Heart Keys

Are Your Heart Keys Open?

by Corrina Steward, NHPD

May 19, 2016

Dear Hearts,

I am floating after an amazing day last Saturday of “mini-retreating” with some of my closest Heart Dreamers teaching the Heart Keys…

It’s got me inspired to write to you to tell you WHY I feel so committed to helping you open your Heart Keys…the sacred Heart Virtues that turn on your new brain, the HEART!

I also want to share a video with you (…it was recorded, early in the morning after very little sleep, but see that’s how fired up I am about what is happening for me and others with the Heart Keys; and if you join me in the next 8-weeks you may get used to my sleepy, smiling face :)).



What I am experiencing in my life, this giddiness, this flow…is why I developed the “Living the Heart Intelligence” weekly video course. (Full details at the registration link below)

I finally get “it”.  And what is that “it”?  It’s that while we can study all the technical, spiritual techniques (as I’ve taught!) to tune our hearts into the right dial for healing and manifestation, it’s the Heart Virtues, the simplicity of Compassion, Service, Gratitude and Truth that create an authentically heart-centered human and life that oozes with joy.

I designed this course to teach you how to live again.  

After being in the trenches of Ascension, if you’re like me, my life needed to be re-built…re-established in the ordinary, yet, extraordinary, everyday joys….

I’ve needed this course.  Merging Heaven and Earth is my next step.  I know that it is for many of you too.  Whether you’re just starting on your heart journey or you’re a seasoned heart paver, Heaven and Earth are calling.

So, let’s do this together!  We start the Heaven and Earth living June 6th…but you can begin today…


(Early Bird pricing ends May 23rd.)

Everyone who joins gets two free Heart Virtues transmissions emailed to your inbox immediately.  These are from the “Igniting Your Heart Dream” retreat…these will set your heart on fire!