Love Day Co-Creation

Solar Cosmic Christ Activations: A Love Day Co-Creation

by Sandra Walter, Creative Evolution

February 13, 2016

solar cosmic christ activation

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Here is a heartfelt co-creation with InLightUniversal productions for Valentine’s Day. Suzanne Maresca and I discuss the new Christ embodiment stepping forth in the Light Tribe. This is a powerful step in our progress, which is expected to accelerate with the Spring Equinox energies.

As we emerge from the Resurrection phase, some very strong experiences are being had by the Tribe. Note the newness, the difference in this versus activations or higher states of the past.

Feel into it; the complete experience has been dispersed to the collective grids. Hopefully it will assist in your own activation, Beloveds. A powerful phase for all of us. Happy Love Day, Every Day!


In Love, Light and Service,



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