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A Confluence of Star Worlds


A Confluence of Star Worlds: Star Fire Earth Activation

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

October 16, 2016

Many are feeling that something is “up”!  Huge downloads of new plasmic light waves are coming in directly from the Galactic Sun Center.  This is deeply re-orienting Earth in the universe and the primary “source” for this re-orientation is coming through the New Human that is working on embodying the Avatar Double Diamond Light Body. 

I felt called to write today because of Celia Fenn’s recent post Diamond Star Fire that re-affirms what began coming in on the March Equinox this year.

Here are two posts I wrote earlier this year on the Double Diamond Light Body, which will help you Continue reading A Confluence of Star Worlds


New Ascension Pulses

New Ascension Pulses: The Confluence of Star Fire

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

March 25, 2016

 Pathway of the Avatar

The awakening waves on planet earth are growing by leaps and bounds. As these highly potent waves land into earth, I am making some pretty incredible new awareness that pertain to the new humanity’s ascension pathway. 

What I have understood about my own evolutionary path is that I bring in the new codes, which are the instructions for the new human form, a prototype for the evolving human to follow. 

My pattern is to access the new codes and the accompanying consciousness through “pre-creation” events. The more I awaken I can see that I follow the divine pulse of awakening very precisely. I am always amazed by the incredible synchronicity and precision I experience in my awakening journey. Some new revelations recently have given me an understanding of why my ascension into the divine human form is near perfection.

What is happening through me is the pathway of the avatar. The avatar consciousness comes to earth to demonstrate how to ascend. All of the new humanity are doing this with different roles so that we can fully ignite the unified Christ consciousness on earth. That is the group mission.  

There are a few individuals that lead the group consciousness by accessing the codes, translating them and then embodying them. This is the pathway of the avatar.  

The pathway of the avatar opens doorways to freedom to those who seek it.  

I’m learning that this process is so precise and repetitious because it’s sourced through a consciousness called the Oraphim, a creation who’s purpose IS to liberate and awaken planets and star systems. 

The Oraphim blueprint is the source field of my origin (as far as I can read the story at this point!) and so once the linear human blueprint (human ancestral inheritance) is dropped, a Universal Time Matrix blueprint opens through the 13th Ascension Code (this opens the gateway to universal time) and the biological avatar embodiment begins.

It is through the avatar embodiment that planetary liberation occurs because of the high vibrational energy forms synthesizing through the avatar body.

I understand now my fascination with previous avatars like Mary Magdalene, Jesus, and the modern-day ones that shaped my worldviews, Martin Luther King Jr., Wangari Mathaai and Ghandi. These avatars laid the consciousness codes of the future into the planet’s Logos, the blueprint or instructions for life on earth, and the future timelines. In their stories, I could see my own.

I recently spent a Saturday afternoon listening to Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have been to the mountaintop” speech given right before he was assassinated. As I listened to him chills of knowing came over me. Every word that he spoke was a new consciousness code.

In his review of history, I felt him climbing the timelines and landing into the future earth. He was embodied in the Christ consciousness and knew of the future he was co-creating. He was teaching the future avatars how to be brave in emerging freedom in a planet of imprisoned human consciousness.

That Saturday as King spoke, “Well, I don’t know what will happen now. We’ve got some difficult days ahead. But it really doesn’t matter with me now, because I’ve been to the mountaintop”, it gave me hope (which coincidentally has become the first word my daughter can read after she memorized it from a shirt I have).

In King’s time, the avatar codes of the Christ consciousness weren’t able to fully take shape and life on earth. King’s life ended abruptly because of it, and, yet, in divine timing he anchored the future into our consciousness.

New Ascension Pulsations: Star Fire Confluence 

In this year 2016, we are getting ever closer to our origins and the avatar Christ consciousness embodiment is becoming possible. Our original divine human blueprint is waiting for us in the wings of our angelic human heritage. As we climb the ascension ladder, we are remembering and the connection to the source of our beginnings is growing.

I am experiencing another phase of increased precision and synchronicity that is pointing to the next phase of avatar embodiment. In my experience, the codes come in first through my conscious connection and through an earth anchoring point both in body and in an earth grid point. 

Then, an awakening begins in my body, mind, heart and spirit and others in the new humanity family begin to experience the new embodiment through the unified heart group consciousness (my transmissions help to accelerate this process by condensing the codes into a singular recording).

Beginning on and the days following Easter this year I’ll be bringing in a new wave of Ascension codes for avatar embodiment. As I’m understanding it, these codes light the avatar solar light body with a substance I’m calling Star Fire. 

Star Fire emerges out of the confluence of two star systems, the Pleiades and Ursa Major, which are known in Ascension science as our local higher heaven gateway. When these two system unify, the higher heavens unify in our galaxy and in the ascending human.

I’ve begun to experience bringing in this unified system. It will complete when I physically “land” into the earth grid point that serves as a High Heart portal in Puerto Rico (near a beach called Seven Seas and a bay that lights up like the night sky at night with bioluminescence!). 

Star Fire activates the Double Rose Infinity Body (also called the Double Diamond Body) into physicality (previous activations/transmissions anchored the Double Rose Body in the multiple dimensions of the human energy field awaiting physical cocreation in divine timing) and supports the embodiment of the Cosmic Logos.

The mechanics of this embodiment are laid out here so I’m not going to delve into it. Plus, I’m learning as I embody so I am a student at this point. What I do know is this will be an initiatory experience for earth and the new humanity as the pathway to the avatar is further carved out with this experience.

We are literally becoming an earth doorway to heaven! 

I will document and record the transmission of the Confluence of Star Fire as it unfolds. I’m excited to meet you there and witness our transformation.

I feel the pathways of those who came before like King. We are picking up the “time travel star path” he and others laid to complete the mission. While not everyone will choose this path in present time, the option for freedom will now be possible. And in our earth time we will see the pathway complete! 

My infinite heart blessings to each of you on this journey!

Receive a Personal Energy Transmission from Corrina. 


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