not everything, will change.

Already we can see life shifting to reflect these changes thru a universal sorting system where those things that are no longer in resonance with the new consciousness are rapidly falling away, being rerouted while simultaneously new openings are appearing to replace the outdated.  Relationships are ending, new ones forming, old ones reestablishing…groups of souls are leaving the physical world…some people are suddenly and unexpectedly relocating…old business ventures and/or careers coming to a close…new partnerships and purposes developing…the list goes on.

We are all emptying out in one way or another before we fill ourselves up with brand new life.  This is manifesting in a myriad of ways, the most common of which may translate as a major dip in vitality, finances, clarity and/or creativity… even an early “spring cleaning” in which you feel a compelling urge to let go of stuff/clear space in order to organize and prepare for the coming infusion of new energy.

As we clear the clutter and reorient to our new selves and lives, you may also be suddenly noticing new, more limitless thought processes based in solid self LOVE, reverence even, and the ability to stand in your light/speak your truth without a glitch.  This is one of the definite perks of the new processor, what the star beings call our “GOD processor”….the part of us that KNOWS our worth, without question, and is able to communicate that with unwavering confidence.

This budding ability, along with many others, provides us with the basis by which each of us will be able to ‘BE the revelation’ this year…to participate with, and ultimately excel in, the new world consciousness.

This is our game now, time to PLAY….human.


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Spirit Midwife

Midwife of the Spirit

by Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis

January 18, 2016

Since the beginning of the year, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn have been lining up in the early morning sky. This week’s movement into the Capricornian Galactic Law on January 20th will transmit its influence through a rare celestial event, in the diagonal alignment of five planets, as this week adds the planet Mercury to the lineup. The last time all five planets have lined up this way was back in 2005, over a decade ago. This rare alignment follows the path that the Sun makes around the ring of constellations of stars in the background, which is called the Ecliptic. This is visual proof that all of the planets, the Earth among them, orbit the stars along the same plane. We call this movement through the Ecliptic, the Precession of Equinoxes or the Ascension Cycle.

Since the constellations of the zodiac are also along the ecliptic, these five planets will also be joined by two bright stars. The most recognizable of these is Scorpius, marked by the red supergiant Antares that glows red like Mars. Also, Antares is one of the Four Royal Stars that watches the West and is the alpha star in Scorpius. Spica, in the constellation Virgo, can be found in between Mars and Jupiter. The influence of these Stars will be bubbling up in the earth as death and sexual energy transforming into higher and more pure motivations to help the world. This will be especially felt by those people that have Soul relationship to these planets and Stars specifically.

Each planetary body has a magnetic core which when aligned to another planetary body, lock on temporarily while they are in conjunction with each other. These magnetic conjunctions in the planetary body open portals into other space-time continuums, of which beings can move, evolve or transit from other dimensions. This means the transits of souls in other planetary bodies, as well as the earth body, are able to make their transit to a new planetary theme or evolution schema. We could refer to this as a station in time where an exit point allows transit to another planetary body, if that is the path of evolution for that particular soul, or group soul.

We are at a completion cycle this year, of which many beings on our earth will choose to leave for their next destination. When these alignments occur, we have a massive diaspora of kingdoms or realms that have the potential to be escorted and transited to another plane of evolution, through the Consciousness Corridors. A lot of people may have sensitivity to this exodus and are going through their personal level of the “dark night of the soul” process. This appears as the grieving of leaving things behind, such as the outward collapse of systems or people that had reinforced an identity of certain ego beliefs. As such, that is reflected in such events that have been around endings and completion; financial devastation, emotional devastation, life altering situations, a physical or health development, along with people deciding to drop their bodies and pass at this time as an exit point. Any time there are massive pinnacles of new frequency energy, there are exit points for many who are unable to sustain the new frequency in the physical form that they have. In these phases, people decide to leave the planet, especially when they are not participating with the task at hand as required by their ascending biologies. To understand this from a point of higher consciousness helps us to deal with this happening at this time.

As Starseeds, we have the role as the midwife of the spirit, for the human kingdom and the natural kingdom, and this may be painful at times when we hold the space of grieving for the loss of that spirit on this plane, while they are moved to their next cycle of evolution or destination. This is an consciousness exit point, and we will see the markers in the globalscape that also show us the consciousness that was connected to leaving, that marks the end of an era of that particular consciousness on earth. Sometimes, it is hard to observe people or things we have so much love, affection and connection towards, leaving the earth and leaving that space they had filled, now left unfilled. We are entering the New Era that we must create beginnings,  to replace that which has ended upon our earth. We must connect with our spirit to fill the world with the refined vibrations of the creations of Great Spirits. Great Spirits are those people that have come to this earth to spread beauty, art, creation, freedom and the inherent understanding that we are all connected as One.  In the current exit point, we can see that some of these people had positions of great power and fame, and are leaving the earth that were embodied in the masculine principle. During these tumultuous times, we must learn to live in harmony with each other, and the new empty spaces are being created to have the new structure in time where this New Era can be manifested, as guided by our inner spiritual world and female principle. We have seen many famous people leave the planet recently that held nodes of consciousness in the collective through their performances, art, music and creative spirit. It’s painful to see them go, as we feel we still need them to help manifest beauty and truth through their artistic and creative abilities. We all know that genius is accessed and created though the connection made with the Soul, and when the artist connects truthfully within themselves, the beauty of that inner spirit is made manifest through the artistic means of their medium. The access of Soul through art is unparalleled, as human beings, we thirst desperately for this contact and connection in the earth to again become whole. When an famous artist has been able to contact their soul and make it available to the masses, he/she becomes an object of adoration and a symbol of what we all know inside our heart, that we have been separated from our soul and higher consciousness.  We are desperate to get it back. Some of these creative people have shown the masses how they found the way to contact their soul again and find expression for it. It is a task we all have the responsibility for now. We must find the contact inside of our heart and soul to help spread this nonverbal feeling within the omnipresent forces of love, back to our earth, allowing the reeducation for the humane value system to manifest creative expression and freedom for humanity.

During this time, we may reach potent periods of fermentation of new ideas, illumination into different directions which allow our new era to take shape in the world. Working in alignment to serving others while allowing our heart and creative expression to flow authentically, is the task at hand. We live in a time of great corruption, fraud and greed, which are the antithesis of that which is needed to connect with the purity and genius of the soul.  The power of loving compassion directed naturally by the intelligent design of God’s Living Essence, when embodied in a divine human; heals bodies, changes Timelines (elevates outcomes), reveals deception, activates Lightbody, retrieves soul fragments and connects to the Universal Mind’s pure genius in order to harmoniously resolve all energetic conflict between parties. Intelligently designed to create the ulimate unification, its core essence seeks to resolve, reconcile, rehabilitate and harmonize, to make beautiful music!

What if being the Compassionate Witness is our true purpose, the core purpose that defines the foundation and future direction of a Unified Humanity? What if non-ego compassion is the powerful key that unlocks the grip of Anti-Human anguish to be alchemically transformed into a true human being and stimulate planetary awakening? Where has ego trauma convoluted and distorted our inner Compassionate Witness?

True compassionate love naturally brings Unity. The true love relationship is a relationship with our own inner being, heart and soul, as practiced in the Law of One. When we embody love we experience God. It is necessary to be in love and peace with oneself so that one can be able to love others without fear. The feeling of one’s own esteem, dignity, and self-respect opens the possibility to feeling selfless love towards others. This is the process we are learning and living through at the end of the Ascension Cycle in order to become authentically human again. The Capricornian influence this month will catalyze these forces of illumination into greater awakening potential for all of us that are paying attention.

“Stage 11 – CAPRICORN –January 19 to February 15

Alchemical Theme: Fermentation, Illumination

Element: Earth

Fermentation is the spiritual alchemical process which shifts the production and source of energy that is required for the body functions. This stage begins to change how the ATP production is made in the mitochondria of the cells and how that energy is distributed to cellular tissues. New requirements of vital energies are manufactured by increasing the ATP pump which increase available energy needed to continue the life processes. There is an increase of ATP measured in the cells as the person is able to hold more light in their physical cells, increasing their consciousness. This also relates to increasing the size and quality of the auric light body. The body is much physically stronger now even if vitality feels low. Also, the fermentation process is used to produce different levels of enzymatic substances, which the physical body uses to support a variety of shifting hormonal and chemical reactions. During the ascension stages of symptoms, this is commonly experienced as a highly physical shift in the digestive, immune and brain processing.(See Capricornus Constellation)”

(Source: Ascension Glossary: Galactic Zodiac, 


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Be the Revelation

Christ is Born:  BE the Revelation

by Lauren C. Gorgo, Think With Your Heart

December 24, 2015

reporticonxmas As 2015 draws to a close, we end this universal “8” year of spiritual-meets-material mastery with quite an exclamation point.

For the last 36 months…since the 12-12-12 gateway…those solely dedicated to their personal ascension have been diligently working as a collective to merge the spiritual and material worlds (as above, so below).  Of course, that merging of heaven and earth began with(in) each and every one of us (as within, so without) so that by this coming year (2016) we could begin to witness the physical emergence of this ultimate union in the world around us…beginning with ourSelves.

Needless to say, this year’s 12:12 gateway represented a major turning point…the anniversary of/ending to the 3-year journey of our descension leading to this present phase of embodiment that many are realizing thru the resurrection process.  In 2016 (a universal 9 year marked by completion) we will move into the many ongoing (hu)manifestations/revelations of this “3” year process.

And what a three years it has been. 😳

The structure of time has changed so radically that the memory of those years has all but evaporated into the void of timelessness…but I assure you they were dreadful eventful as all hell. We have been carving out so much space in our bodies and earth for our solar aspects to enter this plane…releasing so much fear and cumulative karmic sludge from our cells that purification has become synonymous with existence.

And now here we are, deep in this sacred Soulstice/Christ-mass/New Year season which, for those those who have upheld their personal ascension plan…that which wholly contributed to the success of the planetary ascension plan…has a very special, very magical meaning this year, the year that the galactics say “the uni-versal Christ is born”.

For those deep in the throes of resurrection, it should be obvious by now that this is not figurative by any means…that we are literally approaching our full embodiment, the eMERGEnce of the christ within.  What that will look like or how it will come to pass…no one truly knows. But that is part of the bewilderment, the mysticism, the intrigue.  The not-knowing defines the human experience in that life is a game of hide and seek…hiding the truth of who we are (from ourselves) so that we can seek (remember) it again…and again…and again…in order to live out and experience different and varied aspects/expressions of Self.

This (unprecedented) time around however, we are coming into the memory of our christed nature…en masse…which has unspeakable implications for ourselves and this planet, and yet, it would be a detriment to try to apply any kind of logic or meaning to that truth. For now, we continue to focus on welcoming this new frequency into our bodies and the planet so that we can discover (allow to unfold) what that will mean for us uniquely and individually, first and foremost.

As we do, as we individually and collectively move up the evolutionary spiral and click into the next (higher) level of the game in 2016, the message that is coming thru loud and clear for wayshowers is that very soon, there will be no more hiding…that we simply cannot contain our light any longer and that the time has come to reveal the full truth of who we are, unapologetically, out loud, and in front of all others.  (read: no more playing small)

The entirety of 2015 was an ongoing barrage of tremendous transformation/preparation, and it ends just as powerfully as it began.  The last week of this year is precipitating a deep internal adjustment for many, one that will positively reorient us toward a fortuitous, yet hard-working, year ahead.

The Pleiadian Christmas message this year is one of glory, of new gifts opening within those of pure heart…but the most emphatic is that it is high time we manifest the true Source of our riches in the world around us.

As you move through the holy days, internal shifts will cause you to both deepen and expand.  Much will be different both within and around you…there will be new heights attained, new perceptions born, new revelations abound that will reveal to you your true christed nature on earth.

May the joy of your unveiling present as your true gift under the tree this year, for the unwrapping of truth will far surpass any Christmas before now.

In this unveiling, we remind you again that indeed you are and have always been masters…and yet, here you stand poised and ready to meet your mastery once again. 

This simultaneous, multidimensional awareness of past and present as ONE is the consciousness that beckons forth your birth as Christ.  

Yes, we proclaim that within each and every one of you on the higher path, on this very sacred season, indeed the Christ is born. -Pleiadian High Council


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Love:  The Religion of the Spiritually Conscious

by Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

January 20, 2016

It’s hard to understand love with the mind, but it’s easy with the heart. This is because no effort to understand it is necessary from the heart; you simply feel it and express it to everyone you cross paths with no matter how loving or enlightened they are.

True love is the willingness to be kind to people who wouldn’t do the same for you, and while I’m not suggesting we take abuse from unkind or disrespectful people, I am suggesting we show love and kindness to everyone regardless of who they appear to be. You never know; our love could really help someone just when they need it.

Hateful people cause themselves the most suffering by rejecting love, and while it seems to be their own fault, many of them been deprived of it all their life. As a result, they don’t even know they need it.

It’s difficult for most people to open up to love because they don’t understand its value or what it really is, and they assume it’s a human emotion that should only be associated with romance.

As we’re all slowly discovering, this isn’t the slightest bit true. Love is a force; an evolution-boosting energy that can be shared with anyone and, in my opinion, should be shared with everyone. Understanding it is the first step to utilizing it properly, and it makes life noticeably more beautiful and vibrant for those who open up to it.

Living from the heart doesn’t take away our challenges or lessen their difficulty, but it gives us the strength to tackle them head-on. Some challenges will seem easier when approached from the heart, because we’ll have changed and stepped up our game.

We’ll deal with adversity in a more evolved way, and it won’t seem as severe because we won’t let fear cloud our thoughts. We’ll understand the severity of the situation, but we won’t let it stop us from finding a solution with a clear mind and an open heart that isn’t easily frightened.

Whereas we used to get upset at the first sign of trouble, we’ll understand that anything is possible if we live with love and greet challenges with excitement.

We’ll live for the obstacles life puts on our path, and we’ll enjoy each challenge more than the last. We’ll start to challenge ourselves if we get bored waiting, which is what we could’ve (and perhaps should’ve) been doing all along.

Life will do it for us whether or not we actively participate, but we can make it more fun by challenging ourselves in new and inventive ways.


We’ll know we’ve evolved a little each time we triumph, and those little doses of evolution will add up. If we want to overcome the obstacles that impede our evolution, we just have to throw out our negativity and self-defeating thoughts so love can properly help us.

When our love is put to the test, we can take it as a sign that we’re growing and abandon the familiar and comfortable negativity with which we’d usually approach the situation. It can be compared to school; we learn new things and grow as we learn, and we’re sometimes tested to see what we’ve learned.

We can apply the same concept to life, which is basically one big school. It’s a big learning experience that we only realize is too short when we reach the end, and as we accumulate knowledge and experience, we’re tested every day to see if we’ll use what we’ve learned.

We don’t even know we’re being tested most of the time, and sometimes, we ace the test. Other times, we fall flat on our faces. In my experience, the best way to stop failing is to realize that we control our response to every situation and circumstance we have to deal with.

We’re in full control of our thoughts, emotions and actions regardless of the circumstances that seem to trigger negativity. When we understand this, we can choose to respond with love when we’re tempted to let the circumstances get the best of us.

Responding with anger, frustration or sadness is the easiest and sometimes most preferable option and to respond with love is much more difficult. Why do you think that is?

It’s because we’re slowly relearning to embrace love after lifetimes in the dark, and when we struggle, we’re being tested to see how well we’ll respond.

The purpose of life is to learn to merge with love again, because when we merge with love, we merge with God. I’m not the first person to write that God is love, and I won’t be the last.

As we live this life and try our best to deal with our circumstances, we’re relearning love.


We’re relearning compassion and all of the other shades of love that most people don’t care about, and as we respond more with love, we bring more of God into our life. We bring a higher consciousness down to earth, and we transmit nearly constant good vibes through the heart space.

This higher-vibrating energy comes through our chakras as well, but the heart space, which seems to differ from the heart chakra, is its largest portal. All we have to do to open this space is reconnect with the love, joy and innocence we knew as children and confront any personal demons that decide to surface.

Being positive and heart-centered is the most effective way to change the world and spiritually evolve in my opinion, but the light is only one side of the coin. We’re also here to heal the darkness, which requires us to confront and resolve it.

In doing so, we’ll realize that it wasn’t as scary as we thought. We only need to descend into the deep chambers of our subconscious with love as our guide, and the healing process will be smoother and easier than we expect.

It might still be rough or emotional in some ways, but despite our expectations, we’ll come out unscathed. In fact, we’ll be healed.

Above all, the only thing it takes to live from the heart is to be happy. That’s it!

We can imbue positive vibes into whatever we’re doing when we put ourselves in this uplifted space, and people will be drawn to our work because of the love and good vibes we put into it.

We basically share our soul with the world when we live from the heart, and the people around us won’t help but notice the positive change in how we live and conduct ourselves.

I look forward to the day when everyone sees that love is our greatest tool in healing the world and glimpsing enlightenment, and until it happens, dedicated love-warriors around the world will continue to raise awareness and share their light with everyone they meet. This is our mission, and the time has come to take it to the next level.


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Trust Your Answers

Learning to Trust Your Own Answers

by Shanta Gabriel

January 18, 2016

Inspiration for the Week

For this week’s issue, the message from Archangel Gabriel is assisting us to learn how to trust our deepest wisdom.

The Gabriel Message card for this week

Strengthen your conscious awareness of other states beyond the physical, communicate deeply within yourself and learn to trust in your own answers.

Everywhere I turn now it seems I am being confronted with the need to be aware of other states beyond the physical. In fact, much of my life at this point seems to be about working beyond 3D and more about learning to live in the higher frequencies of the 5D world we have moved into.

I find it to be a really interesting time to be alive right now. I am so curious about the shifting frequencies and the magical beauty inherent in the way the Divine Flow of Love is working through all that we are experiencing. It feels like being Home to me in a way that life in the world has never been.

I love that my Higher Self is available to me in a new way. Many people are agreeing with this assessment. The Light Fields are pliable and malleable enough for us to be able to co-create a life that brings us fulfillment of our greatest dreams. I am able to have deeper communication with my heart without taking as much time to raise my frequency. I find I am already living in the higher frequencies that give me access to my guidance system.

It is living in the world with these new frequencies that seems to be the trickiest part for my physical body, especially my nervous system. Life responds differently in 5D. When my actions do not create the same results they used to before 2012, that tells me I have to pay attention and make some new action choices. It turns out that when I do this, everything is much easier than it has been, and Love is a greater component in all activity than ever before.

It is a bit wild when I realize that it’s taken all these years to finally have the world that I thought I was being born into. When I did not have a body, it seemed like a great idea to “be ahead of my time.” However, the reality of life when nobody understood anything I said and even thought I was more than a bit crazy, was grueling to say the least. The freedom of the time we are living in now is remarkable. Let’s play!

Divine Presence:

Thank you for guiding me through this time with so much Clarity, Grace and Ease. Thank you for helping me to see what steps I need to take in order to be in harmony with my Soul’s wisdom and learn to work with the Angelic Dimensions to create new life on every level.

As I learn to navigate the new frequencies, please care for my physical body and my nervous system. Help me to be more conscious of the times when I am over-stimulated and need to slow down, be quieter and take deeper breaths. Thank you for guiding my decisions and all of my actions so they are in alignment with my Soul’s journey. I ask to be in Harmony with the power of my intentions for this new time. Thank you for helping me learn to be more receptive to my guidance.

For all these blessings and for the beautiful life I have been given, I say thank you. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
January 17, 2016

The Gabriel Messages #25

Strengthen your conscious awareness of other states beyond the physical, communicate deeply within your self and learn to trust in your own answers.

pillDear One,

You are here on this planet to develop yourself fully. When the ancient philosophers stated “Know Thyself,” they were talking about the power of Self-awareness. This means not just one’s consciousness of the physical, or even of the mental and emotional selves. To truly know oneself means a real discernment of your self as a multi-dimensional being.

You have the power within you to know planes of reality beyond the three-dimensional world in which you live. In fact, developing an awareness of these other states creates a link to the joy and love so many are seeking. These qualities you truly desire in life are beyond the physical plane. They exist in the expanded state of consciousness that is your bond with God, the Source of your very being. To commune within your self is to find these qualities. It requires a willingness to see beyond your outer self, and to take the time necessary to create a conscious awareness of the love and light within you.


As you sit quietly and breathe balanced breaths deeply and slowly, there are immediate results in mind, body and spirit. Imagine that you are sitting in a pillar of golden light joining Heaven to Earth through you. This allows you to enlarge your consciousness. When you add prayer asking for what you want in your life, you allow the grace of the Angels to work for you.

On this free-will plane of existence, you need to ask for their assistance or they will not interfere. This does not necessarily mean a formal prayer. Asking can be as simple as saying the words for the qualities you want in your life, such as Love, Peace and Harmony. Meditating on these qualities can literally change your life and create a more abundant, joy-filled existence. It allows you to tap into your Higher Self and your guardian Angels, so you are communicating with the deepest levels of your being.

From this place, the answers you receive will be from a level of Divine Order, and all that follows will be for the highest good of all concerned. You will receive intuition and know the actions and words that will best assist you with the challenges you face. Once you begin to act on your intuitive guidance, you will start to trust your self. Life will feel easier. You won’t need to continue looking to others for the answers. With every fiber of your being you will know what is truth in your life.

Trusting in yourself does not mean you are alone, for you are never alone. At all times, you have with you Angels to assist you. Some have been with you for eons of time. Working in harmony with the Light of God, they know you at the deepest level of your soul. It is comforting to know that you are always wrapped in their wings of pure love and cared for beyond your capacity to understand.

It is this link within the self that most people are seeking. They hunger for knowledge of the love that is within them. It is readily available through prayer and taking time to sit and breathe in light and love in a conscious manner. So give yourself the gift of sitting in light and love every day for five minutes. It is a simple thing that will provide you with wondrous joy.

The Angels are ready now to lead you into the light of your true Self. Create a conscious relationship with your Higher Power and find the joy you so desire to have. Ask for assistance from the Angels. Begin to do this every day and miracles will surely occur, for miracles are your birthright and the natural state of your being. Know that you deserve to have your life filled with Love, Joy and Miracles. Learn to communicate within and trust in your own truth. This is the way you will live to your fullest potential and fulfill your highest destiny on Earth.

The Angels love you and bless you with all that is good. Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

Strengthen your conscious awareness of other states beyond the physical, communicate deeply within yourself and learn to trust in your own answers.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel January 17, 2016



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