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by Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis

August 2, 2016

Q. Where are all these people supposedly being awakened? I don’t see them anywhere. Supposedly there’s thousands, millions even, of us “ascending” people, us Starseeds and Indigos; sure, but where? I’ve been looking into this for a long freaking time. I’ve been searching. I’ve been asking. I was looking for support for a very long time and then I gave up. You supposed experts on this crazy sh** that’s happening to me, are f******g nowhere to be found. You live on the goddamn internet and you don’t exist anywhere else. Elusive, secretive, cryptic, coded bullsh**. I believed in this journey until everybody who agreed with me ended up spouting the same recycled crap every time they opened their mouths, including this site. Saying the same sh** as everyone else. Nothing new, nothing interesting, no updates, no information, no how-to, no actual help. Just a little, “You’re not alone.” Hypotheticals and blanket statements. Not being alone is only good for the first month. After that, maybe let us know what the f*** we’re supposed to do now. Give us some freaking hope for the world or put your platform away. I’m usually much more zen and articulate. I’ve been angry about this lately; everyone wants to keep saying the shift is coming, everybody says soon. Muslims, Christians, Wiccans, Spiritualists. We get it. Soon. NOW WHAT. Quit it with the baby steps bullshit and give the seekers some f**** meat. Help us for gods sakes!


Dear Ascending Community,

This is a good time to publically answer the many different emails that I receive from nonmembers all over the world, such as the above email I received today. They share the same common threads that many awakening people or Starseed people experience on the earth. That common thread and theme is experiencing a sense of deep isolation from other people that leads to feelings of frustration, depression, loneliness and sometimes anger. This isolation, is also the desire to become socially isolated from the accepted standards of insanity and barbarism that make up the current social engineering tactics that are used to maintain the mind control structures on the earth. In order to attempt to meet this need of supporting a sense of deeper connection to the purpose of spiritual ascension and to support the awakening community, so this group can openly discuss and find spiritual tools for the many varieties of issues that we deal with, and to help remove these feelings of isolation, is the primary reason that the ES online community was created. It was the only way that I could reach out to the Starseeds that existed worldwide, that would be able to find the energetic space for advocacy, to be in a safe place of which to be understood and accepted, to study and learn among those who are on the same path, and to be able to share many multidimensional experiences. As Starseeds, our surreal multidimensional experiences are that which commonly lead us to the experiences of isolation, even deep loneliness for being unseen, while being on the earth during these timelines, when there is a hidden war happening to suppress and steal the consciousness of the people.

First and foremost, when addressing those groups of awakening people that are feeling very frustrated, angry and at their wits end, dealing with the dark forces, the people on the planet, in the chaotic state that it exists today, I hope to remind you of an important reality check. We did not come to the earth to party on vacations and drink Margaritas on the beach. We did not come here to make millions of dollars and play out fleshly fantasy games of the Luciferian elite. We did not come here to get lost and taken off spiritual direction in the many delusions of self-importance that are played out with the reptilian version of the negative ego mind. We came to the planet during the timelines of Ascension, we came from the future into the past, when we could make a massive difference in the fields to shift the future direction. We came when the Universal Gates were opening, while the war over the earth was raging in the higher dimensions, and battling was occurring in the lower hidden planes of which most of the humans here cannot sense or see. We came here to do the spiritual work and to make the effort to work together in group consciousness, to be of service to others, to honor Universal Laws, that help take this planet into the higher frequencies and to reach spiritual liberation in the future timelines.The only way we can do that is to do the negative ego dismantling, and emotional pain clearing, that would extract the falsity and make room to allow our higher spiritual self to embody while on the earth. For that purpose of ultimate spiritual embodiment, we make it our life priority to do the Ascension clearing and healing inside ourselves, every day. We cannot help ourselves, or the planet if we refuse to look at our own responsibility in the awakening process, which requires we do the inner emotional clearing work, that we change the way we think and perceive, as we are the microcosm that reflects into the macrocosm. It all starts from within us.

Let me remind you, we are in a consciousness war over the earth. Do you hear me? Can you understand the implication of what that means for all of us and the entire planet? What are you going to do about this? Are you going to cry, point fingers at other people, have a tantrum and complain about it, or are you going to get serious and take care of your own inner spirit and personal business? What do you think we do over here in this community, drink tea all day? We’re working very hard to keep this information available online, and as much for free access, as possible. There is a lot that I cannot share publically because of what I will have to deal with if it goes outside borders of where I have a structure to hold that information for those who ask for it in the community area. I must conserve energy to serve a group that works hard with the community objectives, and not a person who is demanding help, but will not help themselves. We all have to roll up our sleeves and get to work. DO THE CLEARING WORK. If you do not know how, then join the community and you will learn how.  If you want to learn how to do gridwork, you can learn it here, but it will require 100% spiritual dedication to learn how. There are many people in the community who work very hard to learn, work very hard to understand and work hard to participate with this process of clearing and healing themselves and the earth, and it is through the spiritual dedication of the entire group, that this content and service is made available to the public. Without the dedication of the group to be of service and take responsibility for their own healing, this would not exist.

As sensitive and caring people, we all have been at the point of incredible frustration and feeling despair about the state of unconsciousness that plagues the earth. We’ve had the exact same feelings of frustration at what we see operating in the worldscape today, the hatred, the wars, the blood sacrifice, the continual torturing of the men, women and children of this earth. We deeply cry out, when will this war matrix of world torture end? All of us who are incarnated to help the earth become liberated from the dark oppressors are harassed, stripped of resources, and attacked again and again, when we rise to help the earth and its people be released from the planes of bondage and servitude. None of us get away from that harassment, all of us endure some kind of forms of dark attack or spiritual oppression when we do serious clearing. You are not alone in that, we all share this burden together. That’s why we must learn how it works in this mind control matrix, because once we see how it works, we can work around the attacks, we can work around the mind control system, but we must study it to comprehend it, and do the clearing of our negative ego, in order to be successful so that we can truly actualize our purpose of service. This is the key to attaining inner peace, comfort and spiritual fulfillment while we co-exist in the fields of insanity and chaos.

When we awaken into an higher awareness of our surroundings and we gain more accurate perceptions of what is actually behind the upside-down state of the world today, we can observe and feel the energetic contents of the collective unconscious spill out into the environment of the earth surface. Then we can discern who is who and what is behind the facade. When we gain clarity and sensitivity through heightened states of consciousness, many of us can feel the state of the pain and depravity that is circulating in the world, and as a result, awakening people feel isolated. Many will choose to isolate themselves out of necessity, because our society does not support awakening or higher consciousness, in fact the culture persecutes people like us. Isolating is a coping mechanism for our continued sanity, to stay low on the radar, and to restore energetic balance to our body from our ability to self-source. Most of my life, I was isolated and very alone, with little help. I received attack, after attack, trying to take me out just when creating this online community for Starseeds. Are you aware how many obstacles we have to get through, how much we have to master in the world of forces and how much we devote our life stream to serve the God force, to get this far? It is very difficult for us when we gain clarity and connection, as we awaken our hearts, awaken our minds, awaken our higher sensory ability and then to be met with an onslaught of dark forces projecting negativity and very low frequency into the environment designed to suppress mass awakening. Many Starseeds are fully capable to feel the massive amount of people and entities writhing in agony, as it is presently in the collective consciousness, seeing how dark forces have created agony so that it operates in the people and world at large. Thus, Starseeds have to master these forces as they exist within themselves, in order to actualize their true spiritual purpose and to build spiritual power while on this earth. If you do not do the inner clearing work, you will not have spiritual power, and you will circle in circles, chasing tails, until you really figure this out. There is no way to get out from taking responsibility for yourself, taking responsibility for the quality of your life, and removing blame from other people and how they may impact you. We came to this earth to be of service, build group consciousness, and totally give every ounce of our being to surrender to the higher plan of God, while we endure the war over consciousness on earth.To dedicate ourselves to the higher purpose, it is critical that we change the way we think, the way we behave, and our motivations and perceptions of life on the earth. Otherwise, if you do not change the way you think, you will be slowly driven crazy from the intense pressure that the higher frequencies and purging of the dark forces create on the earth.The light and plasma force of Cosmic Christ is beginning to run current and embody here, and it is waiting for you to wake up so that you are spiritually strong enough to actually embody its massive force of God’s spirit. If you have negative ego outbursts and pain is running you, it cannot embody, you must purify yourself of these traits.

As many of you, I have been on this awakening path for what feels to be a very long time, and have endured obstacle after obstacle, dark attack after dark attack, running through the 3D maze like a laboratory rat, and the whole time wondering where the rest of us on this path are, who are REALLY doing the work. I established the online community nine years ago, while I was homeless, using every last dime I had to make it a reality, working on it day and night while I was getting attacked and intentionally humiliated by others repeatedly. In order to set up the ES structure to be able to exist, it has to set up in many layers of field architecture in so to protect it. I cannot advertise, I cannot market, I cannot superimpose, I cannot do random youtubes and facebooking, I have zero social media presence and there are critical reasons for that. I cannot come to you, and I cannot collaborate with any structure or person that does not have the same GSF alignment that I have worked many years to embody. I have a responsibility to serve the entire field of the community container, and this Ascension content, and I am sorry that I am not personally available to you. I cannot answer every plea for help, as much as I wish I could. I have a very large workload already. What I ask is that you do the investigation, do the study, look at what is on this site in every nook and cranny, talk to God every moment and ask for help and direction from God all the time, and dedicate your life to your highest expression of embodiment on the earth.

You must never give up, you must never give your power away to the dark forces or other people, even when everything looks really grim and depressing. I must stress you cannot be lazy, you must face fears, you must get out there and face things you do not want to face, build strength in facing the darkness, no matter what it dishes out. You are a warrior of the light, serving freedom and liberation for all beings, and we are in a war over consciousness, travelling together.

I may not be able to answer your emails, but I feel you and I know you are out there, and I am deeply sorry you are in pain. If you cannot be here with us right now to learn and study, then do the best you can to find your aligned path and get to it. Do the work, use our free tools every day. If you do not resonate with our tools or community, then find something that you can work with, or create as your own. If I did this from nothing, so can you. We need you to pull out every last drop of pure heart and spirit, the massive strength within your spirit, in order to make it happen. I am right here working by your side, in the trenches, cheering you on, but you must do the work yourself, no one else can do it for you. Search for tools here, and take them, make them your own, and use them every single day. Things can change, and I am living proof that massive obstacles can be overcome with 100% dedication to serve God. The Christ forces are here, but you must purify your body to commune, embody and speak with them directly. I Love you and We are in this together.

~ Lisa Renee, GSF Steward


Free Resources:

 Where Can I start?

Krystal Aegis Booklet

we have compiled has been adapted as a suggested 90 day intercession for public and community use. Please note that the links to the meditations in the booklet will only work for members, but non-members may purchase the meditations from our shop. Following through with the basic negative ego clearing tools is a requirement.

Psychic Self Defense

Spiritual Housekeeping

What is Mind Control

In order to stop the ego from running your life, you have to study to understand what mind control is and how it is used to keep us angry and feeling powerless.

Clear Negative Ego

Without developing Self Awareness and ego discipline, the untamed Negative Ego is exploited by Mind Control and further develops itself into serious spiritual pathologies which lead to Narcissism and Psychopathy. Psychotronic Mind Control harnesses the lower vibratory frequencies that comprise the lower Three Layers of Ego for targeting Negative Ego and AD Behaviors in the population.



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Spiritual Knowledge

Fearing Spiritual Knowledge

by Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis

May 17, 2016

Humanity was largely conditioned to accept violent religion and forms of brainwashing by corrupted religious and governmental authorities to prepare human beings to submit to alien false gods and dark forces. Through the use of enforcing bullying, threats and intimidation over many generations, humans came to accept violence and blood sacrifice as directed by Gods will. Humanity also accepted stupefying levels of persecution, degradation, and discrimination through being shamed, humiliated and beaten down, to believe they are not worthy of receiving spiritual knowledge or truth, and required an appointed holy intermediary. This appointed intermediary is the controlled by the alien false father god, which hijacked the direct relationship to the creative forces and elemental spirits of the earth, as well as interfered with the inner spirit and evolution of the human being.

This is why most all spiritual knowledge on this earth is demonized as the work of Satan, and is filled with rumors and malicious gossip in order to further manipulate fear and confusion in the masses. As long as humans are being terrorized by the concept of gaining spiritual knowledge and truth, they will continue to flee in fear from accessing that knowledge. Knowledge is power and is why the NAA prevents knowledge from being made available to all people. All levels of accessing open source information, knowledge and education in the global population is under direct attack to keep it suppressed or under control on the planet. This is the NAA directing this from their top-down chain of command into their human Power Elite representatives. This is why we must make an effort to educate ourselves about the larger control agendas playing out on the earth at this time.

Satanic forces have spread aggressively on the earth through the Archontic Deception Strategy and through this, they have commandeered control over many of the earthly material structures. This has happened largely because this agenda to suppress knowledge of what is happening remains hidden through many deceptions and lies, and humans are unaware that they have been allowing it to happen. It is important to remember that Satanic and Luciferian forces and their hierarchies are nothing more than parasites. They need this creation to exist and they exalt themselves in their parasitism with their attempts to control and possess humanity and the earth. These Imposters inherently hate humans and desire to spread agony and misery, as they feed on human pain. As we free our mind from fear based mind control and stop giving our power away to alien gods, we must remember this important point as a part of developing our spiritual strength and inner purity. As spiritually mature humans, we have to rise from the invaders terrorist ideology of human persecution and fear, to come to know that we are divine humans connected to eternal truth and eternal light through the God self within.

Humanity holds the power of that truth spirit of God inside each of us. Each person must claim this truth and never let it go or give it up to anything or anyone. The truth spirit has the power to liberate these Fallen Angelics, earthly forces, and Imposter forces from their bondage to the prison wardens, the Satanist and Luciferian forces. 

The earthly elements and their symbols have been demonized and abused as a part of the persecution of human beings, to live in terror of retribution from their false Alien Gods, who will torment them for accessing spiritual knowledge. This is a tactic to keep human beings terrorized to prevent them from accessing spiritual knowledge about their own spiritual bodies, which prevents people from expanding their consciousness and evolving. Well-meaning people start spouting judgments designed to self-enforce ignorance such as; this symbol is dark, this element is corrupt, this content is satanic, this person is evil. Many people have not the foggiest clue what they are actually speaking about and may be repeating something they heard without researching the facts. Some dark force has fed it into their ego mind to repeat verbatim, which is the alien religion script for mind control and keeping people in the cycle of dark ignorance.  The dark forces want to create as many martyrs and victims on the earth as possible. It’s the mind slide that tells a human “you are not worthy to access this spiritual knowledge, you peon, so stay away from that spiritual information, you must submit to my tyranny of ignorance and authority without questioning.”

We must dispel these grave inaccuracies and dispel the dark ignorance of fear that is spread by well meaning, yet spiritually uninformed or fear based egoic people. One will never assess wisdom and clarity with accuracy, until they are free of fear and fully committed to their spiritual truth, while allowing others at the same time to live in their spiritual truth. Spiritual Truth is ultimately fearless and harmless. One can always speak the truth without repercussion or harm, to a person who is really living in the truth.

Since late 2012, the human body is more vulnerable to being used as a potential dark portal, as the person becomes consubstantial to the collective human forces of negative ego, represented by the Satanic or dark forces of those hierarchies. Additionally, this is exacerbated from alterations in the magnetic and gravitational fields of the earth, which result in dissolution of certain dimensional membranes. Essentially, what used to be several separated fish tanks have consolidated into one vast fish tank, where all the contents are now shared and swimming together freely. This has both positive impacts and negative impacts to those unprepared to deal with the new varieties of subtle forces entering into their personal reality from the earth realms.

If a person fixates on certain qualities of the houses of ego and they succumb to the obsessions that feed into those negative forces, they are easily possessed by that primary thought form. Later on, the negative thought form may progress to the level of possession, specific to the fallen angelic or the spiritual hierarchy it represents. These are the main qualities of the Negative Ego that are used for dark portal possession by these Fallen Angelic and Dark Force Hierarchies:

  • Anger/Wrath
  • Pride/Entitlement
  • Envy/Jealousy/Covet
  • Liar/Corrupt
  • Greed/Avarice
  • Lust/Addiction
  • Gluttony/Waste
  • Laziness/Discouragement

Avoid playing out these negative emotions and behaviors, do whatever you can to clear and cure yourself of indulging in obsessing in any of these spiritually abusive behaviors. Fallen Angelics are a part of the Imposter Spirits that comprise these collective forces into its energetic theme. They may have been either human or non-human, can comprise those separated from their souls, or discarnate spirits which have never inhabited a human body. Demons may be regarded as material corporeal beings, as they are lower spirit beings, which are not inspirited by the breath of God, and cannot exist in the higher celestial realms. Humans and nonhumans can conjure these earthly spirits and then become possessed by them and their material or negative nature, especially if they are not mentally clear, emotionally balanced or coherent.  If these dark forces are not evicted or corrected for their access to manipulate your body, mind and consciousness, they eventually bring confusion, agony and misery to the human being.

Humans that have not developed strong impulse control and have not cleared negative ego automatic thoughts are at higher risk for being used as a dark portal, when they go unconscious. This can be remedied through consistent meditation, prayer and self-inquiry to remain in present time as the conscious observer or witness to events. As extensions of the Cosmic Christ spiritual hierarchy, we hope to emphasize clearly the vulnerabilities and weakness that exist in adults and children so we can help to inform others, when we are asked for help.

How do dark forces and fallen entities attach to or infiltrate the human body as a dark portal?

  • First, when we are reckless and careless with our body and indulge in the Houses of Ego (especially fear, guilt and shame) or engage with negative emotional theatrics continually, go unconscious and automatic reactions without disciplined self-awareness, we are a Stage One Risk.
  • Second, when we are in automaton states with obsessive mental looping, paranoia, angry or violent, hypnogogic, trance states (without 12D shielding), addicted to having cellphone or technology on our body and near our head 24/7, disrupting our electromagnetic field, we are a Stage Two Risk.
  • Third, when we indulge in addictive states, either with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gluttony, hospitalizations, or take any psychoactive or psychotropic drugs that change brain function, we are a Stage Three Risk.
  • Fourth, when we indulge in promiscuous sexual activity, have sexual addiction, sexual shame, play seduction games, and use regular forms of pornography, sex clubs, and prostitutes or engage in group sex, we are a Stage Four Risk.
  • Fifth, is the class of deviance and sexual perversion, which is completely controlled through possessing entities. Behaviors such as pedophilia, sadism, bizarre sexual fetishes, or any kind of agressive violence, where pleasure and pain receptors are reversed in the Soul Matrix. A person with reversed pleasure centers (receives pleasure from inflicting pain or violent actions) is under the control of satanic forces.

It is important to comprehend the stronger and more coherent one’s auric field and the more self-awareness that you have, the less exposure you will have to all of these vulnerabilities and risks to negative energy. The goal is to focus time and attention on developing your spiritual body and to work your meditation tools to build energy, strengthen your energy body, and stop energy leakages, with directed single-mindedness.

For purposes relating to taking back control over one’s own mind, body and spiritual consciousness, from those humans and negative forces who have abused the Law of Structure on this planetary body, we are discussing the foundation of the Law of One to be of Service to Others, and it’s critical importance for increasing spiritual strength and energetic protection in chaotic fields.

What we hold as our intention in our personal thoughts, is what we hold as our Consent towards that thought-form and its vibrational quality and force, as well as the energetic consequence of the thought-form substance we have created which impacts the self and others. What we think is what we create through our Intent, Consent and Structure. If we learn to reframe our thoughts to Service to Others and devote ourselves to developing Law of One behaviors and actions in our life, we will become aligned to the authority of Christ Consciousness, which will protect us from dark force infiltration. The Law of One is the Universal Truth that All Is One. Thus, one who practices this understanding of the Law of One acts and makes decisions based upon his or her awareness that every action has a consequence to the self and to others. Furthermore, one who exemplifies the Law of One understands that when one person suffers, all people suffer (whether they realize it or not). As the One Self-God Self, to be in “Compassion in Action” towards others is then to be in harmony and right relationship to Self, which is the ultimate spiritual strength as one holds peace with all things.

The Basic principles of Service to Others include:

• Individuals perceive the connection of love in all things and give unconditional love and compassion towards others,

• Individuals are dedicated to their spiritual Consciousness growth and to help others with their spiritual development,

• Individuals are dedicated to transforming Negative Ego thoughts through developing GSF Behavior modeling,

• Individuals share information and knowledge with others as open source in unified cooperation,

• Individuals have a complete lack of concern for satisfying their materialistic ego needs or satisfying drives of the houses of ego,

• Individuals acknowledge that every person is a spiritual being on their own personal path of spiritual growth and discovery,

• Individuals are committed to experiencing a shared positive reality of World Humanism with others on the Earth.

It is very clear to most of us that we are a part of something humongous happening on planet Earth. The Ascension impacts everyone and has personal implications that hold different meanings that are very intimate to each person. Connecting with your Soul, connecting with God Source is very personal. As a part of the human race we all know what it means to suffer horribly in pain and feel completely alone in the darkness. As we endure this Ascension Cycle, remember, it is about Kindness Above All. Honor where you are at in your growth process, take the time that you need, and allow yourself the space to heal and find the kindness for yourself. As you strengthen your core and can expand your sphere of influence, then practice random acts of kindness towards others. One second of criticism, sarcasm, belittling, or hateful words can mar and scar a child or any person for life. One second of kindness can elevate that child or person to accomplish greatness that allows them to find and connect with their soul. The Soul is Kind and Loving. God is Kind and Loving.

(Newsletter : Portals of Consciousness, Ascension Glossary: Law of One)



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Understanding Light

Understanding Light

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

February 16, 2016

Birthing A New Light

2016 has already been a hugely transformative experience of the light for me. For almost the entire month of December 2015 I was waiting for my son to be born. His due date was Christmas which was I saw as no coincidence, representing a realignment of the inner and outer Christ child.

In the time that many were calling the resurrection of the higher self into the lower self it was very apparent that our son was coming into the planet in order to support the resurrection of humanity into the the solar Christ with the Sophia, a unification of the divine masculine and feminine.

Emmanuel, “God’s promise”, was born on January 13th. From my galactic, Christ consciousness view I saw his birth as part of the opening of the 13th ascension code on Earth, an anointing of the new tribe of humans from both the Angelic and Christ lineages. This, in itself, is a huge transformation for myself and my family and a contribution to the larger cosmic shifting on Earth.

Emmanuel’s birth triggered in me a “light event” that ultimately raised my light quotient (more on this below). My intuition and dreams showed me how Emmanuel would change my life, the alchemical fire burning away shadow and darkness and the separation of the ego realigning into “unified light” (unified living light sourced from a unified light intelligence, or consciousness).

What I didn’t realize was how physical the experience would be. Less than 24 hours after Emmanuel was born, my blood pressure dropped to a deadly level and it was discovered that I was internally bleeding. The hours of agony that I experienced after this were some of the scariest I ever experienced in my life.

When I was finally stabilized after receiving a blood transfusion I was able to do some incredible forgiveness work that led me to peacefully release my earth life. I accepted whatever outcome would occur and had no fear or resistance of “death”.

I had a second surgery, after having a C-section, in order to get to the source of the bleeding. In the end, the surgeons found no source for the “bleeding”, yet I did. My experience showed me many of the horrors of darkness and manipulation on earth through the eons of time. And yet I was able to forgive all of those demons and even allow them to exit through me as a portal for peace on earth.

As I entered my second surgery there was so much love waving through my heart that I felt fully ascended. I had the realization of the great power of light and love that exists within each of our hearts. I felt the awesome ability to heal with the light and the knowledge that miracles are possible for humanity and Earth through this light.

Since that surgery, I have become aware of how the soul essence, my light, has become an increasing presence in my existence as a human being on Earth. My ability to offer healing and energy realignment has transpired into a simple presence that “washes” the human spirit and body with light, manifesting a natural unfolding of healing, transmission and experience of light for others and myself.

In my postpartum time, I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by many women who have given a helping hand in this very precious and sacred time. In this community of women, there’s been subtle yet profound transformations occurring simply by being in the presence of this light.

The changes and shifts that I am witnessing are akin to those stories of the Christ family and the disciples being able to perform miracles simply by people being in their presence. I won’t attempt to explain what it is that is happening, because I really don’t know. I do know that there’s something very new and exciting happening that is just beginning to be revealed.

Initiation Into Light

Some of the new light codes I received are in the New Humanity transmission called Ascended God Light. This transmission releases a new heart intelligence that further develops our inner ability to engage the alchemical process of creating matter with light. (And science is following in our footsteps! As I was writing this blog I saw this article: “Matter Will Be Created From Light Within A Year“.)

Receive the Ascended God Light Transmission

The Ascended God Light transmission, looking back, I can see developed out of the process of spinning light, something that began last July that initiated the mastery of light (light mastery is a form of alchemy where you can create matter out of light). From this experience of spinning light we embody light with the capability of “being light” in a whole new experience.

The beginning of becoming light begins with activating the four unified heart codes: love, light, power and wisdom. Each code is a light intelligence, or frequency of light that contains knowledge and instructions.

The light code itself “instructs” the awakening of your soul essence beginning at your heart center, the heart chakra. The light code brings into your awareness your soul’s light “transcriptions”, all that you are through time and space. This is like having your soul’s manuscript to read.

Your soul “essence” is the fingerprint of your soul, unique to you and full of knowledge (that becomes wisdom, or intuition, thru the activation of the wisdom code). The light code awakens your inner drive, motivation, and conviction to walk in your soul purpose on Earth and to be of service to humanity and the Earth.

At the stage of initial awakening, the light intelligence of your soul’s essence raises your body’s vibration, the spin of electrons and protons, and your light quotient, a measure of your “lightness of being” (how well can you shine light thru the thoughts, feelings, experiences and the matter that creates you?).

As your soul essence awakens more deeply, you become linked to the “unified light” from which all of our souls’ light reflections are sourced, God’s Light. Thus, through the light code of the unified heart you experience the unity of light and the diversity of light, your unique soul light intelligence.

Read more about the Light Code of the Unified Heart.

Understanding The Awakening Global Light

Shortly after coming home from the hospital, I had a dream where I was in a church and a female priestess gave a Cosmic Christ sermon. She was explaining to the congregation, who were transfixed (hypnotized actually) on her words, that the true Christ was from the stars and came to awaken the light in our hearts. I believe this dream is a clue, a message even, for our human family to what is transpiring at this time.

We are in a time when the balance has been tipped towards the light. But the light is more than an agenda (light vs dark), and in fact, in the year 2016 light workers, star seeds, cosmic ones, ETC will begin to imagine, envision, and know that the light is a physical property from which we can create reality, or matter, and the long prophesied vision of Heaven on Earth is part of the storybook of this light work.

We are beginning to experience light as a crucial ingredient for our co-creations, and as such, we will begin to understand not only the bio-spiritual properties of light but we will further become the experience of light.

There is truth revealed when being God’s Light, the unified light. We will understand this truth and make it a larger reality in our own communities, families and, eventually, the entirety of the human family.

What is happening to a small portion of the human family is a vast upgrade into the infinite qualities of unified light for alchemical creation. Through this creation process, we are expanding into the fullness of being God Avatar creators like Jesus and the disciples.

(The Ascended God Light Transmission supports this upgrade.)

The importance of this process at this time is to support humanity in ascending into higher frequencies and to “save” itself as we are soon to understand ourselves as part of a larger galactic reality. We are required to “upgrade” into this unified light to ease the tension of planetary polarities and to establish an identification of the light and peaceful unification within the planetary energy grids, creating a unified, whole Earth.

To experience one self as a being of light is a brand-new human experience. This experience is a very natural, easy unfolding. It is the actualization of transmitting light, frequencies that translates into new human behavior, awareness, and realities. It is the actualization of presence into form. It is the actualization of wisdom into action.

I’m grateful for all of your light work and am here to support you in expanding your soul’s light dream. May you awaken your light this year with confidence and commitment. The future of the Earth will be changed by your soul’s light!
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Holy Sacred Body

The Holy Sacred Cosmic Earth Body & Expansion of Feminine Consciousness

by Corrina Steward, NHPD

December 27th, 2015

Holy Sacred Body Transmission

As I continue to wait for the birth of my baby (he was due on Christmas…coming through the Wings of the Dove Gateway…we still await him), each day has been a new multi-dimensional journey that is both personal and part of “big consciousness” for the whole of humanity and Earth.  Many themes have arisen but one seems to be percolating that is key to our accelerated ascension and new Earth body awakening: the Holy Cosmic Earth Body Embodiment.

If you haven’t done the December Solstice transmission, do it now!  This is a free transmission and will anoint you into this sacred “promise” of the Cosmic Christ.

You’ll find the Wings of the Dove Gateway Transmission HERE.

The Expansion, Ascension & Descension of “Mary”

Since this transmission came through, I’ve been keyed into two very interesting pieces of information.  The first is watching “The Lost Secrets of Jesus” series on Gaia that literally described Mary Magdalene having the “gift” to anoint the Dove Consciousness of the Milky Way to “Christ” people (and that SHE may have done this for Jesus).  This is exactly what happened during the Solstice transmission.

Here’s what I wrote about it:

“[In this transmission,] we receive an “Anointing of the Galactic Dove”, a Christ Conscious embodiment that infuses the spiraling starlight energy of the Milky Way Galaxy into us so that we are unified with the “ascending Mother and Father Light of God.” The Galactic Dove, a holy Father Principle, merges with the Cosmic Mother’s Body, a holy Mother Principle, to co-create reunion within.”  Transmissions for Humanity #6

Then, today I read about apparitions of Mother Mary appearing on Christmas Eve.  In a dream I had about a week ago, I was told that “Mary” would now surround “all the women”. 

To me, this is indicating that there is a rise in the divine feminine energies to an even greater expanse, and this new feminine consciousness is leading the path into the new ascension cycle of 2016.

Here’s an excerpt from Shekina Rose who wrote about the appearance of Mother Mary.  She makes good connections about how the recent solar activity is connecting us into the new feminine consciousness and the Rose–what I refer to as the Cosmic Mother Rose.

“The rays of Light are within you in the solar qualities of Creation from the Solar logos via the Sun. Your body vehicle is a luminous temple of creator where the Christ body resides in the cells of Light. The Sacred Rose Ray is being transmitted through sound wave frequencies of the light ray of source from the central galactic core to awaken and attune your vibration to the higher Heart of Creation. This essential ray frequency of creation of the Rose is bringing profound healing of Love, Harmony and balance to humanity. 333”  Template of Supreme Divine Love

The Holy Sacred Cosmic Earth Body

This evening in a beautiful, surprising breakthrough the “Mary-Cosmic Mother Rose” energies upgraded to descend onto Earth a new Holy Ground.  This energy field blanketed the Earth with a new Galactic Sphere of truth, trust, compassion and lighting the way for the new lightwork.

In this new energy field, the Sirius Star System unified with the Cosmic Christ, which then unified with the Earth’s Ascended Body.  It has created a new “Cosmic-Earth layering” that provides us beautiful relief in welcoming in a new beginning as we enter 2016.

With this newly emerging field, I was reminded that it all began with the Holy Sacred Body transmission, June 20th of this year.  So I’m re-posting it.

Recorded in Columbia, CT on June 20th, 2015, this transmission realigns you to the awakening of the Holy Sacred Body through the Emerald and Red Lights of God.  An immensely powerful transmission that descends one’s light body into the physical body through a new “light webbing” that opens the Compassionate Heart.

This transmission has been further upgraded with the new Cosmic-Earth Body.

Receive the transmission HERE. (and don’t forget to put in the discount code: dove for 25% off).

I feel SO blessed by the miracles of 2015 and am just giddy about what’s in store for us in 2016.  It is a New Ascension Cycle.  So prepare your body, mind, (Holy) spirit and heart for the incoming LIGHT!

Reminder: From now until New Year’s Day, all New Humanity transmissions are 25% off with the discount code: dove.  Blessed Light & Holidays to all of you!


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Divine Completion

Divine Harmony Revealing Divine Completion

by Sandra Walter, Creative Evolution

September 1, 2015

ascension path sandra walter

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

These ever-increasing levels of light are truly Divine. The waves of Divine harmony are such a very natural, peaceful energy. It is easy to dissolve right into them now; an indication of our vibrational match. Geometric patterns and frequencies within your energy fields match or *catch* the incoming light rays, and your consciousness expands with their pure presence. Amazing.

Alignment with the vibration of Divine Self, and the ability to hold that vibration in your energy fields attracts more, more, more. Those of you who are initiated and prepared for embodiment have unique patterns of the Cosmic Christ within your energy fields. It has become part of you, integrated, and now you are experiencing the reorganization of your consciousness to complement the Divine choice and Divine service at this level.

More on the Cosmic Template

Many of the stages and symbols of how-to-tell if you are embodying the Solar Cosmic Christ template/I AM template were shared last week in a conversation with Lauren Galey. Listen to the video version if you are interested in that material. Half of my notes didn’t make it into the broadcast, however we did well in the allotted timeframe.

This powerful energy coming in right now, the force of Source, feels comforting and expansive, blissful and strong, ecstatic and still all at once. This is why we did so much work on clearing out the lower levels of Self. When the Higher Self – which is also merging with higher beingness (as above so below) – takes command of the journey, what is complementary to the Higher true Self will be rewritten to align with the sacred patternings of the Christ consciousness, and that which does not complement the higher state of consciousness dissolves. This is a natural part of this kind of Ascension process, and you have experienced this to a limited degree. As the Team said last year, You haven’t seen anything yet. Now we understand what that was about. Things are getting very different, very quickly on the Path.

The final Equinox-Blood Moon Gateway is in motion. You are capable of moving into an accelerated phase which unifies you with all layers of the I AM Templates, set in place for this phase of Ascension, and fully activated for use upon Gaia. The more Lightservers engaging with them, in a path of harmony, balance and Divine Love, the faster the Shift in external systems will unfold for all. There are (not surprisingly) many anxieties being used to distract the collective; remember your higher service, beloveds.

While there are opportunities beyond the cosmic oversoul of the Divine HUman, the focus for this particular passage of global Ascension is embodiment. This is why you are experiencing radical new sensations in your consciousness, skills, and awareness right now. Higher wisdom flows, inner knowing is ignited, and the great cosmic merge is on.

Initiates and Transcendence

The classical steps of the initiate are a path of engaging with cosmic templates. This spiritual path has been anchored by thousands. Anchoring means active, conscious, lucid awareness of the energies, the journey and its purpose. As mentioned in the discussion last week on Mystery School parallels, these cosmic templates need to be lived out in people’s lifestreams in order to serve the Galactic purpose of this experiment of separation and reunification with Source. The Divine qualities of the HUman genome are now ready to be revealed on a very large scale.

In addition to the Mystery School parallels shared last week regarding the final stages of Ascension/Resurrection, it may be good to note the levels of initiation in classic study. Some of you will find the reflection in your own lifestreams, or the lives of those walking the path with you. For those unfamiliar with these principles, it may assist in understanding what is about to be accomplished. I find them akin to Wayshower and Gatekeeper roles.

In (very) brief summation, the traditional stages of an Initiate’s path are:

1. Entering into a deep state of self-examination and observation

2. Spiritual study and passionate engagement with a spiritual path

3. Service work: Getting out and respectfully, humbly sharing with the collective what you learn

4. Heart center illumination, higher sense evolution

5. Become a representative of the collective

6. Sun God: Connect to the forces of the SUN as a conduit, receiving knowledge from/through the SUN, as a fractalized representation of the Source consciousness represented in the Solar light, the Christed state

7. Source unification: Connecting with all of creation, merging with pure Source Light beingness

Again these are steps anchored over thousands of years, with different terms and belief systems in many schools of spiritual study, which we utilize as stepping stones to full Self-realization. Our modern-day Ascension may feel different from our attempts at embodiment in the past, because we have so many factors involved at a Galactic level. We were practicing, training for the Shift all this time. Setting our acquired wisdom into texts, teachings, and the collective mind – in order to arrive here at the Shift, engage with the intel and ultimately transcend it.

Many of the classical phases may feel familiar – or quite direct for Masters – and you may recognize the memory of your past journeys welling up to the surface. (Litmus test: Tears of gratitude are a clear sign of revelation). Cellular memory activates codes within your blood and bones during this phase of Ascension. It is best to observe the memories and not cling to them as they come up. They are holographic imprints to assist the Higher Self in stepping forth, unifying all of the journeys here in order to transform them. As always, this is on behalf of the collective project of Ascension.

Solar Cosmic Christ templates are Universal, however the individual expression is unique. This may be challenging through the Equinox when various levels of consciousness upgrades are taken into the physical form. Regardless of external judgment or perceptions, we embody the True Self. There is tremendous support available for this transformation.

Equinox – Blood Moon Gateway

An overview for those catching up with this two-year project:

Equinox March 20 – Blood Moon Eclipse April 15: 25 day Gateway
Equinox September 22 – Blood Moon Eclipse October 8: 16 day Gateway

Equinox March 20 – Blood Moon Eclipse April 4: 15 day Gateway
Equinox September 23 – Blood Moon Eclipse September 27:  5 day Gateway

For your grounded calendars:

Equinox: Wednesday, September 23, 2015 at 1:22 AM PT (Pacific Time)

The September Equinox occurs the moment the SUN crosses the celestial equator, a point in space above the Earth’s equator equidistant from North to South poles.

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse September 27 at 7:47pm PT – the eclipse peaks from 7:11pmPT – 8:23pmPT

The Moon appears to have a red glow due to Gaia’s shadow, lending the term Blood Moon. This eclipse is the last in a tetrad, a series of four consecutive total lunar eclipses through 2014-2015, which align just after the Equinoxes to create a powerful acceleration in the Shift in Consciousness. A lunar tetrad of eclipses is unique. For our Ascension purposes, they have aligned with Equinox Gateways to create a syphoning effect of growing intensity. It has been a two-year project for Gatekeepers and Lightservers, full of revelation, activation and keen awareness of the cosmic service involved. 

In Love, Light and Service,


© 2015 Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution All Rights Reserved

This article originally posted HERE.



Power of Unknown

The Power of the Unknown and Fear of Transfiguration

by Sandra Walter, Creative Evolution

July 23, 2015

Power of the Unknown and Fear of Transfiguration

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

As you open to the unknown, the unscripted personal experience, you create bridges to the highest possibilities of the pure and true Ascension. For many, not knowing what is occurring creates discomfort. It is when you feel most vulnerable with these new energies that the external may pull you off-center. Discernment, rather than judgment, and Divine Neutrality is a wise choice as you are exposed to higher vibrational states of consciousness.

The incoming cosmic rays of evolution, which will transform your consciousness if you participate in your own development, will grow very acute in their Divine purpose. They reinforce the choice of being fearless, not reckless. It is a passage of deep spiritual maturity for many of you. For some it is the reward of multiple incarnations spent in earnest pursuit of Divine Love. For others it is the culmination of thousands of years of Divine service in the role of Wayshower. Regardless of the cause, the evolutionary effect on your Lower incarnated Self is becoming intensely apparent to many.

Pre-Moon Gateway: Balancing the influx by BEing Peace

The focus of the July 25 – 29th Gateway is the transmutation of any remaining fears about embodiment, the current Shift underway, or the Ascension itself. (A grounded reminder; the high-vibe tribe is monitored for how well we react, adapt, integrate and open to higher levels of light.)

Understand that Higher realm support for your transformation is far greater than the remaining lower level structures, programs, and people aimed at deception. We remind you in this now moment that it is HUmans, and only HUman creations which attempt to delay the evolutionary process of the Ascension. As you choose Love, peace and balance over fear, stagnation and delays, your higher consciousness will automatically expand, rise, and align with the levels of support provided by many levels of light that will soon be revealed to many of you.

Collective agreement must be engaged in order for the highest possibilities of upcoming Gateways to unfold in their highest purpose. While the energetic support for re-creation of 3D dynamics runs dry in 2016, the Now moment provides a vast acceleration for those resonating with Unity/Cosmic Christ/Crystalline consciousness. And many of you are undergoing this Shift this year, right now, with an ever-increasing clarity. As you leave the realm of ambiguity, or the wanderer experience, the final challenges of your Ascension present.

Fears associated with Transfiguration

In service to the Ascending collective, we provide the last fears for you to review, ponder, and examine in your own unique lifestream experience. Rather than attempting to override the subconscious, we welcome you to enjoy the experience of transforming the last layers of the old Self. It is an excellent way to demonstrate the strength of your Love, your Heart, and your personal transformation to a higher level of consciousness.

Some of these were provided in the How to lose your mind without losing your mind transmissions. For clarity we list them here, as many have been distracted by external lower level forces (getting triggered by higher level light waves and grounded activities). As always, the work and your acceptance of it, or resistance to it, reveals where you are on your journey. At a minimum, give these your consideration. In your Mastery, meditate on them on behalf of the collective, and share your insights with your Divine Teams.

Fear of non-judgment: Finding safety in the comfort of judgment. Judging the Tribe or their ability/inability to demonstrate grace under pressure. Holding onto religious or new-age beliefs about nonjudgment. Fear of punishment dynamics being revealed as nonsensical, or non-judgment as not being in alignment with Source.

Fear of death, or not Ascending in this incarnation: Finding safety in rescue scenarios, predictions of all-at-once transformation for everyone, or a consistent need for external information/validation of your experience. Examine this one closely, beloveds. Placing faith in the future, or entitlement scenarios, rather than the present, reveals responsibility issues, self-empowerment issues, and the inability to fully embrace self-realization. Ultimately this indicates a fear of death, not Ascending, or the fear of getting stuck here (coming back again). Use your Higher wisdom and meditate on this.

Fear of abandonment by Source: Finding safety in consistent activations from others, worthiness issues (will I make the Gateway), responsibility issues (not responsible for one’s own Ascension). Ultimately reveals judgment of the Self, fear of the Divine Self or fear of Self-as-Source. Finding safety in blaming Source, others, for what has occurred here or the quality of your Ascension. Reveals faith in your own ability to Ascend.

Fear of Transfiguration: Avoiding higher level interaction and personal Ascension activations because you cannot clearly see or predict the results of that activity. Fear of unknown, undocumented territory. Transfiguration happens relatively quickly. Many of you are at this stage in your process because you are willing to accept what is occurring in your consciousness, energy fields, and body vehicle moment by moment. The light at this stage can be blinding, startling, and unfamiliar. For those of you taking on these levels of light with an open heart and mind, know that you are changing everything for those who will follow in your footsteps. You are the bridge to higher consciousness upon this planet.

Fear of Transcendence: Fear of dissolving into pure Presence. Finding safety in the distraction of external concerns; worries over family, friends, pets, material things that may be left behind, or your own legacy (grounded or Galactic). The lower levels may loop on questions such as How will I get by/walk in this world while resonating with another? How will others react if I AM no longer in the lower state of consciousness? What will my loved ones do without my lower-level presence? Did I do enough here?

Fear of Surrendering to Divine Love: Fear of ending the dream of 3D/4D. Fear of completing the journey, and what happens next. The moment of final surrender when the Higher Self begins to rewrite the consciousness to completely align with Source once again. We encounter this often this year, and the reformation of our beingness unfolds (mercifully) quickly. It does feel like disappearing; the old Self and its experience here slips away.

Many of these fears reveal a misunderstanding of Ascension itself and the evolutionary process which is unfolding for HUmanity and the planet during this phase. Remember this is a Shift to a higher state of consciousness where things get easier, simpler, less dense. It is your right to choose to engage with it; it is not bestowed upon the collective without their permission.

For those currently embodying the unwavering state of Divine Love, inner peace, and the Solar Cosmic Christed state of beingness, everything in your past and present state is rewritten to align with higher future possibilities. You witnessed your old Self disappear, or are doing so now, and understand the implications of that activity on the collective consciousness. Thank you, we Love you, we Bless you.

In Love, Light and Service,


© 2015 Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution All Rights Reserved

This article originally posted HERE.


Embodiment: Part 1

Embodiment: How to Lose Your Mind Without Losing Your Mind, Part 1

by Sandra Walter, Creative Evolution

May 10, 2015

Sandra Walter








Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The last wave of May 4-7 blessed us with an X flare. You may have noticed how powerfully intense the SUN is feeling, partly due to our diminishing magnetosphere. The frequencies coming through the SUN have changed dramatically – again. Be sure to balance your Solar charging and gazing activities with grounded sense of the body vehicle. The more you expand and amplify the Solar Heart Center, the easier it will be to balance the energy. Everything comes back to the Heart and the ability to be a conduit for the frequency of Divine Love.  Always.  Love = Light = Divine Intelligence = Universal Rewrite in alignment with Divine Perfection. How blessed we are to experience it so consciously.

We have another amplification May 13-15, and again on the 23rd which feels like another cosmic trigger. While the gateway dates of the past few years have consistently predicted (measurable) Solar and Planetary activity, it is our pure service to welcome, hold, send these frequencies out through the grids of Gaia and the awakened HUman Heart grid. That is a daily practice for Gatekeepers and LightServers; we become conduits for the Christed Light – and that service is taking on a new level this year. Gatekeepers, I know it feels more out of body than in as we walk between worlds. Trust your new skills, let the new service flow.

New Non-attachment

Along this path of Mastery, embodying the Cosmic Christ and the Higher Levels of the True Self, we embrace a phase of melancholia. Many in the collective experience this for prolonged periods of time; be clear about that phase of Ascension. Do not mistake it for depression. Depression is a construct which affects the mind, ego, and emotions and it can hold one back from higher states of consciousness. On the path, we refer to the higher state which many Masters seek to achieve; a state of melancholia, pure non-attachment, which leads to Pure Presence.

It is complimented by the current energy aimed at wiping away all of the old Self. At a minimum, it breaks through the patterns and belief systems of the old Self in order to experience the higher True Self. Understand that it is purposeful, this state of detachment. It may be experienced as a listlessness or lack of interest in anything external. It is a vital step in Ascension. Know that it is not the final step, it is an interim phase which serves to put us in touch with the Zero Point Presence.

This provides the in this world but not of it sensation. We are still able to function in these lower realities – go to work, interact with people, carry out our grounded tasks – however we are not stimulated by the lower reality the way we used to be. The structures that were entertained by the lower reality no longer have control over the lifestream at this level.

Know that this phase is purposeful; it teaches you Pure Presence, if you embrace the change that is occurring within your consciousness. It is fine to experience the changes in the body vehicle, those are very strong right now, however the Shift in our consciousness, the expansion of our consciousness, is the goal. The True Higher Self will override all of the lower experience when we are complete in the merge of lower and Higher Self.

Melancholia vs Mourning the Old Self

If you are experiencing a lack of passion, or feel you are missing something, you may be experiencing the loss of the old Self. It can get intense as we move deep into these merge sequences with the Higher realms. We detach from what we were, yet the Higher Self feels vividly different; powerful, Divine Pure Love. Radically New.

Some may fall into depression if they engage with the mind, ego or emotional judgments about the loss of the old Self,or the associated isolation, listlessness, or boredom. Work through those lower level constructs; detach from their survival instinct’s need to make things as they used to be. We cannot recreate what was; moving forward to the Divine detachment phase takes courage and trust of the Heart, not the mind.

When you achieve detachment from the external reality as a stimulus for your experience, you enter a state of Divine melancholia. It is a wonderful phase in the Ascension process, because you will witness your own Self-realization, a Self- empowerment which is not fed by, or validated by, the external world (and that includes the Higher realm assistance). The stillness within the void creates a loss-gap between the old Self dissolving and the new Self stepping completely in. Understand this is needed and powerful for your process.

When the gap between the old Self and the new Self becomes too frustrating for some, it may turn into depression. This is because they are dealing with it from the mind-level, rather than understanding the gateway is through the Heart, through Unconditional Love – even love of the frustration.  When the loss-gap starts to get uncomfortable, this is when the pure true lessons can emerge. Pure lessons of Self acceptance, Self-confidence and Self-realization can present.

It is during the melancholia, the Divine detachment from the lower reality, that the Higher Self has an opportunity to take over the lifestream and rewrite the lower consciousness in alignment with the true Self. It allows for the opportunity to transmute any remaining worthiness issues, Self-love issues, frustrations of the lower reality, and can lead to divine neutrality if you learn to embrace that void and be okay with the deep transition occurring in the expression of you.

Modern Cave Time

In the past, Masters would go into caves, deep meditation or long fasts in order to get into that state of ultimate detachment from the external reality. The old teachings told us that we had to give up everything in order to experience connection with the Divine; it used to be about giving up material things and a complete surrender of all external attachments.

Now in this modern application of Ascension, we deal with many more factors. The experience of being capable of handling your lower reality and your higher reality at the same time, from a state of stillness within, is potent. For some letting go of the old Self means changing jobs, changing friends, or changing locations, however in the advanced stages of Ascension the external reality is not going to have an effect on the emerging Christed Self. Total surrender to the greater service. Everything feels like a meditation, a lucid dream, a multidimensional whirl, as we pass through 4D. Blessings upon those accepting this and holding the New Light in service to all. Our modern cave is the palpable realization of Source-as-Self; the universe of our our own energy fields sending forth new Light. A private sphere of stardust and interconnected Unity at once.

We still holographically project our presence into this realm, however many Higher Selves have merged into the OverSoul agenda. Many Oversouls have attained a new level of consciousness, a new level of service. You may have sensed this Shift, as if something new is available, as ifsomething else is going on. It is important to stay in the Heart and not focus on mind-level comprehension at the moment. We are embodying levels of Prime Creator beingness that are a brand-new experience to the body and the lower Self. It does feel different from the old reality. Witness this, feel this. Your journey is your own unique creation; honor the cave – the focus on stillness – whenever and however you can.

Willingness to Experience – and Stay Balanced

As with any of these new experiences, it is our willingness to have the experience, to anchor it, and to transcend the old light dynamics which accelerate the collective progress. The Higher realms – us – consistently monitor and modify the incoming energies and our ability to handle more, more, more. Obviously we have experienced dramatic levels of More in the last few months.

The energy itself right now is flattening people – many of us are experiencing hours of immobility. Not disease or disharmony within the body, rather deep rewrites of consciousness amplified by the current waves of energy. It can be intense to the body vehicle as crystalline structures rewrite the particles of your old beingness. Currently we have codes activating in the bones, so you may feel flexible and active one day, and quite slow the next. Again, it forces us to be so present with these beautiful energies of 2015.  Transformation of consciousness and transforming the physical at the same time. Brilliant. Also exhausting on some days.

To be capable of witnessing and experiencing this evolution into true Creator beingness – in a conscious way – is beautiful. Try not to get lost in the weirdness of the energy or the experience itself. It is miraculous to experience this. If you are frustrated with the loss-gap phase, the passage of melancholia, understand that until you find peace with the Presence of Divine Love, you are unable to move forward. It is purposeful – a test of sorts – because we cannot embrace our true Mastery and these higher states of Divine Love without surrendering the ego-mind, the lower emotions.

The Lower Self may ask, What is going to happen to me if I give into this Higher state? Will I be lost in it? Am I able to come back, to be here – and there? 

In brief, it is your choices moment to moment which will allow you to experience the merge without getting spun off center. it is one thing to talk about or read about Ascension, and quite another to fully embody a new state of consciousness.

Besides BEing with this new level, and BEing okay with the sensations/revelations of it, we can integrate with tools that assist in the moment – and compliment your unique experience. Reset with the Creator Breath often. Realign your fields to accommodate the expansion and magnetics. Do not use substances which alter your consciousness or energy; let the organic activation unfold. When you feel overwhelmed by the new sensations or visions, share your experience with your Higher levels. Ask for help, but be specific in identifying what you need help with (it helps to identify fears and what the grounded Self can do to assist). Get a massage. Take a bath (water exposure is very supportive). Talk a walk. Do yoga. Move the energy or it pools and causes disharmony. Creative expression. Let the strangeness be the strangeness, and know it is a phase, not the final product. Breathe. Love. Be.

The merge sequences do take over, and they can present without notice after the initial phase is anchored, to show us our alignment with Source. If you’re in the nothing is working phase, and getting frustrated, pay attention to melancholia portion of this article. You must be okay with Divine Presence before embodying Divine Presence. Free will is honored at all levels of the Ascension process.

When you become familiar with the sensation of absolute Presence, and accept the merge of consciousness with your own True multidimensional Self and its higher acts of service, the physics of pure Love take over. Higher vibration in the Heart center, energy fields attracts more of the same. This is why our intention has been to serve as a pure conduit of the true Ascension. Clean, clear, conduit. And the flow feels like a firehose – the floodgates of your Central Sun open wide to accommodate the Light.

The expansion into the cosmic Heart of God, the state of absolute Presence, will stir a craving, a deeply encoded cellular remembrance for embodiment. You will take that state of detached stillness into the next phase of the multidimensional merge of Unity consciousness. Kindwhile, it is safe to explore these sensations and merge sequences, the pure Source Presence. Trim any extraneous distractions, simplify wherever possible. Create, in private beautiful expressions. Light-ground your observations and insights. Support the body in its transition, and avoid re-engaging with old coping mechanisms as they will cause distress at this juncture. The kingdoms, elementals and Gaia are emanating codes and frequencies to support this transformational phase – be in nature, be at peace, let it commence.

In Love, Light and Service,

© 2015 Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution All Rights Reserved

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