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Spirit Midwife

Midwife of the Spirit

by Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis

January 18, 2016

Since the beginning of the year, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn have been lining up in the early morning sky. This week’s movement into the Capricornian Galactic Law on January 20th will transmit its influence through a rare celestial event, in the diagonal alignment of five planets, as this week adds the planet Mercury to the lineup. The last time all five planets have lined up this way was back in 2005, over a decade ago. This rare alignment follows the path that the Sun makes around the ring of constellations of stars in the background, which is called the Ecliptic. This is visual proof that all of the planets, the Earth among them, orbit the stars along the same plane. We call this movement through the Ecliptic, the Precession of Equinoxes or the Ascension Cycle.

Since the constellations of the zodiac are also along the ecliptic, these five planets will also be joined by two bright stars. The most recognizable of these is Scorpius, marked by the red supergiant Antares that glows red like Mars. Also, Antares is one of the Four Royal Stars that watches the West and is the alpha star in Scorpius. Spica, in the constellation Virgo, can be found in between Mars and Jupiter. The influence of these Stars will be bubbling up in the earth as death and sexual energy transforming into higher and more pure motivations to help the world. This will be especially felt by those people that have Soul relationship to these planets and Stars specifically.

Each planetary body has a magnetic core which when aligned to another planetary body, lock on temporarily while they are in conjunction with each other. These magnetic conjunctions in the planetary body open portals into other space-time continuums, of which beings can move, evolve or transit from other dimensions. This means the transits of souls in other planetary bodies, as well as the earth body, are able to make their transit to a new planetary theme or evolution schema. We could refer to this as a station in time where an exit point allows transit to another planetary body, if that is the path of evolution for that particular soul, or group soul.

We are at a completion cycle this year, of which many beings on our earth will choose to leave for their next destination. When these alignments occur, we have a massive diaspora of kingdoms or realms that have the potential to be escorted and transited to another plane of evolution, through the Consciousness Corridors. A lot of people may have sensitivity to this exodus and are going through their personal level of the “dark night of the soul” process. This appears as the grieving of leaving things behind, such as the outward collapse of systems or people that had reinforced an identity of certain ego beliefs. As such, that is reflected in such events that have been around endings and completion; financial devastation, emotional devastation, life altering situations, a physical or health development, along with people deciding to drop their bodies and pass at this time as an exit point. Any time there are massive pinnacles of new frequency energy, there are exit points for many who are unable to sustain the new frequency in the physical form that they have. In these phases, people decide to leave the planet, especially when they are not participating with the task at hand as required by their ascending biologies. To understand this from a point of higher consciousness helps us to deal with this happening at this time.

As Starseeds, we have the role as the midwife of the spirit, for the human kingdom and the natural kingdom, and this may be painful at times when we hold the space of grieving for the loss of that spirit on this plane, while they are moved to their next cycle of evolution or destination. This is an consciousness exit point, and we will see the markers in the globalscape that also show us the consciousness that was connected to leaving, that marks the end of an era of that particular consciousness on earth. Sometimes, it is hard to observe people or things we have so much love, affection and connection towards, leaving the earth and leaving that space they had filled, now left unfilled. We are entering the New Era that we must create beginnings,  to replace that which has ended upon our earth. We must connect with our spirit to fill the world with the refined vibrations of the creations of Great Spirits. Great Spirits are those people that have come to this earth to spread beauty, art, creation, freedom and the inherent understanding that we are all connected as One.  In the current exit point, we can see that some of these people had positions of great power and fame, and are leaving the earth that were embodied in the masculine principle. During these tumultuous times, we must learn to live in harmony with each other, and the new empty spaces are being created to have the new structure in time where this New Era can be manifested, as guided by our inner spiritual world and female principle. We have seen many famous people leave the planet recently that held nodes of consciousness in the collective through their performances, art, music and creative spirit. It’s painful to see them go, as we feel we still need them to help manifest beauty and truth through their artistic and creative abilities. We all know that genius is accessed and created though the connection made with the Soul, and when the artist connects truthfully within themselves, the beauty of that inner spirit is made manifest through the artistic means of their medium. The access of Soul through art is unparalleled, as human beings, we thirst desperately for this contact and connection in the earth to again become whole. When an famous artist has been able to contact their soul and make it available to the masses, he/she becomes an object of adoration and a symbol of what we all know inside our heart, that we have been separated from our soul and higher consciousness.  We are desperate to get it back. Some of these creative people have shown the masses how they found the way to contact their soul again and find expression for it. It is a task we all have the responsibility for now. We must find the contact inside of our heart and soul to help spread this nonverbal feeling within the omnipresent forces of love, back to our earth, allowing the reeducation for the humane value system to manifest creative expression and freedom for humanity.

During this time, we may reach potent periods of fermentation of new ideas, illumination into different directions which allow our new era to take shape in the world. Working in alignment to serving others while allowing our heart and creative expression to flow authentically, is the task at hand. We live in a time of great corruption, fraud and greed, which are the antithesis of that which is needed to connect with the purity and genius of the soul.  The power of loving compassion directed naturally by the intelligent design of God’s Living Essence, when embodied in a divine human; heals bodies, changes Timelines (elevates outcomes), reveals deception, activates Lightbody, retrieves soul fragments and connects to the Universal Mind’s pure genius in order to harmoniously resolve all energetic conflict between parties. Intelligently designed to create the ulimate unification, its core essence seeks to resolve, reconcile, rehabilitate and harmonize, to make beautiful music!

What if being the Compassionate Witness is our true purpose, the core purpose that defines the foundation and future direction of a Unified Humanity? What if non-ego compassion is the powerful key that unlocks the grip of Anti-Human anguish to be alchemically transformed into a true human being and stimulate planetary awakening? Where has ego trauma convoluted and distorted our inner Compassionate Witness?

True compassionate love naturally brings Unity. The true love relationship is a relationship with our own inner being, heart and soul, as practiced in the Law of One. When we embody love we experience God. It is necessary to be in love and peace with oneself so that one can be able to love others without fear. The feeling of one’s own esteem, dignity, and self-respect opens the possibility to feeling selfless love towards others. This is the process we are learning and living through at the end of the Ascension Cycle in order to become authentically human again. The Capricornian influence this month will catalyze these forces of illumination into greater awakening potential for all of us that are paying attention.

“Stage 11 – CAPRICORN –January 19 to February 15

Alchemical Theme: Fermentation, Illumination

Element: Earth

Fermentation is the spiritual alchemical process which shifts the production and source of energy that is required for the body functions. This stage begins to change how the ATP production is made in the mitochondria of the cells and how that energy is distributed to cellular tissues. New requirements of vital energies are manufactured by increasing the ATP pump which increase available energy needed to continue the life processes. There is an increase of ATP measured in the cells as the person is able to hold more light in their physical cells, increasing their consciousness. This also relates to increasing the size and quality of the auric light body. The body is much physically stronger now even if vitality feels low. Also, the fermentation process is used to produce different levels of enzymatic substances, which the physical body uses to support a variety of shifting hormonal and chemical reactions. During the ascension stages of symptoms, this is commonly experienced as a highly physical shift in the digestive, immune and brain processing.(See Capricornus Constellation)”

(Source: Ascension Glossary: Galactic Zodiac, Earthsky.org) 


Copyright Creative Commons  Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0

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Enemy Patterning

Eradicating Enemy Patterning

by Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis

July 28, 2015

We all incarnate as earthly beings that evolve through the Precession of Equinoxes. This takes us through the consciousness realms moving through the ecliptic path of the Gate of Man to eventually complete the evolution cycle, which intersects at the Galactic Center. Once we unify the consciousness experiences through the Gate of Man intersecting with the Galactic Equator at Ophiuchus’ feet, we are potentially given access to The Golden Gate. These are Universal Gates that open access into dimensional doorways directly into the core of our Universe which intersects with potentially, many other Universes.  This allows us to proceed on the Ascension path to become resurrected eternal spiritual beings unified with the Cosmic Holy Spirit. From our solar system the Galactic Center lies visually along a line that passes through The Golden Gate. This is the Gate to Eternal Life which pours out the Universal Elixir that opens at the end of Precession Cycles. These are massive waves of intergalactic plasmic frequency that  our earth is now being exposed, it is an extremley high frequency that some of us with operating neurological systems are connecting with. This connection with such high levels of Cosmic Frequency allows for the potential of more humans embodying the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

The Golden Gate is located on the circuit path, where the two great celestial spheres intersect together that create four quadrants. The quadrant is one of four circular sectors in the equal division of the planetary sphere. The first great circuit is the path of the Sun through the zodiac made in its annual cycle. The other is the circle path made from the center of our Milky Way galaxy called the galactic equator.

The intersection point made between the two circuits located between Taurus and Gemini constellations is known as The Silver Gate. The Taurus alpha star, Aldebaran is the Guardian of the East and since the Luciferian Rebellion, has been under warring conflict over who can control these Arc Gateways located in the East. Additionally, the intersection point of the two circuits between Scorpio and Sagittarius constellations, right under Ophiuchus right foot, is known as The Golden Gate. This period of time has great potential for all types of synchronistic events with an emphasis on energetic resurrection and physical healing of the miasmatic past. This is made available through this opening portal, or intersection with The Golden Gate.

When the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion began, this event unplugged human DNA and scrambled the Fire Letters and the geometric codes in the planetary blueprint. This blocked higher sensory perception and thus, blocked multidimensional perception of other timelines and extradimensional races. The Stargate takeover in Egypt from the Luciferian Rebellion allowed the Annunaki and NAA groups to erase the collective human race memory in the astral plane and Soul Matrix layers. This was the causal event of massive levels of enemy patterning that spread into human conciousness.

The Sumerian Invasion at the 10th and 4th Stargate is the reference point in our current historical record where the human DNA was unplugged on the earth. It is where the Galactic War memories and our true origins were erased from our memories by the NAA invading races. DNA and vibratory digression began a gradual decent from the Orion Group population coming to the earth from primarily 208,000 years ago in the Orion Wars. The major DNA unplugging happened however, when the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion transpired about 5,500 years ago. Until this point in the timeline, humans retained memories of their galactic history. With the Galactic Law being transmitted from The Golden Gate, these memories of Orion Wars, Luciferian Rebellion history and DNA unplugging have been surfacing in the planetary body. Many of us are reliving these memories now as we consciously participate with our ascension to remember what has happened to us during these timelines. This brings us to the Orion conflict and the main struggle of humanity attempting polarity integration to heal the original species schism that occurred over 208,000 years ago. We have to remember our history and feel what happened to us in order to end this war game and enemy patterning on planet earth. This allows us to change our future history.

This Galactic War history is the basis of Victim-Victimizer mind control software, enemy patterning and hidden psychotronic warfare used on the planet today to influence these memories in the Unconscious Mind of human beings. Genetic hatred and the reptilian hybridization with humans has created a planet and population at war with itself. Without these galactic memories in the Conscious Mind awareness, many people are mind controlled to play the same archetypal roles of of the False King of Tyranny over and over again, destined to repeat them into total self-destruction. One can only stop repeating these roles once they can feel the pain and destruction they have caused to the earth and other people, and have remorse for their actions. That process of self realization requires a emotional or sensory feeling body for many kinds of extradimensional beings that currently have no emotional capacity.

This Orion conflict has been playing out for eons of time in a most destructive and disturbing manner in order to annihilate their opponents in a hidden war strategy called the Archontic Deception. There were three main factions that formed. These three groups were:

• Victimizers – Dominators
• Victims – Slaves
• Resistance – Opposer

The dominators-victimizers were the Orion Empire or Draconians. The Orion Black League were formed as the resistance to the malicious domination of the Orion Group Empire. Yet, many of the supposed “good guys” became just like their oppressors as they justified war and killing in the process of the resistance. Some of the leaders of the Orion Black League were the Kumara Dragons who are known as Ray Masters. Many of them became fallen, thus enslaved by the Orion Group and their image falsified in this timeline to lead the New Age as Ascended Masters. This is the time we have the opportunity to trust the power of our organic onsciousness and make the shift of change through studying the principles of the Law of One, which requires harmlessness and pure intentions. We must reconcile ourselves with unconditional forgiveness to eradicate enemy patterning and hidden use of military war strategies which is what feeds and creates the Victim-Victimizer archetypes.

Through Trans-Time Convergence made possible in the current intergalactic plasma wave transmissions, the override of the Orion and Luciferian Rebellion invasion timelines is the potential humanity has available now with the opening of the Golden Gate which connects into Krystal Kaleidoscope architecture. We have to remember what has happened to us in order to shift the timelines and manifest our highest potential in the future. We are doing this for ourselves during this phase throughout summer, to eradicate the incredible miasmatic pain of the past that had impacted us from moving forward, and we are being given reassignments to embody and manifest this new potential into the earth now. Right now, it is all about the consciousness embodiment of our highest potential made manifest and real on the earth plane, no matter what the external world is doing.

(Source: ES Newsletter -Golden Gate, December 2014)


copyright notice (creative commons 3.0 BY-SA) www.energeticsynthesis.com


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