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The Feedback Loop of Negativity

by will, Galactic Free Press

July 16, 2015

If you really want to free yourself from negative thinking you must first understand how it takes hold in your life. You must get to its roots, see it as it develops. You have to catch yourself in the act, so to speak, and then you can really understand how you have created your own prison.

Anybody who works with audio understands what a feedback loop is. Speakers put out sound, a microphone picks that sound up, the sound is amplified, it goes back out the speaker, and then it’s picked up by the microphone again… Within a few moments what could have been a beautiful song turns into a high-pitched squeal. Negative thought works much the same way.

I’ve heard many people explain to me how their negative thinking is justified, how they can’t help but have negative thoughts because they have negative situations in their lives. Money problems, sickness, death, oppressive governments, wars, there’s plenty of things in the world to be negative about. Negativity almost seems like wisdom, at least until you really understand how negative thinking works.

The problem is that while negative situations promote negative thinking, the reverse is also true, negative thinking creates negative situations. One feeds into the other, and vice versa. You have misery in your life, so you have miserable thoughts, yet those negative thoughts work to manifest even more misery in your life.

This doesn’t even need to be understood from a metaphysical standpoint either. Take sports for instance, if you play a game with the assumption that you’re going to lose, there’s a very good chance that’s exactly what will happen. You are setting yourself up for failure, and then when you do fail it seems like you were “right” all along. The negative thinking seems justified, when in reality it was a self-fulfilling prophecy. Through predicting failure you sabotage yourself.

This happens with every negative thought you have, and the quality of your mind affects the quality of your life. You don’t crap on the floor in your own home, at least I hope you don’t, but you do it in your mind. Your mind is full of shit, and you carry this mind with you everywhere you go, so wouldn’t it be even more important that your mind is cleaner that your home? Yes this isn’t the case at all!

If there’s no conscious intention in your Life, you just go along with society, your mind operates on auto-pilot. This is the basis of unconsciousness, and it’s actually a learned behavior that’s at the core of our society. Race, nationality and religion are only superficial differences, it’s unconsciousness that’s the root of the problem. It’s from this unconsciousness that what you perceive as evil arises. It’s not just the Hitlers that are responsible for the ills of the world, but every single person who chooses fear over love, greed over giving, and hatred over compassion.

The root is living life unconsciously, the feedback loop of negativity that most people are stuck in is simply a by-product. When you are really conscious of what your negative thoughts are creating, you stop entertaining them. Why would you continue to beat yourself up?

Now the generic solution is positive thinking, and I’m not going to beat up on positive thinking too much here, but for all its good intentions it’s still a limited and dualistic form of thinking. It’s almost always future oriented and results-based. Positive thinking can still be heavily rooted in unconsciousness, and it can be used as a tool for denial and escape. Things like greed and selfishness can easily be disguised as positive thinking.

Unconditional Love transcends positive and negative thinking. Vibrationally speaking, positive thinking is a step up from negative thinking, but Love is a whole other octave entirely. You’re operating on a whole new level, it’s a complete paradigm shift, whereas shifting from negative to positive thinking isn’t all that big a difference. For instance, you don’t even need to give up materialism to be a positive thinker.

The greatest positivity isn’t thinking positive thoughts about the “future”, the greatest positivity is joyful celebration of the Here and Now. It’s the heart-expanding bliss of Oneness that’s the birthright of every human being. The Love that transcends all fear. This is how real change is occurring, both individually and collectively.


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