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Third Wave

Timeline Shift:  The Third Wave of 2016

By Sandra Walter, Creative Evolution

July 29, 2016

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The energies for the September wave, our third amplification of 2016, are already arriving. To recap: The first wave (late December – January) was aimed at dissolving looping programs which interfered with HUman perception of the Shift in consciousness. These programs which kept people doing the same things, thinking the same thoughts, repeating the same beliefs were dismantled. As always, the collective recreates old patterns out of habit, so there is a delay between what occurs and what the collective can perceive due to our experience of linear time. That is the free will choice of Creator-in-carnate HUmans, with powerful DNA, who are able to collectively create realities.

The second wave (March-April) was aimed at shadow; the uncomplimentary beings, programs, thought forms, emotions and beliefs which are deeply engrained into the collective subconscious. This level of light was (and is) a bit torturous for disharmonious beings, both Human and non-Human. Many Lightworkers are feeling the impact of this global purging of disharmony, because the effects apply to every single being on this planet. No stone is unturned during a dimensional shift. Gratitude to the Lightworkers who had the vision and intuition to prepare for this phase. You have the tools, compassion and understanding to stand in your power, no matter how difficult it gets to witness and experience this cleansing of the collective consciousness.

Remember that these waves have deep purpose in preparing and launching us into the New. These energies are a purer frequency of photonic light; frequencies that are typically experienced by higher realities. Realities are based on bandwidths of vibration. Your resonation determines your externally projected reality – your personal reality, as well as collective. (Vibration = vibration). Photonic light aimed at dissolving bandwidths that no longer serve Divine Will (the Universal rewrite) continue to penetrate our Solar system, Gaia and your individual consciousness.

Reporting Our Progress: Higher Realms desire your Connection

Your bodies are still attempting to hold a huge consciousness in a tiny form. It can be painful, uncomfortable, fatiguing, stimulating … whatever is needed to anchor this new level of light into the collective consciousness. This is why so much preparation was done to clear and upgrade the body and assist it into crystalline transformation. Keep your body vehicle clear and moving, flowing into this new stream of Light.

Remember to report all of the effects to your Higher levels. The nightly check-in with your Team and backward review help with adjustments in dreamstate (this has worked well for me for several years, try it.) A reminder that you are being monitored individually and as a collective. Complaints about the external reality or internal symptoms slow the collective process. We are completely capable of this evolution, Beloveds. As embodiment and contact intensifies (or begins) for many, the intermingling of energy fields can make the body feel electrified, blown apart, blissy, or non-existent.

Some feel unheard, isolated or alone in this journey. Leave those notions of separation behind, beloveds. The new experience is foreign to the lower levels (mind, ego, emotions). Parent them, train them to be patient with the transformation. The Higher teams hear everything, beloveds. All of your emotions, thoughts and words go into the collective sorting out of who-can-handle-what, and when. So if we desire the full acceleration available with these waves, we need to be HUman Masters – now. That is not a controlling position, it is one of grace, compassion and acceptance of the role of Wayshower.

Even with the intense internal heat, the sensations of being electrified, the vagus nerve activations (article on that soon), and the new glands developing to handle this transition, we persist in grace. Creator Breath: We breathe and exhale peace, in order to balance the deep unrest boiling up in the global population.

August: Take Inventory of Health, Lightwork, Creativity

Our third wave is beginning to arrive already. Vibrational match will become more apparent as the High Vibe Tribe anchors frequencies of freedom. You have sensed this for a while; the freedom, the completion, the gradual release of the lower reality. And yet your spirit continues to expand into the body vehicle. Hence the term *embodiment*. Let the light in, let the Higher Self step forth. Create as much freedom as you can from routine; you’ll need to play in the moment with this new level of light.

Multidimensional awareness intensifies in August, along with clarity, direction and creativity after the purge of the last wave. Use what you have learned, do not ignore the new direction. Many of you will be relocating, traveling and journeying to prepare for the September wave. Use the momentum of this phase to move ahead and step away from the old Self. You are stepping away from yet another level of the old reality. Resistance can bring depression, confusion, and disharmony in the body. Follow the Higher Self guidance; trust your heart as it merges with the Christed state of consciousness. Take note of feeling more like the True Self. Smile, breathe, all is well.

The lower vibration is what it is; let it have its experience. What is playing out on the smaller stage of the lower reality has no impact on the overarching mission of Ascension. There are many surprises ahead for the lower reality, as well as the higher. High Vibe Tribe, you know what is about to unfold. Trust that inner guidance with your personal journey. Stay in service to Divine Love. Participate in creative, playful, cleansing, healthful activity as the energies shift in August. Celebrate the lighter, brighter, happier place of the radiant heart.

Turning point: August Prep, September Shift

Unity is key in Unity Consciousness. That applies to your thoughts, energy fields and emotions more than physical surroundings. Most of you will need the support and companionship of others during this phase. The Wednesday Unity Meditations are there for you to connect etherically to the Light Tribe and Higher realms. We connect this way for many reasons: To experience the true/new level of Christed peace, to feel our collective power, to heal the collective and ourselves, to assist with embodiment, to raise the vibration of the HUman heart grid, and to connect with each other as we shed concerns about physical location or physical exhaustion with the new level of light. It is a highly supportive activity; if you are not participating, take a look at why you resist connecting with other Lightworkers in this way.

Upcoming Triggers

There is a lot unfolding at the moment to shift the vibe before the next wave enters. It seems we had a rough passage with the second wave, however we will create a much higher platform to stand on in August. Wayshowers, follow the personal direction for location, alignments and co-creations. Much of this phase will feel like a new wave of awakening – even for the Light Tribe – as the Higher Self steps in. There is a bit of reorganizing, shuffling of locations and duties presenting. Pay attention to the new direction, we are aiming for a very powerful influx to bring HUmanity into alignment with their hearts.

The Lion’s Gate (August 8) and August 21 are our collective triggers this month. The September wave begins around September 9th – 11th with the peak of the wave flowing in September 26 -29. Gratitude for your endurance, dear hearts. You are witnessed, you are cherished. Expect brilliance, beloveds!

In Love, Light and Service,



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Emotional Intensity

June 2016 Emotional Intensity & the Ongoing Completion Energies

by Denise LeFay, High Heart Life

June 17, 2016

 Hi Denise,
Numerous friends and I have noticed extremely strong emotional currents sweeping through during the last few days.  One highly evolved friend had such rage she finally wound up on the kitchen floor (her dog hugged her through it).  Another was dysfunctional all day with victim energies.  Others are crying for days.  All of us report this is not our emotional stuff, we can tell.  Others are having huge trouble even visualizing their 2nd chakra, and are experiencing pain there.  WTF is going on? Could you inquire?
A. What is causing this?  Dimensional shift, which will get worse before it gets better, as one angel reader has said?  Some infernal new technological attack by Team Dark to elicit one last milking of the human herd?  Their own rage and despair at being removed?  It is certainly more than the Pulse massacre, and I think more than Neptune retrograde. Whatever is it, it is laying people Out.

B. When will it end?

C. What can we concretely specifically do to cope with it (besides clear our own issues, which I think provide hooks for these waves to catch in us).

I so hope you will inquire and can get some answers.  People are definitely suffering and asking.

cartoon emotions2
We’d been having Comment conversations under my earlier article about how many of us have had an unusually difficult time with highly amplified emotional energies suddenly hitting us really hard. I’ve mentioned in a few articles this year how I’ve struggled with on again off againdepression, and none of it feels like “me” but some strange territory I’m having to trek through this year. Others mentioned how they’re getting hit hard now with rage, anger, complete dissatisfaction with everything and pretty much everyone, and others have reached that magical point where they are all done with enduring the A’s & I’s — the Assholes and Idiots any longer. Maybe my old term makes more sense to more people now than it did ten years ago or so when I felt this way and struggled with it and many other related things.
Then I received the email quoted above from Falcon, and it’s obvious large numbers of people are getting hit hard with whatever it is we’re required to be consciously aware of now in ourselves and other people. Thanks for letting me share your email Falcon.❤
There isn’t just one or two things causing what we’re all feeling and witnessing in ourselves and others, it’s a whole cluster of massively important and reality-changing things all happening in highly amplified ways in 2016.
2016 is a 9 Energy Year

01 number lights6

2016 is a 9 energy year. 2+0+1+6 = 9 numerically. Nine energy has to do with completions, and in this case with the Ascension Process those completions are vast and all-encompassing both personally and collectively for individuals and the human collective and beyond. We’ve been through many 9 energy years over the decades—2007 was the last 9 energy year we went through—but not one of them took place at the end of Galactic Alignment! 2016 is a 9 energy year like none ever before and more and more people are feeling this intense and trying fact throughout 2016.

I believe that, especially so from September 1st through the last three months of 2016, we’re going to see (globally but very much so in this country) things, people, situations, systems, belief systems etc. disintegrate even more quickly. Old lower ways are already crumbling under the patriarchy’s feet, and as the end of 2016 gets closer and closer, this dismantling process of the old lower everything will only escalate. Some will love this while others will freak out more than they already are, but anyway you look at it completion on all levels (which means total change) and in all ways is upon each of us personally and collectively as a species.

Plus…we’ve got to traverse the zero energy, the zero zone as I’ve called it before we’re catapulted into the NEW of 2017, 2+0+1+7 = 1 energy but again, this is 1 energy as humanity and Earth has never ever experienced before. 1 energy has to do with new beginnings, and in this Ascension Process case, they’ll take place completely within the NEW higher level of being and dimension etc.

So we complete whatever we must this year in the 9 energies; then we travel through the mysterious and timeless quantum zero energy (probably all of December 2016 if you’re very sensitive) which will most likely also be highly amplified and personal for each of us. Immediately after this we reach the NEW 1 energies of 2017. But because this is 1 energywithin the NEW on the other side of the Galactic Equator/Galactic Alignment, it won’t be like anything humanity has experienced before.

I’m working on another article about 2017, our exiting the Galactic Equator/Galactic Alignment energies and space, and the upcoming ‘three Flashes of Light’ arriving throughout the NEW of 2017 that will fully impact, alter and rapidly evolve mass humanity. They need this because we Forerunners/Pathpavers cannot haul their dense unaware butts up any more Stair-steps. Plus we shouldn’t have to suffer the unaware, the negative, the violence and insanity any longer either. Get an accurate sense of the monumental transition we’re actually in right now and will continue to be in throughout 2017. Feel into this information, and the current amplified personal and collective craziness, rage, depression, emotional sadness etc. etc. starts making a lot more sense.

The Sun’s Journey Across the Galactic Equator/Galactic Alignment

December 1980 GE crossing

December 1998 halfway across GE

December 2016 Solstice sun GE

I created these three images which is why they aren’t perfect. I intentionally lightened the color of the Sun however to match the actual physical and energetic changes (entrance into Photonic Light) it has gone through during this Ascension Process/Galactic Alignment journey.

Please spend a few moments from your HighHeart, not your intellect, viewing the start, mid-way and completion dates of the Sun’s spiritual energetic journey, along with the steady changes in our Sun from traversing the Galactic Equator/Galactic Alignment and embodying higher frequency Light from doing so. And lastly, be very consciously aware of the date of the third image, which is December 2016, a mere six months from now.

The June Solstice is three days away, meaning we’ve got the second half of 2016 before Earth and all humanity reaches this incredibly important completion point of our Sun completingand exiting the Galactic Equator area, also called Galactic Alignment.

It is no coincidence that 2016 is a 9 energy year (completion) AND this thirty-six-plus yearlong transformational Ascension Process journey of the Sun across the Galactic Equator/Galactic Alignment reaching its completion at the December 2016 Solstice. No coincidence whatsoever, just massive multi-layered, multi-dimensional, multiple lifetimes worth of intense Ascension Process Work here and elsewhere. You know this and much more in your very cells, in your ancient Self, in your Star Self, in your Greater Divine Selves.

This is a lot of spiritual, energetic, physical, mental and emotional pressure for each of us Forerunners/Pathpavers/Light Embodiers to be going through this year, which has much to do with why we’re sort of all over the place emotionally. Honestly, is it any wonder?❤

For many months now I’ve had higher visions of hundreds of thousands of super fast images of people, beings, events, energies, lives, deaths, horrors, loves, places, dimensions, locations across time, multiple dimensions and plenty of things I don’t even know what or who they are in my mind’s eye. It’s hundreds of thousands of faces and places, events and emotions, Light and Dark duality events and much more all being lifted up and out of the old evolutionary cycle and cleared and/or moved elsewhere and catalogued. At times it becomes way too much for me to witness and I do my best to not become overwhelmed by what all I’m Seeing wiz past me on its way out. Some of the depression I’ve felt this year has to do with this as it’s not all me or mine by any stretch! I’m just another of many higher dimensional witnesses to this massive completion, clearing and evolutionary dimensional transition across the Universe.

There’s much more of course but this is a good start I feel for what we’re going through now and a decent glimpse into the massive changes coming via 2017 and the NEW 1 energies and life, reality and creativity on the other side of  Galactic Alignment.


June 17, 2016

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Solar Christ Grids

Solar Christ Grids: Migration of Reality

by Sandra Walter, Creative Evolution

January 31, 2016

sandra walter ascension orbs

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Goodness there is a lot to catch up on. I AM still in this gorgeous Resurrection phase, having absolutely bizarre experiences and attaining, integrating higher levels of Solar consciousness. It was strange to not communicate with you in the usual way (the articles) over the last few weeks, although I AM sure you feel me with you in the subtler realms. This Resurrection phase (merging with the Solar Christ consciousness) continues through Equinox. It is getting easier to balance being in many realities, especially when one knows they have already been tagged for Ascension, however the experience of being here, there and everywhere has a truly sacred, devout sensation since the grid migration. I AM an Equinox person, and I see March will be very bizarre, so I AM completing annual updates to Ascension Path and all kinds of busy-ness in February.

First and foremost is the good work, so this intel is about the newly activated Solar Christ grid migration, what it means, and an invitation to work with it.

The New Solar Christ Grids

We had shared that the false structures which held 3-D replication in place would be dissolving by the end of the tetrad project. In mid-December last year all of the lower realities were migrated to the new Solar Christed grid system. That means disharmony is going to get extremely uncomfortable, and disclosure can present with less damage, but most importantly Gaia and HUmanity can step into their Solar beingness more easily. Notice the difference already? Yes, it is bizarre at first, because the old reality was synthetically supported for more-o-the-same. That hasn’t been organic for a while, and as those programs dissolve HUmans are feeling what true 4D life is like, and 5D/6D initiates are zooming ahead. Personally, I have had major shifts in my activations, skills and consciousness since this occurred. Lower Self feels complete, Christed Self is at the forefront, my understanding deepens, my Galactic Self shifted to accommodate, and my service priorities changed again.

The Solar Christ grid system, a new gridwork which Lightworkers, Gridworkers, and Gatekeepers have been building for over a decade, is a system of 5D/6D Gates and lines similar to the classic ley line system, however it has a specific purpose; to assist Gaia and HUmanity in raising, expanding into the Solar or Christ consciousness. It works in tandem with the Crystalline Unity grid system which surrounds the planet. The Solar Christ grid fuses ancient codes and structures deep within Gaia, some of which is being exposed as the Shift accelerates, with the Crystalline Grid via Gateways and pillars of light. In order for Gaia to embody her destiny as a Spiritual Sun, she must expand. This happens during every great age of evolution, however during this shift to Solar Christ consciousness the expansion takes on a new dimensional level as well, in order to support a much higher state of vibration and a population of Solar Christed HUmans who are choosing to take on that challenge with her. It pulls the rug out from old dark agendas who didn’t think we could accomplish this. They thought we were working with what they could perceive – the 4D grids where their programs were anchored – and as you know, they cannot perceive octaves above that without resonating with the Christ, with the Heart. It sounds tricky, but all is fair in Love and Love.

The new grounded Solar Christ grid and the Crystalline grid expand the grounded torus of 4D Gaia outward to meet the 5D/6D torus of the New Earth conscousness, very similar to what we are doing with our own torus fields; expanding the lower Self torus out to merge with the Higher Self torus. In Gaia’s case, she has information and Solar codes deep within her core, crystal beds, and some very ancient technology which were dormant, waiting for best-case-scenario of our Ascension. Since we were able to achieve the higher trajectory of the Christed Ascension timelines, the past must align to compliment that trajectory.

Every time you change a future outcome, the past gets rewritten to accommodate the through-line of that story, the flow of that time-torus. The Solar Christ grid was a possibility; Gatekeepers remembered that scenario (with all of our higher guidance of course), Lightworkers got it up and running, the old grids which supported lesser outcomes (and the recreation of 3D) dropped in December, we migrated realities to the higher timelines, and now the ancient tech and codes which we placed hundreds of thousands of years ago can now be part of this new reality. We changed the future trajectory, so things that we stored in the past just-in-case can now step forth and compliment that outcome. The through-line is stabilized. The Christed timelines and outcomes can accelerate at a very rapid rate.

Anytime a major event like this occurs, the lag in the time continuum allows the collective to ease into the change. That lag feels shorter as our Solar system is bombarded with photonic light. This event felt very sudden for me – a dramatic shift in reality, level of consciousness, and an almost abusive amount of visions. When I checked in with other Gatekeepers, they had similar experiences. I AM sure many of you felt more cosmic as we completed the migration. It is not our intention to make it weird, but to activate the Solar acceleration of the planetary consciousness, merge the grounded grid with the HUman heart grid and Crsytalline grid – this year – in order to prepare her for the massive waves of light anticipated by 2017. That wave grows closer, it’s setting off Supernovas like the one last June, which just hit the news last month, which is so bright that they cannot even categorize it with the old measures. That’s the closest one to our neighborhood so far, just a galxay or two away (remember this is a Universal Shift). Feel into this from the higher perspective rather than a Sun-chart-watching 3D perspective. Do you see what is unfolding, and how the fields of possible outcomes are changing?

Kindwhile, our visions went into overdrive, and Gatekeepers – oh my beloved fellow Gatekeepers, bless us all – are seeing the division of realities again. It is our highest desire to open the Gates for everyone, but as this is the age of Mikael and Divine Will rules the day, it is a free will choice. That is to say, Divine Will rules the paradigm, individual free will is your experience. Ascension is happening regardless of the low-vibe activity, and for those doing the highest-outcome embodiment work, things shifted into a level of purity and truth which is not describable in words.

Turn and Face the Strange, Shasta Gatekeeper

During the migration I saw thousands of people leaving through the Gates. like a flip-book or deck of cards, one face after the other, going, going, going. Gatekeepers see HUmans and other beings come and go all the time, that comes with the job, however to have thousands of beloveds passing through my personal space on their way out through Shasta (Inter-Galactic Gate) was overwhelming. Three day’s worth of mass exodus visions, then it slowed down to normal level. This is largely pre-cog activity, so I expect many to be transitioning this year.

On the morning of January 17 – the final date for my Shasta work which the team gave me last November – a tall, slim, blonde-haired, light-eyed brother presented at the Gate. This is in the Higher Realms, the Interdimensional Solar Gateway. He was wearing blue and shining so bright I could not see his face clearly. We embraced for a while and I noticed his neck wrinkles; an older brother. The love was overwhelming in that moment. A true comraderie and mutual respect. We broke the embrace and had a short telepathic exchange of comfort; we will be separated for just a short while, then reunited. For some reason, I called him David and asked him to sing one more time. He smiled and then he burst into light through the gate. What a beautiful exchange, what a beautiful soul. The feeling of Divine love stayed with me all day, like being in love, I held David in my heart.

I got out of bed around 2am the next morning and was guided to get online to witness the news. There it was: David Bowie had died on Sunday morning. Our singing David, thank you for the confirmation. Oddly enough, another siSTAR in Shasta who also had no connection to David, also saw him at the exact same hour on Sunday morning going through the Shasta gate. That was at least 18 hours before they announced his passing to the public. Neither of us listened to his music, or knew he was ill, or follow pop culture, so it was one of those experiences which really touches the heart. Gatekeepers tend to see celebrities before they transition because their death will affect so many, however this one was unique and landed on my special date. The Sirian-Bowie synchs keep presenting, however that is not the point of this exchange.

Kindwhile, my old contract with Shasta has ended and I AM released to choose whether or not to be in Shasta in the physical any longer. As the energy rises here it is tempting to stray. I have dreams of comforting locals and telling them that it’s okay to leave now, that the energy is going to get too intense. (I still feel the volcanic eruption visions were energetic metaphors.) This is a Mastery-level decision connected to end game scenarios, so i won’t be hasty in my choice. At present, we’ll finish out the resurrection phase through Spring Equinox.

I feel Mikael and Melchizedek so strongly right now, I imagine they have plans for me as I embody this new level of Gatekeepership. Perhaps we will merge with Archi level, the pure MahaEl level in order to serve Source. Regardless of where I choose to place the body, the Gatekeeper function has merged across many layers of my Multidimensional Self and I feel that Solar beingness stronger than ever. It is a true blessing to serve in this role, and see what unfolds for Shasta as a Gateway for the new Solar Grid system.

Ancient artifacts, Codes, Solar grid

My journey to the Redwoods revealed some very ancient parts of myself as well as the Gaia. Watch for this, Beloveds. You’ll be getting back multidimensional aspects that will dissolve the lower Self and your lower experience quickly. Solar beingness has an absolute attunement to the natural world and all of her secrets. Biocommunication is key; the organic merge with the kingdoms, Gaia, SUN, Galaxy; this is a natural order which photonic light brings forth in your own existence.

This natural, elemental intuition will amplify as these Solar grids activate, because the elements in your (cleared, activated, crystalline) body will attune to it. Work with this; discover the new Gates, these physical and dimensional access points assist us in amplifying this new truly sacred geometry within Gaia. It works with the crystalline cities, temples and pyramids in the ethers above Gaia, as well as the structures which are deep within her. Unity, Solar Unity; united in the Christ light to bring forth the new consciousness. It is a natural, sacred, geometric flow.

Watch and listen for guidance on picking up ancient codes now emanating through this new Solar Christ grid. Call it forth, call forth these codes and activations to get this grid accelerating. This new level is pushing forward at the same time as disclosure, and we request balance on Gaia and the collective’s behalf. It is everything all at once this year; stay organized, centered, simplify and choose your intentions wisely.

Revelation through Service

Join the Masters for a Unified Meditation Monday, February 1: Pacific Rim Gatekeepers are unifying for some high-level work. Join us or hold space around 5pmPT, this will assist in activating the 144,000. If guided to participate, join in with peaceful intentions and Solar Christ grid/HUman Heart Grid Unity. Toning will be especially helpful. Open up those Ascension columns and Gateways, Beloveds. I Love You, I Bless You, I Thank You.

In Love, Light and Service,






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Dimensional Doorway

The Dimensional Doorway is Open

by Sandra Walter, Creative Evolution

December 4, 2015

ascension walter

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

A great dimensional doorway opened with this Gateway (December 1-4). It continues to expand and is beautiful to behold. Energetic alignments were set in place with the timeline shift last month and an unprecedented amount of photonic light is flowing through the Solar system. Many of you felt the palpable shift in energies prior to the dramatic influx of cosmic rays during the November Gate (November 23-28). That photonic light influx initiated the change in the SUN which was discussed on Healing Conversations last month (the replay is on youtube).

This changes the way Solaris interprets information, which in turn affects the frequencies which come onto the planet. It is an indication that we are entering a very strong area of the photon belt, and that we are on track for a very transformational few months upon Gaia as she adjusts to this New Light. As the SUN’s gravitational fields are altered, so are Gaia’s, and they assist in the unfoldment of our dimensional shift. Many of you feel the gravitational changes in your bodies as you resonate with the higher vibrational energies; the dramatic lifting, floating, and vertigo sensations. There may be time-warp-twisting sensations as you choose higher outcomes, as well as the falling away/clearing effects of old realities that cannot be re-created any longer. Let the heart center transform; focus on the shift in consciousness and the body vehicle will follow. It will self-correct with proper support.

The first Gate of December welcomes a brand new level of light intelligence. From the Gatekeeper view, it is magnificent; vibrantly clear, unprecedented openings in our dimensional structure. Like the cleanest air you could ever breathe, paired with the clearest diamond light; refreshing, new, rejuvenating. Keep your heart connected to the Christed HUman heart grid, Beloveds. Send love, light, peace, harmony whenever you feel distracted. The lower consciousness may seek comfort; be cautious of letting the pendulum swing too far back and forth between realities. Balance with the Heart, and immediately feel the re-alignment. The true power of HUman Light consciousness is emerging; practice, focus, feel it rather than try to make old-light sense of it.

Clarity on 3D Drop-off since September

The 3D drop-off is not to be confused with a material expression of 3D, it is the dimensional expression of duality, the polarity of judgment, fear, and disharmony which is no longer energetically supported. It is the 3D experience of duality which fueled lower agendas and denser expressions of consciousness. Higher sight will give way to the demands of an enlightened heart; let the Higher Self show you the new reality. Let go and notice the higher changes; your perspective will shift. Veils lift revealing higher possibilities, energetic support drops off for re-creating the old reality. This is why you feel that everything has changed, and yet you are still walking in this reality. The light transforms everything; the form shifts to accommodate the consciousness.

The Christ consciousness is key to stability and spiritual disclosure: the revelation of all that HUmanity is capable of. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with love, peace and conscious actions of the highest integrity. The Light Tribe does not wait; we have other missions in this Shift. We move into creating the New, without permission from those who do not serve the greater good. True Wayshowers see the risks, and step forward anyway. The opening of this doorway means that strange sensation of hang time – the void between old reality and new reality – will soon be over.

December Transformations

The 12-12 marks the three year Mastery mission for many. If you had a big experience on the 12-12-12, be sure to honor your connection and service to Gaia. Remember her message three years ago: You are coming with me. She will reveal to you her higher expression and your unique role in the transformation unfolding through 2016. Pay attention, do the ceremony, take the time to connect with the Divine Feminine aspect on the 12-12. The template for the final three years of Mastery service upon Gaia is transforming many in the Light Tribe. Resurrection is upon us. As Gaia becomes more Solar and star-like in her expression, so do the Divine HUmans in service to her transformation; Solar Cosmic Christed beingness. Gaia asks for her SUN Gods to step forth.

December Gateways

December 13-15: Solaris broadcasts a strong Divine Feminine component; a gift to mark the service of the Light Tribe on their Mastery path. There is great MAGIc in threes; this three year anniversary is powerful. Mystics and creatives, ground this with your art, your expression of the New Earth consciousness, the Christed consciousness. We hold stability by focusing on the higher, positive, Christed expressions.

December 21-25: Resurrection, the merge of Higher and Lower consciousness to a consistent lucid state, may take on a vibrant level for many of you. Honor it; the holidays and external activities can create all kinds of distractions. Arise from the cave with joy, ease and grace. You are getting your true Self back; the return of the Divine HUman. Belief systems and superstitions surrounding what the Christ looks like and feels like will be broken apart. Unique Higher skills will step forth – and that does not mean walking on water. Notice your effect on those around you; the effortless pure light. The miracle of Unity consciousness will overcome all old obstacles, fears, and agendas. Non-judgment day is near, beloveds.

Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, Lightservers, Wayshowers: Open your Hearts and creative actions to Gaia, Mastery and Resurrection this month. Even if you are not engaged in those specific paths, support the Light Tribe energetically by sending your love and strength to the HUman heart grid. A reminder about this Resurrection phase and the new Light Tribe conversation can be found HERE. Demonstrate your trust for the collective. Ignite your enthusiasm for HUmanity. Our Unity is our transformation; let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension. Blessings upon the Guardians of the New Light!

In Love, Light and Service,


© 2015 Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution All Rights Reserved


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Vivid Awareness

Vivid Awareness: Ease and Grace

by Sandra Walter, Creative Evolution

November 16, 2015

ascension peace

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The experience of the merge sequences in this New Light intensify, especially during Gateway passages. November 16-18 and 23-28 are our Gatekeeper focus; join us with an open heart and clear intentions for more light, love and peace.

The Higher realms noted something unique would occur on the 13th. As with all of these dates and influxes, I remain humbled by what unfolds when higher vibrational light comes in. I feel the Light Tribe response to the latest global violence indicates a Shift in the higher vibrational collective consciousness. Negative programs have lost their influence on the High-Vibe Tribe, and the larger collective is reflecting this. Divine neutrality is about neutralizing the effect of the illusion on our consciousness, both personally and globally. With that skill in heart, the outer expression of love intensifies, becomes the new norm. Love is stepping up, in spite of lesser agendas. Photonic light and the Shift ensure we get whatever is needed to collectively move us into our hearts, to empower ourselves and the collective. Some flail like cornered wildcats, pressed to the limit by the impending light which promises their extinction. Some call forth the new paradigm in their actions, words, heart and energy fields. It tests the faith and patience of many a Master to know, observe, wayshow and participate in the acceleration simultaneously.

We pray for all those feeling the clearing and detoxifying effects of the release of 3D support. Psychological distortions and judgments are amplified, especially since the support for recreating 3D dissolved in September. The drop-off is palpable; the old re-created reality fell away quite suddenly for many. That part of you simply is not here any longer, nor can you recreate it without causing emotional, psychological, or physical discomfort.

For others, it is a domino effect since September; one by one the Light Tribe is experiencing the vibrational mismatch when attempting to recreate what they were or what they did. Higher light takes over when consciously welcomed in, and it burns through those lower levels quite quickly. We learn a vivid experience of multidimensionality; capable of holding awareness in many dimensions at once. It takes less energy to be here, and there. Integrating this is our largest challenge in Resurrection. Obviously there is a need for embodiment to happen NOW, which indicates we are on target for larger global Shifts. Notice how calm and accepting we are with this new level of light. Is it bizarre? Of course. Are we okay with it anyway? Yes.

We hold steady in this unfoldment and increase our focus on outreach through 2016; a tall order when we feel so transcendent. It feels like disappearing, because the lower Self is dropping away. Let each serve their unique purpose and expression, openly and with gratitude. We are capable of holding so much more Christed light, beloveds. The maximum light you feel now becomes the minimum in a few months of linear time. Take care to celebrate and integrate accordingly. We need everyone available to be balanced, neutral, and serving as conduits.

I will post the second half of the Resurrection article later in the week. So much is unfolding with this phase. I honor all who are embracing this marriage of Higher and Lower Self with ease and grace.

Blessings upon this sacred endeavor of Ascension. All is incredibly well.

In Love, Light and Service,


© 2015 Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution All Rights Reserved


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Resurrection Phase: Part One

The Resurrection Phase:  Part One

by Sandra Walter, Creative Evolution

November 10, 2015

ascension path sandra

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

This is a difficult topic to address in writing; perhaps you can feel into the light codes presented here. The phase of resurrecting the True Self is affecting thousands in the Light Tribe at this moment, and we now understand why it is generally not discussed with the collective. Since we are taking the mystery out of the Mastery school, we attempt to describe the indescribable in linear terms.

The Resurrection Phase

The Resurrection phase presents in a natural, organic way during the Ascension process. As with every step, it is a choice  triggered by the expansion of consciousness and lightbody. After a good deal of foundational work, the lower Self is open to receive the Higher levels of Self – in form. This is largely supported by the energies in this area of space we are traversing. When we align with the vibrational quality of pure photonic light – the great implementer of order and harmony – we become capable of fully merging the higher consciousness with the lower consciousness. In ancient days, this used to be attained with extensive preparation, which led to our current Ascension/Mastery steps. In the old light paradigm, the final steps involved lengthy fasts, sound frequencies, natural harmonics, planetary alignments, heightened electro-magnetic currents (utilizing sacred sites and ley lines), sensory deprivation, or a variety of natural plant and mineral substances. For those who prioritized spiritual exploration over everything else, it could lead to the ultimate goal of Ascension: Divine Self-Realization. The experience could also tear apart the psyche, so it was considered a dangerous practice by many. The results were deeply personal; not to be shared with the outside world. Not because it was elitist; because it was a sacred practice to be honored rather than sensationalized or abused by lesser agendas.

In our modern process, we are guided to prepare and purify the lower levels of ego, mind, emotions, body and lifestream (and avoid substances so the body and consciousness may transform properly). We study, learn, level up, activate, and study some more. We align and activate the torus fields, Ascension column, and keep expanding, raising our light quotient, becoming more conscious. Our higher skills emerge, we lose our fears and our journey clarifies. We follow the steps of Mastery and step into service. Love, Compassion and Peace become our new norm. Then the challenge of embodiment presents; unifying our lower Self with the Higher Self, the multidimensional Source-Self, in a permanent bond of unwavering Solar Cosmic Christ, or Christed beingness.

During the dimensional Shift we have a much higher vibration emanating from Gaia, unique light frequencies pouring in, and memories of the Resurrection process stepping forth to support this phase. With a little work, we create our own sacred spaces upon a planet turning into one big global sacred site. We create ceremonies and protocols unique to our expression and goals. As a collective, there is an entire group experiencing this phase (in a somewhat dramatic way), in order to transmute the old methods and set an easier path in place. Of course no one can ascend for you, but we do create experiences and methods for this higher unified plane we are quickly moving into.

Our Year of Mastery

In 2015, our year of Mastery, Resurrection has become the predominant activity in the conscious Ascension process. It is a strange, slow-motion reconstruction, and is very purposeful. It creates a grounded In-Carnate version of the Christed template as opposed to prophecy or theory. It becomes the living aspect of the Christ unified in a HUman heart grid which will be capable of holding a vastly higher light. (More on that topic soon). People as SUN Gods; Solar generators of Crystalline Light. It is brilliant in its design, because it is unique to each individual fractal of Source (Source does not replicate two exact copies of anything). Modern Ascension breaks apart the dogma about what the Christ looks like, feels like, or what we do with our lifestream. It is a beautiful state of empowerment which is free from the veils of the old reality.

It can be challenging when we are still cohabitating with denser, disharmonious levels of consciousness. A whole section of the population is stepping up to that challenge of bringing Heaven to Earth, in form as well as intention. That level of Self-realization is the operating system for a new level of consciousness, a new reality. And it will be easier for all who walk behind us, Beloveds. Kindwhile it is the most difficult phase of the process, and we are in it until it is complete. Asking when will it be over is to not comprehend its importance to your journey or the collective Shift.

Embodiment is a powerful step, and it isn’t a Jedi mind trick: Hearing other people tell you what is happening is not the same as experiencing embodiment of the Christ. The higher levels of Divine Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Light, HUmility and Reunification with the Multidimensional Self are extraordinary. They are not without their destructive counterparts as the old consciousness liquifies in the brilliance of this New Light. We witness our own evolution. How glorious to observe oneself in transformation, and know it has been completed at once. It reinforces the Divine intent of the Galactic Gatekeeper’s mission: No one shall be born into disempowerment, limitation or enslavement upon this planet ever again.

Have a brilliant 11.11 Gateway, Beloveds. Do the good work. I Love You, I Bless You, I Thank You.

In Love, Light and Service,


© 2015 Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution All Rights Reserved


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The Final Equinox-Blood Moon Eclipse Gateway

by Sandra Walter, Creative Evolution

September 8, 2015

sandra walter equinox

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Significantly higher frequency light has been consistent since the Cosmic Trigger at the end of August. I AM sure you are experiencing the wild and wonderful aspects of this influx. It launched us into the completion of this two-year project of Equinox – Blood Moon Eclipse Gateways. While it is by no means a final gateway, it is interesting to see so many awakened to this project as it reaches completion. This tetrad of Gateways activated the embodiment phase of Christ Consciousness, and for many of you the reality of the Golden Race upon Gaia has become quite vivid.

It is important to stay focused as anxieties – and rampant sensationalism – attempt to distract from this project’s true purpose. Many of you remember the beginning of this tetrad in early 2014; the entrance of energies which would accelerate the Shift for those choosing to Ascend. The completion of this tetrad sends Gatekeepers into a new phase of service work, while simultaneously supporting embodiment of the new consciousness. In the last few articles, it was revealed that the Solar Cosmic Christ templates, which have been used as a path to embodiment thousands of years, are being alchemically transformed by the collective. We are creating something brand new which supports the evolution of consciousness, as well as the dissolvement of that which does not serve a new Universal agenda of uncompromised Peace.

Spiritual Maturity

Choices made prior to last month’s trigger are already blossoming for many in the Light Tribe. Consistent alignment, adjustment, and flexibility are needed to navigate these unique frequencies entering our Solar system. Understand that the outcome of these more intense passages are dependent upon the foundation you have laid, and your commitment to holding New Light in your consciousness, fields and body vehicle. You have created platforms for those pure Oversoul qualities and desires to stand on. As the amplification grows stronger, it is complimentary to consistently reset your perspective, fields, and activities to keep up with the deluge of New Light.

As a Gatekeeper and Wayshower, it is fascinating to experience dramatic changes in my consciousness in this Now moment. While the physical changes are interesting, and the side-effects become more unique from person to person, it is the expansion of consciousness and the experience it brings which makes this journey well worth the effort. I feel we are (finally) moving into a phase when the collective will understand the larger Galactic perspective, rather than obsessing over the physical, governmental or planetary changes indicative of a dimensional Shift.

The Equinox wave may make the new consciousness aspect very palpable, if we have a large percentage of the collective more focused on the internal birthing of the Solar Heart consciousness than on external anxieties. Personally I would rather not delay or step down the energies any longer, and it seems the high-vibe collective is moving forward regardless of the distractions. The light is bombarding us, however it is our engagement with it which creates our new realities. Certainly an interesting area on the map.

Gatekeepers, We Feel You 

The Equinox wave, which is already in progress, creates deep shifts in the magnetics of the planet and significant veil-thinning. While the visuals grow vibrant and bizarre, the vagus nerve ear singing grows more complex, and the heart center takes on a new life of its own, we remain calm, focused and clear for the influx of light. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers are focused on stability, so that those taking on embodiment have the maximum amount of support possible. It is important to work with the land, water, crystals, kingdoms and elementals consistently throughout September in order to make this as easy as possible for all concerned.

The abundance of programs, anxieties and sensationalism surrounding this last tetrad passage is a clear indication of its significance in our Ascension process. If you are late to the Equinox-Blood Moon intel, feel free to join our focus. The energies available from September 9 – 13th are preparation for the coordinated Gateway opening on September 19. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers, do your best to hold the Higher Light in place, and let the lower frequencies drop away. It already feels very transcendent, so many of you will need to step away from the collective in order to serve in the clearest, calmest, and most focused way possible. Obviously there is a lot being thrown at us, and in our integrity we simply step away from distractions. Gold and Crystalline/Diamond frequencies are keys to these Solar Cosmic Christ Gateways. Use them creatively to reflect your own unique expression within this collective focus on embodiment support.

Embodiment Protocol: Adept-Level

Transforming density to a higher state of consciousness demands adept-level intention. Use your Divine intelligence to merge with the oversoul/I AM Template of the New HUman.

Here are a few suggestions from the Ascension Path September protocol:

– Maintain alignment with the Higher Self Perspective
– Meditate on the Heart Center/Solar Cosmic Christ center to receive activations
– As much Nature time as possible; codes are flowing through Solaris (SUN), Gaia, kingdoms and elementals right now that seek and find resonate structures in your energy fields. Vibration = vibration; get out in it and breathe it in. This is nourishment for your transition to a new level of consciousness; honor it.
– Silence is Golden, literally. The frequency of Gold is the interface between Source and our DNA. Meditate with this frequency, circulate it through your torus fields, and the collective/Gaia. We use the crystalline consciousness existing all around us; our crystalline internal structures align with it and it changes the container for our consciousness.
– Avoid folks who use polarity as spiritual conversation. It is not the time for that. You own your Ascension; it is not open for debate. Your perspective and your heart are not up for review. You are an Ascension artist; design it to reflect the unique Source-Spark of your Heart.
– You are infinite; Choose your path and experience it. Change that path if you’re not experiencing what you desire. The light turns up the volume on our choices, and it will get very uncomfortable if your actions don’t align with the trajectory of your intentions.
– Eliminate any last vestiges of the old Self. Challenge yourself to dropping things which feel unnecessary now. If it is meant to be, it will come back.
– Be aware of the new grounding in service and creativity as your expression in form changes. Grounding is no longer grounding into mediocrity or the density; it is anchoring these new levels of creativity into our lifestreams and the noosphere. Be unique, shatter the mundane.
– Recognize interference and shut it down. Distraction and emotional triggers access us through fears stored in the subconscious. Shut down the fear, shut down the access. Shut down the external access altogether if you can. Avoid online activities, anxiety, searching, or drama. Tune into your heart and take advantage of the support for a permanent internal shift.
– Engage in practices which please the Heart and calm the Lower levels as they transform.
– Support the planetary detox with body detoxification if you have not done this.
– Oxygenation supports cellular changes and resets; move, move, move.
– Meditation is deep, powerful and important for stabilization within the collective as well as your own consciousness as it transforms.

Fall in Love with Divine Love

Photonic Light is a Cosmic frequency of Divine Love. It is a natural force with an agenda to create Balance, Purity, Harmony, Evolution. The Equinox – Blood Moon Eclipse is not the last Gateway ever; that belief is spiritual sensationalism. We are merely experiencing an onslaught of higher-level light because so many of us are expanding into larger energy fields, so the planet can release more of that light (the monitoring of photons comes from both outside and inside the planet since the Gate merge last year). The completion of this divine tetrad creates stability as the platform for re-creating 3-D collapses next year.

Embodiment IS the stability needed to bridge the worlds. Solar Cosmic Christ templates are Universal, however the individual (fractalized) expression of them is unique. Let us all unite in our intention of Service to the New Light and show HUmanity what is possible.

For our Unified Focus:

Equinox: Wednesday, September 23, 2015 at 1:22 AM PT (Pacific Time)

The September Equinox occurs the moment the SUN crosses the celestial equator, a point in space above the Earth’s equator equidistant from North to South poles.

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse September 27 at 7:47pm PT

The eclipse peaks from 7:11pmPT – 8:23pmPT and is at least partially visible in Europe, South/East Asia, Africa, Much of North America, Much of South America, Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, the Arctic and Antarctica.

I will be offline through the end of the month in order to serve and experience these heightened energies. Source bless our endeavors and reveal Divinity through every heart willing to engage in Ascension at this time. Blessings upon Gaia, the kingdoms, elementals, beloved HUmanity, and this grand Cosmic project of the Return of the Christ.

In Love, Light, and Service,



© 2015 Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution All Rights Reserved


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