Breaking the Code: Arriving to 8-8-8 & the New Earth Planet of Light through the New Earth Code

Planet of Light transmissionBy Corrina Steward, NHPD

We are in some of the most transforming time-space experiences on Earth since entering the post-2012 ascension process.  At this time, there are deep revealings from “Behind the Mirror” of an artificially controlled reality.  Recently, the seeds of New Earth Consciousness have penetrated the old Earth matrix dis-robing the code of control, darkness and manipulation of spiritual symbols used to enslave humanity and Earth’s life forms.  Seeing from “Behind the Mirror” is the location previously only occupied by the controllers who control the projection of reality on Earth through holographic inserts and frequency bandwidth control.  As we re-gain our God Self embodiment and occupy our Personal Core Soul Frequency from Behind the Mirror we are re-establishing a planetary rule of law based on Unity, Love, Peace, and Higher Intelligence — the tenets of the Universe of Light.  It is this revolutionary act of New Earth Consciousness that is breaking the code of secrecy, control and Earth imprisonment.

The Old Earth Life Code is Revealed

From Behind the Mirror the old Earth Code of Life is revealed.  This can be very unsettling as we recognize the aspects of ourselves that have participated in and been entrapped by the old Earth Life code.  In July, the monthly energy transmission downloaded the New Earth Life Code, and as a result, deeper awareness of how the old code operated is surfacing.  Some of what I share here may be difficult to receive.  Please use what resonates and allow your own discernment to guide you.

An important confirmation came into my view following the July transmission that pertains to the Flower of the Life coding as it has existed on Earth.  I have been guided by my God Higher Self to work on re-coding the Flower of Life since 2011.  During the time of re-coding and documenting the divine instructions for co-creating through the Unified Heart, I was given the new code.  I often felt in the dark with what I was receiving and how it contributed to the body of knowledge already in print and in teachings regarding the Flower of Life.  I now understand that I was and am supporting the New Flower of Life to flourish on Earth. This is a divine feminine, Mother Essence-Cosmic Mother project.

The Rabbit Hole Transmissions provides this stunning summary of the mis-formations of the old Flower of Life:

“The flower of life is an encrypted reversed code that begins with a phase locked Divine Trinity symbol; it is phase locked because it is disconnected from the energy of Source via the Unified Field –  and will never be an Eternal expression. The flower of life grows one sphere of energy at a time and not via energy quantum building of the Divine Trinity; it grows via consuming energy from the planet.”

The transmission goes on to explain how other “finite geometries” are included in this consumptive energy patterning and how higher, advanced humans have been used to plant these geometries at sacred sites in an effort to co-opt the Ascension awakening from “within”.

“The agenda has been to covertly use the human race as “unwitting, expendable tools,” to ultimately achieve Earth “Templar Dominion” (control over the Planetary Star Gates). Every biological life-form represents a “biological electromagnetic quantum,” which exists in a symbiotic bio-electric interrelationship with the electromagnetic structures inherent to the Planetary Templar and Star-Gate System. The intention of the groups who support the black-hole systems and Metatronic Code is to harness this “raw biological power” of Earth’s most “genetically advanced” Angelic Human species, by cultivating the human biology into a “vessel” through which the interdimensional frequencies of the distorted “Metatronic Code” could be “electronically channeled en masse” into Earth’s Templar. If a mass of Angelic Human bodies could be genetically mutated to “run the frequencies of the Metatronic Code,” then a critical quantum of the “collective human body” could be used to create “quantum override” of the organic electromagnetic coding of Earth’s Star-Gate Ascension Passages, which are “electronically keyed” to the organic Angelic Human genome. Once such a “mass of Metatronically-coded biological electromagnetic human quanta” was created, masses of humans could then be “guided” to perform specific “spiritual energy rituals” at various key “Sacred Site” locations of Earth’s Templar, during the “all-important periods” of Earth’s Stellar Activation Cycles (2000-2017) Star-Gate-opening “Ascension Cycles.”


Re-Coding the New Flower of Life

As one of these higher, advanced Angelically-encoded human beings, this is very, very disturbing.  I clearly understand now how my work has been on the “edge” of bringing in the new code and vulnerable to this scheme.  My solace is that I was warned through dreams to not de-value my work and to stick to my own bandwidth no matter what.

I recently taught a webinar on Universal Manifestation that teaches the New Flower of Life activation (to my upset after reading this piece and confirming its validity, I used the old Flower of Life symbol in my presentation, which I will now re-imagine and re-set for the safety of all).

Here’s the key: the New Flower of Life is sourced by God Fuel, which pours out through the Golden Heart Gateway behind your personal Soul Heart Flower.  Once awakened the New Flower of Life activates the Living Light Eternal Spiral of All-Time.

Learn more about Universal Manifestation & the New Flower of Life

I feel so grateful that the gig is up!  Living Behind the Mirror we are given the opportunity to see the Truth.  It isn’t always as we may want it to be.  Yet, we no longer have the option to hide in front of the mirror that projects distortions of the Light.

As an Ascending Community it is time that we let go of all pre-conceived notions of what is spiritual, higher wisdom and the path of the New EarthIt is time to break the Amnesia of Ascension and awaken Behind the Mirror no matter the consequences to our personal identity and history.  Together, we create the safety and sanity of living and being with the New Earth.    

The Safety of Being in our God Self Presence & the 8-8-8 Transmission

Now is the time to work on mastering your Core Soul Frequency and begin to be a receiver of new consciousness and awareness through our own bandwidth.  This is a new way of living and being on Earth as a higher consciousness human.  Rather than dipping into new dimensions ((traveling, in other words) to understand, we receive through the Beingness of our God Presence.  It is from this Presence that we can be all-knowing and all-discerning while not being manipulated, filled with confusion and physically exhausted from this experience.  Practice BEING your Light Source and listening to the other frequencies as required (yet, staying in your grounded presence).  We are becoming highly attuned Cosmic Listeners; this is very important because we are the babies of the universe and need to listen, listen and listen.  This is our protection and evolution at this time.

With this re-orientation, we may approach the 8-8-8 “portal” of Light differently.  Many in our Ascension Community (myself included) speak of “going through Gateways and portals”.  From what I’m observing and learning, it is no longer advisable to download new Cosmic-Earth coding this way.  Rather, our physical bodies and our whole consciousness require us to receive through our God Self Presence.  Not only is this safe in a very diverse universe of life, it supports us to transcend the range of distortions penetrating the Earth at this time.  We receive as the Whole of God embraced in our Soul Light.

The 8-8-8 Transmission recorded today is received in our God Orb of Light Presence.


“In this transmission, you arrive into the 8-8-8 (August 8, 2015) as a God Self Being of Light.  You receive the new coding of Light for Earth as a Planet of Light in the Universe of Light.  You are realigned into your God Orb of Light, re-coded, upgraded and re-humanized as a Being of Light.  In this special, historical transmission all other Earth projections, timelines, creations, parallel realities are overridden to merge Earth, her life forms and the Human Being into the new Universe of Light.”  DOWNLOAD TRANSMISSION

Much love to all of you through and from my God Self Presence.

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