Open Receiver

Becoming an Open Receiver

by Meg Benedicte, New Earth Central

January 14, 2016

Becoming an Open Receiver!

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! The energy upgrades were pretty intense thru December and you may still be integrating higher consciousness and also purging out-dated codes, patterns and emotions. Since the Solstice I’ve already noticed my psychic capacity is improving and having more multi-dimensional experiences. This requires concentrated grounding so the energy field can continue to evolve and expand. The grounding also helps us connect with the field of Nature and the elementals to support our abilities to manifest in physical form.

As we break free of the 3D Matrix and move into living the 5D paradigm, this includes changing how we utilize our energy flow. So often I get questions regarding how to improve our money flow, our prosperity and increase our magnetism. These qualities in the 3D Matrix required a lot of effort, force and struggle as we constantly battled the opposing polarized force. For every positive action taken we experienced equal or more negative push back.

This is not a system that flows with universal abundance! We’re going to have to unlearn our old habits of manifesting and work with our energy differently in the 5D Field of unity consciousness. In the old 3D system we used our thinking mind to plan and organize, to schedule time and resources and plod ahead pushing against the polarized counter-force to sustain ourselves. It’s exhausting and keeps us trapped in linear Time.

As you evolve and Ascend into living your Soul’s Blueprint, you need to disconnect from the dominant thinking mind and use your sensory body instead. So first step – shift from thinking your way thru it, and start to feel/sense with your heart brain and intuition.

You must become a receptive being! When you push outward with your energy, you are not being receptive. Determine if the flow of your energy is pushing out into the external word. If it is…stop and turn inwards to the flow of life force in your Chakra Pillar. This is your energy conduit and it should be open and receiving life force, Light, LOVE, and nourishment into the Core of your Being.

When the Chakra channel is blocked, closed, drained – you are not operating as a clear and open receiver. If you need more life force, how are you getting it? Do you still find yourself taking energy from others? Are you feeding yourself energy from external sources? These are the old 3D patterns that lock you in the Matrix. To shift into 5D Living, you will need to switch from being takers to becoming open, receivers of universal support.

This is one of the themes for 2016! Learning how to source yourself from internal Soul life force – living as a receptive being. It also requires balancing how you use your left and right brains to magnetize and create. The left brain is more action-oriented and the right brain is receptive, intuitive and multi-dimensional. In the 3D Matrix most people are dominated by the left brain/thinking mind and not utilizing the many benefits of the receptive right brain. Make this a priority this year – to switch over to receiving all that you need in a continual energy flow filling your heart’s magnetic field.

To help launch new habits and patterns every year is the Capricorn Solstice. There also was a Capricorn New Moon on Jan 9th that encourages you to reach for your dreams and ground into the earth plane. Earthy Capricorn provides more stability and deepens your roots to the new 5D Field. It is the sign of your dharma. In Buddhism, ‘dharma’ means cosmic law and order. Call it into your energy field…know that your Soul is providing the resources within you to achieve your calling and purpose. Turn within and receive the blessings.

Lovingly, Meg


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