The Heart of the Sun

The Heart of the Sun

by Gillian Macbeth-Louthan, Quantum Awakening

April, 2016

As I write this issue of the quantum newsletter a very very large heart shaped hole has shown itself on the sun, opening a dynamic opportunity for all of us to got to a higher level of heart by loving the aspect of God we each represent. A great ripple of love flowing thru the heart of the sun is one heck of a sign. Every aspect of cosmic influx in any form comes thru the sun. It is our solar heart portal and finally we will see some of the goodness we have been waiting for. It may not be the Calvary coming to rescue us from ourselves, but it is certainly a doorway of possibility.

For some time now many have gone thru a total eclipse of the heart. We have walked thru our own personal black holes as we mourned who and what was once a part of our lives. The cosmic etch-a-sketch has draw us in a new way, we are not the same people we were last year. We all mourn parts of ourselves that have left the earth. Some of these parts resided in people we loved, others resided in our furry, friends that knew our heart and soul.

Yes we are as empty as new crock-pot, that seeks to be filled with something good. There are great fissures in our planetary heart as we try to find that which makes us complete. Whether coffee, chocolate, sex rock roll, or even a trip to Denver nothing fills the void. We all feel empty our hearts feel sad and we work very heard to get rid of that sensation.

I truly believe that this Great Sun of ours that shows its true heart is a sign of good things to come. Those pulsations may be very powerful when they finally arrive or they may just move back into the inner heart of the sun never to be released, who knows at this minute. Either way let your heart light be fueled into more passion for life, more love for everyone including yourself and more love for this magnificent planet.

 The Ancient She Speaks

I have awakened from a sleep beyond time. I live in the vortices beyond the stars. I touch my toes, on earth and my hair stretches to other solar systems.  Until this time I have not existed upon Earth. I come and embrace every inch of you for you are the flesh of my flesh. You are the hope of my hope and you are the love of my heart. You have stood through time, taller than any mountain, reaching for the sky, screaming at the land, laughing as the waves washed your soul.

I awaken to Earth to give her what she needs. I am not of the earth. I am not of this land you call home. She is my child. She cries for her mother. A mother she has not seen since birth. All planetary beings were birthed from my womb. Every planet was once held within me. Every energy has loved me as I love it, as I love you. What you have opened on this day is a heart that is so big – it is larger than the Milky Way in your night sky.

The mother earth grows weak and weary, tired of changing the dirty diapers of her children, the mother is exhausted. I come to hold and love her. I give her what her children could not for it takes a specific atomic number to shift the scales. The mother earth has bent over backwards literally to make atonement and excuses for her children. She knows that they may not change, before she rises to stardom. She knows that star-shift may cause a great upheaval. 

I come as did many before me, to hold her, to cradle her, to love her. To remind her how beautiful she is.  To remind her I am here for her as long as it takes. You will recognize me within all things of earth and I will remind you that you are safe and loved.

I say to you Dear Ones, let me love you. Let me fill you. Let me embrace you. For you are vaster than you can imagine. You are not your clothes; you are not your body. You are not your mind. You are part of my light and heart and I come in the form of waves, wind, fire, and truths.  I come in the form of pulsations from your daystar. I come in the form of an SOS from deep space as what is ancient within earth feels a shift.

Stand tall like an oak, not swaying, not breaking, but holding onto your deep galactic roots.  The world around you, the people around you, your loved ones are going to become very assertive. They are becoming demanding as hungry piglets. Everything wants to suck your very life force. There will be times that you walk away from those that drain your energy.  There will be times you cry with them, and for them. There will be times that your spiritual side does not want to be near another human being. Honor what you feel in your heart to be truth. 

 Emotional tidal pools 101

As life gets thicker and thicker it seems to entangle us limiting our personal choices, we come to a place of give in and give up, or get the heck out of dodge in our emotional daily events.  The struggle tightens the grip; the release relaxes what binds us. We have been soaring against strong winds for far to long, forgetting we filed the flight plan with our intentions.  We can change direction in mid- flight, becoming one with the winds, allowing that which has been against us to support us. So you chose, Victor or victim?

In these times of tumultuous change we are so busy surviving we have lost sight and emotional attachment to our dreams.  We are tired and thrash about in our emotional tidal pool. Some days we do not even try to swim thru all the bull.  When the winds of change come as they have lately, you can ride them soaring to new heights or allow them to keep your tired and exhausted fighting the force.

Many are all hanging on by tiny thread.  The coastlines of our lives have shifted and one can no longer walk upon the sands of the past, our soles/souls are just too tender.  The outcome of all action is multidimensional of nature and cannot be counted upon in this dimension.  Why Do you ride a wave of light that only touches the ‘low tide line’ of your imaginings?  If only you were to believe a little bit harder? Subscribe to that which houses all possibility.  The presence of magic is alive and lives in the heart of humanity. It can only be birthed by believing in that which cannot be seen.

The adult within grows old and grouchy as the child within pounds on the locked windows of the soul. The child within knows nothing of age for it is timeless of nature. Recapture what once lived in the child heart of your soul.  A natural rhythm seeks to be established as you walk the blessed path of life not as a stranger but as an equal. See the magical qualities of life and step back from that which overwhelms you. Nature is a great healer, look at your life from a different angle, and make your choices accordingly. When you see beneath the surface you see with the eyes of the Universe. See with a great hope and a deep knowing. Become a seer of what is invisible to the human eye but not the human heart.

Do Not Lick The Wounds That Someone Gave You Years Ago

But Allow Yourself To Taste The Sweetness Of Life In The Now

We are the Pleiadians: The exquisiteness of your yearning to become more thrills our hearts and expands our souls.  We see you struggling in the muck of your everyday existence.  Each day you drag yourself from the tar pits of the day before like a dinosaur. Many have allowed themselves to be sidetracked by events and energies that come to undo you.  From Families to friends you have extended yourself to far and now feel like a broken yardstick.

Like a woman on the desert with a baby with very little water, you have watered the baby first and not yourself, if something happens to you who is going to carry the baby from the desert? Giving to you first will often balance great karmic injustices.

Like a scarecrow that is strewn about, you seek lost parts of yourself.  You seek to become whole again, but it takes so much time to put yourself back together again after each emotional ordeal and learning experience. Like a jet-lagged traveler you are stretched to far over to many emotional miles.  We tell you that it is time to walk away from the straw man that you once thought yourself to be and seek other avenues of service.  Honor your Light and God within.

Many humans at this time are tired and have given up. They are leaving things up to the Universe, Great Spirit, or Jesus. They ride the rollercoaster of ‘whatever shall be shall be.’ Are we using that as an excuse? Do you see yourself as a pawn of circumstance without any power?   Can this pawn ever rise to the role of the King?  Can this pawn knight itself, and can this pawn change the schematics of the game?

There is no going back to the vibrational pattern of what was. Chewing the past like an old cow is making you sick.  Each morning you are given the gift of light credits. You spend those increments of light and energy throughout the day trying to fix everybody’s problem. You focus too much life force on everything outside of your self, depleting your reservoir of life force. You continually walk back three steps and one-step forward creating a deep rut. 

If you could only see the brilliance of the great light you hold, you would never spend your priceless life force haphazardly. Do not lick the wounds that someone gave you years ago but allow yourself to taste the sweetness of life in the now.  You are here at a request, you have stood in a celestial line of eons of times to come back to this particular arrangement of atoms and molecules and light.  You are not here to spend your energy and life force like a child in a candy shop.   

When you see yourself at the most beautiful in your mind’s eye, when you see yourself in that svelte gorgeous pattern of human light that is when your Pleiadian enterprise is activated.  Each one of you holds a highly advanced being within their energy schematics.  That Being has direct orders of what they are to do on Earth.  You are determining not just you own life, not just the life of your planet, but also the life of your entire solar system. 

The Earth will announce through various events a new sequence of exquisite light codes.  New light dance in your life and new lights will dance on Earth herself.  The energy of livingness and plasma conduits with a living consciousness, animated electrons and ions and molecules, have an agenda of their own.  When you see these light frequencies outside of yourself, pay attention. 

You are emissaries of Light and representatives of the Universe.  You are not cut from a cloth that was dirty and tattered; you are cut from a seamless garment of light that is luminescent and exquisite. All the stars and stellar vibrations that come from deep space are here to assist you. There are no instructions for the next part of the path.  Allow these energies to interact with you but stand your ground. If the stellar/solar/ etc sensations are too much for your body tell the darn molecules to turn known the rheostat. Some of the new vibrations may push your human fear buttons.  The sense of falling when you are walking, the sense of floating when you’re lying down, the sense of leaving your body when you are driving or talking to another.  You are in a dimensional flux; you are becoming a new definition of light.  Believe in your heart that there is no right way, there is no wrong way, there is just a heart way.  The heart is a vastly intelligent organ.  It sees and hears before anything else so listen with your heart. 




Copyright Gillian Macbeth-Louthan, The Quantum Awakening 2016

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