The New Earth Build Up

By Corrina Steward, NHPD

Dear New Earth Heart Dreamers,

We have indeed awakened into the New Earth Dream.  With our newly awakened unified heart we are being called to re-position and re-align ourselves inside our inner Heart.  The inner Heart is the architecture, the divine design, of the Unified Heart where the emergence of our Soul Light, God Power, Unified Love Pulse and Wisdom merge “inside” our multi-dimensional heart.


We have landed into this new embodiment and are awakening with the heart vision to see the planet anew–desiring to re-create the deep weaknesses clearly visible to our awakened eyes.  I shared a message this morning in my newsletter that I want to share in part here.  You can read the whole newsletter HERE.

I’m feeling the strong impulse to get this message out to the New Earth Heart Dreamers because we’ve been at this ascension process for so long that we may need an extra shake up to realize we really, really are in control now of creating reality and destiny on Earth.

Message from July 2015 Newsletter:

“July finds us deeply accelerated into the pulse of new life and the manifestation of our Higher Heart God Selves realizing our inherent power and vision to build the New Earth.  We are the Creators!  The Dawning of the Golden Light is upon us and we are discovering that the “Light” is even more important than we may have realized.  As human beings that descended out of the Light to come to Earth, we are now transmitting that Light through our new Holy Sacred Body to spin light into Gold.  

What does this all actually mean?  We have stepped into the “fact” that we create our own reality…not only do we have the capability now but if we do not [there is no place to “land” because…], the old Earth matrix is no longer an option for living.  We are now witnessing the disintegration of the old matrix.  Through this Earth action, there is a Separation of Realities thru the Unity Matrix.  We are at point zero, needing to recreate the physical plane through the sacred Light that we transmit.  Within our Light are the codes, the intelligence that guides the construction.  We are able to do this with ease and grace so long as we recognize WHO WE ARE without doubting the TRUTH. “

As the post from Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis informs us there’s some pretty nasty counter forces and projects at work to shut down the awakening of consciousness.  The next year and a half is going to be a hunker down, go inside your inner Heart and dream, build, dream, build…experience.  No longer can we rest on a default existence.  We are to create the new and do it today!

Today, July 13th, is the closing of yet another “choice point” in choosing ones reality projection.  Use the momentum of today’s “separating of worlds ” Gateway to ask your inner Heart to guide you into the Higher Heart Reality of Life.

Use this image of the Holy Sacred Body awakening through Mother Earth to support your work today.  Sit with it, bring it into your heart (or where ever you you desire it to go) and allow the re-coding to flow through your body.  Extra support with this transmission can be found through the Holy Sacred Body transmission.

Holy Sacred Body Encoding
Holy Sacred Body Encoded Flower
holy flower2
Holy Sacred Body Encoded Flower, Copyright Corrina Steward

Much peace, love, light and joy to you,


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