Krystal Sun Activation

Krystal Sun Activation ~ June 2016 Solstice Gateway

by Corrina Steward, NHPD

June 22, 2016

Krystal Sun Activation ~ June 2016 Solstice Gateway


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Transmits the Activation of the Krystal Sun, a liquid plasmic light energy that creates a new sun projection into earth. The 2016 June Solstice represents the initial wave of Krystal Sun activations that will continue in preparation for the new Galactic Cycle in 2017.  This transmission activates 1) your inner Krystal Sun Source, 2) realigns you to the New Galactic Cycle and 3) re-builds your body as a Spirit-Sun Synthesizer and Transmitter. MP3; 38:46

If you are new to Ascension, you can expect to have a deep healing and clearing of density, i.e., that which doesn’t serve your higher purpose, as the pure liquid light removes all density from your cellular structure and “memory.”

If you are seasoned on the Ascension path, the Krystal Sun portal will be opened for you to “hook” into a galactic sun transmission hub that is co-creating Earth into a new universe of Light.  You, in an essence, become a mirror image of, and creator of, this new universe of light.