Transmission: The Virtues of the Unified Heart

Radiating the Virtues of the Unified Heart

by Corrina Steward, NHPD

March 3, 2016

Radiating the Virtues of the Unified Heart

In this transmission (recorded March 2016), your heart is attuned to the higher virtues of the new heart intelligence (love, kindness, compassion, unity, peace…). As Christed “Solar” Humans, we become a sun “channel” that radiates the energy and intelligence of the sun into Earth.  In this transmission, we experience this new capability and re-learn our heart virtues that are the foundation of the New Humanity.

The transmission awakens the pineal gland to a new connection, linking you to the original God source codes/rays of creation, Love, Power and Wisdom.  It is through this link with the Origins of Creation that you gain the capacity to transmit and radiate through your sacred heart space the higher virtues.

The transmission leads you into realigning, through your rainbow lightbody, with the AUM vibration as THE origin frequency of creation.  You experience through your Awake and Aware consciousness the stillness of AUM.  The effect of this transmission is to attune your body and consciousness to greater peace and the embodiment of the new human heart as a living principle of God’s higher truths.

MP3; 44:00





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