Balance and Love

Express as Balance and Love

by Marie Love, Ascension Whispers

February 18, 2016



All of creation is thoughts. All thoughts are held and experienced within a level of mind. To experience only the balanced expression of thoughts we must remain in balance, within our self. The body is a thought, created by, and held within, our Source mind. What you believe about your body, and yourself, will determine if you experience the balanced, or imbalanced expression of thoughts.

When did you start to believe you are not perfect? The moment you did so is the moment you began to experience thoughts as imbalanced. You did not birth into this earth hologram believing you are anything but perfection.

The moment you believed you are less than perfection is the moment you forgot how to love yourself? The moment you saw yourself as naked and vulnerable, is the moment you forgot who you are. It is the moment you forgot the love of Source.

When we forget how to love self we feel an empty hole within us. We then seek someone, or something, to fill that hole. Everyone is seeking love because everyone forgot how to love self.

This earth paradigm is designed to keep people from loving self. Competition of any kind programs the brain that self is not perfect. This paradigm is built upon competition. Regardless what name we give to competition, it is all competition for the “same thing”. That same thing is “energy”.

It does not matter if we call the game football, cards, politics, economics, war, or chess. All such games require a winner and a loser. When there is a loser, no one actually wins. Playing the game means you must continue to win to get the energy high it allows for. Losing the game breeds the thought of imperfection. There is no love in winning or losing. There is only imbalance.

If more people than not loved their self, we would see imbalanced thoughts quickly fade from the earth hologram. Instead, the majority of the population are filled with fear. They are filled with fear of the “unknown”.

Forgetting how to love self breeds boredom and boredom breeds drama. This is because when we do not love self we are constantly seeking something to make us feel better about our self. Loving self means we can be happy in our own body, in our own space, with our own company.

When we love our self we are no longer seeking others to confirm our self to us, instead, we seek ways to gift the love we hold away. When we love our self, we do not experience praise inflating the ego, but as love, returning to self.

People make choices that do not create balance because they either do not think about what their choices will create or are not able to envision what they will create. Not being able to envision what our choices will create is the aspect of being blinded in the moment. Some aspects of this we call, being blinded by love, greed, or the need to control. Loving self requires us to slow down and think about our thoughts and choices and determine if they will support what we desire to experience. Being blinded in the moment is the result of encountering energy that seems to take over our thinking process.

The life experience is “only about self”. That may sound selfish, but it is not. When we realize that all we encounter are “thoughts”, held within our mind, it begins to become easier to understand why the life experience is only about self. It is because all we encounter is our self, expressing as all that we encounter.

There is no one but self. All whom we call others are thoughts, held within our mind. All whom we call others are of our “same mind”. When we compete for anything, we are competing with our self. Do you desire your left hand to be the winner and your right hand to be the loser? Of course not, but that is exactly what is occurring, via the games of competition that play out within this earth hologram. That is what it means for there to express the “haves” and the “have not”.

Competition is not a natural attribute to our divine expression. It is an attribute that the brain is programmed with, when birthing into this hologram. Competition requires division. Since we are experiencing within a spherical mind, within a spherical body, it requires cutting the sphere into sections by creating lines of division. That is what fragmentation creates. Fragmentation separates the consciousness, held within the sphere. Competition is about divide and conquer. It is a very ancient game, that continues to be played out within this earth hologram.

When the earth life experience ends, you will finally remember that it was all “only” about love. It is only about how much you love self. The greatest gift we can give to our self is to love our self. This allows the love of Source to flow through us every second. It allows for awareness of self being Source embodied. It allows us to “be” Source embodied. When we express as Source embodied, we cannot help but see love within every thought we encounter. Yes, there may be imbalance expressing as well, in this earth hologram, but the love we see will override the imbalance.

We have free will. We can “choose” how we desire to think, believe and express. We can choose to express only love, within all of our thoughts, actions and deeds. How we choose to express will determine what we see coming back to us to experience.


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