Open Up

Intend Expansion, and Open Up

by Sandra Walter, Creative Evolution

January 15, 2016

gatekeeper crystals sandra walter

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Just a brief reminder to OPEN UP and expand your hearts, energy fields, and conscious connection to the Christed HUman heart grid as much as possible as we greet our first Gate-wave of 2016 on SUNday the 17th.

I AM still focused on the new grids and transformation. I AM experiencing a new level of Heaven in my Heart after some (quite) bizarre activations and experiences over the last few weeks. I also had a quick journey to the Redwoods and Ocean for some new grid work which surprised and thrilled me. We are in for a brilliant passage.

Obviously there is a lot going on. Please stay focused and honor this passage for yourself and Gaia. Trust yourself and FUSE your consciousness with the new Grids; they connect us to the crystalline consciousness in a much stronger way. Remember to expand right through the body consciousness and merge Higher and Lower Self.

Sometimes the energy can make folks contract, hide, or loop in old light patterns. Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, Lightworkers and our Galactic family are constantly overriding all of that to get the new reality up and running as the norm for everyone. Give us a heart and help out; we welcome you to make the good work easier!

Upcoming Conversations

– January 29 with Lauren Galey: An Update on What Just Happened
– February 10 with John Burgos: Christed Consciousness in 2016
– February 20 online retreat with Lauren Galey: Fusing with Galactic-Level Consciousness

Kindwhile, I AM occasionally on twitter for in-the-moment updates. I Love You, I Bless You, I Thank You for participating in this extraordinary phase of our Ascension.

In Love, Light and Service,



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