New Transmissions: “Love” Money Activations

New “Love” Money Activations Ignited by the 8-8 Lion’s Gateway

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

August 21, 2016

Originally recorded at the Lion’s Gate Retreat (8/7/16), these activations realign your heart energy to the “new money”, a money currency that is tuned with the heart intelligence, the frequency of love.  

These activations unite you to a new financial system that works through the organic nature of living light, your soul purpose, infinite abundance and the divine law of reciprocity.  

They are supported by the 8-8 energies and cosmic light intelligences that are co-creating a new money system on Earth.

The Financial “Soul” Reset

The new “soul” of money will be realigned with the Virtues of the Heart: Service, Love, Truth and Gratitude ~ the living heart actions and universal laws that bring us into our New Human form as a heart-minded being!

The ACTIVATIONS from the Lion’s Gateway begin to TUNE YOU INTO THE NEW “LOVE” MONEY. 

This is what your heart-mind will begin to transition to:

Money = Service

Money = Love

Money = Truth

Money = Gratitude

This will be a HUGE energetic realignment for YOU and the planet. 

The activations are:

1. Setting the Space for the Unified Heart-Mind & New “Love” Money Manifestation

2. Realigning Service & Your Light Essence to New “Love” Money Currency

3. Realigning Compassion & Truth to the New “Love” Money Currency

4. Realigning Gratitude to the New “Love” Money Currency