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The Ascension of Mary


by William Henry

June 13, 2016

NASHVILLE – It is now official. Pope Francis has acknowledged that Mary Magdalene, the woman “who loved Christ and was loved by Christ” and who was the first to witness his Resurrection, is on the same level as the other male apostles.

Recognizing St. Mary Magdalene’s role as the first to witness Christ’s resurrection and as a “true and authentic evangelizer,” Pope Francis raised the July 22 memorial of St. Mary Magdalene to a feast on the church’s liturgical calendar, the Vatican announced on June 10, 2016.

This is absolutely wonderful (old) news. Her ascension is complete.

What is new and exciting about it for me is the esoteric language in the Vatican’s decree formalizing the decision and where decoding it leads us.

The decree was published by the Congregation for Divine Worship June 10 along with an article explaining its significance.

Both the decree and the article were titled “Apostolorum Apostola” (“Apostle of the Apostles”) and represent an update on the Vatican’s position on the Magdalene.

According to the article’s author, Arthur Roche, the Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship, the decision will “reflect more deeply on the dignity of women, the New Evangelization, and the greatness ofthe mystery of Divine Mercy.”

Magdalene is presented as a ‘new paradigm’ for women and her elevation will reflect the mystery of Divine Mercy?

The mystery of Divine Mercy? What is that?

Pulling on the golden thread of the Vatican’s vernacular here will lead us down a wormhole of immense beauty and a fuller understanding of why Mary Magdalene was the ‘Apostle of the Apostles’.


The Mystery of Divine Mercy refers to the love God has for all of us and an appearance by the resurrected Jesus to a polish nun, St. Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938). Our goal is to let God’s love flow through our heart, like a river, to all those who need it.

St. Faustina’s encounter with the resurrected Jesus showed us a new way to succeed in our goal.

Faustina stated that whilst she was in her cell on the night of Sunday, 22 February 1931, Jesus appeared to her as the “King of Divine Mercy”, robed in a white garment.

As my readers know, the white garment or “cloak of the illumined ones” is the symbol for the robe of the soul, the light body or resurrection body of Christ.

Faustina wrote that Jesus’ right hand was raised in a sign of blessing and the other was touching the garment near his breast, and that from beneath the garment slightly down, aside his breast, emanated two large rays, one red, the other white.

In her diary (Notebook 1, items 47 and 48), she wrote that Jesus told her:

Paint an image according to the pattern you see, with the signature: “Jesus, I trust in You”. I desire that this image be venerated, first in your chapel, and then throughout the world. I promise that the soul that will venerate this image will not perish.”

Screen shot 2016-06-13 at 10.48.11 AM

According to the diary of St Faustina, the image is based on her 1931 vision of Jesus.

“I promise that the soul that will venerate this image will not perish.”

Wow! Those are powerful words.

Venerate means to adore or love.

While it is believed that Jesus physically appeared to St. Faustina (rather than psychically as an interior vision) he spoke to her of the power of images to transmit Divine Love.

Faustina wrote that Jesus stressed the importance of the image as part of the Divine Mercy devotion, and in Notebook 1, item 327 she attributed these words to Jesus:

“I am offering people a vessel with which they are to keep coming for graces to the fountain of mercy.That vessel is this image with the signature; ‘Jesus, I trust in You.

Our goal, Jesus is saying, is to let God’s love flow through our heart to all those who need it.

One, if not the, way of connecting with the Divine Love is through sacred art.

Catholic devotions thus stress the importance of the image as a “conduit for grace” as part of the Divine Mercy message. Over 100 million Catholics have ‘venerated’ this image and have been altered by its power.

Jesus is saying we can connect with him through this divine image of him, specifically this painting. It is a vessel that will transport us into divine space where we meet him.

In other words, Jesus is saying this painting is a portal to salvation or eternal life.

I could hardly contain my excitement when I read these lines and connected the dots with the work Clare and I have been doing on sacred art.

I bolted out of my desk chair and flew down the stairs of our home to tell her all about it.

For the past five years we have been sharing knowledge of the sacred power images, especially icons of Christ, and avatars and gurus, and how they were created to transmit Divine Love.

More, we have shown, certain examples of sacred art are intended or designed to be sacred mirrors, portals to the afterlife and conduits for our ascension.

A major part of our spiritual practice is collection, veneration and sharing of sacred images.  It is the core of our Work. It is what we love to do. It is the basis for our spiritual adventure tours. We believe that in showing this art to you we are bringing the light of the Divine to you. Taking you to it is our mission and goal.
Sacred art, we believe, is the other half of the written scriptures of the all the world’s traditions.  It is a conduit to divine realms and beings. They are sacred mirrors. Contemplation, reflection and meditation on sacred art programs our DNA. It is the Stone of Transmutation sought by all the world’s mystics.

This is the premise of our Gaia TV show, ARCANUM.

I also discussed the basic points of our findings in my article, “The Awakened Soul: The Lost Art and Science of Ascension and the Ultimate Yoga Experience”.

Now, knock us over with a feather, here is an account of Jesus, himself, saying adore him and BE LOVED via an image!

Catch us, quick!

Or, find a quiet corner and listen what Jesus via St. Faustina has to say on this day we celebrate Mary Magdalene’s Ascension.

Clare and I are still shaking our heads in utter adoration.


Jesus is shown in most versions of the Divine Mercy image as raising his right hand in blessing, and pointing with his left hand on his chest from which flow forth two rays: one red and one white (translucent).

St. Faustina’s Diary records what Jesus says about the symbolic meaning of the rays streaming out of his body:

“The two rays denote Blood and Water. The pale ray stands for the Water which makes souls righteous. The red ray stands for the Blood which is the life of souls… These two rays issued forth from the very depths of My tender mercy when My agonized Heart was opened by a lance on the Cross.”

Screen shot 2016-06-13 at 11.14.41 AM
The whole image is symbolic of charity, forgiveness and love of God, referred to as the “Fountain of Mercy”.

This means the painting is energetically active, like a fountain spewing Divine Love. Jesus has poured his Spirit into the canvas so that it may be sprayed into the space in which the painting is displayed. Your cell phone, tablet or computer is transformed into a sacred space via the presence of the image.

Jesus is talking about alchemy here as red and white are also the color of the elixirs of alchemy and transmutation. Mixing their rays represents the “(al)chemical wedding” that produces the Philosopher’s Stone or the Body of Light.


I offer these details about this image as, once again, according to Arthur Roche, the Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship, the Church hopes that Mary Magdalene’s ascension will “reflect more deeply on the dignity of women, the New Evangelization, and the greatness of the mystery of Divine Mercy.”

At the heart of this mystery is Jesus’s resurrection and transformation into a radiant light being.

My hope is that this “new reflection” on Magdalene will focus on her esoteric side and her role in the Resurrection.

Clare and I explored facets of this diamond in the episode titled “Lost Secrets of the Ascension of Mary Magdalene” of our Gaia TV show ARCANUM

Mary Magdalene was the beloved of Jesus, probably his wife.  She was his supreme initiate. This is why she was the first to the tomb in which his crucified body laid on a stone awaiting Resurrection.

Having spent the past 30 years studying the Resurrection of Jesus, I can say there is no more important participant than Mary Magdalene.

In my book, The Illuminator, I explored the research uplifting Mary Magdalene as an alchemist for which the popular thirteenth century French chronicler Jacobus says she earned the distinction Illuminata andIlluminatrix – the Illumined and Illuminator.

Webster’s says illuminati literally meant ‘enlightened ones’ in Latin. It comes from illuminare, to light up.

As the ‘illuminata’, the enlightened, Jacobus upholds, the Magdalene was illumined with the light of perfect knowledge in her mind and illumined with the light of glory in her body. In this case, says Jacobus, glory describes the splendor and bliss of heaven.

Glorify also means apotheo-size, to raise-up, to make one a God.

Glority also literally means to illuminate = to give light = glow ray(s).

All the occult mysteries of Arcanum speak of a key that is required to unlock mystical secrets of enlightenment and the body of light.

The lost secret of the Arcanum is about building the light body through the release of secretions or oils from the astounding manufacturing plant of spiritual oils, the human brain.

This oil or essence was the key secret of Mary Magdalene and is the key to Arcanum.

Screen shot 2016-06-13 at 11.42.17 AM

A favorite painting of Magdalene by Francesco de’ Franceschi. Ashmolean Musuem. Oxford.

Jewish Gnostics, who recorded their beliefs in the Gospel of Philip, say the Magdalene’s sacred oil is called Chrism that produces the Resurrection.

And it says; “The Chrism is superior to baptism, for it is from the word “Chrism” that we have been called “Christians,” certainly not from the word “baptism.” And it is because of the “Chrism” that the “Christ” has his name.

In Gustave Moreau’s painting we see Mary Magdalene cradling Jesus, perhaps in the moment after she has anointed his body with the sacred oil seen on the table beside them.

Screen shot 2016-06-13 at 11.46.21 AM

This oil opened one’s spiritual eyes, but it may have done more.

In ARCANUM, Clare and I made the first ever proposal that Mary Magdalene knew the secret of attaining what the Tibetans call the Rainbow Light Body or what Christianity calls the Resurrection body. In this practice the body is dissolved into light. The Tibetans do not mention an oil as instrumental in its attainment. Our sense is that this was an innovation introduced — or perfected by — Mary Magdalene.

Screen shot 2016-06-13 at 11.36.15 AM

Mary Magdalene wears a cloak of many colors and holds her alabaster jar. Does it contain the oil that transmutes the human body into light? I believe so.

I note this not out of ego, but to let the interested reader know the source of this information and to invite you on a spectacular journey. We have much more evidence to back up our claim than we are presently allowed to put in print, but will be sharing at our upcoming events and tours.

It is our hope that other researchers, presenters and authors on the subject of light body transformation and ascension will walk with us and further explore the astounding way ahead as we further uncover Mary Magdalene’s knowledge of the Light Body.

The Gospel of Mary says Mary Magdalene was given a special transmission of knowledge (gnosis). This transmission came after Jesus’ resurrection and concerned the nature of matter, of salvation, and of the soul’s journey through the darkness of the astral planes to reach the realm, kingdom or empire of light (which may well be the center of our galaxy).

From St. Faustinas’s experience I have no doubt part of Jesus’s instructions concerned the power of sacred art. Now, the question is, how can the sacred art trigger the production of the oil within us?


To be continued…Screen shot 2016-06-13 at 10.48.11 AM




Copyright © 2007-2016 William Henry. All rights reserved.


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Understanding Light

Understanding Light

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

February 16, 2016

Birthing A New Light

2016 has already been a hugely transformative experience of the light for me. For almost the entire month of December 2015 I was waiting for my son to be born. His due date was Christmas which was I saw as no coincidence, representing a realignment of the inner and outer Christ child.

In the time that many were calling the resurrection of the higher self into the lower self it was very apparent that our son was coming into the planet in order to support the resurrection of humanity into the the solar Christ with the Sophia, a unification of the divine masculine and feminine.

Emmanuel, “God’s promise”, was born on January 13th. From my galactic, Christ consciousness view I saw his birth as part of the opening of the 13th ascension code on Earth, an anointing of the new tribe of humans from both the Angelic and Christ lineages. This, in itself, is a huge transformation for myself and my family and a contribution to the larger cosmic shifting on Earth.

Emmanuel’s birth triggered in me a “light event” that ultimately raised my light quotient (more on this below). My intuition and dreams showed me how Emmanuel would change my life, the alchemical fire burning away shadow and darkness and the separation of the ego realigning into “unified light” (unified living light sourced from a unified light intelligence, or consciousness).

What I didn’t realize was how physical the experience would be. Less than 24 hours after Emmanuel was born, my blood pressure dropped to a deadly level and it was discovered that I was internally bleeding. The hours of agony that I experienced after this were some of the scariest I ever experienced in my life.

When I was finally stabilized after receiving a blood transfusion I was able to do some incredible forgiveness work that led me to peacefully release my earth life. I accepted whatever outcome would occur and had no fear or resistance of “death”.

I had a second surgery, after having a C-section, in order to get to the source of the bleeding. In the end, the surgeons found no source for the “bleeding”, yet I did. My experience showed me many of the horrors of darkness and manipulation on earth through the eons of time. And yet I was able to forgive all of those demons and even allow them to exit through me as a portal for peace on earth.

As I entered my second surgery there was so much love waving through my heart that I felt fully ascended. I had the realization of the great power of light and love that exists within each of our hearts. I felt the awesome ability to heal with the light and the knowledge that miracles are possible for humanity and Earth through this light.

Since that surgery, I have become aware of how the soul essence, my light, has become an increasing presence in my existence as a human being on Earth. My ability to offer healing and energy realignment has transpired into a simple presence that “washes” the human spirit and body with light, manifesting a natural unfolding of healing, transmission and experience of light for others and myself.

In my postpartum time, I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by many women who have given a helping hand in this very precious and sacred time. In this community of women, there’s been subtle yet profound transformations occurring simply by being in the presence of this light.

The changes and shifts that I am witnessing are akin to those stories of the Christ family and the disciples being able to perform miracles simply by people being in their presence. I won’t attempt to explain what it is that is happening, because I really don’t know. I do know that there’s something very new and exciting happening that is just beginning to be revealed.

Initiation Into Light

Some of the new light codes I received are in the New Humanity transmission called Ascended God Light. This transmission releases a new heart intelligence that further develops our inner ability to engage the alchemical process of creating matter with light. (And science is following in our footsteps! As I was writing this blog I saw this article: “Matter Will Be Created From Light Within A Year“.)

Receive the Ascended God Light Transmission

The Ascended God Light transmission, looking back, I can see developed out of the process of spinning light, something that began last July that initiated the mastery of light (light mastery is a form of alchemy where you can create matter out of light). From this experience of spinning light we embody light with the capability of “being light” in a whole new experience.

The beginning of becoming light begins with activating the four unified heart codes: love, light, power and wisdom. Each code is a light intelligence, or frequency of light that contains knowledge and instructions.

The light code itself “instructs” the awakening of your soul essence beginning at your heart center, the heart chakra. The light code brings into your awareness your soul’s light “transcriptions”, all that you are through time and space. This is like having your soul’s manuscript to read.

Your soul “essence” is the fingerprint of your soul, unique to you and full of knowledge (that becomes wisdom, or intuition, thru the activation of the wisdom code). The light code awakens your inner drive, motivation, and conviction to walk in your soul purpose on Earth and to be of service to humanity and the Earth.

At the stage of initial awakening, the light intelligence of your soul’s essence raises your body’s vibration, the spin of electrons and protons, and your light quotient, a measure of your “lightness of being” (how well can you shine light thru the thoughts, feelings, experiences and the matter that creates you?).

As your soul essence awakens more deeply, you become linked to the “unified light” from which all of our souls’ light reflections are sourced, God’s Light. Thus, through the light code of the unified heart you experience the unity of light and the diversity of light, your unique soul light intelligence.

Read more about the Light Code of the Unified Heart.

Understanding The Awakening Global Light

Shortly after coming home from the hospital, I had a dream where I was in a church and a female priestess gave a Cosmic Christ sermon. She was explaining to the congregation, who were transfixed (hypnotized actually) on her words, that the true Christ was from the stars and came to awaken the light in our hearts. I believe this dream is a clue, a message even, for our human family to what is transpiring at this time.

We are in a time when the balance has been tipped towards the light. But the light is more than an agenda (light vs dark), and in fact, in the year 2016 light workers, star seeds, cosmic ones, ETC will begin to imagine, envision, and know that the light is a physical property from which we can create reality, or matter, and the long prophesied vision of Heaven on Earth is part of the storybook of this light work.

We are beginning to experience light as a crucial ingredient for our co-creations, and as such, we will begin to understand not only the bio-spiritual properties of light but we will further become the experience of light.

There is truth revealed when being God’s Light, the unified light. We will understand this truth and make it a larger reality in our own communities, families and, eventually, the entirety of the human family.

What is happening to a small portion of the human family is a vast upgrade into the infinite qualities of unified light for alchemical creation. Through this creation process, we are expanding into the fullness of being God Avatar creators like Jesus and the disciples.

(The Ascended God Light Transmission supports this upgrade.)

The importance of this process at this time is to support humanity in ascending into higher frequencies and to “save” itself as we are soon to understand ourselves as part of a larger galactic reality. We are required to “upgrade” into this unified light to ease the tension of planetary polarities and to establish an identification of the light and peaceful unification within the planetary energy grids, creating a unified, whole Earth.

To experience one self as a being of light is a brand-new human experience. This experience is a very natural, easy unfolding. It is the actualization of transmitting light, frequencies that translates into new human behavior, awareness, and realities. It is the actualization of presence into form. It is the actualization of wisdom into action.

I’m grateful for all of your light work and am here to support you in expanding your soul’s light dream. May you awaken your light this year with confidence and commitment. The future of the Earth will be changed by your soul’s light!
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Activating Consciousness

Activating Consciousness to View Itself ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

by L’Aura Pleiadian, Pleiadian Delegate

January 4, 2015


The following so-called words, you see before you, are not words of guidance, or reminders, or even just words that appear put together in sentences, to make sense.  These words are Light Frequencies, that activate, that which in your consciousness within you, appears dormant in your awareness. You do not have to believe this, for this to take place.

For those of you that have embarked on Being the Arrival of the First Wave of Ascension, I implore you to deeply explore within yourself, the habitual looking at the external world as the indicator of change, and instead look ever more deeply, within your own consciousness.

Recognizing the changes in your consciousness, is the only indicator of change, there is.

What applies to 3D does not apply to 4th and 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

And what are words anyway, but Light, that is the avenue of transmission, towards an awakening experience of consciousness.  Breathe this in, deeply.

Pause, reflect, into your own inner awareness and observe your transformation.

Looking to economy, world events “waiting” for a financial reset, is nothing more, than the catch-all belief, in a 3D world, that does not live in the present moment. That takes your conscious attention, out of the present moment, which is the avoidance, of what is. Where beliefs live, of a future that is better, than the now. That consciousness, exists, only in 3D consciousness. Spiritual ego, is applying the same consciousness of “what I want to take place for me that isn’t here now” and applying that as a way of being spiritual. Self deception, is the only deception. You are responsible, for your consciousness. And your consciousness, exists, in the Present Moment.

Letting go, surrendering, your will, to Love. To Being content Being. To not waiting for this and that to change. Is the maturing of Consciousness, that is 5th Dimensional Consciousness. WHICH ~ creates the changes. Simply by Being Present.

YOU See the world differently, problems dissolve. Hatred, greed, and envy, leave. Self Love is the Only Love there is. AS you cannot receive or get from someone or something, something that you are NOT.

Two can share LOVE. The One who Loves themselves completely, is capable of loving another completely.

That which you are, you are Being, even if you prefer to ‘think” otherwise.

How you experience your reality, is the mirrored reflection of consciousness, that lives within you, that IS (Present Tense) creating your reality NOW. 

The level of consciousness you are vibrating at ~ is = the world that you see.

You desire to see a new world, a Heaven on Earth. Turn the mirror of your awareness, unto your own consciousness and look deeply. LOOK at the fears, at the worry, at the aspects of your consciousness, that are not yet held, in the light of unconditional love.

LIVE ~ there ~ consciously. In the Moment.

Embrace what is your experience, now.

Love, what has not yet been loved, within yourself.

Let go of the 3D habitual concepts and beliefs, that only serve to keep you there, that is, if you desire, to live a new life, see a new world, live in peace and harmony, and live as the Ascended Being, that you are eternally. All Now.

Let go of all your wants.

Surrender them on the altar, of WHAT IS, NOW.

And love, embrace, hold dearly, all moments.

For it clearly, is, that which you Are.

Breathe, deeply and receive.



copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2016. 


This article originally posted HERE.


Heaven’s Gateway of 12-12

“Manifesting the New ‘Abundant Forms'”

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

Manifesting Light

Propelled by the 11-11 Gateway, we are in yet another time acceleration that has LIFTED us into a New Age of Light!

I am noticing a profound change in how Light is conducting itself through us.  There is now this beautiful harmony, a union of Light and Human that is working together to forge humanity ahead into the vast possibilities of unity consciousness and the (re-born) New Earth.

The 12-12 Heaven’s Gateway

As we move at rapid speed, jumping timelines, we are now headed straight into what I’m seeing as Heaven’s Gateway, timed to open on the 12-12.  This time shift is already underway and we can experience it as a passage of an out-moded, historical timelapse in our reality.

As God-manifestors the SPACE of Heaven’s Gateway is enabling a beyond powerful force that reveals the healed being within and “downloads” her into existence.

Through the 12-12 Heaven’s Gateway ancestral heritage is being dripped away and the new Waves of Conscious Oneness are streaming in, culling away the Ancient Earth miasma (karma) and realigning the New Humanity into a new reality of the re-born New Earth–where “history” is no longer relevant.

Manifesting the New “Abundant Forms”

With the passage of 11-11, a shift arrived in how we are being received and reflected by the Universe of Light.  This shift carries us into the stream of Starlight frequency pulses as Students and Teachers of the Light Codes.  

The Light Codes inform us how to work with the Light as we’ve never experienced on Earth before.  Transmission for New Human upgrades, healing and realignment are now transitioning out and we are being schooled on the Light Sciences.

To manifest on the New Earth we work with these Light Sciences — all of life reveals itself through a popping in and a dissolving away alchemy.  What we require in the moment is revealed through the Spherical Creation of Abundant Life Forms; when the moment ends, the form dissipates back into the purity of the Universe of Light.

The Beings of the Universe of Light are teaching us how to work with these Light Sciences.  

From November’s energy transmission:

“Manifestation, [the Beings of Light] explain, is conducted through highly charged Light quotient and through a special Light Body Sphere…This knowledge is given to you as a New Human of Light and you are realigned to manifest on Earth through the consciousness of Oneness…”


Golden Humans of Light

From what I am gathering, through the latest transmissions and incoming universal knowledge, is that we become “golden” beings that alchemicalize the Light Source into Abundant Forms.  The “gold” is a higher dimensional substance that enables us to conduct the Light Source through our new physical bodies.

In the higher frequency (or density) of the New Human form, our heart becomes attuned to this gold and the Light Source can catalyze through us; first, through the highly-charged Light quotient (this is taught in the November transmission) and, second, through heart intent and desire…the new Heart Intelligence.

This in sum is the capability of the prophesied “Golden Humans”. 

May peace and the New Light be with you in this new experience of Oneness.


Copyright Notice: All original New Humanity Press Daily (NHPD) content written by Corrina Steward must remain on the NHPD site. Permission is granted to share a link to blogs, transmissions and essence photos and to quote from Corrina’s articles and blog posts with reference to Corrina as the author and links to NHPD. Where possible, Corrina requests that the New Humanity Press logo (above) be shared with links and quotes (copy image above). Thank you for honoring this copyright.

Stargate Infusion

Blood Moon Eclipse Stargate Infusion!

by Meg Benedicte, New Earth Central

September 26, 2015

Blood Moon Eclipse Stargate Infusion!

Eclipses usually come in pairs, two weeks apart. The first Eclipse occurred on September 12/13 in Virgo. The 2nd Eclipse arrives tomorrow night, Sunday, September 27th at 7:11pm PT. It happens to be the closest supermoon of 2015. This Sunday’s full moon is also called a Blood Moon, the final eclipse of a lunar tetrad that began in April 2014, with the 2nd occurred in October 2014, and the final one this Sunday 27th. Tetrads are very rare: only seven more are expected by the year 2100.

During this Full Moon, its magnetic pull will be felt more intensely due to its close proximity to the earth. The Blood Moon Eclipse will be in fiery Aries, heralding the moment when the New is born from the ashes of the Old. During this Sunday’s Full Moon Eclipse you can expect to feel a powerful surge of ‘new’ energies as you connect with new opportunities and a new direction in life.

The momentous astrological events this week act as openings, portals to higher realms of mysticism and alchemy, so that we can evolve back into living as Divine Humans. Utilizing the heightened frequencies during this week’s Stargate threshold, we have the opportunity to embody the codes of divine blueprint and be alchemized ourselves. This weekend you can expect to feel accelerated energies as the gamma ray Light infusion from the Galactic Center catalyzes more rapid ascension in your energy field and into Gaia.

Since the Equinox on September 23rd, I’ve been experiencing some shaking, physical fatigue, and nausea. The gamma ray frequencies are purging all non-organic toxins and scalar wave interference. The evolutionary transformation occurs in the energy body/chakra pillar as divine sentient intelligence recodes our thoughts, opens new horizons, and ignites the dormant DNA and the crystalline Merkaba Light Body.

We are standing in a potent ‘seed moment’! So grab the moment and give it everything you got! We are standing at the threshold of a new era – it is an exceptional time to be alive. We have traveled far and wide to be alive on earth right now, so that we could not only experience a rare global ascension but to contribute to the direction of the new world.

Lovingly, Meg


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Creation Template of the Universe

 Merkaba – The Creation Template of the Universe

by Meg Benedicte, New Earth Central

April 28, 2015

I just got back from traveling to San Francisco to present at the New Living Expo this past weekend. This was my first trip down the mountain since I moved to Mount Shasta in late 2012. I’ve spent the last few years responding to my Sirian Indigo mission to anchor and ground the new Lemurian energies to the crystalline global grid and the root chakra of Mount Shasta. This heralds the return of the divine feminine to her rightful place in balance and union with the divine masculine. As a society, we are moving away from living in divisive polarity and merging into unity consciousness.

The SF Expo was such an amazing experience to see so many awakened souls who are dedicated to their personal Ascension and the birthing of our New Earth paradigm. There were many questions from the audience about Ascension symptoms and ensuing discussion on practical steps that we can incorporate into our daily routine to support our human transfiguration with as much ease and grace as possible.

I enjoyed listening to the panel discussions and an inspiring presentation by David Wilcock that included information about the latest global Ascension events. David also shared with the audience the profound discovery by quantum physicists Nima Arkani-Hamed and Jaroslav Trnka, that the most fundamental particle interaction in nature may be consequences of geometry – in the multi-tetrahedron shape called the Amplituhedron.

Through intensive research they found that ‘patterns emerged in the scattering amplitudes of particle interactions’ as the coherent mathematical structure behind quantum field theory. Look closely…the Amplituhedron does fractally extend into the star tetrahedron Markaba, the universal template of Creation in our Ascension.
The two worlds are converging into a brilliant landscape of metaphysics/quantum particle physics synergy. As we work through our personal Ascension process we are becoming the ‘Bridge’ of energy forging the two worlds into ONE. There is more and more evidence that Earth’s geomagnetic field is losing polarity. Everywhere we anchor the divine Light frequency, we are actively transforming the old world and preparing the collective consciousness for the upcoming ‘quickening’.

Several Expo presenters confirmed the planetary Ascension timeline I’ve been seeing visions of…ramping up through 2015-2017. Since the completion of the 2012 Uranus-Pluto square astrology on March 17th, we are witnessing a powerful ‘amplitude’ of global events. While Uranus and Pluto were locked in the square it felt like a ‘push-pull’ dynamic between two super-powers. Now that the square is releasing, this opens the flow of energy to manifest in new patterns and possibilities. The old toxic sludge unlocks from the pressure valve, allowing the new consciousness to stream in.

For many the past few years have felt like being tossed and turned within a cosmic washer. All the shadow rose to the surface for cleaning and clearing! We may feel wracked by the tumble cycle, but we emerge from the depths brand-spankin-new – alive with our pure Soul Presence.

Now that the intense astro-transits are behind us, people are ready for some rest and integration time for all the energy upgrades. I’ve been getting a lot of sleep this past month, as my body heals and regenerates new life force. Many a night I’ve been startled awake as I release more trauma from my field. My Higher Self explained that during sleep I am roaming all levels of the mind and clearing mental trauma from past wounding. It is a gradual process of letting go of all the dark, dense mental and emotional anguish and suffering from my field. This requires some patience and understanding for our human psyche as we transition into living in the new consciousness.

Last week the Sun moved into earth sign, Taurus, one of the most earth-bound signs there is and represents the physical body in the zodiac. This is excellent astrology to support the physical integration of the Eclipse-Equinox upgrades. During the coming month in earthy Taurus, take advantage of getting into Nature and rooting to your Soul’s Ascension Path of Light, while grounding your desires into the physical field.

Pay close attention to the Crystalline Global Grid, for it is also upgrading. I’m starting to see the crystallization of the entire 12D Merkaba in Gaia’s global grid. As we anchor our energy body to the Crystalline grid, envision connecting to the evolving 12D grids. It will take a few years into 2017 for the full activation of the 12D Global Grid, but it is evolving since the Eclipse-Equinox to support our personal 12 pointed stellated dodecahedron Merkaba as our Soul’s light body on Gaia.

The Cosmic Ascension Plan is designed to ‘awaken’ our body/heart/mind to shift ‘in phase’ with the energy body and merge with the Soul Presence. Continue to spin in the Quantum Vortex daily if you can, so you are aligning the physical body with the energy body in a coherent field of Light. Without coherence, we will continue to live in a state of separation from Soul life force and the continual degradation of health and wellbeing. It is imperative that we direct some of our desire and focus into building more coherence in our body/heart/mind. We are really accelerating our personal Ascension this year, so do your best to make it a priority in your life goals.



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Influencing Change

We Can’t Change Others – Or Can We?

by Nanice Ellis, Nanice.com

April 13, 2015

We Can’t Change Others - Or Can We


The Quantum Shift

It is said that we cannot change others, but what if we really could? Now, I’m not talking about trying to make someone change or evenasking someone to change. I’m talking about influencing change through a very radical approach.

This Quantum Shift will give you the immediate power to transform virtually every one of your relationships, but first you must be open to the possibility that reality changes and morphs according to you and your thoughts, and you must also be willing to take this responsibility.

Granted, it appears that we all share a single universe and everyone is having the same experience of the world, but it is simply not so. The truth is, there are completely different and unique universes for each and every one of us. This means that the universe that you experience is Custom Made for you.

This also means that we don’t just see things differently – life is actually responding differently. Those differences are directly related to who we are and how we see ourselves, each other and the world. Indeed, there are billions of different realities going on right now.

Infinite versions.

If we each live in our own personal universe, this means that everyone in your universe is specific to you, and if you shift, grow or evolve, those in your universe must change accordingly. This can be the toughest thing to comprehend, but when you really get it, you have uncovered an incredible power like no other.

So, perhaps you are wondering, if there are infinite versions of every person in existence, or more precisely, in your life, what determines which version shows up? The version of any one person that you experience is directly related to who you are – and based on your expectations, beliefs, emotions and even how you see that person. As you shift and change yourself, you immediately experience a different version of the same person.

Let’s look at the four ways in which we influence the reality of others.

What You Believe

The entire world is unconditionally demonstrating your beliefs. There is no such thing as unconscious beliefs because life is constantly and consistently manifesting your beliefs. Everyone who shows up in your day is reflecting your personal beliefs, about life, about you and about them. If you believe the world is a hostile place, you get hostile people. If you believe most people are kind, people will demonstrate kindness.

How You Feel

How you feel, at any given moment, sends out a vibratory energy that life immediately reflects back to you. This is the law of attraction. If you feel happy and light hearted, others will reflect that, and if you feel down and depressed, others will reflect that, as well.

What You Expect

What you expect in any situation directly influences what you will experience. Have you ever found yourself saying, “I knew that would happen”? Have you considered that it was your knowing that actually made it happen? People cannot show up any better or different than you expect them to. Most of the time, we base our expectations on how we judge someone or how they have shown up in the past. What we fail to understand is that our expectations and judgements actually lock in those negative aspects of that person.

How You See Someone

How you see a person at any given moment calls forth that version of that person. This means if you are judging someone or focusing on the things that you do not like about that person, you will experience exactly that. If you want to know how you see someone, notice how they show up for you.

So, how does this work in real life?

Imagine moving into a new neighborhood and finding out that your next door neighbor is irrationally angry with a history of violence – hated by every person on the block for his unkind acts, outward hostility and arsenal of weapons, which he displayed when feeling the least bit threatened. What would you do? Most people would go right along with the neighborhood viewpoint – thinking of this man as the negative being that he appeared to be, and experiencing just that.

Well, I have a dear friend who found herself in this exact situation, but instead of joining the ranks of her defensive neighbors, she decided to do something completely radical. She decided to love this man and think kindly of him. She disregarded every derogatory idea about her next door neighbor, and she chose to see the best in him – but, because he didn’t show this “good side” to anyone, she made it up. Then the most interesting thing happened – he actually became the person that she had imagined him to be; continuously showing her kindness and good will – he even began to smile. At first, the rest of the neighborhood didn’t experience this kind and loving man. They still got the hostile grumpy version, but little by little, over time, the man began to show up differently for the neighbors, and they also began to see him more harmoniously. All because one person had the courage to think differently.

You might say, “How can I see someone positively when they are acting so negatively – aren’t I ignoring reality?”

It is our egos that keep us from shifting our viewpoints about others. 

We believe that if people act badly in any way, they deserve our negative attention, even if it is silently to ourselves. Because we feel justified in seeing them in a negative light, we lock in that version. But, who does it serve? We are really punishing ourselves by trying to punish them. On a grander scale, we are even contributing to the negativity of the planet.

It is our private shift in consciousness that allows another version of reality to be experienced. Simply seeing someone in a more positive manner, aligns you with a more positive version of that person.

Playing the victim of your reality?

Anytime that you fail to take responsibility for your experience of reality, you choose to play the victim.

As long as you blame another, you give away your power to change – and, yes, even change the other person. When you blame someone for hurting you, you lock in the very thing that you are blaming him/her for. In other words, if you blame someone for disrespecting you, you anchor the “energy of dis-respect” into that relationship. Our reactions are like universal requests. In this case, the universe hears, “More disrespect please.” As a result, disrespect may show up in other relationships, as well. Before you know, everyone is treating you in the same negative manner.

The healing for this dysfunctional dynamic is complete self-responsibility.

If someone is dis-respecting you, ask yourself, “How am I dis-respecting myself?” When you make the course correction in yourself by giving yourself respect, the outside world will generously reflect it back.

If someone is dis-respecting you, ask yourself, “How am I dis-respecting myself?” When you make the course correction in yourself by giving yourself respect, the outside world will generously reflect it back.
If someone cheated on you, how are you cheating yourself?

If someone judges you, how are you judging yourself?

If someone annoys you, how are you annoying yourself?

You can even turn it around, how might you be cheating, judging or annoying others?

If something is being done to you, it is only because it is being reflected back to you, in order for you to know your inner self, so that you can make course corrections when desired.

Everyone in our lives serves us by reflecting both our conscious and unconscious beliefs back to us.

This means that the people in our lives are merely outwardly demonstrating what we are inwardly doing to ourselves. Therefore, if we want others to treat us better, we must first treat ourselves better. No one can do to you, what you first don’t do to yourself.

Your life is a personal journey through your own subconscious mind. Nothing is happening outside of you. It is all happening within you. It is all you. This gives you complete power and access to changing or re-creating anything you want. This is the genie in your bottle.

Need proof?

The Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian Philosophy that says that everything in our consciousness is a part of us and therefore we are responsible for everything that we are even aware of.

Many years ago, there was a Hawaiian psychiatric prison that was known to be a very violent and dangerous place – for the guards and for the inmates. Every attempt at improving the terrible conditions failed terribly. Finally out of desperation, Dr. Len was called to perform the ho’oponopono. Never once did Dr. Len meet with any of the inmates. Instead, he would sit in the office and read through one file after another. As he was reading about an inmate’s challenging life and violent crimes, he would find the part of him that created this version of this person. And he would offer this prayer, “I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you.”

In saying, I am sorry, he took responsibility for creating the negative reality. In asking for forgiveness, he was letting go so the divine healing could unfold.

After a few weeks, conditions began to improve. After a few months, there was less violence, the guards were not quitting as they were previously, inmates were less medicated and there was a higher spirit to everyone. As time went on, things consistently continued to improve, and inmates were being released and not returning. In less than four years, the prison was closed because there weren’t enough inmates to keep it open.

How could one man make such a difference? He orchestrated this extraordinary Quantum Shift simply by taking complete responsibility for everything in his awareness and healing the part of him which created it.

If something or someone is experienced through your consciousness, you are dreaming it. If you are dreaming it, you are responsible – and you can change it. Just as your nighttime dreams are a reflection of your unconscious mind, so is your real life dream.

Find the part of you that created who or what you want to change and heal it. Healing is always about letting go. The only reason we ever suffer is because we hold on. Identify the illusion that you have created and believed – then let go and be healed.

Until we fully awaken, the purpose of life is to show us the illusions that we believe so that we can let go and return to wholeness.

Tell a better story.

Every relationship and shared experience is a complementary reality, which means that our beliefs complement each other. That doesn’t mean that we share the same beliefs. Often complementary beliefs are opposing beliefs. For example, someone who has abandonment issues may attract a partner who is afraid of commitment. These opposing issues (beliefs) are complementary because they fit together perfectly to play out a particular story.

Everyone who participates in your life has agreed, on a non-physical level, to play out your stories and act according to the scripts you unconsciously write, and you do the same for them. At least until you become conscious – and responsible with your consciousness.

The version of any one person who shows up for you in your story, is the version of this person that complements your storyline. If this person is no longer willing to play the role that you assigned, they simply leave the story, and if you still have the same script going, someone else will fill the role. This is why we often attract the same types of people over and over.

If you don’t like the dynamics of a current relationship, you can change the relationship by changing the story – which of course, means changing your beliefs that create the story. Let’s say that you are tired of a particular painful storyline, such as being abandoned. In order to be with a partner who desires commitment, the key is to heal your abandonment issues.

If you don’t like how someone is showing up in your life, look inside and find the corresponding negative belief in you, release it and replace it with a belief that will allow that person to show up in a more positive manner.

When you heal your disempowering beliefs, higher versions of the people in your life will show up to fulfill the new roles according to your new story, or if they don’t want to change, they will easily leave your life, making room for a better match.

How do you know what story you are telling?

Well, that’s actually quite easy. What are the thoughts that you have about the relationship and the other person? That is your story. In other words, if you often think, “She doesn’t understand me, or he doesn’t care,” that is the story that you are creating. You might argue that you are only saying how it is, but it is how it is because of the things that you say – and even think.

Should you ignore reality? Well, why focus on what you do not want? It makes no sense. Instead, place your focus on what you do want. Change the story and keep telling the new story until reality shifts – and it will, as long as you consistently tell the new story without questioning it. It takes mental effort for sure, but your mind has the ability to shift reality, in ways that nothing else could possibly come close.

You take your power back from reality by remembering that your thoughts, feelings and beliefs are creating your reality, and instead of waiting for reality to shift so that you can feel better or think better thoughts, it is up to you to change your reality by mastering your mind and emotions.

The ECHO from past realities.

Sometimes others change as soon as we shift our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, but more often than not, there is a delay. What we experience at any given time is an echo from the past. You might say that the present moment is actually the past because there is a gap between the projection of reality from our subconscious minds and the experience of reality through our conscious minds. Much like the time gap between the projector in the back of the movie theatre and the movie screen where we watch the movie. Knowing this, gives you the insight to be committed to your new way of thinking.

Be patient — allow some time for the new reality to show up in your life. In other words, don’t give up – stay focused.

Set boundaries.

Once we shift our thoughts, beliefs and expectations to a higher version of the same person, there is often corresponding action on our part. In many cases, this involves setting boundaries and teaching people how to treat us, including how to speak to us, and respectfully enforcing those boundaries if someone crosses them.

Be the person you want the other person to be!

As long as you react in ways that you don’t want to be treated, you perpetuate the negative dynamic and lock in the behavior of the person you are wanting to change. For example, instead of reacting to resentment with resentment, respond with compassion and understanding. Make peace more important than being right or defending yourself. Be the person – you want the other person to be!

Complete responsibility!

We are talking about playing big, and I know that this might be a huge jump for some, but it is how we bridge the gap to an age of enlightenment. Do you really think that enlightened people go around blaming each other for their circumstance?

The thing is, whether you take responsibility for your life or not, you are no less responsible, but without taking responsibility, you make yourself powerless to change your world or to change others.

As long as you believe that anything is happening outside of you or happening to you, you give away your power to transform reality. There is a direct correlation between how awake you are and your willingness to take responsibility for your life – for your world. The more responsibility you acknowledge, the more you awaken, and the more you have access to an infinite power.

You cannot be awake and giving away your power at the same time!

If you want to live in an awakened world, you must wake it up by remembering that you are creating it – the good, the bad and the indifferent. The bottom line is self-responsibility. But this is the best news ever, because now you have access to the law of conscious creation.

It is time to stand on your mountain top and shout out, “This is my life. This is my Universe.” As Master of Your Universe, what will you create? Who will you become?



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