Heart Manifestation Workshop

Registration: Spiritual Science of Heart Manifestation Workshop, Columbia, CT

Spiritual Science of Heart Manifestation Workshop


In this workshop, Corrina transmits the 4 heart codes of the Unified Heart (Love, Light, Power and Wisdom) and re-connects you to the infinite field of possibilities matrix. Along with the activations she teaches the spiritual science of heart manifestation that gives you the tools to work with your heart as a portal for manifestation. You also receive a heart healing transmission that heals the Separation of the Heart, the polarity/duality matrix of living in separation of the heart intelligence. 

The Unified Heart teachings are rooted in ancient wisdom that was once taught at the height of the feminine consciousness of Ancient Egypt and Central and South American cultures connected to star beings. Corrina received the activations and teachings over the course of several years and is now passing on this heart manifestation “technology” to awaken the New Humanity, Co-Creators of the Heart Dream.

Upon completion of the workshop, you are eligible to participate in Part II: Universal Manifestation, an online course available HERE.

You will also be invited to join a private Facebook group where you can meet other Unified Heart Manifestors, share experiences and co-create together.



Location: Congregational Church, Rt. 325 Rt. 87, Columbia, CT

Time/Date: June 20th, 2015, 11 – 3 pm

Bring: Journal, yoga mats, blankets and/or pillows for your comfort, and snacks & lunch.

Pre-registration recommended to ensure your slot in this limited size workshop!

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