13th Ascension Star Code

13th Ascension Star Code Transmission

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

December 16, 2015

golden star heartThis month’s energy transmission, the 13th Ascension Star Code,  prepares us for the December 21st “Wings of the Dove Gateway” and the entry of the Angelic Earth timeline as a physical manifestation.

The Golden Hearted Beings have long been prophesied.  At this time, we are receiving the light codes and frequencies that awaken our Golden Heart AND re-integrate the Human Christ Consciousness Code to manifest Light “miracles” on the New Earth.

In this transmission, the 13th Ascension “Star Code” is activated in your multi-dimensional, unified heart.  The star code, a 13-pointed Golden Star, realigns you to the source of the 13th Ascension Gateway and the Angelic Earth re-creation.   

As a light tool, the 13th Ascension Star Code enables you to resonate with and physically manifest on the Angelic Earth dimensional plane.

The transmission travels through several Earth dimensions/timelines to re-create Creation and reveal a newly manifested Angelic Earth, a higher Earth creation.  Included in the transmission recording is a December 2015 energy update about the energy acceleration as 2015 closes and we await the Wings of the Dove Gateway.


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