2016 The New Ascension Cycle

Spiraling into the Galactic Sun

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

As we enter 2016, we are receiving new universal coding from the Central Galactic Sun that accelerates Earth and humanity’s ascension. The coding elevates us into the Higher Heaven Gold and Platinum Earth body.

A New Ascension Cycle

2016 represents both a completion (9 vibration) and new beginning timelines simultaneously. The New Humanity will find themselves straddling both of these realities leading the way to bring forward the new Angelic Earth with no history while creating stability as the old Earth losses its final leg of repeated history. There will be great support in the ascended reality with the New Humanity being supported by the new light reality on Earth. 

Galactic Sun Spiral

In a new transmission recorded yesterday, the Galactic Sun is now directing Earth’s ascent. Here’s the transmission description:

“This transmission realigns you to radiate the New Ascension Cycle of 2016. You are guided into an infinity body alignment that enables you to access and travel multi-dimensionally into the Galactic Sun Core to receive the 2016 ascension upgrades. These new light intelligences bring to Earth a new DNA sequence of the Gold and Platinum Helix and a Diamond Starlight Body of the Highest Kings and Queens of Heaven. The transmission ends with sealing in your Diamond Heart with your highest reality for 2016.”


In the lead up to the New Year, we have the opportunity to realign now with the Galactic Sun. Happy New Year and deep, infinite heart blessings to our Family of Light!

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