Holy Sacred Body

The Holy Sacred Cosmic Earth Body & Expansion of Feminine Consciousness

by Corrina Steward, NHPD

December 27th, 2015

Holy Sacred Body Transmission

As I continue to wait for the birth of my baby (he was due on Christmas…coming through the Wings of the Dove Gateway…we still await him), each day has been a new multi-dimensional journey that is both personal and part of “big consciousness” for the whole of humanity and Earth.  Many themes have arisen but one seems to be percolating that is key to our accelerated ascension and new Earth body awakening: the Holy Cosmic Earth Body Embodiment.

If you haven’t done the December Solstice transmission, do it now!  This is a free transmission and will anoint you into this sacred “promise” of the Cosmic Christ.

You’ll find the Wings of the Dove Gateway Transmission HERE.

The Expansion, Ascension & Descension of “Mary”

Since this transmission came through, I’ve been keyed into two very interesting pieces of information.  The first is watching “The Lost Secrets of Jesus” series on Gaia that literally described Mary Magdalene having the “gift” to anoint the Dove Consciousness of the Milky Way to “Christ” people (and that SHE may have done this for Jesus).  This is exactly what happened during the Solstice transmission.

Here’s what I wrote about it:

“[In this transmission,] we receive an “Anointing of the Galactic Dove”, a Christ Conscious embodiment that infuses the spiraling starlight energy of the Milky Way Galaxy into us so that we are unified with the “ascending Mother and Father Light of God.” The Galactic Dove, a holy Father Principle, merges with the Cosmic Mother’s Body, a holy Mother Principle, to co-create reunion within.”  Transmissions for Humanity #6

Then, today I read about apparitions of Mother Mary appearing on Christmas Eve.  In a dream I had about a week ago, I was told that “Mary” would now surround “all the women”. 

To me, this is indicating that there is a rise in the divine feminine energies to an even greater expanse, and this new feminine consciousness is leading the path into the new ascension cycle of 2016.

Here’s an excerpt from Shekina Rose who wrote about the appearance of Mother Mary.  She makes good connections about how the recent solar activity is connecting us into the new feminine consciousness and the Rose–what I refer to as the Cosmic Mother Rose.

“The rays of Light are within you in the solar qualities of Creation from the Solar logos via the Sun. Your body vehicle is a luminous temple of creator where the Christ body resides in the cells of Light. The Sacred Rose Ray is being transmitted through sound wave frequencies of the light ray of source from the central galactic core to awaken and attune your vibration to the higher Heart of Creation. This essential ray frequency of creation of the Rose is bringing profound healing of Love, Harmony and balance to humanity. 333”  Template of Supreme Divine Love

The Holy Sacred Cosmic Earth Body

This evening in a beautiful, surprising breakthrough the “Mary-Cosmic Mother Rose” energies upgraded to descend onto Earth a new Holy Ground.  This energy field blanketed the Earth with a new Galactic Sphere of truth, trust, compassion and lighting the way for the new lightwork.

In this new energy field, the Sirius Star System unified with the Cosmic Christ, which then unified with the Earth’s Ascended Body.  It has created a new “Cosmic-Earth layering” that provides us beautiful relief in welcoming in a new beginning as we enter 2016.

With this newly emerging field, I was reminded that it all began with the Holy Sacred Body transmission, June 20th of this year.  So I’m re-posting it.

Recorded in Columbia, CT on June 20th, 2015, this transmission realigns you to the awakening of the Holy Sacred Body through the Emerald and Red Lights of God.  An immensely powerful transmission that descends one’s light body into the physical body through a new “light webbing” that opens the Compassionate Heart.

This transmission has been further upgraded with the new Cosmic-Earth Body.

Receive the transmission HERE. (and don’t forget to put in the discount code: dove for 25% off).

I feel SO blessed by the miracles of 2015 and am just giddy about what’s in store for us in 2016.  It is a New Ascension Cycle.  So prepare your body, mind, (Holy) spirit and heart for the incoming LIGHT!

Reminder: From now until New Year’s Day, all New Humanity transmissions are 25% off with the discount code: dove.  Blessed Light & Holidays to all of you!


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