Honey Gold Infinity Grid Re-Calibration & Spinning Light

Energy Grid Upgrades for Protection & Abundance Sourcing

By Corrina Steward, New Humanity Press Daily

goldenlightThis is a short update with support for what has been an intense last few days of new mind control testing.  Depending on where you live, as well as what I’m now referring to as your bandwidth (more on this in an upcoming post), you may have experienced over the weekend a time lag.  This was a stoppage of time through mind control technology that showed up as freezing consciousness in time and space.  We may be experiencing more of this as previous posts this week have described HERE and HERE.

When you find yourself in one of these stay alert and aware of what is occurring.  Reality is being holographically controlled by artificial “light” programming.  A new visual reality is being projected into your time/space experience.  Once you realize what is happening here are two options for reviving your sovereignty (in addition to the steps I teach for activating your Unified Heart space) and regaining control over your body, mind and consciousness.

These steps are based on new developments recently received by our Galactic Family of Light and a new Infinity Grid/Honeycomb Hive Co-creation field.

1. Activate your ability to “spin Light”.  This is a natural, organic ability for all DNA-activated New Humans working with the New Human Divine Blueprint.  There are infinite ways to “spin the Light”; one way to initiate the process is to see your Unified Heart Light beaming from your heart center and then let the Light spiral out.  Eventually, the Light will spin (clockwise) through many portals, chakra centers, and through your elemental, cellular body.

2. See yourself stepping into the Infinity Grid (you may see this as inter-locking hexagons surrounding you) and at the center of the hexagons intend for the Honey Gold substance to pour through.  Drench yourself inside and out with the Honey Gold substance.  This is a source of organic light abundance.  Allow this to support you in realigning to this source of organic life!  I’ve created a few Honey Gold elixirs if you’d like to literally drink Honey Gold.

Honey Gold essence
Honey Gold Elixir, Copyright Corrina Steward

May you all feel the peace of your Spinning Light and the Honey Gold.

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2 thoughts on “Honey Gold Infinity Grid Re-Calibration & Spinning Light”

  1. No, the Honey Gold is a new Earth substance, a solid of the higher dimensional Earth that carries a current that transmits light frequencies through it. A few transmissions received this year connect us to the new Gold, including the June Solstice (http://www.newhumanitystore.com/products/june-solstice-2015-transmission-manifestation-gateway-of-the-golden-light) and the April 2015 transmissions (http://www.newhumanitystore.com/collections/transmissions/products/upgrading-to-the-golden-circuitry-of-the-golden-eagle-creation-blueprint-the-new-operating-system). We are just beginning to learn what this gold’s purpose and function is. For the moment, it is enable us to transmit new Light frequencies through the body and “gather” it for the beginning stages of instant manifestation. This is the where the saying of “spinning Light into Gold” is coming from — accessing the unformed realm (Light) into formed realm (matter-solidity). The Alchemist Dreamer who works with the new Earth elements and the cosmic elements is the conscious creator who can spin Light into Gold, “dreaming” a new reality into existence.

    The Nectar is the essence/elixir of the Cosmic Mother. The Nectar is coming back into Earth with the Divine Feminine consciousness. Lisa Renee refers to the Nectar as the Quintessence (http://www.energeticsynthesis.com/index.php/resource-tools/news-shift-timelines/2119-quintessence). Nectar is a substance, yet not solid…it’s the essence that fills the New Earth forms with the Cosmic Mother’s body. The family of Rose flowers on Earth are attuned to the Nectar essence, which is why I work with the Roses as one way of re-connecting with the Nectar “source”, the Cosmic Mother.

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