Heaven’s Gateway of 12-12

“Manifesting the New ‘Abundant Forms'”

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

Manifesting Light

Propelled by the 11-11 Gateway, we are in yet another time acceleration that has LIFTED us into a New Age of Light!

I am noticing a profound change in how Light is conducting itself through us.  There is now this beautiful harmony, a union of Light and Human that is working together to forge humanity ahead into the vast possibilities of unity consciousness and the (re-born) New Earth.

The 12-12 Heaven’s Gateway

As we move at rapid speed, jumping timelines, we are now headed straight into what I’m seeing as Heaven’s Gateway, timed to open on the 12-12.  This time shift is already underway and we can experience it as a passage of an out-moded, historical timelapse in our reality.

As God-manifestors the SPACE of Heaven’s Gateway is enabling a beyond powerful force that reveals the healed being within and “downloads” her into existence.

Through the 12-12 Heaven’s Gateway ancestral heritage is being dripped away and the new Waves of Conscious Oneness are streaming in, culling away the Ancient Earth miasma (karma) and realigning the New Humanity into a new reality of the re-born New Earth–where “history” is no longer relevant.

Manifesting the New “Abundant Forms”

With the passage of 11-11, a shift arrived in how we are being received and reflected by the Universe of Light.  This shift carries us into the stream of Starlight frequency pulses as Students and Teachers of the Light Codes.  

The Light Codes inform us how to work with the Light as we’ve never experienced on Earth before.  Transmission for New Human upgrades, healing and realignment are now transitioning out and we are being schooled on the Light Sciences.

To manifest on the New Earth we work with these Light Sciences — all of life reveals itself through a popping in and a dissolving away alchemy.  What we require in the moment is revealed through the Spherical Creation of Abundant Life Forms; when the moment ends, the form dissipates back into the purity of the Universe of Light.

The Beings of the Universe of Light are teaching us how to work with these Light Sciences.  

From November’s energy transmission:

“Manifestation, [the Beings of Light] explain, is conducted through highly charged Light quotient and through a special Light Body Sphere…This knowledge is given to you as a New Human of Light and you are realigned to manifest on Earth through the consciousness of Oneness…”


Golden Humans of Light

From what I am gathering, through the latest transmissions and incoming universal knowledge, is that we become “golden” beings that alchemicalize the Light Source into Abundant Forms.  The “gold” is a higher dimensional substance that enables us to conduct the Light Source through our new physical bodies.

In the higher frequency (or density) of the New Human form, our heart becomes attuned to this gold and the Light Source can catalyze through us; first, through the highly-charged Light quotient (this is taught in the November transmission) and, second, through heart intent and desire…the new Heart Intelligence.

This in sum is the capability of the prophesied “Golden Humans”. 

May peace and the New Light be with you in this new experience of Oneness.


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