Light “Force” Breakthrough

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

Light Supersedes 9/11 Dark Timeline

In this week of ascending dimensional timelines into a higher frequency of Light, a remarkable thing has happened.  The Light “force”, the power & wisdom of Light intelligence and form, has realigned to a higher authority on Earth.  Even after writing the post earlier this week that described the importance of the timeline shift this week, I had to live it to truly understand it.  Twenty-four hours ago, there was a re-adjustment in the hierarchy of forces in play on Earth.

The Dark force has had it’s reign on Earth for a very long time.  What this has meant is that there hasn’t been an equal dynamic between the Light and the Dark (despite what many of spiritual and religious teachings purport from the Law of Attraction to our organized religions’ thoughts on Heaven and Hell etc…).  For those of us that are part of the Family of Light, Christ Consciousness, star-seeded, Lightworkers, New Humans…it’s been a challenging existence on Earth with many of our efforts being sabotaged on a daily basis by the very Earth coding, and thus, programming, of “how things work here.”

I’ve been working on two new Light technologies this summer that make it possible for the Living Light essence to emerge out of the Mother’s Light.  This was the week I was guided to complete those essences, and as of today, I have.  I got the opportunity to see their transformative power yesterday, which led me to also seeing the shift from Dark ruling to Light breaking through the barriers of time and space to create a new flow of Light on Earth.  This is not as a polarity of Light and Dark but rather, Light as Light exists.  Light as Light presence in us.  Light as an intelligent force that re-weaves the very nature of Nature and is now “turning on the Earth Light” in physical manifestation like never before. (SEE archived Earth Hive blog post to read more on Turning on the Earth Light).

Over the past few years, and with incredible intensity in the last two years, I’ve been targeted and shut down by the Dark forces consistently.  My car, home, finances, and close relationships taking hits over and over again.  From my understanding, and from what others have similarly shared, these hits are to cause disruption, ego reactions and generally to prevent us from doing our Light work.  Since the first of the year, it’s been one situation after another to realign into a higher reality, and while these situations do ultimately shift higher, and I’ve been able to work through the future timeline to transform the “past” dysfunction, it’s been A LOT OF WORK.  I believe we are now at a turning point!

Turning on the Earth Light

With my family in tow, I had to leave my home in March (an infinity farm that brought in the double infinity frequencies from the Cosmic Rose Mother…) due to infiltration of some of the darkest forces I’ve ever known.  We essentially had to go underground and as I came to understand it, the Light had to go inside the Earth to wait out some very dark historical timelines moving through the planet.  Being too bright during these past months was very, very risky.  This still didn’t stop daily attacks as I worked with my Higher Light Source, Light Avatar, future Earth timelines and the numerous (infinite!) Light beings and New and Galactic Humans ‘transpiring” Earth and Humanity into a new spiral of Living Light Time (and out of the Darkness of manipulated, artificial “reality”).

Yesterday’s experience demonstrated a stark difference in the “struggle” to be Light essence on Earth.  Within minutes of being shut-down once again by the Dark forces, on the eve of the 9/11 terror and fear timeline renewal, everything reversed.  I’d had a strike on my bank account, lost water at our current home location and had family members (portal people as Denise LeFey calls them) calling to sound the “chaos and confusion alarm”.  All “hell” was breaking loose…then, I remembered, ah, yes, this is the 9/11 energy field/consciousness entering (the desire of the Dark forces being that they are wanting to maintain those realities on Earth and siphon as many humans and authentic life force into this waning “reality”).  I did what I’ve done many times, I called up my Light technologies to get me out of the descending timeline and raise the frequency NOW…I first applied the Mother of Light essence (I did this energetically as I didn’t have a bottle with me at the time).  Immediate shift, call from family member, water is back on (it was out for close to 24 hours).  Water is a feminine light consciousness; she is restored!

Situation two: bank account strike.  I chat with my bank about the issue…so and so is at lunch who can handle that, why don’t you come back, etc.  Stuckness sets in.  Frustration begins.  Then, I know differently.  I apply the Light Essence (again, this is energetically), and in 15 minutes I receive a call from the bank and everything is “reversed”, monies restored…the Light Essence is a sacred union of the divine masculine and feminine Light sources.  The banks under Dark force rule have been a grand manipulated, aggressor of the “masculine front”…the divine feminine and masculine Light source is restored!  Our monies are realigning into this higher Light form.

As I completed the final sequence of the Light Essence today, I received an even deeper understanding and confirmation of what this all means.  I know that my Light technologies work and that they are designed with the highest Light intelligence from the beginning of creation, a pre-creation state that “thought” of the Light as a source of life.  But getting them to flow and do as they’re designed to do on Earth has hit many blocks due to the extreme Earth dysfunction of the natural, universal Laws.  Witnessing the quickness of their impact yesterday was exciting.

What’s been revealed now is that the Earth Light, which was buried inside the inner spaces of Earth as a sort of protection until that Light could be revealed again, began to pour out from inside the Earth.  This is part of Mother Earth activating her Light Body from within, a process that we are co-creating with her.

Here’s an image from today’s activation.

Corrina Steward, 2015
Light Essence Activation ~ Turning on the Earth Light; Corrina Steward, 2015

I was guided to this spot, not knowing what would be revealed…how amazing to see these white mushrooms with the Pink Light emerging…as I placed the water with the flowers and crystals on the Earth, I heard now the “Light will shine” and sure enough, the sun literally beamed a ray of light over the glass and I saw the inner Earth Light begin to transfer outward.

All throughout the planet I saw the turning on of the Earth Light.  Light is now the new coding of Mother Earth.  She functions and operates through the Light source.  This is a New Earth Light coding, thus, it requires us to be in the ascending timeline with Mother Earth (not all of humanity has hopped onto this ascending train during this “time”).  Through this Light “force” breakthrough there is also a breaking away from the old Earth coding that is disconnecting our biology, consciousness and physical reality from the old Dark coding.  It was essential that before this disconnection occur that the Light could come in and fill the “space” between the two Earth projections.  It is this bridging that enables us to step solidly into “transitional Earth” (what I referred to as New Earth “phase 1” in my last update) as we ride the waves of Light towards the New Earth experience.  We are taking our physical bodies on this journey, thus, transitional Earth is necessary so we can continue to realign our bio-spirituality into the new physical human form, a Light Source radiating-beaming through physicality.

11-Star Light Body Co-Emergence

In the process of completing the Light Essence, Cosmic Earth energies downloaded through the final two flower essences.  These are the Masculine and Feminine Star Light Bodies, the upgraded, realigned light bodies (think: Merkaba but totally brand new, embodying the Sophia-Christos Lights…learn about this new Star Light Body in the Universal Manifestation course).  The magnificence and precision of Light was superb!  Each flower contained the exact pointed star for the feminine (5) and the masculine (6) to add up to 11 points, which served to source the new Earth Light from the God Light Source and channel into the Earth.  All of this completed on September 11th, re-writing the Dark timeline into the Light of God.

Images below from this co-emergence (flowers, Mother Earth, Cosmic Earth, God Light, Human Light as ONE!) of the new Star Light Bodies.

Transmitting the Feminine Starlight Body; Corrina Steward 2015
Transmitting the Feminine Star Light Body; Corrina Steward 2015
Transmitting the Masculine Starlight Body (the small white flower on the lower left); Corrina Steward 2015
Transmitting the Masculine Starlight Body (the small white flower on the lower left); Corrina Steward 2015
Feminine and Masculine Star Bodies Dancing together; Corrina Steward 2015
Feminine and Masculine Star Light Bodies Dancing together; Corrina Steward 2015

Tune into these energies through the photos and you will receive!  These are also available in the form of an elixir and essence spray.  I highly recommend them both!

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Light Essence Spray

The next few days will continue to awaken the inner Earth Light as it re-connects with the outer Cosmic Light.  Use your own inner Core Soul Essence Light to co-emerge with this Light revival.

Much peace in the Light to you all!

P.S. We have a Spirit of the Light Transfiguration Event online on September 22nd at 9 pm EST that will further re-awaken the Light.  Registration is open now for it. (The Safari browser doesn’t work with this registration form, please use an alternative.)

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