The Word is Unity

The Word is Unity

by Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis

June 1, 2015

The implication of recent cosmic events create a range of massive impacts upon life on our planet, there are no words to encompass them all. Suffice to say that the process of evolution through life and in the afterlife, for all human beings on this planet, has changed forever! The Cosmic Sovereign Law of the Unity Logos architecture has intersected with the planetary body and its Logos, the planetary brain. The Logos is the governing body that controls the stations of identity for all creational forms, and that perception of identity changes with every dimensional plane the person has experienced an identity. A station of identity is the way to describe the many lifetimes we may have had on earth through the reincarnation process or in other planetary realms, that spiritually integrate during the completion phases of an ascended physical human body. The Cosmic Sovereign Law is the “Law” governing the matter form expression, whether that person knows that fact or not. Every being is multidimensional and has many stations of identity co-existing in simultaneous time. As each of us meet at the crossroads of our personal spiritual development, we make choices based on our higher potential expression of love, or the lower expression of fear. The choice is always ours in which direction we choose to go. As we evolve forward through the higher dimensional planes, we skip forward in the timelines to integrate portions of our past and future spiritual-energetic identities, as a part of the current spiritual ascension of the now self.

For those of us long preparing for this Ascension journey, All is Well, when we rely on our inner guidance messaging system and act upon the clear guidance that comes as we remain in the now moment presence.

Remember when receiving no guidance in the moment, that means to “wait” for more clarity on taking an action. That guidance will be given when it is the time to take an action based upon either a change of timing or a change of location. Many of us on the ascension path have realized that timing is everything! Cultivating the relationship to listen to the wisdom of the Higher Self is knowing when it is time to wait and when it is the time to act. Each of us must learn to observe without judgment from the place of inner stillness in order to cultivate our inner listening capability. Knowing how to turn off the external noise and be still, is critical in learning how to listen to the spiritual signals transmitted from our higher being.

Strategizing for the future and controlling outcomes are a thing of the past. For those of us not prepared for these times, we will be increasingly forced to participate in our personal evolution, whether we like it or not. This is an act of benevolence from the Creator as the physics governing the energetic laws (i.e. The Logos) on this planet are changing and so we must change. It is the time we must evolve, release our blame from unresolved pain and learn to adapt to the soul blueprint which is the divine plan for our personal evolution. The current theme is completion of all of the past timelines and aligning to new potential possibilities that exist in the highest expression of our future direction on the earth. We had a reset in the time fields which has changed evolutionary directions, and as the directions have changed so did the possibilities for our expression in the future. We must be in alignment to living in accordance to our soul plan, learning to live in our true nature or pay the energetic consequence. When we do not listen to our inner spirit, the result can be grossly amplified internal pain which shows up in our mental, emotional and physical body from being controlled by negative ego based desires. The energetic consequences are not judgments being wielded from a “man in the sky”, it is the changing physics of the energies governing this planet that are demanding our personal attention. We must re-contextualize our life and adapt to live in the true nature of the Divine Law which is the Word of God.

The Word Is Unity

En arche en ho Logos, kai ho Logos en pros ton theon, kai theos en ho Logos,

“In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God” (John 1:1).

This passage is foundational to understand the relationship between Christ-Sophia (the Consciousness Intelligence/Avatar Spirit body when physically embodied) and God Source. In this terminology, Christ Consciousness is referred to as the Unity Source intelligence field, as well as a branch of the embodied God Source, which is a Krystic Avatar Human Being. It is also knowing that the “Word” is the “Universal Logos” and therefore, governs the Cosmic Divine Architecture of God that ultimately administers the Laws upon the earth. This is akin to saying that Christos Intelligence is the Unified Word of God that is simultaneously the embodiment of the Law of God on the earth. Its inherent nature will be to naturally restore the Divine Structure through the Laws of God, through synchronistic alignment to the holy spirit, without the need to enforce anything upon anyone. The sentient intelligence of the Christos-Sophia spirit when embodied, has the power to restore and therefore, put into effect the Laws of God by simply existing. Therefore, the threefold God force aspect of Love, Light and Power flows through the Christ Intelligence returning the Unity Logos to this planet, which has been previously unknown to the inhabitants here. The Unity Logos is the energetic manifest body of the Krystal creational code and is governed by the trinity architecture of the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One.

Over the last cycle, humanity has been reading portions of the “books of record” that contain sections of the Universal Creation blueprint architecture of the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One. Many of the organized religions on the planet have sacred text and books which hold a portion of the Universal records. The Krystal Star Guardians are the Universal Architects that protected and saved all of these books of record for the future of humanity. They have built the Sacred House of Mirrors as per God’s Cosmic Cube Matrix of God’s 144,000, the schematics contained in all Holy Books of Universal Record. As a result we have a new creation on this planet – an Universal Living Entity, called the Unity Logos or Avatar of Ascension. The Unity Logos contains the aspect of the Holy Mother Arc and Holy Father Arc Gateways, which open into the Universal Gates bringing sustenance and nourishment, as it is the living breath God that connects a feedback loop with our planet.

The Cosmic Cube holds the schematic and blueprint to God’s Laws by building the architecture of the City Four Square or Krystal Cathedral. This represents the four planes of matter in the four quadrants of our Universe. This is also represents the four elemental bases of the raw material that make up the planes of matter (Air, Fire, Water, Earth). These four elementals make up the main chemical constituents of our DNA code and are being re-encrypted by the Aurora’s through the Krystal River, which also flows through the Krystal Star of Azoth. Ultimately, the tetrahedron structure forms the base of the Geometric Tesseract which is the Cosmic Cube Matrix of God’s 144,000, which is the architecture held by the Oraphim to build the Krystal Cathedral on the earth plane. The Founder Guardian Oraphim are the Keepers and protectors of the Krystal cities schematic in its geometric tesseract design. The Oraphim are the Omniversal Time Code Keepers that are capable (pre-wired) to interact and communicate with the God Forces within this dimension of the earth timelines during the Universal Gate opening.

(Source: ES Newsletter Unity Logos, January 2011)

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