Mirrored Emotions

Mirrored Emotions

by Marie Love, Ascension Whispers

April 22, 2016

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Even though many people are becoming more aware of the control humanity has been held within for thousands of years they are still easily controlled by fear based thoughts and emotions.

Someone may do a lot of research to collect evidence of a controlled game and corruption, then clearly express their own fears when presenting the information.

This type of behavior is a “stage” of the healing process. It is the process of becoming aware. The individual has not yet reached a level of healing that will allow them to rise above the fear they experience in becoming aware. To realize something is out of balance, and requires healing, is a first stage of awakening. Before the individual can begin to reclaim their personal power they must become aware of what their personal power is. This is an extremely fragile stage of healing. The individual has not yet realized their own fears are the root cause in assisting the imbalance to continue to be created.

Very few people who are becoming aware of the imbalanced control have yet to become aware of what they can do to assist to heal it.

A first fear response of becoming aware of the level of imbalanced control is anger. Anger breeds more imbalance. A second response is the feeling of being victimized which leads to the desire to blame. A third response is to seek justice, or revenge. Justice is the same thing as revenge. The belief is that someone must pay, someone must be held accountable for the imbalance that humanity is currently held within.

When people share such fears, they can create mob mentality by latching onto the emotions of those who listen. Controlling the emotions of humanity is the root cause that continues to allow humanity to be controlled.

Wearing a mask, and pretending to be balanced, does not mean an individual is balanced. It simply means they are trying to control their inner fears. Fear cannot be controlled as it spreads rapidly, similar to a cancer. The fear based thoughts, which create fear based emotions, must be released at the individual level for the individual to regain the power of self control.

Regaining control of self is the process of regaining control of the brain and the thoughts flowing through the brain. Once this is accomplished the thoughts can be used to reprogram the brain with balanced thoughts. The brain then re-codes the DNA with balanced thoughts which creates the coding within the cells to allow for balanced emotions.

It is only when the individual has regained control of their emotions that they can begin to experience more inner balance. A body filled with fear creates inner imbalance. The imbalanced emotions of humanity is what humanity sees reflecting back to them as the imbalanced, controlled earth paradigm.

If a larger percentage of humanity chose to turn off main stream everything, and instead of watching TV, listening to the radio, reading the newspaper, spent their time focusing within to heal their self, we would see a whole lot of the imbalance fade from the earth hologram. We would see a whole lot of disease and illness fade from human experience.

To continuously subject the brain to the fear programs broadcast through main stream, and spread across the internet, is to program the body to continue to create the same fear based experiences. If you must, look at the tile and move on. Someone who desires to heal from an addiction cannot heal, if they continue to be subjected to the substance of addiction.

To experience the desired change, one must “be” the desired change. Healing must first occur within to see and experience healing within the world stage.

There is no enemy outside of yourself. Making humanity believe there is an enemy outside of self is a method used to control humanity. That will be next to impossible for someone who is looking down the barrel of a gun, or held in captivity, to believe. Such experiences are the reflection of the massive amount of fear held within humanity.

The “root cause” of the control of this earth paradigm is the fear based emotions held within humanity, which is a result of fragmented consciousness. What we see expressing as imbalance on the world stage is a reflection of the fear filled emotions held within the human bodies of every single person.

Regaining control of your emotions is the process of regaining control of your power as a creator. It is the process of refusing to continue to take part in the imbalanced, control of this earth paradigm and choosing to be the antidote to the illness.

If you hold the belief that there is an enemy outside of yourself, whom you need to fear, fight, or hide from, you are allowing yourself to be controlled. All of humanity is co-creating everything that expresses within the earth reality field. There are only a few who are using the energy of humanity to create the controlled paradigm they desire, and they are doing so by controlling the emotions of humanity. If a few can accomplish such a thing, just imagine what the rest of humanity could accomplish by choosing not to listen to the few.

If you desire to look at the enemy you believe exists, just look in the mirror. There you will find everything that is creating what you are experiencing.

Reclaim your power. Remember who you are. If humanity came together as one and focused on healing the fears they hold within, the fears could rapidly be released from humanity. Together we hold the power to co-create a world that currently may only seem like a fairy tale. Seem impossible? Everything is possible when creating through the love of Source.

If we really desire to experience a world of balance, we must be willing to co-create a world of balance. We must be willing to heal our self so we can co-create a world of balance. What else can you do? You can choose to share the truth with everyone you can.



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