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You Are Invited…

Igniting the Heart Dream ~ A mini-Retreat for Heart Awakeners

by Corrina Steward, NHPD

April 25, 2016

   May 14, 2016 ~ South Hadley, MA

Eventbrite - Igniting the Heart Dream ~ A mini-retreat for Heart Awakeners

You awaken hearts.  You show your friends, your family, your clients and your community how to be more loving, more free, more abundant, more healed…

But you often feel solitary in your efforts and wonder when will the world wake up?!  When will your heart dream ignite?

In this mini-retreat, Corrina Steward, one of the most powerful New Earth manifestors and transformers, gathers heart-centered, soul awakened leaders to ignite their heart dreams through the power of the unified heart, a unity consciousness energy field.

IMAGINE a whole day to be in your heart space…dreaming AND seeing your heart dream take off.

We will gather in Corrina’s home with the serene backdrop of a protected wetland, a diversity of bird life, and the golden grasses swaying in the sunshine.  

Our day begins with sampling high vibrational elixirs of crystals and flowers…beginning to awaken your heart stirrings….

A sound healing on the deck will leave you feeling light and ready to RECEIVE… the incredible BUZZ of high energetics that only Corrina can bring in!  

May 14th will be a day you’ll never forget.  The day that your Heart Dream Ignited!

The Gift of Manifestation

Corrina’s gift is to co-create with the sacred light and geometries of the New Earth to manifest a field of infinite possibilities.

Making use of both the indoors and outdoors, we will access the New Earth elemental-etheric energies offered by this pristine location and create the “infinite possibilities” energy field.

The benefits of this are:

  • The unified field of light will be anchored into and around our group enabling quicker envisioning, transforming and manifesting the heart intelligence (what the heart dream is made up of).

“Once you have experienced and placed your imprint into the infinite possibilities field you can always access it through your heart.” –Corrina Steward, Heart Awakener, mini-retreat teacher

  • Corrina will teach you how to access the field of infinite possibilities and how to further amplify your manifestations to awaken your heart dream.

Igniting the New Earth Dream: Why Now? 

2016 (a 9 vibration year, which indicates completion) is the the ending of the last Creation Cycle.  In 2017, Earth will reach it’s new Galactic Zero Point resulting in a a new Creation Cycle.  With the new Creation Cycle comes a re-learning of how to live.

As heart-centered people we already intuitively understand how to work with the new Creation Cycle.  Yet, we can be so used to the old ways that it takes teachers like Corrina and a community of like-minded hearts to validate our heart truth.

In this mini-retreat, you will:

  1. Learn about the heart virtues that open the “energetic doorways” to the unified heart and greater manifestation of your heart truth.

  2.  Listen and share your heart truth to further “see” and “know” how to create your heart dream.

  3. Receive, through Corrina, a multi-dimensional, heart ignition trigger that will solidify  your “divine timing factor” for your heart dreams to manifest in perfect Earth Time.

  4. Put your heart igniters to the test by activating an Earth Heart Trigger point that will amplify the unified heart of Earth.

Our Day of Unified Heart Action*

  • Arrive: 9:30 – 10 am
  • Sound Healing & Frequency Amplification (Led by Laura Ridgeway of spiritbirthsound.com): 10 – 11 am
  • Infinite Possibilities Field Meditation & Teaching: 11 – 12 pm
  • Heart Dreaming: 12 – 12:30 pm
  • Lunch: 12:30 – 1 pm
  • Heart Dream Ignition Transmission: 1 – 2 pm
  • Earth Heart Trigger Activation:  2 – 3 pm
  • Gratitude Circle: 3 – 3:30 pm

*Schedule is tentative and activities may change 

Registration, Preparation & Logistics

To join us, purchase your registration ticket HERE (registration button below too).  This is an intimate gathering so slots will go quickly.  There will be a couple of sliding scale slots available once a minimum number of slots are filled.  Please contact Corrina directly if you’re interested in the reduced rate slots, corrina@earthhive.net.

All are welcome to attend this event.

It is recommended that you complete the online course ‘The Spiritual Science of Heart Manifestation’ to be best prepared for the transmissions and teachings of the mini-retreat.  You can access the course HERE.

It will also be helpful to do any or all of the following transmissions so you’re energy field has been realigned to these light frequencies:

13th Ascension Code

Ascended God Light

Radiating the Virtues of the Higher Heart

Double Diamond Sun Body Part 1

Double Diamond Sun Body Part 2

Once you registered, you’ll receive the mini-retreat address and additional information about the day.

Registration covers the sound healing, energy transmissions and teachings.  Please bring your lunch and additional snacks and drinks.

If you are traveling a distance to the mini-retreat and would like to stay overnight, there are many wonderful hotels and B&Bs in the area.  If you need assistance with locating an accommodation, please don’t hesitate to contact Corrina.

Please contact Corrina Steward with any questions about this event, corrina@earthhive.net; (617) 849-1243

Saturday, May 14, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM (EDT) Add to Calendar
South Hadley – South Hadley, MA 01075 – View Map

Eventbrite - Igniting the Heart Dream ~ A mini-retreat for Heart Awakeners

Understanding Power

Understanding Power

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

March 18, 2016

Image Courtesy of Koko Tewan – FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Power: The unified heart code that awakens gratitude and the high heart energy center, re-uniting us with God Source energy flows for co-creation of the heart’s intelligence (desires).

It’s been two months since my son Emmanuel’s birth. The transformations and understandings that have emerged since then are the full embodied meaning of his name “God’s Promise” and “Messiah” (translation: Jesus, the Christ Consciousness).

God’s Promise is eternal life as an infinite being of light who accesses the Keys to the Kingdom and the Eternal Source of Life. These are not just beautiful sounding words; they are actual spirit and light technologies and alive forms that are part of what we are calling the Ascension.

It is through the final code of the unified heart, power, that we can engage with the full array of spirit-light technologies and realign our power source from the ego mind to God Mind, from the Separated Heart to the Unified Heart-Mind.

(Catch up on this “birth story” starting with Light, Wisdom and then Love.)

For me coming to a deeper understanding and embodiment of the power code has meant to further release all false gods. In my birth experience, this was primarily shown to me as my husband (a false paternal “source” of my life), but there was also the medical personnel, doctors, midwives, nurses, the lab tech’s, etc who all sourced from their “science”.

Engaging with me challenged their notions of “truth” as I talked about parallel realities, the universal womb and ascending to a higher vibration (akin to a near death experience, perhaps, in the medical world).

Even before the actual birth, I had the whole medical practice consulting on me because of how I was walking the “risks” of birth being a potential VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) at 42+ weeks pregnant…yet, my truth was in organic, authentic “power”. I knew I was the guardian of a spiritual unfolding, both for myself and my son, and I didn’t allow any interference in that passage.

As I faced a second surgery (due to internal bleeding) just 24 hours after having a c-section I was tested on my beliefs in this “power”. Did I wait too long? Did I misread my “signs” (dreams and intuitive guidance)? Were the doctors “right” about my risks and now I was living the “consequences”? All fears and doubts that come from the lower self’s (ego) shame and judgement.

But when the moment arrived for the surgery, I was in total bliss. I had released all of those fears, and I was fully in a Higher Heaven experience. It was this “spark” of the Higher Heavens that burned away all of my lower selves and realigned me into the Unified Heart-Mind and created a new Heart-Mindfulness.

Understanding Power

The power code is the final activation into the unified heart. It is what initiates the flow of God Fuel, the crystalline energies of God Source, out of the High Heart chakra center. The process of embodying the power code begins with gratitude. Gratitude, first as a thought, “I am thankful for…” And then as a feeling “My heart is so full of gratitude…”

It is through gratitude that we begin to see, feel and then, know the gifts of life.

We recognize that everything is in perfect order, no matter how they might appear…when we can “be grateful” in our darkest experiences, then we are prepared to activate the power code and let the source of God’s power enter our life.

When the source of God’s power enters the heart, we gain access to the Waterfall Room where the crystalline energy flows, the pure light substance of creation (also called the Krystal River of Heaven).

Inside the Waterfall Room, we are fully equipped with the Keys to the Kingdom that unlock Creation’s Door, the Golden Gateway of Heaven. In the ascended human experience, we receive our Earth creation mission and begin to co-create through the power of God.

Along this gratitude journey, the other heart codes (light, love, and wisdom) will also begin to activate, realigning you to the virtues of compassion and service to others and trusting in your intuition. It is the power code that unites all 4 heart codes and sparks the eternal, infinite life embodiment.

The steps to embodying the power code are detailed and many. I’ve written them below and hope in the future to create more educational tools to further explain them. Below is what I have personally experienced and feel guided to show you. For energy tools to assist you on these embodiments, keep reading! I list them at the end of this post).

The stages of embodying the power code, the God Mind:

1) Trinity of the Heart: first three heart codes (light, love, wisdom) activate and creates the Christed Light Body.

2) Initiation into Gratitude & the power code: Experience the thoughts and feelings of gratitude; the power of God streams into the heart center from the High Heart Waterfall Room.

3) AUM Activation: The unified heart streams the “source” creation rays known as the “Aum”, and the Founder Rays (original intelligence of the divine human), which activates the pineal gland in the center of the brain.

4) God Mind Embodiment: The God Mind (the All-Seeing Eye/Mind) descends into the pineal gland (located behind the 3rd eye chakra) through the activation of the Krystal Cathedral (a crystal geometry inside the pineal gland) and unifies the hemispheres of the brain (unity consciousness envelopes the body); this releases the God “love thought stream” into the pineal for “Buddha Mind” embodiment. The Christed “Rose Heart” Unites with the Buddha Mind for the new Heart-Mind (a new heart-mindfulness emerges through the body, mind and spirit).

5) Ascended Reality Projection: the third eye re-projects and re-perceives thru the love-thought-stream and the ego “mind” is realigned (supplanted) by the newly installed God Mind.

6) Solar Christ Rainbow Avatar Body Embodiment: through the God Mind-Christed Heart Marriage, the Keys to the Kingdom are released and access to the 7 Higher Heavens to build the “double” infinity, an 888 Christ Light Transfiguration, rainbow light body (unification of heart-mind infinity: love + light (heart)= infinity; power + wisdom (mind) = infinity); the Solar Christ Avatar unifies with the Cosmic Logos (blueprint of all-creation) and walks the Universal Time Matrix thru the Higher Heavens.

Power in 2016

We have made “power” into an ugly hierarchy, one that benefits a small elite and puts deep limitations on humanity’s freedom. The creation matrix of Earth has been regulated to one of finite resources under a scarcity and separated consciousness. This has all been manipulated by those in control (from the ET controllers to their human backers).

How it works, in simple terms, is two fold:

1) the human elite control the banking system and the production of money; this is what most people can feel day in and day out. Under this money system, humanity is not meant to EVER be free from debt, working to live ETC.

2) the ET controllers rigged the energy system on Earth so that the universal flows of abundance (a universal right!) do not function; rather, the energy flows feed negativity and polarity (a food supply for the negative ETs).

In 2016, this cycle of abundance rigging is being broken.

I had a dream a few nights ago that I “broke through” and found the hidden gold (this is very real as there are stock piles of gold held by elite families…) and released the free flow of goods and $.

I’ve been working on breaking the “source code” on the rigged money systems for years (see: Cosmic Dream Signatures and The Alchemistry of the New Earth) and have seen the shift in future timelines. What this dream tells me is that future time is just about here!

And this why…

In 2016, more New Humans will embody the God Mind Matrix, which sources “power” through God Source and restores the universal flows of abundance. There are two Earth energy centers supporting this realignment, the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt and the Earth consciousness in Tibet, which are the spiritual centers of the pineal gland and Earth’s Krystal Cathedral, respectively.

The “reset” of the human story at Stonehenge has also assisted (read that story HERE) in actualizing the human lineage into a unified heart-mind human.

As the human story of separation, separation from God, fades out of being recycled (due to the New Human’s being connected to a New Earth with no history, Angelic Earth!), the false gods of money and power completely disappear from one’s mental thought and a new God-love-thought stream takes over.

Right after the clock reset and March 8th solar eclipse, I received the God Mind download and so I can share with you how it feels. In my experience, it transforms the brain patterning from inner ego chatter to love-thoughts. This is distinct from the heart’s experience of love, which is feeling-based and creates a consciousness of compassion and empathy.

The God-love-thought stream informs your body of the frequency of love. Your physical form realigns to God-love-thought. It’s a “unified thought” experience. There is no polarity in thinking.

Unified thought is the link to sealing in unified consciousness as a biological operating foundation. Thus, there are no “splits” in mental conditioning, mind-based disease like addiction or splits in relationships rooted in fear and insecurity are instantly healed. A unified thought reality, seeing all things connected through the “body of God love”, unfolds.

The God Mind download extinguishes the false gods to make way for the Holy Father God. I experienced it this way. The heart as a Holy Mother God realignment and the mind as a Holy Father God. Thus, a marriage of the Heart and Mind, in body and in spirit.

It may be that we are led to work on the heart so much now because the “Mother God” had been absent for so long. Yet, so was the “Father God” as he was falsely shown as a paternalistic, external God to idolize.

When we marry the new heart and the new mind, we are Holy Mother and Father united. And we are no longer apart of the false god controlled money system!

Energy Tools to Embody the Unified Heart-Mind

Now I am just about one week into this embodiment and a few days since the dream, but I know I’ve broken the code. As a path cutter, embodied new human I know that I am laying the path and the new code for those right behind me!

Having now reflected a great deal on what created this profound shift I see that a series of transmissions and energy flows from Sept to the present released the code into the planetary logos.

The first is the 888 & Galactic Optic transmission, which realigns you to the infinity sequences necessary to embody the Christ Heart and the “double infinity body”. The Galactic Optic prepares your pineal gland to receive the God Mind.

The September Equinox set your timing for the “transfiguration of the light”, a Christed Light Body “resurrection”.

Then, in December through the 13th Ascension Code and the Solstice Wings of the Dove, the 13th Gateway is opened, which returns the Universal God Matrix to Earth and your hologram, through the Mother God Principle.

In February, after my birth experience, the Ascended God Light waves came in and realigned the soul matrix to “land” into it’s original source coding and trigger the full embodiment of the Unified Heart-Mind, which is first felt in the Virtues of the Unified Heart transmission.

Now, all these transmissions are available to download. The transmission recordings are extremely helpful as a guide and continuing to imprint these upgrades.

They are also in the planet’s logos, the source coding, and so you can also request to receive them freely.

The March Equinox portal will further solidify freeing the abundance flows through the Earth’s God Mind gateways (Egypt & Tibet). You can participate with these energy currents by:

1) Connect with your unified heart through the heart breathe

2) Expand your unified heart field to encompass your whole body

3) See a golden pyramid at your third eye center and an infinity symbol inside that pyramid; let the infinity symbol activate and expand the golden pyramid to encompass your head;

4) See golden pyramid at your heart with an ultraviolet sphere inside, expand the sphere to encompass the pyramid.

5) Move the sphere and heart pyramid to your third eye, expand it first to include the head and then the whole body.

6) Inside the whole body sphere, see golden bands of energy mixing with Aqua energy.

7) Fill your prana tube, spinal column, with liquid plasmic light and connect to the Cosmic and Earth Heart Centers (12D realignment).

8) From here, you will activate your Golden Avatar “Star Body” (a Christed Light Body formation), locate yourself inside the Earth’s 12D core and expand your Star Body to encompass the Earth.

9) Rotate your Earth-Star Body clockwise, spin until you see the infinity frequencies activating.

10) “Pull” the infinity energies into your heart center and then, up your prana tube and out to the Cosmic Heart.

11) Beam the Earth’s sun at your heart center and expand it to encompass your body and light body. Rotate clockwise and connect with the Galactic Center. Feel the Galactic Pulse coming into your body.

12) Breathe with the Galactic Pulse.

13) Anchor, lock and seal in your realignments!

I’ve created a recording of this transmission if you’d like to be guided further.  It includes these steps and additional realignments.

Listen to the Equinox Transmission

Happy Equinox everyone! May you feel the new abundance flows and the source of your true power.

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Understanding Light

Understanding Light

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

February 16, 2016

Birthing A New Light

2016 has already been a hugely transformative experience of the light for me. For almost the entire month of December 2015 I was waiting for my son to be born. His due date was Christmas which was I saw as no coincidence, representing a realignment of the inner and outer Christ child.

In the time that many were calling the resurrection of the higher self into the lower self it was very apparent that our son was coming into the planet in order to support the resurrection of humanity into the the solar Christ with the Sophia, a unification of the divine masculine and feminine.

Emmanuel, “God’s promise”, was born on January 13th. From my galactic, Christ consciousness view I saw his birth as part of the opening of the 13th ascension code on Earth, an anointing of the new tribe of humans from both the Angelic and Christ lineages. This, in itself, is a huge transformation for myself and my family and a contribution to the larger cosmic shifting on Earth.

Emmanuel’s birth triggered in me a “light event” that ultimately raised my light quotient (more on this below). My intuition and dreams showed me how Emmanuel would change my life, the alchemical fire burning away shadow and darkness and the separation of the ego realigning into “unified light” (unified living light sourced from a unified light intelligence, or consciousness).

What I didn’t realize was how physical the experience would be. Less than 24 hours after Emmanuel was born, my blood pressure dropped to a deadly level and it was discovered that I was internally bleeding. The hours of agony that I experienced after this were some of the scariest I ever experienced in my life.

When I was finally stabilized after receiving a blood transfusion I was able to do some incredible forgiveness work that led me to peacefully release my earth life. I accepted whatever outcome would occur and had no fear or resistance of “death”.

I had a second surgery, after having a C-section, in order to get to the source of the bleeding. In the end, the surgeons found no source for the “bleeding”, yet I did. My experience showed me many of the horrors of darkness and manipulation on earth through the eons of time. And yet I was able to forgive all of those demons and even allow them to exit through me as a portal for peace on earth.

As I entered my second surgery there was so much love waving through my heart that I felt fully ascended. I had the realization of the great power of light and love that exists within each of our hearts. I felt the awesome ability to heal with the light and the knowledge that miracles are possible for humanity and Earth through this light.

Since that surgery, I have become aware of how the soul essence, my light, has become an increasing presence in my existence as a human being on Earth. My ability to offer healing and energy realignment has transpired into a simple presence that “washes” the human spirit and body with light, manifesting a natural unfolding of healing, transmission and experience of light for others and myself.

In my postpartum time, I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by many women who have given a helping hand in this very precious and sacred time. In this community of women, there’s been subtle yet profound transformations occurring simply by being in the presence of this light.

The changes and shifts that I am witnessing are akin to those stories of the Christ family and the disciples being able to perform miracles simply by people being in their presence. I won’t attempt to explain what it is that is happening, because I really don’t know. I do know that there’s something very new and exciting happening that is just beginning to be revealed.

Initiation Into Light

Some of the new light codes I received are in the New Humanity transmission called Ascended God Light. This transmission releases a new heart intelligence that further develops our inner ability to engage the alchemical process of creating matter with light. (And science is following in our footsteps! As I was writing this blog I saw this article: “Matter Will Be Created From Light Within A Year“.)

Receive the Ascended God Light Transmission

The Ascended God Light transmission, looking back, I can see developed out of the process of spinning light, something that began last July that initiated the mastery of light (light mastery is a form of alchemy where you can create matter out of light). From this experience of spinning light we embody light with the capability of “being light” in a whole new experience.

The beginning of becoming light begins with activating the four unified heart codes: love, light, power and wisdom. Each code is a light intelligence, or frequency of light that contains knowledge and instructions.

The light code itself “instructs” the awakening of your soul essence beginning at your heart center, the heart chakra. The light code brings into your awareness your soul’s light “transcriptions”, all that you are through time and space. This is like having your soul’s manuscript to read.

Your soul “essence” is the fingerprint of your soul, unique to you and full of knowledge (that becomes wisdom, or intuition, thru the activation of the wisdom code). The light code awakens your inner drive, motivation, and conviction to walk in your soul purpose on Earth and to be of service to humanity and the Earth.

At the stage of initial awakening, the light intelligence of your soul’s essence raises your body’s vibration, the spin of electrons and protons, and your light quotient, a measure of your “lightness of being” (how well can you shine light thru the thoughts, feelings, experiences and the matter that creates you?).

As your soul essence awakens more deeply, you become linked to the “unified light” from which all of our souls’ light reflections are sourced, God’s Light. Thus, through the light code of the unified heart you experience the unity of light and the diversity of light, your unique soul light intelligence.

Read more about the Light Code of the Unified Heart.

Understanding The Awakening Global Light

Shortly after coming home from the hospital, I had a dream where I was in a church and a female priestess gave a Cosmic Christ sermon. She was explaining to the congregation, who were transfixed (hypnotized actually) on her words, that the true Christ was from the stars and came to awaken the light in our hearts. I believe this dream is a clue, a message even, for our human family to what is transpiring at this time.

We are in a time when the balance has been tipped towards the light. But the light is more than an agenda (light vs dark), and in fact, in the year 2016 light workers, star seeds, cosmic ones, ETC will begin to imagine, envision, and know that the light is a physical property from which we can create reality, or matter, and the long prophesied vision of Heaven on Earth is part of the storybook of this light work.

We are beginning to experience light as a crucial ingredient for our co-creations, and as such, we will begin to understand not only the bio-spiritual properties of light but we will further become the experience of light.

There is truth revealed when being God’s Light, the unified light. We will understand this truth and make it a larger reality in our own communities, families and, eventually, the entirety of the human family.

What is happening to a small portion of the human family is a vast upgrade into the infinite qualities of unified light for alchemical creation. Through this creation process, we are expanding into the fullness of being God Avatar creators like Jesus and the disciples.

(The Ascended God Light Transmission supports this upgrade.)

The importance of this process at this time is to support humanity in ascending into higher frequencies and to “save” itself as we are soon to understand ourselves as part of a larger galactic reality. We are required to “upgrade” into this unified light to ease the tension of planetary polarities and to establish an identification of the light and peaceful unification within the planetary energy grids, creating a unified, whole Earth.

To experience one self as a being of light is a brand-new human experience. This experience is a very natural, easy unfolding. It is the actualization of transmitting light, frequencies that translates into new human behavior, awareness, and realities. It is the actualization of presence into form. It is the actualization of wisdom into action.

I’m grateful for all of your light work and am here to support you in expanding your soul’s light dream. May you awaken your light this year with confidence and commitment. The future of the Earth will be changed by your soul’s light!
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13th Ascension Star Code

13th Ascension Star Code Transmission

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

December 16, 2015

golden star heartThis month’s energy transmission, the 13th Ascension Star Code,  prepares us for the December 21st “Wings of the Dove Gateway” and the entry of the Angelic Earth timeline as a physical manifestation.

The Golden Hearted Beings have long been prophesied.  At this time, we are receiving the light codes and frequencies that awaken our Golden Heart AND re-integrate the Human Christ Consciousness Code to manifest Light “miracles” on the New Earth.

In this transmission, the 13th Ascension “Star Code” is activated in your multi-dimensional, unified heart.  The star code, a 13-pointed Golden Star, realigns you to the source of the 13th Ascension Gateway and the Angelic Earth re-creation.   

As a light tool, the 13th Ascension Star Code enables you to resonate with and physically manifest on the Angelic Earth dimensional plane.

The transmission travels through several Earth dimensions/timelines to re-create Creation and reveal a newly manifested Angelic Earth, a higher Earth creation.  Included in the transmission recording is a December 2015 energy update about the energy acceleration as 2015 closes and we await the Wings of the Dove Gateway.


IMG_3053-1Copyright Notice: All original New Humanity Press Daily (NHPD) content written by Corrina Steward must remain on the NHPD site. Permission is granted to share a link to blogs, transmissions and essence photos and to quote from Corrina’s articles and blog posts with reference to Corrina as the author and links to NHPD. Where possible, Corrina requests that the New Humanity Press logo (above) be shared with links and quotes (copy image above). Thank you for honoring this copyright.