by Sandra Walter, Creative Evolution

February 12, 2016

Sandra Walter ascension torus

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Can you feel it amplifying again? This feels like the beginning of the Equinox passage to me, which means that wave will be highly activating and launch us out of the Resurrection phase. Gateways are much less linear than the flare-and-plasma storms of the last three years. Remember this is not a chart-watching year, as the Gateways are wide open all the time now, and the timelines and grids have shifted into Solar mode. It’s a whole year of consistent adjustments and amplifications, which means presence is vital. Let us do the good work and open, open, open up Gaia to radiate her new and true Self, and ourselves in turn.

In Service, amplify the Grids and Gates as often as possible. It will greatly assist your own process, which in turn assists the collective. We are still on Pacific Rim duty out here; not preventing quakes, but rather easing, balancing, stabilizing as Gaia must release a whole lot of energy this year. Gather and notice the quantum effect that even two or more working together produces. Amazing acceleration, and definitely a year to reconnect with HUmans if you’ve been in cave time for a while.

Trust yourself and FUSE your consciousness with the new Grids; they connect us to the crystalline consciousness in a much stronger way.

Go Gaia Go!



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