Gift of Source

The Gift of Source – December 12, 2015

by Marie Love, Ascension Whispers

December 13, 2015

Do you feel as though you traveled through space at hyper speed? If you do, it is because you did. All of humanity and the entire earth did just that on December 12, 2015. If this sounds like something out of Star Wars, that is because my brain is using the experiences I have had to translate the information to me. That is the same for all people.

You did not really go anywhere though. You still find yourself exactly where you were on December 11, 2015. That is because space is an illusion and you do not have to go anywhere to time travel through the illusion of space. It is also because you are traveling “within” your conscious mind. The conscious mind of earth humanity is “earth”. If you need the image of a space ship, then your space ship is earth.

Humanity is re-accreting energy faster than the “perceived” speed of light. December 12, 2015, per the time keeping methods used on earth, marked the next hyper shift into a higher level of energy or a higher vibration rate. Per the time keeping methods of earth, December 12 will remain the date of the beginning of the yearly accretion cycle and the date of the hyper jump into a higher vibration rate. This is because the Eternal Life Grid came back online, within humanity, on December 12, 2013, so it is the date of the beginning and ending of each yearly cycle. It is also because the collective of humanity adopted the same rate of accretion at the end of September, 2015. We could compare the date to the “launch pad”. The 12 actually corresponds to the creation point.

Creation exists upon a base 12 system, as the Eternal Spiral is created via the phasing sequence of the Divine Trinity – 12, 9, 6, 3, 12. This means the higher energy of Source, coming to us from our Sun, steps down through the collective on a base 12 wave. That means that all regions, which currently hold different levels of energy, receive the energy of Source via a base 12 pulsing wave. It means that when ever it is 12:00 in your local region, it is the starting point of a wave flowing through your region.

A yearly cycle of accretion is of course the climax of the daily and monthly cycles of accretion. The smaller cycles of days and months could be compared to a rocket being refueled in flight. Each monthly cycle refuels the engine (embodied consciousness) with more energy and allows the vibration rate to increase. This creates smaller shifts in the illusion of time, as the vibration slowly rises. It is similar to a rocket continuing to increase the thrust of the engines, via releasing more fuel.

Refueling occurs with each increase in thrust, or increase in vibration rate, because each increase in vibration rate allows the embodied consciousness to be able to receive three times more fuel, on the next wave that is released from the sun. This is why the monthly infusions of energy feel as if they are increasing in strength, they are.

A yearly cycle of re-accreting Source energy increases the vibration rate of humanity to such a large quantity of energy that it allows for a hyper speed launch point, which instantly and rapidly propels humanity through many time cycles at once.

This can be experienced in the body in many different ways, depending on the current vibration rate of the individual. On a much smaller scale, we can compare body symptoms similar to flight via air plane. The perceived distance traveled determines the severity of temporary body discomfort.

Leading up to the launch moment, the increasing vibration rate temporarily changes the pressure in the body. It is similar to the change in cabin pressure in a plane, which also changes the pressure in the body. Personally, on December 9th and leading into December 12, my legs and feet became so swollen, I could hardly walk. Nothing relieved the swelling. I woke up like that and went to bed like that, with the swelling increasing each day.

On December 12, 2015, at 11 PM EST, I encountered a point of complete body exhaustion. The body had only been in wake mode six hours, so the exhaustion was not from lack of sleep nor being tired from physical labor. I became so exhausted, it was all I could do to make it to the bed to lie down. As soon as my head hit the pillow, my body instantly went into sleep mode.

My body awoke at 2 AM EST, on December 13, 2015. I felt hung over, brain fog, dizzy when I stood up, hungry and my vision was a bit blurred. As I made my way to sit at the table, holding my head in my hands, I became aware of this information. I began writing it down and in about fifteen minutes the body symptoms began to subside. I looked down at my legs and feet and saw all of the swelling was gone.

During such shifts you may become aware, most likely in body sleep mode, of different life times. If so, it will most likely feel as if they are past life times. From our current now moment, they are past life times but they are levels of energy we stepped down in energy through to reach our current moment. They are not past life times experienced in the cycles earth humanity had been trapped within.

Example: A as the starting point of step down ——————————- step down to E. The past life experiences of the E point are held within the same point, as humanity continued to re-incarnate into the trapped consciousness of earth. Humanity is no longer trapped. This means if past life experiences are remembered, through the time shifts, it is a result of re-accreting back through D, C, B to reach A. Doing so is the “future” of humanity so it is a matter of traveling “back” to the future.

Each point re-accreted is a higher vibration rate. I became aware of one life time moment, in this trip back to the future. That was a result of the speed at which we made the shift. Any other points just flew by as in the animated image at the top of the page and moving through streams of light. I only became aware of this one as the body was getting close to waking up which means the speed was slowing down.

In this one, I found myself in a familiar pub restaurant for some kind of small gathering celebration. As I was walking into the building, I noticed there was nothing else around, in the landscape view, just the building and the parking lot. I became aware that nothing else had yet been created and I was carrying the memory of the building and parking lot with me. There were only eight other people, gathering for the celebration, me being the ninth. I recognized them from this life time but they all had families in this life time who would have normally been with them. I became aware that their other family members were still held within them and had not yet birthed as family members, at that point in time. I was thinking about this, in the dream experience, as my body was waking up.

It is a good thing our man-made methods of keeping track of time do not shift with the time shifts because if they did, it would create havoc on the continued operation of this earth paradigm. It would look as though the hands of the clock face were moving backwards. At the same time, it would “feel” as though the passage of time was speeding up. So, it is a good thing our methods of time keeping are fixed.

What this means is it requires less time to accrete the energy of a 24 hour day cycle. Instead of reaching the 3:00 afternoon need for pick me up caffeine, that will most likely occur around 2:00 in the afternoon now. The same is true for the 6 & 9 PM crash in energy, they will most likely occur around 5 & 8 PM now. Those are smaller, daily accretion points when the body cycles into a slightly bit of higher vibration and the body feels tired, as it does. Being able to accrete energy faster means those points are reached faster. It is these vibration changes in the body that plays havoc on sleep patterns. You may experience times when it feels like a normal sleep pattern is non-existent.

The shield created via the global mediation projects assisted greatly to propel us much further than would have been experienced otherwise. Just imagine what could occur if this became a monthly or weekly event.

The energy of the ascension planetary shield is still not high enough in energy to completely separate from what will become the descending shield, so the imbalance is being pulled along with us, at this time. This offers greater opportunities to heal as much of the imbalance as possible as the higher energy continues to increase, increasing the vibration rate of ascending humanity. It also offers more who are still in sleep walking mode the opportunity to wake up.

There is an integration period of the new, higher level of energy we have shifted into that will last through December 24, 2014. During this period, you will most likely feel more tired than seems normal. The body just needs time to readjust. It is similar to readjustment from jet lag. Allow yourself ample time to relax and simply BE. Make sure to drink plenty of water as it assists the body to raise to a higher vibration rate. Supply the body clean foods that hold plenty of life force energy. Fresh foods that grow from the earth.

What a wonderful holiday gift, we have received from Source. We may now be aware of what our holiday gift will be each year but that does not make knowing any less exciting. It will continue to allow us opportunities for new discoveries of self and they will all look different.

See how easy it is to time travel and it does not even require leaving home.

Happy Freedom Day to All.



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