Transmission of the Month

In this transmission (recorded December 2015), the 13th Ascension “Star Code” is activated in your multi-dimensional, unified heart.  The star code, a 13-pointed Golden Star, realigns you to the source of the 13th Ascension Gateway and the Angelic Earth re-creation.  As a light tool, the 13th Ascension Star Code enables you to resonate with and physically manifest on the Angelic Earth dimensional plane.  The transmission travels through several Earth dimensions/timelines to re-create Creation and reveal a newly manifested Angelic Earth, a higher Earth creation.  Included in this transmission recording is a December 2015 energy update.  MP3; 50:42


Transmissions for Humanity

Corrina transmits frequencies to awaken humanity and accelerate the Angelic Earth timeline for the planet.  During the final months of 2015, there are several crucial “timeline” moments that are vital to the awakening of the planet.  These “Transmissions for Humanity” are part of a higher Earth agenda to awaken the masses through the Triad-Unified Heart, a living light intelligence that synergizes the Unified Human Heart with the Higher Earth Heart and the Cosmic Heart Center.  Please share these “Transmissions for Humanity” widely!

Transmission of the New Money Matrix

Corrina Steward transmits the New Money Matrix, light codes that are came in on the 8/8/14 cosmic gateway.  Energetically realigns you to the newest energy upgrades for abundance and healthy, whole “currency” as a New Human and through the Unified Heart.

The Sacred Covenant of the 13th Disciple

This Earth Hive Transmission is from Friday, July 12, 2013. This transmission activates the 13th Disciple spirit codes, the divine feminine Christ consciousness. The transmission is in 5 parts and was recorded live with members of the Bee Hive Collective, a conscious co-creation group.

Healing Transmission

The Healing transmission is comforting, soothing, relieving and healing.  It supports your healing in any way that is needed for you on all levels of yourself.  The healing is facilitated through Angelic Reiki, an advanced, multi-dimensional healing system of pure light and the spirit energy of butterflies, a transformative healing source.  MP3; 13:54

Offered for free with discount code: healing (You’ll be asked for your discount code at check out).

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