Realignment of New & Old Earth Forms for New Light Infusion

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

This is an update of some the recent unveilings “Behind the Mirror” of the controlled Earth matrix.

Light Interferences & Timeline Revealings

First off, I want to respond to questions I’ve been receiving about targeting, threats and attacks on Lightworkers, Light Warriors, Starseeds/Galactics and New Human embodied co-creators.  The nature of interferences lately are a new breed of disruptions from the annoyances (SEE Denise Le Fay’s latest for an overview on this type) to the more stunning artificial intelligence implants and projections that Lisa Renee has detailed in her last few posts (Transhumanism, More Love Now & Masculine Wound).  In this post-2012 timeline, there is the possibility of the Amnesia of Ascension, a sort of going back to sleep state where we believe we’ve achieved the Ascension in Real Time.  The Higher Earth reality is achieved.  Yet, we are moving through a timeline intersecting with the 9-11 timeline and a de-programming timeline of authentic-God Sourced Life (living organic light).  While we move through and witness these timelines colliding and colluding, there are doorways of possible outcomes personally and collectively.  It is imperative now that we radiate in our personal Core Soul Light Frequency and close off all other bandwidths of communication that provoke dark manipulation.  Moving through this moment is perfectly timed for the Higher Heart New Human Co-creator.  As we work through the Avatar, God Self (having Unified the Heart) we are discovering that our Light is the source of the realignment of this juncture “point”.  (See Light Spinning & Bandwidth techniques; Utilize 8-8-8 transmission frequencies & the Package of Light to amplify your holographic God Orb Light).

It is important at this time to call out the dark manipulations and pull the curtain open to these tactics.  We use our Lightwarrior Avatar to reveal and call it out and our Light Beingness (Presence as the God Light…the journey moving “forward” once we are beyond this juncture in frequency and Earth projection) to realign the occurrences.

Over the weekend, there was an attempt to clone my image into a dark timeline through what I understand is an anti-life, dark polarization projection.  The threat was centered on shutting down my consciousness through a mental implant, which creates a cyborg creation (of the former human).  This particular dark projection wanted to polarize into the negative the Light intelligence I’m inputting into the New Earth Tree of Life.  What I’ve learned through this and other tactics is that our unconsciousness and subconsciousness are the way “in”.  Taking care to claim and re-claim our sovereignty and God Self authority for ALL of our consciousness is key to closing the entry points, as well as being aware that projections of our consciousness exist throughout time and space, both inner and outer, and come in many reflected forms (people, virtual spaces, life situations, etc).

Another tactic that is appearing in my view is a Voice Trapping technology that specifically utilizes “past” subconcious reflections, generally, revealed as an outdated, old projection of yourself/personality. The technology works by siphoning out the vocal frequency (personal sound waves as an aspect of the soul light wave) and entrapping it into a closed tunneling system. This traps the person in an inner reflection. Be aware of old projections coming in that may be seeking to siphon and entrap you this way. Once you see it and quickly adjust your actions, conscious choices and spiritual intent to serve your Highest Heart God Self the technology disintegrates. 

These revealings are unsettling and may repel you as they would any being of living Light. The important point now, as I understand it, is to not fall into the Amensia of Ascension trap. Be both the warrior and being of Light. Master your Light skills and address the interferences with directness and realism. 

Realignment of New & Old Earth Life Forms

While we’ve been repositioning ourselves in Earth’s highest heart timeline (this refers to Unified Heart co-creators embodying the Christos-Sophia Light), we are revisiting both new and old Earth life forms for their stability in the new organic living light (new as in for the Earth).  I have a few updates to transmit for their inputting into the new Tree of Life of the Rainbow and Golden Rays. These updates rewrite the Earth Code for her Rainbow Body (and thus ours), as well as rewrite (overwrite) historical records of Light Being consciousness in Egyptian timelines and the Honeycomb Multi-dimensional Creation Field. 

Rainbow Body Upgrades


 These images are from one Earth “source”, a doorway opened for Rainbow-Golden Light infusions from the Higher Heaven gateways that are downloading Heaven on Earth blueprints. You can receive these transmissions thru the images and the NHP logo at the end of this post. Inputting the Light intelligence thru your Higher Heart Golden Doorway/Gateway is one way of receiving. 

Nectar-Earth Hive Realignment 

In the past few days, I’ve realigned the Earth Hive Higher Heart Ascension Matrix, overwriting the old (which was new!) one for a new Nectar Source. This is related to abundant life and reciprocity sourcing, an eventual galactic communication system of white-gold “currency”. This is highly valued in the Cosmo-worlds and thus, I’m not going into detail here about it. Again, you may receive it thru the logo thru your High Heart Golden Doorway/Gateway. 

The upgraded Earth Hive is a Pure Light cocreation structure thru the Mother Diamond Light-Intelligence. Thus, you will experience an upgrade to your Diamond Heart Radiance. 

Flowering into the New Earth

Lastly, this month’s transmission provides an overall support of realigning with these updates. The Krystal Respiration of the New Earth & New Human Lungs is key to realigning Earth’s atmosphere and the oxygen-carbon cycle into a Trinitized Life Breathe sourced thru Krystal Light. 

You can download the transmission HERE

Description of Flowering into the New Earth

“In this energy transmission, we realign into the New Earth, the Earth of Light, and unfold the new flower “body” of Earth. As we receive this transmission, we are attuned higher into the Mother Diamond’s Light and Intelligence. She guides us into the new lungs of Earth and the New Human for Krystal Light Respiration. It is through this New Earth function that we become further transformed into the Krystal Light Source of the New Earth’s physicality. In addition to the transmission, Corrina provides an overview of the August 2015 energies and shares techniques on shielding and tuning to your Highest Light.”

Receive the transmission. 

Infinite Love and Light!

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