Raising Your Vibration

Raising Your Vibration

by Marie Love, Ascension Whispers

June 17, 2015



“The vibration rate is the rate of sound vibration. All of perceived creation is sound. Light is created in the brain when the sound of encrypted thoughts bump into each other. This creates the “images” we see of creation, in the brain.”


We cannot know anything until we experience it within our self. We were originally created to “know” everything about creation. We are created to know things such as the science and math of creation. In our “knowing” of how creation occurs, we do not need to use tools such as science and math, as we are taught in the earth system.

We do not use numbers, chemical equations or drawings of shapes to create. We create simply via “thinking”. We continue to create via thinking, even when we forget we do. In our healed expression, we know we are an expression of Source. We know that creating in balance is a result of creating in “love”.

Love is a state of harmonious vibration. When the conscious energy of Source flows through the layers of Source expression, as Source created us to allow for, a state of harmonious vibration is maintained, within our individual Source expression.

This allows “every thought” we experience to be created and experienced “within love”. This allows for “balanced experiences”, and a balanced holographic reality field.

We do not have to calculate, measure and create scientific formulas. We simply think our thoughts and experience what our thoughts create.

Should imbalance occur, that create blockages, keeping the conscious energy of Source from flowing through our individual expression, dis-harmonic vibration occurs, within us. The thoughts that flow through us, will then be experienced as dis-harmonic, imbalanced thoughts.

The vibration rate of our “own – personal” energy, determines how we will experience thoughts, within our self.

All of creation is thought. We experience creation by drawing the energy of thoughts into and through our personal body-mind system. We experience creation as the encryption of thoughts are translated to our awareness, inside of our brain.

Thoughts do not express as “anything”, except potential experiences. Thoughts do not express until we take them back unto our own system, to experience what they can be experienced as.

Each person is an individual expression of Source. This is possible because, each person is expressing at their unique rate of vibration. Each person is a replicated mind of Source mind, expressing as a lower level of energy, than the whole of Source mind. Each person creates and experiences their “own” holographic reality field, and life experience, “within their self”.

No two expressions of Source experience thoughts exactly the same. This is because, each person (face of Source) holds their unique vibration rate. This allows Source to experience all probabilities of all thoughts.

Even in our healed expression, we experience thoughts uniquely unto our self. This is why, no one can know what you are experiencing, except you. It is why everyone is correct, in whatever they are experiencing. Everyone is creating their “own experiences”, within their self.

When we remember these truths, and become aware of the imbalance we do; the imbalance thatseems to be presented to us from others, we can become aware, that is what that expression of our Source self is creating to experience, within their self. It is how they, as Source embodied, perceive creation to exist.

Trying to force another to see creation, as you are experiencing it, is trying to inhibit or control the experiences of that individual face of Source. This is a result of forgetting the truth and everyone believing there is only one truth. The only “one truth” is Source. Source allows all probabilities, of all thoughts. That means that all thoughts are truth. Even if the perceptions of someone else do not resonate with you, they are the truth they are experiencing.

Everything and everyone that we experience is a spark, that holds encrypted thought patterns. Those sparks, spark within us, to allow us to experience them. As we experience with other faces of our self, the thought that they are, holds encrypted thoughts. The thought of that face of Source is the carrier of the thoughts we become aware of. The thought form of people, hold the largest amount of encrypted thoughts. How many thoughts might the image of the people of our lives, carry into our awareness?

When a collective remain in balance, each individual of the collective only become aware of balanced thoughts. A planetary collective is composed of individual faces of Source, who plug their conscious energy into the same layer of mind, and input their thoughts into the collective thought pool. It is the process of one collective mind of Source, stepping the energy of that mind, down in energy, to create individual mind expressions of Source. This allows Source to experience all probabilities of all thoughts.

Each individual face of Source experiences thoughts, by drawing the encryption of thoughts back through their body-mind system. Thoughts do not become an experience of anything until they flow back through our brain. The brain translates the encryption of thoughts to our awareness, based on the vibration rate of our body. The vibration rate of the body determines the vibration rate of electrical signals, that flow through our body, and into our brain.

The brain records the vibration rate of the thoughts that flow through us. It applies or files, that vibration rate, to then continue applying the same vibration rate to all such experiences. The brain translates the encrypted vibration rate of a thought and shows us an image of that thought, inside the brain. It does the same for all five senses. The challenge for 26,000 years had been, the vibration rate of the body could not raise to a higher vibration rate. To raise the energy of thoughts flowing back to the brain, to a higher level of energy. This created a “loop” of the same “energy” of thoughts flowing through the body.

Since the vertical pillar came back online, the monthly infusions of higher energy are allowing the vibration rate of the body to increase. You may notice this as strange, and sometimes uncomfortable body symptoms. There should be no body symptoms experienced, as a result of increasing the vibration rate of the body. The symptoms are a sign of inner healing, as the body is rewired to be able to hold a higher vibration rate.

When the body is able to be held at a high enough rate of vibration, it allows the thoughts that flow to our brain to be translated to our awareness, as balanced experiences. When the body is held within a low rate of vibration, the “same thoughts” are experienced as imbalance. This creates an imbalanced inner hologram and life experience.

Source desires to experience in balance. Source knows what being in balance allows to experience. That is why we desire to experience in balance. It is why Source will heal any imbalance that occurs within ItSelf.

Balance is the natural order of creation. Balance is love. Love is a state of harmonic vibration. Only love can return imbalance to the natural order. This is what it means to “love yourself”. It is a process of expressing within the natural order, within yourself. Doing so, allows thoughts that flow through you, to express within you, as balanced thoughts, held in love.

As Source embodied, on a mission to heal imbalance that has occurred within Source, the process of healing the imbalance is to become aware of it, as it flows through you, within your inner love. It is not a process of focusing love into the imbalance, but focusing love within yourself. Being love, allows the thoughts that flow through you, to express as loving, balanced thoughts, within you. It is what allows for the concept of “seeing the love within all things”. All “things” are thoughts!

If an individual is held within a state of inner imbalance, all thoughts they experience will be experienced as imbalance. This is why people fight and kill each other. It is why the court systems are filled with cases of people believing they have been wronged in some way. It is why people desire to control and dominate. It is why parents believe their children should express via the way they believe creation to exist. It is why people harm anything they do, in anyway. It is why people believe their relationships and creation should always remain the same. The thoughts that are looping through them are creating imbalance within their perception, as a result of the vibration rate of their body.

This is why you cannot “make” someone else see things the way you do. It is why you cannot make someone happy or sad. All such things occur within the body of each individual person, based on the vibration rate of their body. All experiences are a “choice”, but the choice is determined by the vibration rate of the body. The individual will not be able to become aware of any other choices, until the vibration rate of their body shifts to a higher vibration rate.

No one is doing anything to you. No one is making you happy or sad or perhaps making your life a living hell. All things that you are experiencing are the result of your own vibration rate. If you are experiencing any state of fear (worry, dread, pain, emotional distraught, mental distraught, lack, unloved, etc.) it is a result of your own vibration rate. If you are experiencing a perceived enemy, the enemy is actually your own vibration rate. If someone asks you, “what reality are you perceiving”. You can reply, “my own”.

The vibration rate is the rate of sound vibration. All of perceived creation is sound. Light is created in the brain when the sound of encrypted thoughts bump into each other. This creates the “images” we see of creation, in the brain.

Those who continue to express imbalance, who desire to argue and fight over anything, simply need to heal to raise their vibration rate. Many will not be able to do that, while embodied within the human body. When the vibration rate of your own body rises, you do not desire to experience imbalance in anyway, with anyone, whom you perceive to exist outside of yourself. Nothing exists outside of yourself. All that you experience, are thoughts, that flow through you. When you engage with imbalance, you are engaging with your own energy, within yourself.

Your body only listens to you. It does not take instructions from anyone but you. The way to raise the vibration rate of your body is to continue to fill it with love. Become aware of the imbalance flowing through you and continue to focus only on love filling your body. This will change the way your brain records your thought experiences.

This process is quite visible. Perhaps you have seen the water experiments or the sand experiments that show how words of balance and love create beautiful, geometric designs, within the water or sand. Words of imbalance create something totally different, that does not look as beautiful.

Your body is a container made of water, salt and other elements of the earth system. What might your geometrical shape look like? Perhaps you have seen, what many people are calling, orbs. They seem to hang out in the air. If you focus and look correctly, you can see a sea of tiny orbs, swimming in the air around you. They all hold geometrical shapes within them.

Your body is actually an orb or sphere and the vibration rate of your body, determines the geometrical shapes within your orb-sphere. The “image” of your body is held within your orb-sphere. We call it the auric field. The image of orbs, hanging out in the air, is occurring within your own auric field as is your entire hologram.


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