Freedom Day

Freedom Day Celebration – December 12, 2015

by Marie Love, Ascension Whispers

December 11, 2015


Those who read Ascension Whispers most likely are aware that December 12 is the celebration of Freedom Day. On December 12, 2013 humanity was finally able to be re-connected to the conscious Source mind, which is the core of the earth, and steps down in energy from the core of our Sun mind.

This was a point in time when joy echoed throughout the time matrix galaxy. It is a celebration that will be celebrated for a very long time, throughout the entire solar system and beyond.

Reconnecting humanity to conscious, Source mind allows humanity to rapidly receive higher infusions of Source energy, as they are released from our Sun mind. This is raising the vibration rate of the collective of humanity back up in energy very quickly. It is what is allowing many to become aware of thoughts, held within conscious mind. Many are calling conscious mind a “higher conscious mind”.

It does not matter what one chooses to call any part of Source energy. It is something to celebrate each and every moment of each and every day that humanity is finally becoming aware of the love of Source in measures that were not possible for over 26,000 years.

It is called Freedom Day because it marks the point at which humanity is no longer trapped within the lower energy of this expression of earth. When each face of Source – each person – naturally completes this life experience they will instantly merge back into balance. No one will have to incarnate into the imbalance of this expression of earth again.

Millions of people have been trapped within this lower energy, imbalanced expression of earth for millions of years. Others for thousands of years. For some, this may be the first time of experiencing this expression of earth. Being able to return to balance is something that will be remembered for a very long time, even though many will not become aware of it until they finish the earth life experience.

It is not an accident that many are bringing global awareness and coming together in like mind on December 12, 2015 for a global meditation. Here is a link to one such project.

The awareness is simply to work together as a whole and bring more of Source love and balance unto humanity. If you resonate, please join in gifting the love of Source that flows through you.

When two or more faces of Source group their thoughts for love, healing, peace and joy, filled with the love of Source, the energy they can access is three times stronger. Do not be concerned if you miss any global group times as it really does not matter. The loving intentions create waves of energy that circulate through the collective, for the benefit of all of humanity and the entire planet.

If you desire to join in with a guided group mediation, that is wonderful. It does not require anyone to follow a specific mediation. All it requires is to focus on filling yourself with the love of Source and beaming it out from yourself in all directions.

If you like, you can follow the the method below to assist you. Try to remain in a state of balance, inner peace and love the entire day. We should try to do that everyday, but to work with scheduled, global efforts, try your best for the entire date of December 12th.

  • Fill yourself with the love of Source. If you need assistance, you could use either a Loving Joy Memory or a song that allows you to connect deeply with love.
  • Activate your vertical pillar.
  • Enter the God Space.
  • As you focus within the God Space, imagine, pretend, see, visualize, your self as pure white light. You are a radiant star, shining ever so brightly.
  • Focus on your in and out breaths. Breathe as if your entire body is your lungs.
  • On each in breath, inhale gently, filling your body with the radiant white light of Source energy, that is all around and within you.
  • On each out breath, exhale gently. As you exhale, imagine, see, visualize the radiant white energy of Source expanding from within your body and expanding to surround the entire planet.
  • If there is a particular region, person or a particular issue you desire to send more of Source love to, simply think about that region, person or issue as you exhale. Your gift will instantly be delivered to the focus of your thought. When you inhale, imagine the thought you desire to gift the love of Source to coming into your body, held within the God Space. Exhale the thought gently into the God Space, within you.
  • There is no need to continue to focus on that particular concern. Your gift was instantly delivered and you took the issue requiring healing back unto Source. Let it go and allow Source to work.
  • Continue to focus breathing the love of Source, within the God Space, until you feel complete. As you remove your focus from the God Space, try to move about gently and retain focused awareness of the love of Source that is flowing through you. As you look at your hologram, try to see through the eyes of Source love and only see the love of Source that is reflecting back to you.
  • If something arises that allows you to feel imbalanced, or creates irritation in your day, simply close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting within the God Space and breathe the love of Source until you feel balance returning to you.
  • Smile at everyone you meet. Really look at the person’s eyes and project the love of Source you hold, to them. They have free will to accept it or not.
  • Try not to focus on any imbalance that is occurring in the earth drama. If something comes to mind, simply take it into the God Space, fill it with love and release it. Let it go!

There is so much reason for celebration and I do desire to be able to assist each person who crosses my path to feel the wonderful Love and Joy of Source. We are healing our self and in doing so, we are assisting to heal humanity, as humanity is our self.

There is no longer a need to hide your wonderful, shinning light. Please let your light shine brightly and illuminate the entire planet.

Loving Joy Blessings to All



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