The Space In Between

The Power In the Space In Between

by Jennifer Hoffman, Enlightening Life

January 12, 2016


If you feel like your life has been ‘on hold’ for a long time, and many of us do, once the energy starts moving, as it is now, it brings a rush of action and activity. We have so much to catch up on and so much lost ground to recover that we set lots of powerful intentions to move the energy and our lives forward. And then we wait in joyful anticipation and as time passes and nothing seems to happen, we lose hope. Here we go again, we think, more delays and more limitations. But we’re in the ‘in between space’, that middle ground between intention and outcome, where can create new pathways and energetically multi-task, holding our intention while we also stay open to different outcomes. It’s a very powerful place to be because all of our power is in the ‘space in between’ and it is what we do in this in between space that keeps the energy flowing.

Patience is where our will meets divine timing and we don’t like to wait, especially if we need something right away. If we don’t see pretty quick results we get perturbed, annoyed, and impatient. But the waiting period is where all of the potential gathers, and so does our energy. And there are two ways to look at the situation, with impatience or with optimism. Impatience leads to second guessing ourselves and the universe, believing we’re doing something wrong, and then we step onto the path of fear that our necessary and desired outcomes won’t happen. Optimism, another choice, keeps us on track and encourages us to keep the energy flowing by maintaining our intention and channeling energy into opening new portals of possibility. We can use our energy to be impatient and block the flow, or we can encourage the flow by staying with our intention and seeing what else is happening.

We have made so many changes in the past few years and have done so much work on ourselves that many new and different kinds of  potentials are possible. But we don’t know what they are because we can only ask for what we think is possible, available, and accessible. A vast field of potential lies beyond our mind’s knowing, one that we have yet to explore and those potentials become possible in the ‘in between’ space, as long as we don’t judge how long it’s all taking to happen.

The energy begins flowing in the direction of our intention the moment we make it. Then the miracles begin to happen as the energy expands and other things become possible too. But if we get impatient, think that nothing is happening, and start judging the process, the energy stops flowing. What if that space in between was where all of our different,  unexpected, unanticipated, and miraculous outcomes are becoming possible? It’s an opportunity to multi-task our energy, holding our intention while we are also anticipating the best and highest outcomes that may be just beyond what we’re looking at. We get impatient because what we want is important, or it’s an emergency, or we feel that we have already been waiting for a long time just to get to this point.

It doesn’t take ‘time’ for our outcomes to manifest, it is a process of alignment and integration. We’re aligned with new potentials now, but we can’t know that until we start creating new things. Receiving is the second step of the manifestation process, and it’s the one we think we have to ‘wait’ for, but we don’t. We just have to know that outcomes reflect our energy and our highest potential, which is often the thing we don’t know is possible. Think of something you want and what you believe can happen. What else is possible that you haven’t asked for yet or don’t think is possible? What is the miracle, the outcome you think is impossible but would be the best one for you? That’s what happens in the space ‘in between’ asking and receiving, and it’s the point of greatest power.

When we are intentionally optimistic and creatively active, expecting the very best of all possible outcomes, we empower our intentions with the belief and faith in our own abilities. We’re the architects of our realities which may sound like a  lot of new age talk but it’s true. If we don’t start the energy moving in the area of our intentions and keep it moving, it gets stuck and then we feel like we’re waiting. But if we use that time we spend in our personal waiting room, the ‘space in between’, we can explore new potentials and allow possibilities greater than we can imagine to become possible and then energetically multi-task to allow our highest outcomes to become the reality that we truly desire.


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