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Free and Clear

Free and Clear

by Jamye Price

September 15, 2016

Free and Clear

Blessed Being, your path in human form has its moments of clarity and its moments of uncertainty, where even the direction of the path has not yet formed. These two opposites complete a circle, a spiral of flow. The dual sides of the same coin.

When you are well with both clarity and uncertainty, you flow easily through change. Change is constant in this experience. It occurs infinitely in each moment, the fractal flow expanding and contracting.

You are at an exciting point in your evolution where change feels accelerated and intensified. You are at the point in the spiral as it spins faster and faster, nearing an unknown culmination. For some, the change creates fear. For others, excitement. These two close cousins determine your friction with a moment of change.

There is a turning point, an escape velocity that releases the bindings of time and space (form). It is at this point that what seemed fast becomes slow, what seemed solid becomes soft, what seemed distinct becomes blurred. Within this blur is a clarity—where the details of form give way to your understanding.

These moments of understanding come in many ways. For one person, it is a physical experience where the body and the physical senses amplify. You may hear, see, taste, touch, or smell in great detail. The blur gives way to physical sensory clarity, even if only for a moment. For another the experience is emotional, creating a heightened sense of Love, connection, or empathy. For another, the experience is mental, initiating an understanding of Time, cosmic connection, or the nature of experience.

Perhaps you recognize these moments of clarity from a vision, a meditation, or a dream? Some seek these with the aid of plants for the chemical assistance that initiates the bridge of release from dense focus. Yet your body is capable to create this bridge as your vibrational resonance attunes to a higher frequency. Even your environment on Earth responds to assist this opportunity. But rather than focusing on the end result of wanting the experience, your focus on the catalyst within you will be what determines your experience.

When you feel free, you are in a resonance of peace and excitement rather than fear.

Within excitement you may notice some fear, but the dominant resonance is excitement. Excitement is passion, creativity, wonderment with Life. Do you feel this? Observe yourself and foster that resonance within. Excitement is a catalyst.

In a moment of uncertainty, find your bridge to knowing that creation has not yet formed, but its birth will bring great change. Find your bridge to the peace within the chaos, understanding the structure of Life is bound by Love. You will notice that you have touched the bridge by the slowing that you feel—the blending of excitement and peace. This blending of duality creates the bridge, the connection. Density gives way to release. You are Free and Clear. Even if for only a moment.

To become Free and Clear, merely observe your authentic emotions. Allow yourself to feel and think freely (your sovereign domain) and you will recognize a clarity of your dominant resonance with Life.

Let Excitement Become Stronger than Fear by Jamye Price

Prepare yourself within. Let the excitement of the unknown become stronger than the fear of the unknown, for all is known within your core. When you are Free and Clear, you feel safe, loving, creative, capable, supported—even in a challenge. It may not feel perfect or easy, but you will feel a resonance of capability within.

To obtain this, soothe your fears into an understanding of safety. Soothe your fears into a feeling of openness and ability. Soothe your fears into peace with the unknown. For Life knows you. Life responds to your vibrational resonance with unconditional Love. A challenge? Life knows your capability. A triumph? Life knows your infinite value. Neither is a punishment or a reward, merely a response. Soothe your fears. They are an opportunity for change, for new freedom and clarity.

As we sit to Blast Free and Clear, we are observing our authentic thoughts and emotions with a nurturance that soothes change. We are becoming stronger within such that the pace of the outer world moves around us, frictionless, as we observe with detached compassion. We are creating waves of Love that penetrate deep into the density of humanity, for we are exciting particles of possibility into the heart of Life. We are the magnetic core that shapes change, feeling free to Love and clear with direction. We are the change, changing the human experience from within. Blast on!


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Astral Manipulation

The Astral Manipulation of the Collective Unconscious

by Will Harader, Galactic Free Press

August 8, 2015

The astral realm may seem like some vague, faraway place, but it’s actually far closer than you think. In fact, the majority of people spend most of their waking hours living halfway within the astral plane without even realizing it.

Your mind isn’t separate from all the other minds in the world, and your mind is itself part of the astral plane. All minds exist in a subset of the astral called the mental realm. When you focus upon the “past”, your consciousness shifts to a part of the astral realm that stores memories, and there’s a collective aspect of this called the Akashic Records. When you focus upon the “future”, you project yourself onto the astral and you visualize your desires in your own little section of it.

There’s much talk about the Collective Consciousness, which is a very wonderful thing where everyone can work together to manifest beautiful dreams. Only problem is that it requires Consciousness, something collectively lacking at the moment. Instead, most people operate through the collective unconsciousness, a kind of nightmare where people work together to manifest what they don’t want. The collective unconsciousness is full of struggle, pain and conflict, which is reflected in the life of the individual. Nobody really suffers alone either, you carry the whole of Humanity along with you, in both suffering and in joy.

There are those who understand very well how this all works, and they willingly manipulate the collective unconsciousness for their own gain. They go by many names, and they fight to make sure Humanity stays unconscious as it means enormous wealth and power for them. Because they operate largely through the astral, the vast majority of people have no idea they’re even being influenced this way.

There’s various forms of occult magic that deal directly with the manipulation of the astral. There’s sigil magic, which deals with creating and putting energy into symbols. This may seem like something rarely practiced nowadays, but it’s actually going on all day, every day. In the business world it’s called branding, and instead of a sigil it’s called a logo. Through things like advertising, people are trained to associate the logo with positive thoughts and emotions. They start to favor certain products without even realizing why.

Every letter is a magic symbol, and you string them together to spell words. Words are abstract, astral creations that are charged not only with meaning, but certain emotions as well. One good example of a highly charged word in the collective unconsciousness is “terrorism”. There’s all sorts of chaos, confusion and anger floating around that word. The mere mention of it gets people all worked up and emotional, which is why rational thought regarding terrorism is so rare. Look at these highly charged words like terrorism, immigration, abortion and sex. Try to observe the emotions that arise without getting all caught up in those emotions. This is part of how you break free from their spell.

The idea of the collective unconsciousness is not some esoteric concept, it recently entered into pop culture, though under a different name. You probably know it as “the Matrix” a program designed to keep you working as a slave without you ever realizing what’s really going on. Of course, it’s really an astral program instead of a computer program, but there’s really not that much difference between those two things. Computers were designed to imitate the human mind.

Now the astral realm is either the bridge between the Divine and material realms, or the separation between the two. With a Conscious Collective, we create Heaven on Earth, with an unconscious collective, we create hell. Through the former, we share Love and Joy, through the latter, we share fear and suffering. You’ve been told that humans collectively loving each other and releasing all their conflict is an impossible pipe-dream but that’s little more than a lie that had to be told to help keep the Matrix in place.

Individually, we can’t heal the whole collective, we can only heal ourselves. Not even Jesus or Buddha could heal the collective, what they did was pull themselves out of unconsciousness, and then offered their help to others. You can do this too, you can transcend the collective unconsciousness, become a bridge for the Divine and a brilliant Light among the collective. Each person who does this is an enormous benefit to Humanity as a whole, and they get the Joy of Divine Love for themselves as well. Not a bad deal if you ask me. The more people do this, the more the collective rises up and the unconsciousness is dispelled. And that’s only the Beginning…

The Galactic Free Press

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