Bandwidth Frequency Engagement

Expanding Your Personal Bandwidth for Higher Awareness, Clarity and Protection

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

Tuning into Core Soul Light Frequency Copyright Corrina Steward

As we are in a time of intense revealing of the dark agenda on Earth, it’s essential to choose what we are tapping into with acute awareness.  I’ve been experiencing something I’m calling Bandwidth Perception, which to me is a new attunement to “seeing” the dynamics of multiple timelines and being aware that you are in multiple time/space location in one instant.
My sense is that this new ability amplifies the tools of perceiving through the Eyes of God (the Universal Mind of God–not to be confused with the other “eyes” that are of a clear manipulation agenda…) and establishing Neutrally positioned consciousness (i.e., a non-reactive state).  Bandwidth Perception carries with it an ability to tune in or out of frequencies like a radio dial.  It can be a form of telepathic universal communication and knowing, which enables greater access to shifting timeline projections with your higher consciousness.

Because Bandwidth Perception is open to infinite number of channels, it is important to become aware of what you are tuning into.  There is the lower frequency channels of the mind controlled matrix that even as a higher human “being” of light we can be consumed by the noise of this channel.  Perhaps, learning a lot about the intricacies of this lower channel (valuable if that’s part of your mission work) or becoming clouded by distractions that we can’t operate.

If we want to maintain our freedom (sovereignty of Spirit & Soul), it’s imperative that we tune out more from the distorted bandwidths. These are frequencies, or the radio channels, of historical “realities”.

Now is the time to tune into your own bandwidth frequency by setting the affirmative intention to tune into your Core Soul Light Frequency.  With this intention, acknowledge that you are also choosing to tune out (akin to logging out) of the lower frequencies.

The lower frequencies are scrambling messages and disturbing our Core Soul Light from getting into the planet and our mission work. Tuning out and tuning into our Light re-positions you on the planet outside of the controlled, limited matrix, an actual artificial software program. The more we unify in our release of our Light from the artificial distortion, the greater is the amplification of the new Earth, infinity matrix.

We are at an incredibly important crossroads on Earth. It’s time for us to 100% bee in our Core Soul Light, freely.

I recommend the Honey Gold essence to support you in courageously making this choice. It provides a New Human Light safety net for discarding old matrix programs and healthy, abundance-sourced coding for embodying your Core Soul Light.

I wish you all safety, security and the highest flow of love in this divine passage. New Humanity Press logo draft4