Updates from Behind the Mirror: New Earth Transition Phase I

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

New Earth Updates

ascension embodimentIn the past week, it has been revealed more deeply that we are entering a new phase of ascension on Earth.  This phase is marked by both the increasing chaos, confusion and disintegration of the old Earth matrix and a downloading of the new Earth light intelligence as an overwrite to the old illusion.  Now is a time to tune into how the transition is striking your personal life and take stock of how you respond as a God, Sovereign and Free co-creator/designer of new life.  Over the last two months, from how I’ve viewed it, we are being given the choice of freedom from the old matrix, which gives us our ticket outside of the enslavement of the old consciousness paradigm (e.g., a rigged, enslavement polarity system).

For those that are naturally wired to attune to this freedom such as Starseeds and New Human Heart Dreamers, your rise into your personal bandwidth of your Soul’s Core Frequency is imminent.  Yet, we need to be very conscious of our daily actions, thoughts, feelings and how we respond, in turn.  There are holes everywhere in this transition from the old to the new,, and if we are not alert, we can fall deep into them and be led astray by ego projections, false and artificial light creations and what I’ve called the Amnesia of Ascension.

Be the Light

Increasingly, our “job” is to be our Light, period.  What’s being understood now for the New Human is that our Light is an intelligence field that expands, realigns and re-structures Universal Intelligence for the planet.  Our personal Light frequencies are the key to securing our freedom and the freedom of Mother Earth.  In the next few months, we will have the opportunity to work with our Light Body with greater mastery as a vehicle of ascension and Light technology.  Being in our Orb of God Light, a type of Mother-Father God Starlight Body realigned with our Core Soul Frequency, re-sets the “timetable” of Earth into the Higher Ascension Timeline of the Higher “God” Heart.

New Earth Transition Phase I

We recently passed through a collision course of timelines in the upper Creation field that is playing out in the lower Creation fields throughout the month of September.  Be prepared for chaos, confusion, weirdness, etc. in the mass consciousness.  Be as observant to these events as possible without attachment or fear.  There are ethical consequences coming forth through the Laws of Universal Justice that will make for unstable political, economic and social structures.  A new protection for Starseeds and New Human Heart Dreamers is coming into the planet at the same time.

The September Equinox will be a time of “Reckoning of the Spirit”.  The true Light of God Source, from Father and Mother God, is streaming in daily with huge blasts of intelligent Light.  As a result, it’s creating a re-balancing of the Light on Earth.  Take care to tend to your business as the Light reveals within you.

Upcoming “Be the Light” Events

We have several upcoming events to support Starseeds, Lightworkers and New Humans during this time of Light returning and reckoning.  The monthly Energy Transmission will take place on Sept. 15th at 9 pm EST.  These are monthly occurrences that realign you to new cosmic and universal frequencies streamed from the Higher Heart “God” Source, the Cosmic Mother and our Ascension Guides and Galactic Hosts from multiple Galaxies and Universes.

I will also be facilitating an Equinox Transmission on September 22nd at 9 pm EST.  Here’s more about it:

An Equinox Transmission: Spirit of the Light Transfiguration

“In this Equinox Transmission, we will be realigned to the Highest Spirit of Light, a realignment and co-creation of God’s Light with the Holy Spirit of the New Human Earth Consciousness. The September Equinox marks a timeline of the “Reckoning of the Spirit” on planet Earth. The Higher Laws and Principles of Unity Consciousness will be streaming in through infinity “living light” portals that expand the notion of Universal Justic on Earth. As we realign to this Light, we are filled with the Holy Spirit and the God Light, a transfiguration of the Human Being into a Holy Lighted “New Human” Being. Join us in group Higher Heart Soul Consciousness on this remarkable day! Live and recorded for MP3 download.

You can register for both of these online event HERE.

Peace & Light, beautiful God Lights!

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