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Acceleration of Creation

From Soulstice to Equinox:  acceleration of creation

by Lauren C. Gorgo, Think With Your Heart

June 20, 2016


Happy summer/winter people of HEART!  But that’s not even the best news.  The best news is that Mars is  f.i.n.a.l.l.y. fixin’ to turn direct (June 29) and we are THIS close to completing quite a legendary (physical) transmutation cycle in preparation to receive more of our soul Self in form. If you can remember back to when Mars turned retrograde (April 17th) I am sure that particular theme of your personal transcension expedition is quite obvious to you by now…i.e. those places in your physical body and/or reality that you needed to shift/rise above in order to fully open the (new) flow of life force.

This particular leg of the journey has been so challenging and complex because it involves the densest layer of our existence…it also been filled both with ecstatic highs and excruciating lows.  This is to be expected as we depolarize at the physical level, but it is still quite an experience to behold as our human existence merges with our divine essence.

Every cell of our being is now awakening to unity…to what our hearts and minds have been awakening to for several years.  We are in the process of materializing what used to only live within our imaginations…those visions that called to us from deep within our once sleeping (star) DNA are now grounding in the physical world.

As our bodies continue light up with our higher consciousness we will have lots of new things to discover, learn, remember…we are entering even deeper into what the Pleiadian High Council calls “an extensive period of rediscovery.”

Though challenging, you…the collective YOU…has been moving deeper and deeper into your true state of being, that which is replete with the bounty of good tidings that accompanies your soul gifts, the clear expression of your divine nature in physical form.

Now, and having travailed a most difficult cycle of physical reallocation…one by which you have been removing pieces of your past from your present and placing new, authentic pieces of your NOW into your future…you are butting up against a brand new cycle of creation, the likes of which humanity has never seen.

After many weeks of personal and collective upheaval, this moment in time can be likened to the aftermath of major destructive storm.  There is a silent sense of awe at what has just taken place and perhaps even feelings of being lost after having come undone in such major, life-changing ways. Yet, beneath the stillness and discomfort is the unmistakable realization of permanent transformation…the Knowing that there is absolutely no turning back, no more playing small, no more keeping quiet.

Life is calling us out of our cocoons in greater and more obvious ways and while there may be apprehension and uneasiness, it is nonetheless time to step up and out, to welcome the new way of living into the world.

Where the first six months of the year were about disassembling ourcellves and our lives in order to make room for our divine truth to enter, the next six months will be about reassembling, stabilizing & solidifying…albeit on a higher level/density….one that is Self-governed.  We are headed for a season of recalibration unlike any other and we have a lot of life to put back together after such an extensive defragmentation.

For those embodying, this next phase is not about “healing from our past” but about bringing who we authentically are to life….integrating and animating our divine truth and then weaving that truth into every thought, feeling, choice & action until every cell of our being is vibrating with the frequency of our very own LOVE.

In this new creation cycle our ultimate success will not be measured in healing, saving or serving, but in our ability to be true…to ourSelves.

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New Human

The New Human:  5.0 Edition

by Lauren C. Gorgo, Think With Your Heart

January 24, 2016


Enter the new world consciousness.

Well, in actuality the “new world consciousness” officially entered in September when that insane wave of transformational energy hit the planet in the midst of an eclipse cycle, the equinox, AND the final blood moon in the highly prophesied tetrad.

The difference is that now we are moving into participation with it.

That gargantuan download of divine light was so far reaching it has literally taken months to sort thru the rubble from the explosions it set off in our DNA. Those explosions served to shake loose so much expired content from within our ancient human lineage for the purpose of transmuting/transcending our limited genetics in order to move fully into the sovereignty of our divinity, our star genetics.

The Pleiadians share that for many, this is now a reality (!) and as a result we are moving into what they call a brand new life program, one that is malleable and very responsive to the way that we, as conscious creators, participate with it.   This new life program is ALIVE with consciousness, and responds (favorably) to those with commensurate-level consciousness.

The coming weeks represent this first new chapter as new humans in the sense that we are now beginning to rewrite our scripts from a place of pure truth. This whole year in fact could be considered an entire rewrite program, one that will present us with opportunity after opportunity to move into new life experiences without our past hindrances attached…weighing us down…holding us back.

As always, that choice is continuously ours to make…in every moment now.

We are pivoting from 8 concentrated and intensive years of inner excavation and transformation to an entirely new life, as new humans, in a new world…this will obviously take some time-space to recreate ourselves and rebuild the rest of our continually transforming lives based on our new, true coordinates. Coming full circle this (universal 9) year, we will engage with new, unexplored aspects of ourSelves but we will also begin to return to/reconnect with those things we love, only from a place of cosmic expansion…of owning ourSelves and knowing our true worth.

In the last report, we were told that we would undergo a comprehensive recalibration (during Mercury’s retrograde cycle) that would lead to a more permanent reconnection to the higher (GOD) mind.  That upgrade is officially complete tho will be calibrating from this change for the entire year ahead, if not longer.

In a sense, we will still be required to clear..but, because of the recent and radical mental upgrade we just endured this will be on a whole new level, with a new level consciousness and brand new perspective.  Aka, the process will be unlike anything we have experienced to date.

The new human 5.0 has a new, unlimited capacity hard drive, new RAM, a new OS and new system applications that are no longer compatible with our old equipment and processor, so all year long we will be required to take pertinent steps to clean out any remaining past patterns by reprogramming/repaving new neural pathways with new choices and actions that align with new life experience…that of our deepest desires and most cherished, heartfelt dreams.(NOTE: in some cases this uplevel in consciousness may have resulted in a very literal need for a computer upgrade…ie, a hard drive crash, operating system failure.)

Our entire communication system…how we perceive, parlay and interact with the world hologram…is reassembling itself to reflect our new, higher consciousness and so a lot, if not everything, will change.

Already we can see life shifting to reflect these changes thru a universal sorting system where those things that are no longer in resonance with the new consciousness are rapidly falling away, being rerouted while simultaneously new openings are appearing to replace the outdated.  Relationships are ending, new ones forming, old ones reestablishing…groups of souls are leaving the physical world…some people are suddenly and unexpectedly relocating…old business ventures and/or careers coming to a close…new partnerships and purposes developing…the list goes on.

We are all emptying out in one way or another before we fill ourselves up with brand new life.  This is manifesting in a myriad of ways, the most common of which may translate as a major dip in vitality, finances, clarity and/or creativity… even an early “spring cleaning” in which you feel a compelling urge to let go of stuff/clear space in order to organize and prepare for the coming infusion of new energy.

As we clear the clutter and reorient to our new selves and lives, you may also be suddenly noticing new, more limitless thought processes based in solid self LOVE, reverence even, and the ability to stand in your light/speak your truth without a glitch.  This is one of the definite perks of the new processor, what the star beings call our “GOD processor”….the part of us that KNOWS our worth, without question, and is able to communicate that with unwavering confidence.

This budding ability, along with many others, provides us with the basis by which each of us will be able to ‘BE the revelation’ this year…to participate with, and ultimately excel in, the new world consciousness.

This is our game now, time to PLAY….human.


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