Solstice Transmission

Solstice Transmission: The Manifestation Gateway of the Golden Light


SUNDAY June 21, 2015   9pm – 10pmEST

We’re getting closer to this powerful Gateway! Are you noticing it? It’s miracle creation time!

You may also be doing some pretty intense emotional clearing out to make way for this new incoming Krystal Light.  Take care of yourself and JOIN US on Sunday streaming live for this powerful Solstice Transmission:

Manifestation Gateway of the Golden Light, a frequency band of New Earth manifestation that amplifies and accelerates our personal and collective Unified Heart Dream into our physical exeperience. As we receive the power of this frequency band, we begin to co-create “pods of light” with Unified Heart humans and other multi-dimensional beings that further supports the building of the New Earth and the Angelic Earth timeline, a stream of realized light consciousness directing the Divine Design and Will of the New Earth.

The call is live and recorded so you can do the call whenever it’s most convenient for you (you will be emailed an MP3 of the transmission for your personal use).