Preparing for Dimensional Timeline Shifting

Energy Awareness for September 7 – 13, 2015

By Corrina Steward, NHPD


Corrina Steward 2015
This week will be a climb in the frequency scales of time/space and creation trajectories into yet another higher ascension timeline.  At moments like this it can be very important to be aware that timeline shifts are not always experienced with ease in the 3d world.  In fact, they can be highly contentious and chaotic as deeper eruptions occur in breaking away from lower reality creations. This week marks the anniversary of 9/11, a hugely effective and impactful creation field that further ripped energetic unification into terrorizing and dark manipulation agendas. 

Healing the Heart Wounds of Earth

The Families of Light and Living Light intelligences are repairing this rip and this week, in particular, we have the opportunity to heal the deep wounds in the One Heart body of Earth and the universal heart pulse.  We are releasing the “rip cords” of the old heart creation and becoming conscious of the New Heart, the unification of a Heaven and Earth thru the God Body of Light and Higher Creation. We arrive at the possibility of healing the Earth Heart Wound as we heal our own heart’s hurts and perceived losses. 

Now is a time to truly let go of the old ways of being and doing and realize that you are a source of Living Light that is eternal. There is no death and no “loss”. As long as we attempt to harness, control and/or manipulate our reality outside of the Living Light we will perpetuate the common Heart Wound. 

Be alert this week to attempts to wrestle you “back in”. The Higher Creation is already here inside your Heart Light and Core Soul Frequency; the depths of illusion and fear are powerfully influential during timeline shifts. So notice how this is showing up and declare your freedom to be the Living (loving) Light. 

Financial Shifts in the Higher Ascension Field

The financial structure and consciousness of Earth is embedded with fear triggers that maintain the lower frequency timeline on Earth. In recent weeks, there has been a dimensional gateway opened that enables future Humanity to live outside of the fear-money paradigm. Through this gateway opening a quantum recalculation has occurred recoding Earth and Humanity as a planet of “golden abundance.”  You can retune your heart pulse to this future creation and, thus, emerge into a higher creation platform (energy field of potential) of golden abundance. 

As the New Humans of Light unify in this service to humanity and Mother Earth, we accelerate time and the abundant conditions on Earth.  This Light work manifests thru the One (unified) Heart Pulse and the Cosmic Christ (Golden) Consciousness. We do this work in service as the higher beings of Light that we are. 

Higher Ascension Timeline Support

I’m re-posting a transmission from a month ago that has been upgraded to support us this week. 

It’s free. Please circulate as you feel called to do so. Thank you. 


Light Amplification Technology



Mother Essence of Light; Corrina Steward 2015
I’ve been working on two new Light Transmitting and Amplification products this summer that are timed to be completed this week as light technologies that counter and ascend lower frequency timelines into the Living Light Source. You can order these products in the New Humanity Store either separately or as a Package of Light that includes the 8-8-8 transmission. 
Direct Links to new Light Technologies: 

Package of Light (free shipping with this package)

Mother Essence of Light Elixir 

Light Essence Spray

I wish you all peace and loving understanding and compassion this week as we move thru time and creation to a higher reality of prosperity, peace, love and light for all. 

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