Stabilizing the Unified Heart

Stabilizing the Unified Heart

by Corrina Steward, New Humanity Press

June 15, 2015

It’s been a busy last month of amplifying the Unified Heart Field through the Krystal Diamond Heart and the infinity grid of infinite possibilities.  With this amplification has come some polarity feedback, mostly in the form of revealing where there is stuck light and a need to re-unify oneself with the whole.  It’s an exciting time to do this work as we are more supported now than ever.  There is a growing strength in the infinity, unity consciousness field AND super Angelic and compassionate galactic supports to help us to heal and gain momentum in our highest divine heart paths.

With this, there has been a rise and a fall pattern that can be very frustrating as we receive glimpses of our new life to have it crumple as we are shut down from interferences and our own inner polarity.  Stay the course as the heart magic of the infinite path is most definitely returning and there is a new stabilization of the Unified Heart available to us.  For an uplifting and stabilizing transmission check out the Highest Ascension Timeline Transmission (freely available).

Upcoming Events

Below I’ve posted the upcoming events and transmissions, including today’s Monthly Transmission call.  I’ll be doing a special Solstice Transmission on the 21st of June that will build on the Equinox Transmission landing us in a new frequency band for Golden Light Manifestation.

I truly hope to meet with you in one or all of the upcoming gatherings.  It is through our group unification that the New Earth is stabilizing and strengthening.

Much love and my infinite heart gratitude for all that you are doing for the New Humanity and New Earth,


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